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Thank you, Kimberly, Ann, and LuoYan for the Ko-fis!!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


“Ji Cheying, do you want to rebel?” As soon as the third prince’s accusation was made, the atmosphere in the room suddenly froze, and the soldiers surrounding them also rose up with a murderous aura, as if the people in front of them were really traitors, and were ready and aware of the fact that as soon as they moved, they would be quickly subdued.

Even Yan Siyu’s face also showed a bit of hesitation, he subconsciously looked at Ji Cheying.

However, Ji Cheying’s face did not change, still solidly in front of Xie Quan, did not show a corner of the man behind him, he said without the slightest fear, “His Highness the Third Prince has not yet become the Crown Prince, the official position is only a spokesman for the public media, what you are doing? Even the accusation of the subordinate general just now, seems to have exceeded your authority.”

He looked at the soldiers with stern eyes, and his words were loud and clear: “A spokesman for the public media does not have any command over the soldiers, and you have left your post without orders to act without arms.”

Then his knife-like gaze fell on the third prince. “The third prince should behave himself, you have mobilized the soldiers privately, I am afraid that your highness is more suspected of rebellion than I am.”

At this juncture, the Prince’s private use of soldiers, who can say that it was not for the purpose of mutiny to seize the throne? What’s more, as a spokesman for the public media, who clearly did not have any command over the soldiers, but was able to move them, it showed that the third prince had colluded with the Military Ministry.

Although it was an unspoken matter that the princes had interests with the military and other nobles, if they were so blatantly on the stage, they would have to be held accountable.

“You!” The third prince didn’t expect Ji Cheying to bite back instead of being afraid, but what Ji Cheying said hit him right in the heart, making him a bit apprehensive.

Not only him, but also the soldiers had a hesitant look on their faces.

One of the colonels quietly stepped forward and whispered in the third prince’s ear, “Your Highness, we should really keep a low profile at this time, we really can’t take them away by force without a warrant.”

The third prince waved his hand impatiently and gestured for the man to stand down.

He knew that Ji Cheying’s words were true, but he was of high status, how could he stand someone threatening him? He was already angry, and now his anger rose because of Ji Cheying’s offense, the third prince sneered, “Major General Ji is so powerful, just don’t try to divert attention here, the person behind you is a felon. I only serve the royal family, these soldiers also serve the royal family. What we do is to maintain the security of the empire. On the contrary, Major General Ji, you, as a major general of the empire, not only do not help to catch the criminals, but also take sides. You are ashamed of the empire’s trust and reliance on you, unworthy of the Major General position!”

Without turning his head, he gave orders to the soldiers behind him, “Arrest them all!”

However, after yelling, none of the people behind the third prince dared to move, and even the third prince himself stiffened.

Yan Siyu tried to stop it with some urgency. “Ji Cheying! Stop it now!”

For no other reason than that there was suddenly an extremely oppressive and frightening aura in the room, the air was like a silent flame, gradually consuming the oxygen and making it progressively more difficult to breathe. All this comes from the man in front of them, he stood in the middle of the room, just one person, but let people produce as if to see the fear of a thousand horses.

At this moment, all people clearly realized that Ji Cheying, as a top alpha, was young even though he was awarded five stars as a major general, every medal and glory on his body was given through the blood and life and death struggles. His pressure was not only the top alpha power, but also the cold desperation brought by those he had experienced.

As an omega, the third prince’s body trembled under such pressure. He stared at Ji Cheying, barely maintaining his aura, and then shouted, “Ji Cheying, you don’t want to live?”

Dare to release the pressure in front of the royal family, he was really tired of living, this was the felony of felonies, and could be directly killed!

This was also the reason why Yan Siyu was so surprised and wanted him to stop.

However Ji Cheying’s own expression remained light, even with a bit of gangster. “Your Highness, please forgive me, an alpha who has just finished his susceptible period is not able to control himself when his mate is threatened.”

His tone was relaxed, but his gaze was quenched with a piercing killing intent, like a poisonous snake, as if one person present dared to move, his fangs would bite that person’s throat in the next second.

So no one dared to move.

The fear of death permeated the hearts of all.

And just at the moment of such a stalemate, a slight sigh suddenly came.

“I’m the one in charge, right?” Behind Ji Cheying, a sound of fabric rubbing and the bed frame shaking, Xie Quan used his hands to help his body to move himself to the end of the bed, although it was a very slow process, but his legs and feet regained a little bit of sensation.

Putting his feet on the floor, Xie Quan did not unknowingly get out of bed directly, but sat on his side like that, then reached out and patted Ji Cheying’s back who was in front of him. Because he was sitting at a height, he was technically patting Ji Cheying’s backside.

As if it was a key, Ji Cheying’s appalling killing intent was suddenly withdrawn, half turned around, looking sideways at Xie Quan, and then said in a strong but gentle tone, “You stay out of it.”

“The one who should not get involved is you.” Xie Quan said, “Stop with the pressure, I’m not comfortable.”

“…” Although Ji Cheying knew very well that his malicious pressure was targeted, Xie Quan would be affected, but definitely not so obviously uncomfortable. However, since Xie Quan said so, he could not help but subconsciously retract his pressure.

It was like a fierce beast returning to its cage.

The oppressive feeling in the air disappeared, and everyone present took a big breath as if they had regained oxygen.

Third Prince Saroyan looked at Ji Cheying as if he were a different person, angry at Ji Cheying’s threat and jealous that Xie Quan had easily tamed the man he had failed to tame. The pressure on his body abruptly subsided and his body swayed, and the man next to him rushed to hold him, fearing he would faint.

He swatted away the hand of the person next to him after only a moment of stability. “Ji Cheying, how dare you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted.

Xie Quan said meekly, “This… Third Prince, I think, you are quite right.”

Saroyan was puzzled by this sudden affirmation, his words stuck in his throat, and then he responded, “It’s too late for you to beg for mercy!”

Xie Quan gently shook his head. “I’m not begging for mercy, I really think you’re right.” He said, “If you’re guilty, you have to follow the law.”

His speech was not fast, but had the charm of a quiet listener who could wait patiently for him to finish his sentence.

“The heart of the matter lies with me, if I understand you correctly.” He asked sincerely, “But what is my crime, please?”

Xie Quan looked sincere, as if he really wanted to get to the bottom of this.

Saroyan did not eat this, he felt that the sincerity of Xie Quan’s face was a sign of hypocrisy, and his dislike for Xie Quan increased, he replied impatiently, “I told you that you intended to assassinate and impersonate a member of the royal family, two major crimes!”

Xie Quan nodded and listened very intently to Saroyan’s words, listening patiently was a virtue, and he always respected others. So he waited until Saroyan was completely radioed before he slowly said, “I understand.”

Saroyan thought that Xie Quan must have been afraid and now wanted to change his mind, but he would not give him the leeway. “Since you understand, then why don’t you bow down and admit your guilt?”

However, Xie Quan’s voice changed, “But—”

His voice was clear, gentle but not watery.

“—First, I did not assassinate, but was almost assassinated; second, who said I was a fake member of the royal family?”

As soon as Ji Cheying heard this, he immediately realized Xie Quan’s intention, and he frowned. “Xie Quan, don’t say it.”

Saroyan suddenly panicked a little in his heart as he listened to Xie Quan’s sure tone of voice. In the final analysis, why he would be so impatient to run to catch people, in fact, was that his heart had fear. Xie Quan and the former third prince indeed looked alike, his heart also had suspicions, so he wanted to strike first, regardless of whether he was real or not, first to catch and control in their own hands was the best policy.

So his face did not waver in the slightest, but only sneered, “You really dream too much, can not even distinguish reality, really think of themselves as the orphan of the royal family?” But he still showed some anxiety. “What are you waiting for? Do it quickly!”


“You dare?”


Yan Siyu subconsciously thought that these strong words with deterrence were spoken by Ji Cheying but the voice was not right. So, he looked at the omega who hadn’t seemed to have lost his temper all this time with some surprise.

It turned out that he could also talk like this.

Ji Cheying also did not expect Xie Quan to have such a side, although not as arrogant and outwardly as Saroyan, but also a proud look filled with aura.

Xie Quan said to the soldiers, “I am a member of the royal family, you are disrespecting the royal family by taking a chance on me, and disrespecting the royal family will result in a light dismissal and a heavy prison sentence, so think carefully.”

Saroyan saw that the soldiers were really confused by Xie Quan’s calm and relaxed attitude, and said angrily, “You are really stupid, he said a few words and you really believe that he is a royal son? There are so many royal sons!”

Xie Quan asked, “Third Prince, may I ask how you found me here?”

Saroyan’s voice caught, he lowered his eyebrows, and before he could answer, Xie Quan had asked himself, “If you found me here, you must have sent someone to guard this side. You are here because you knew I would come. No, you didn’t guard here, you sent someone to guard all the instruments in the empire that can manipulate the nanomachine molecules, waiting for me to come to your door.”

Saroyan’s heart jumped as his voice sank. “Don’t you try to change the subject.”

Xie Quan raised his eyebrows slightly. “I didn’t change the subject, the person who changed the subject was you. Why don’t you want me to continue? I’m afraid the person who told you about the strategy of waiting for the rabbits is Prince Lu Wu. He told you that I would definitely come to look for this instrument.”

Xie Quan had been silent just now simply because he had been thinking about why people would come so quickly and accurately. And there could only be one reason for all this, someone was expecting him to come here.

Xie Quan said, “And Lu Wu knew I would use this instrument to heal, and you didn’t think about why?”

Saroyan fell silent.

Xie Quan was right, the person who told him that he could catch Xie Quan by guarding these places was Lu Wu, and he did wonder why Lu Wu would know about it.

So he asked, “Why?”

Xie Quan graciously explained, “Because he is the one who made me blind and crippled and tried to assassinate me. As I said before, I am not the one who tried to assassinate someone, but the one who was almost assassinated. Lu Wu knows my identity, so he wants to strike first, he intends to murder the royal bloodline.”


“So go catch the assassin. You have to catch him.”

The words were no longer mentioning the matter of impersonating a member of the royal family, as if the matter of him being a member of the royal family was already a nail in the coffin.

Saroyan was a little dizzy, but still reacted. “Wait, how are you a member of the royal family? Where did you get the evidence?”

“The evidence is certainly there.” An airy voice came from outside the door, while the sound of a flying machine whistling outside the window.

Everyone looked towards the door, and the soldiers immediately stood at attention and saluted as soon as they saw the visitor.

“Marshal Ji!”


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XQ commands the room! He’s such a badass.

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It actually seems everything is going Marshal Ji’s way.
XQ isn’t to be messed with though.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Thank You for the new chapter (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

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I love XQ’s temperament! ❤️ thank you for the translation and editing!

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That woukld make sense, Lu Wu has connections to the beta control center and wants to be in power but doesn’t want to fight in it. Interesting. I wonder what design he stole?

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