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Thank you, Kimberly, Ann, and LuoYan for the Ko-fis!!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


By the end of the day, the black, low-profile hover car entered the parking lot of the Empire Institute through the off-shore gate. The door opened and Ji Cheying got out first, then bent over and said, “Give me your hand.”

Xie Quan was not as shy as before, but handed his hand over to Ji Cheying so that he could pick him up more smoothly.

Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows, originally wanted to tease, but thought Xie Quan would squirm, maybe tease him a little. His tentacles retracted, he could only hold a smile, and get out of the car.

“Laugh if you want to, no need to hold back,” Xie Quan said coldly.

Ji Cheying gently put the person into the wheelchair and asked, “Why should I laugh? Did something happen?”

“…” Xie Quan felt that ever since he had met Ji Cheying, he had become more and more incompetent at elocution. And was it his imagination that Ji Cheying was getting more and more brazen and shameless these days?

I really miss the simple, gentle, honest man from the beginning when we met. Although it was just a disguise.

Thinking of “disguise”, Xie Quan suddenly remembered someone. “So, that Lu Wu, what happened to him now?”

He later communicated with Ji Cheying and learned that the person who kidnapped him was the same Prince Lu Wu. Although he had suspected that person’s connection with the royal family, he never thought that person would be one of the candidates for the crown prince, and the Prince Lu Wu, who was said to have no ambition. Who would have thought that a prince with a title and no real power would be the one behind the underground exchange.

Ji Cheying was also surprised by this, but not too surprised. After all, he always had a feeling that Lu Wu’s mind was deeper than that of the two princes of Emperor Hea. He replied, “At the moment, he claims to be recovering from his injuries. Your appearance that day has caused him some controversy now, and he should want to avoid the limelight for the time being.”


“The ‘fugitive prince’ escaped from his compound with injuries, can he not have controversy on him?” Ji Cheying’s tone was still relaxed, but his gaze was cold. “But the thing was originally done by him, so it’s not considered controversial.”

However, what Ji Cheying didn’t say was that in order to put the labels “imprisoned royal grandson”, “royal lapdog” and “mastermind behind the scenes” on Lu Wu, Ji Cheying could take a lot of effort.

Under normal circumstances, Ji Cheying did not care to use this kind of corner way, but hit the snake to beat the seventh inch. What could make Lu Wu feel the most pain was to mess up his plan to compete for the crown prince title. So Ji Cheying directly found a group of people to fan the flames on Starnet, pulling the seemingly innocent Lu Wu down and making everyone pay attention to him.

Ji Cheying looked at the top of Xie Quan’s head in front of him, a small swirl of fluffy, soft, short hair, and a small handful of hair on the side misbehaving, a playfulness that did not match him. He asked again tentatively, “Does Lu Wu know who you are? He arrested you because of this?”

The reason for this was because he had asked it before, but he didn’t expect Xie Quan to actually digress and did not want to answer. Xie Quan could even tell himself the secret that he was an omega and a member of the royal family, but was unwilling to tell himself the reason why he was taken captive.

There was nothing like scratching your heart and scratching your lungs.

Xie Quan replied without hesitation, “Probably.”

Ji Cheying raised an eyebrow in recognition.

“So at the underground exchange, he recognized you and took you into custody?”

“I guess so.”

Heh. That’s fucking bullshit. Ji Cheying stared at the back of Xie Quan’s head, looking so docile, yet such a little liar. He reached out and pushed down a strand of hair on Xie Quan’s head that was sticking up.

It was really not easy to be bothered.

When they arrived at the research room, Yan Siyu had already started the instrument and was waiting for them inside. The instrument was half a person high, placed next to a single bed.

“Lie on the bed.” Yan Siyu instructed. 

Ji Cheying skillfully bent down and picked the person up horizontally, then gently laid him on the bed. He also took the blanket and covered Xie Quan with it. It was a little cold in there.

“No problem?” Ji Cheying straightened up and looked at his best friend, frowning with some concern. “Are you sure you don’t need to find a professional to operate?”

“…” Yan Siyu put a hand on his glasses, he said nonchalantly, “Then why don’t you do it?”

Seeing Ji Cheying did not answer the question, he resisted the urge to roll his eyes and explained, “This instrument is similar to the micro-electric frequency ray instrument I often use for experiments, I have studied it before and know how to operate it.”

Ji Cheying’s eyebrows twitched. “A micro frequency ray device?”

“A device used to manipulate the brain area of mice.”

“Mice?” Ji Cheying stared intently at Yan Siyu, with a “you’re teasing me” look.

“…” Xie Quan, who was lying on the bed between them, explained, “The principle of the two instruments is more or less the same, and with Professor Yan’s ability, there is no big problem to operate this instrument.”

Yan Siyu grunted coldly and said disgustedly towards Ji Cheying, “You are not as pleasing as your omega. Get out, don’t affect me.”

Faced with Xie Quan’s help, Ji Cheying took a deep breath, then he snapped a finger at Xie Quan’s forehead. “Which side are you on?” Then turned his head to Yan Si Yu with another serious look. “Call me when you’re done.”

“…” Yan Si Yu watched speechlessly as Ji Cheying left the room, and after the door closed, he turned to Xie Quan and asked, “Is he always this disgusting in front of you?”

Xie Quan eyelashes twitched, blinked his eyes, he pretended not to understand and asked, “Disgusting? How?”

Yan Si Yu sneered in his heart. A dog husband. Don’t have the guts to show your love in front of him.

The instrument was activated, Xie Quan closed his eyes and let Yan Siyu put the hood on his head. He did not mean to protect Ji Cheying but he did not find Ji Cheying disgusting. That person was just arrogant and showed his feelings without reservation, just like his pheromone, like a burning fire, flamboyant and eye-catching.

Ji Cheying probably couldn’t guess the reason why he was reluctant to tell him the reason why he was abducted in the first place was precisely because of this. He went to the underground exchange in order to buy a large amount of meteorite steel, and that’s why he was targeted by Lu Wu.

If he had said so, Ji Cheying would have asked him why he bought so much meteorite steel. How could he say that he bought the meteorite steel to complete the mecha that he kept in his apartment, which he was going to give to Ji Cheying afterwards?

He had drawn the concept for the humanoid mecha the day he went into heat while living in his underground apartment, and he had started making it after he arrived in the Imperial Capital. The reason for making it was that he had seen Ji Cheying in his military uniform on the dirigible, and he thought that the mecha would be perfect for Ji Cheying.

So he wanted to finish the mecha before he left the capital and give it to Ji Cheying. Consider it a repayment for taking care of him for so many days but now he was hesitant to give that mecha away.

After all, Ji Cheying’s tail was already up after the incident with the marker, so if he gave the mecha away, Ji Cheying would be even more pleased with himself? At that point, Ji Cheying’s fire would probably burn to the sky.

The whole time wasn’t very long, just under an hour before and after.

But for Ji Cheying, it was extraordinarily torturous.

Although he believed in the strength of Yan Si Yu, he could not help but think about some bad things. What if Xie Quan couldn’t even recover in the future? Of course, he would definitely take care of Xie Quan for the rest of his life, but Xie Quan would definitely be very sad.

So when the door was opened and Yan Si Yu stood lightly in front of Ji Cheying and told him, “It’s okay,” Ji Cheying couldn’t help but breathe a long sigh of relief.

But he still cared to ask, “There is no accident, right?”

Yan Siyu was speechless. He said expressionlessly, “You seem to want to have an accident, why don’t I go back now and let him have an accident.”

Ji Cheying didn’t care about the sarcasm in Yan Si Yu’s words, he was completely at ease when he heard them, so he dropped a “thank you” and didn’t care about Yan Si Yu, he just walked into the room and went to Xie Quan’s bedside.

At this moment Xie Quan had sat up on the bed by himself, he was also carefully folding the blanket Ji Chenying had covered him with, and then put it on the corner of the bed. It didn’t seem to be anything unusual, even like nothing had happened. However, Ji Cheying took one look and immediately sensed that something was wrong. He raised his eyebrows and waved his hand in front of Xie Quan.

There was no response.

Could it be?!

Xie Quan spoke calmly, “It will take two or three days to recover, nothing is wrong.”

He could not see yet, but he could feel the wind as Ji Cheying waved his hand in front of him.

“Oh…” Ji Cheying just put down his heart, however, in the next second, he suddenly looked out seriously, his gaze steeply biting, like a sharp sword out of its sheath.

Noticing Ji Cheying’s reaction, Yan Siyu frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

However, before Ji Cheying could answer, the answer that Yan Siyu wanted to know was already in front of him.

The sound of uniform footsteps sounded in the corridor, approaching, and then a group of soldiers with weapons rushed to the room without waiting for Ji Siyu to react.

Behind this group of soldiers, wearing an ivory uniform suit, the exquisite and divine Third Prince Saroyan was flanked and appeared in front of them.

Yan Siyu lowered his brows with a deadly frown and questioned with an unfriendly expression, “I’m afraid it’s against the rules for the third prince to rush into the Institute with his soldiers.”

Saroyan slightly raised his chin, arrogantly glanced at Yan Siyu next to him, his gaze walked around, finally slid past Ji Cheying and landed on Xie Quan who was still sitting on the bed. He said, “Rules? I’m afraid Professor Yan is not qualified to say this since you are harboring criminals.”

Ji Cheying took a step forward and stepped between Saroyan and Xie Quan, separating Saroyan’s unkind gaze from him, his voice was deep and frosty, making people fearful.

“Criminals? Who is Your Highness talking about?”

Saroyan sneered, “Of course it’s the man behind you, Major General Ji, do you still want to pretend to be confused? He is one of the assassins, and now he has the charge of impersonating a member of the royal family—Major General Ji is protecting him so much, are you part of the assassination group?” He shouted angrily, “Ji Cheying! Do you want to rebel?!”


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Sue R
December 20, 2022 12:21 pm

There is more of twist and turn of situations,very interesting. Can’t wait to read more. Thanks.

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December 21, 2022 12:47 am

How can someone incapacitated and blinded, who had to be rescued from Lu Wu’s place, be an assassin? What a dick head! Saroyan obviously has the Crown Prince title firmly in his sights.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 21, 2022 8:03 pm

Yet another twist! Really! At least XQ will be recovered but still!! How did he find out XQ was there? Thank you for the translation and editing!

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Now the only way to protect themselves is to claim his birthright (XQ)!

Assuming that the one that informed Prince Saroyan of XQ’s whereabouts is the person planted by Marshal Ji, XQ will have to step up and protect himself & JC.

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