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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


“Beta re-differentiation is a false proposition that shouldn’t exist in the first place.” Two weeks ago at night, in the garden gazebo, Xie Quan said these words lightly. He looked at the robot, which was close to the human body, and his eyes were gradually deepening, as if he had gone back to the day when he and Joan were in the institute together more than ten years ago.

At that time, he was still young, so they were not too wary of conversing in front of him, so he could hear the secret.

Xie Quan said what he knew, “The gender of beta doesn’t need to be changed at all, and isn’t it clear from the Empire’s brief history of humanity? It was only slowly that some people whose glands were no longer mature emerged and were called beta.”

Ji Cheying was familiar with the term, having learned it in textbooks as a child, and added later, “Everyone thought beta was crippled, and then the Empire accepted this group of crippled people and gave them a new definition so they could be recognized with their own crippled bodies.”

Xie Quan nodded. “Yes, but what many people miss is that as time migrates, there are more and more betas and fewer and fewer alpha and omega.” He narrowed his eyes. “That’s because the beta is not an underdeveloped human at all, on the contrary, they are the future direction of human development.”

Ji Cheying’s pupils flinched.

“Although the chances of a beta being born as an omega are small, they are also fertile, they are not controlled by pheromone, they are completely free from bestiality, and they are also free from companion disease. Although their bodies are not as strong as the alpha, in the future there would no longer be a need for such powerful warriors, and now that the mecha is available, the beta can also manipulate the mecha and go into battle—”

Ji Cheying frowned in disagreement. “But the beta doesn’t have the mental power of the alpha to control the mecha.”

Xie Quan shook his head. “That’s the problem with the mecha. The designers of the mecha relied too much on alpha’s mental power because the current mecha was simply designed for alpha warriors. It’s the same as a hover train that is designed for taller people, but shorter people will have a harder time handling it. This is not a problem of people, this is a problem of the initial design of the product.”

This speech was too shocking, Ji Cheying did not know how to digest it.

And Xie Quan continued at this point, “What’s more, beta itself is healthier than omega and alpha. Both omega and alpha are plagued by companion diseases and must find highly genetically matched partners to be fully cured, ultimately because the genes of the overly pure omega and alpha are defective. That’s why we have to rely on highly matched pheromones to make up for the repair.”

Xie Quan’s words were so convincing that even though what he said was completely different from what Ji Cheying had normally accepted, Ji Cheying involuntarily began to believe it. But he said cautiously, “But this is all your own idea.”

Xie Quan raised his eyebrows as he sneered, “It’s not just my idea, it’s an unspoken fact of many people’s hearts.”

Ji Cheying frowned, his eyes slightly surprised. “Many people?” How did he not notice the wind at all?



Xie Quan counted them all, “The Empire royal family, the top scientists in the First Research Institute, the group of people who were involved in the beta gland re-differentiation… Of course, my father was included, they all knew about it.” He said, “I knew about it, and it was at that time that I overheard the conversation between Joan and the researchers, and I was still young enough that they were not overly wary of me, so I did my own investigation afterwards. I was completely convinced of this fact when I was first researching the inhibitor.”

His voice was clear and gentle, but his tone was unquestionably firm. “That’s why I said that beta gland re-differentiation is simply something that cannot succeed, because what they are doing is not treating a disease, but bucking the human evolutionary process, trying to bring humans back to their ancestors. As for Joan, he wasn’t even that great either. He knew it was impossible, but he was bent on doing it, but only to gain the support of the betas at the time and win the race for crown prince. Now your elder brother, Ji Shanhong, has the same intention. They don’t care about this group of people, they are just using them for their own purposes.”

So, they used an impossible dream to lure the ignorant people into the game to make their own weight for their own selfish purposes.

Ji Cheying listened to these thrilling words, at this moment he had completely believed Xie Quan, he looked at Xie Quan’s calm side face and suddenly remembered that before when he spoke to Xie Quan about the protests, Xie Quan told him that the reason he likes the machinery was because the machinery was honest and would not cheat each other.

Now that he thought about it, Xie Quan should have thought everything through at that time and knew that someone was doing the same thing that Joan had done at the beginning.

Ji Cheying suddenly realized something at that moment and said, “No wonder you don’t seem to want to avenge your father’s death.”

It was reasonable to say that if one’s father was killed and died in vain, one would seek revenge for the murderer once one has the power to do so. But Xie Quan not only did not have the idea of returning to the palace to restore his royal identity in the first place, even after returning to the palace, restoring his identity and having the support, but also seemed to have no thought of revenge at all.

Xie Quan’s hand gave a beat, he suddenly raised his head, looked at Ji Cheying who was sitting next to him, and asked, “Do you think I’m too cold-blooded?”

It was clear that it was his own father’s death, yet he did not care. As the son of a man, he had no thought of avenging his father.

Ji Cheying reached out and rubbed his hair with his big palm, then his voice was lazy. “I never thought blood could mean anything.”

Yes. Even flesh and blood can be strangers. But there was one thing that Xie Quan didn’t tell Ji Cheying at first. That was that Joan’s death was actually the result of him touching on this taboo subject. His accident was not caused by Emperor Hea’s attempt to seize the throne, but by the then emperor, Joan’s father, his grandfather, in order to cover up the truth about beta.

After all, if Joan hadn’t died and pushed the research on beta re-differentiation, there would have been someone who would have found out about the post-beta gland. Omega and alpha are the ruling classes of the Empire today, especially the royal family, which has always been dominated by omega. So once the truth about the betas was revealed, it would inevitably cause turmoil in the ruling, or even the overthrow of the royal family.

And this categorically could not be allowed.

Therefore, Emperor Hea, who was still watching the show, perceived Xie Quan’s purpose and gave a decisive order, “Break open the door! Stop him!”

He didn’t care what kind of reaction it would cause among the masses if he caused that much commotion.

At this moment, Ji Shanhong’s side had also been deployed.

“Marshal, the manpower has been arranged, and the attack can be launched immediately.”

It was impossible to stop Xie Quan, but they could create chaos so that the rally would be interrupted and the crowd dispersed. Therefore, just now, Ji Shanhong asked the men to immediately prepare for the attack in disguise.

Ji Shanhong did not hesitate to give the order, “Do it.”

He must not let anyone ruin His Highness’s blueprint.

Xie Quan stood on the terrace, he held the handle and spoke, “The biggest secret of this Empire is to mislead people to believe…”

Explosions rang out, flames rose from the buildings on either side, and the crowd screamed in panic.

Yet Xie Quan, without blinking, continued, “… that betas are the crippled ones.”

“Ah! There’s an attack!”


The panic-stricken crowd pushed and shoved each other, fearing that they would be killed in the next second, but in the midst of the chaos, Tang Wenshao looked fixedly at Xie Quan, his eyes full of obstinacy.

“Go to hell! You are a traitor to the royal family!”

The person whom Ji Danhong had arranged wore a mask and held a weapon and shouted loudly at Xie Quan. And the gun held in this person’s hand was aimed at Xie Quan’s direction.

Ji Shanhong arranged for people to “protect the driver”.

The soldiers of the Ninth Legion next to Xie Quan were prepared, but at this moment they could not help but be fearful, the door behind them had been vigorously slammed up. One of them went next to Xie Quan, but not to protect him from retreating, but to block Xie Quan’s front, fearing that he would be harmed.

However, Xie Quan pushed him behind him, leaving himself uncovered. The threat is exposed.

The confused people right now no longer have the energy to pay attention to what he was saying.

So he looked at the silver beetles in the air and continued to say to the people in front of the broadcast, “Even if the beta does not differentiate, it has the ability to breed itself, and with the help of technology, it can also become a powerful warrior.”

The gun was aimed at Xie Quan, and the trigger was pulled.

Xie Quan did not have the slightest intention to dodge, but in this windy moment, the dark blue figure descended from the sky, and the gusts of wind ruffled Xie Quan’s forehead hair. The small humanoid mecha blocked the bullet that was not aimed at Xie Quan.

Then, the next second, it used the swift speed and agile stance almost in a flash of lightning to leap to the attacker’s front.

In the attacker’s tight pupils, the dark blue mecha had snatched his gun into his hands, and in the next second, it was easily destroyed in his hands.

Not only that, in this instant, two more almost identical mecha suddenly appeared around, next to the Imperial Army mecha who were performing escort duties to tangle with them, only to find that these mecha were surprisingly fast and frightening, and it was almost difficult to capture their movements.

Even if they were caught, the shell of the mecha would be extremely difficult to leave traces.

It was not until the mecha suddenly said, “We are a team.”

The man in the dark blue mecha said, “We are the Ninth Legion, here to escort His Highness Caesar.”

The Empire troops were puzzled, but when the man in the mecha said that, they realized that these men did seem to be apprehending the attackers and not attacking. Just when there was a stalemate on this side, at this moment the door of the terrace was also finally violently damaged!

With a bang, the door was almost knocked down.

And at the moment when Ji Shanhong was ready to rush in, almost at the same time, bang

The body of the person standing on the terrace trembled violently, and over the heart of the body holding the railing bloomed a blood flower. Ji Shanhong pupils fiercely tightened up, he rushed forward with an arrow step, reaching out his hand in the direction of Xie Quan.

And although Xie Quan did not fall in that moment because he grabbed the railing, he still lost strength, the body swayed, and then fell forward helplessly in front of his eyes, and then fell from the balcony railing.

The crowd watching the live broadcast at this moment screamed and then covered their mouths.

Right before their eyes, the Empire’s young prince died.

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