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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


The longsword spiraled through the air like a dart, and finally, like a lightning strike, it stuck fiercely in front of the candidate who came to support him. And then a figure flew in front of him, like a thunderbolt after lightning, he held a gun in one hand and grabbed the longsword with his left hand, using the longsword as a fulcrum, he instantly flew in the air and swept his long legs like a raging tornado.

After knocking down several people, he used the force of his body landing on the ground to pull the longsword out of the mud – The sword was like a rainbow, the dirt splashes, turning into a concealed weapon to fly around.

The bullets were mixed in with the concealed weapons, making it difficult to distinguish.

The students in the classroom were seeing Baylor fight for the first time, and all their previous doubts vanished the moment they saw the young man strike, as if the sword wasn’t slashing at the candidates, but landing on their bodies, cutting their prejudices and speculations to pieces.

The perfect gunfighting technique was so stunning that people couldn’t help but hold their breath. Each move was not fancy, but clean and sharp to the point where people just want to exclaim it as beautiful, even the rhythm of the shots fired were with an aesthetic.

This was not just a battle, this was an art, with dazzling violent aesthetics!

The students in the single-armed department were unusually silent as they instinctively tried to analyze their opponent’s movements, to anticipate the young man’s next attack, but they found they couldn’t keep up with the youth’s rhythm, which included both movement and thought. They were not sure how Baylor was able to predict the enemy’s attack so accurately, and they could not follow Baylor’s attack thinking.

His attacks were so tricky and odd that even the onlookers were dazzled, not to mention the people he was fighting against were caught off guard. But no matter how complicated their feelings were, there was bound to be an emotion called ‘admiration’ among them.

“This is simply… It’s just…” Shishul, who had been so afraid to blink that his eyes were a little dry, quickly blinked his eyes as he stared at the big screen, thinking left and right, and could only hold back a sentence, “It’s freaking insane.”

This person , a man of no culture, gives one ‘fuck’ to conquer the world, like a vulture.

Then one person said the thoughts of the whole audience, “Is this a military examination? This is simply his personal show! Shit!”

At this moment, someone noticed something, she pointed to the big screen and exclaimed, “Look guys, his expression.”

Because the young man’s figure was too agile, almost ghost-like and elusive, it was difficult to capture his every movement, which led to everyone never noticing his expression. It wasn’t until the student said that they carefully went to see the expression on that face. Between the flying messy hair, that pair of eyebrows wariness overwhelming, like ice like fire, killing intent like ice, wariness like fire, while the corners of that mouth were pleasantly hooked.

He was smiling.

In such a four-sided and thrilling time, he revealed as if he was playing a game and had the enjoyment to smile. The person was beautiful, the smile and those eyes were stunning. But it was too perverted.

Finding this, the large classroom once again fell silent.

“Next time when I read a novel with a crazy beauty,1 my mama won’t have to worry that I won’t be able to imagine what they’re really like.” A student said. Were there any crazy beauties more beautiful compared to this one?

And at this time, sitting in the living room, Ewan looked at the screen of the flying fighting figure, but in his head emerged another person’s figure. When he was in the dream, he saw the young man fighting in the ruins, the crisp and harsh attack, the agile and tricky body, the attack habit of attacking instead of defending, and the unrelenting momentum.

The two figures in front of the eyes overlapped, Ewan frowned, his pair of eyes flowing through the screen of light, but going deeper and deeper. Obviously they were two different people, but how could there be such a striking resemblance?

If the face was not right, the age was not right, he almost had to think it was the same person. He looked at Super Wolf who was sitting beside him and barking excitedly at the big screen, looking like he could not wait to rush into the screen and fight with Baylor.

Baylor said that man was his teacher, but was it really possible to learn that almost replica style? And…

Ewan raised his eyes again, looking at Baylor who was immersed in the battle, enjoying the danger. Ewan’s pair of goose gray pupils did not appreciate the amazement of his skills, and were only heavy with worry.

The bad premonition came true.

Thirty beeps sounded, and the candidate numbered 170 instantly ranked first in the standings with 53 points, pulling away from the second place by nearly forty points.

Was it really like that? They didn’t want to believe it. But it happened, right in front of the eyes of the examiners and students.

Ensley looked at Baylor, who had rounded up thirty people by himself, and before she could say anything, one of the examiners next to her, a first class instructor of the Imperial Royal Army and a professor at the Imperial National Military Academy, had already said, “I like this little child, I’m going to take him as my student, don’t steal from me.”

The examiners room erupted.

Ensley was very unhappy to be preempted, and she said nonchalantly, “You think this is first come, first served? I don’t want to steal from you, why should I give you the one I like first?”

Another coach from the First Military Academy slapped the table, “This student looks like a student of our First Military Academy, you all stop arguing.”

“Eh? How can it be that he is from the First Military Academy? It doesn’t say First Military Academy on his face either.” The professor from the United Military Academy said with a straight face, “He’s had the most dealings with students from our school and has more affinity with the United Army.”

Ensley laughed sarcastically, “Does the most dealings mean the most beatings? Such strength is better not to delay such a good seedling.”

At this time Sean had a notebook full of combat data. His voice was light, but with a weight that people dare not ignore, “Old people shouldn’t throw someone around. If he passes the examination, he will be part of the military headquarters. If someone is part of the headquarters, they are naturally my student.” 

This group of military academy professors was ridiculous.

This was someone his precious student abducted back. He, as a teacher, must keep an eye on his people.

Standing up, Sean walked towards the outside.

The siege had ended with Baylor’s solo victory. The next short period of time should be a lull, and he could use this time to go rest. It was nighttime, he was getting older, and he didn’t like to stay up late.

When Sean left, the first class coach of the Royal Army said reluctantly, “If he’s in the military, he can come to my Royal Army.”

How can he not be his student?

Ensley nodded her head. If he went into the military, since she was not a member of the military, there was little she could do to get this person. Watching Baylor on the screen picking up weapons again, she curiously lamented, “I wonder how his mental strength is ranked. If his mental strength is strong, he can do mecha training, then the Ya’an Empire will have another war god.”

After all, such a combat talent, she had only seen in today’s God of War Ewan.

Helen, the leader of the United Military Academy, heard a silence over the contact, and she grimaced. This time, they lost ten people, although the two military schools next door lost the same. Thinking about this, she looked slightly more relaxed. Fortunately, she pulled the other two military academies into the water and asked them to send support, otherwise these losses would have been borne by the United Military Academy alone, which would have been too painful.

Looking at the situation on the scoreboard today, Helen, who was a command student, also felt a little confused at this moment. To be able to compete against 30… What kind of person was this? Even Eric, the famous genius of the First Military Academy, could not do it. Shouldn’t they go on to surround this 170? But who would still go?

Such a person, if they want to kill him, no matter how many people they send, they will definitely make casualties in their own camp, yet once there was such a possibility, this already unstable alliance would immediately fall apart.

In the end, everyone’s aim was to pass the test, who was willing to personally deliver to the door to save points for someone? No one wanted to be the one to sacrifice. Even the ten people who went to the siege would be cursing themselves in their hearts at this moment.

Helen let out a long sigh, she picked up the contact, face embarrassed, but also said firmly, “Abandon the siege, will focus on the clues to crack, avoid 170 in the future, avoid any battle with him.”

The battlefield command was most taboo to be impetuous, the retreat was retreat, the detour was a detour, and everything was in the big picture.

George and Wolcott, who had already fled with the clues, were currently nestled in a hidden cave. George was trying to analyze the clues, while feeling the pain of hearing the news of Baylor’s elimination soon after. But not long after, Wolcott looked up in surprise, in the moonlight, his expression as if he had seen a ghost.

George frowned, “What’s wrong?”

Wolcott sat there with the latest standings still displayed on his contact device, his shock and remorse so great that he could only mutter, disoriented, “Baylor… He won…”

Wolcott’s voice was a little too low for George to hear clearly, and a little suspicious of his own ears as he asked impatiently, “What did you say?”

Wolcott looked at George, gulped and said again, “Baylor, he actually, the candidates of the three military schools that came to besiege him, all killed.” At this moment, his heart is full of remorse and fear.

And George heard clearly, the contact in his hand fell to the ground. How was this possible?


Early the next morning, in the imperial palace, an attendant respectfully walked into the palace with his head bowed and came to the youth who was sitting on the balcony looking at the morning light and eating breakfast, “Your Highness, the omega named Baylor that you had someone keep an eye on before has some new information.”

Julius raised his eyebrows in interest, “Oh? What’s the situation? I remember he went for the military test and was eliminated?”

the attendant placed the terminal that recorded a video of the young man fighting at night in front of Julius, “Not so, or even, quite the opposite.”

The video on the terminal was dropped into the air, the young man’s valiant fighting stance in the air as if a death god had returned.

Julius watched the fighting figure intently, with his usual gentle and polite smile on his face, only now that smile added a bit of interest. He asked, “If he becomes an honorary recruit, he will receive the royal medal, yes?”

The attendant nodded, “Yes, it would normally be awarded by the Minister of Ceremonies.”

Julius braced his face, “I’ll check it out then, if I’m free.”


The author has something to say: 

I thought of an interesting little theatrical tirade while writing, but I can’t think of it now, SAD.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Crazy criticism of beauty, a popular word on the Internet , refers to a person who is wild and eccentric in his heart, but also looks good. Synonyms: sick and beautiful.


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I bet Julius wants to get Baylor to his side. Ewan may have different plans Julius😉. Dang Baylor kicks butt❤️❤️ thank you for the update ❤️

December 26, 2022 7:42 pm

May be War God Ewan hasn’t heard of transmigration before, so he can’t quite put his finger on it yet 🙂

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December 26, 2022 7:45 pm


December 27, 2022 11:35 am

Baylor’s reasons for wanting to be outstanding and join the Sky Wolf Legion directly are one thing. However, I wonder whether this notoriety will lead to others wanting to use him as a weapon, which may be what is concerning Ewan.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 27, 2022 5:48 pm

Ahhhhh, Amazing chapter! I couldn’t contain my exitement!
Baylor is a wonder. Its extremely mouthwatering to see their reactions of Baylor’s combat skills. Thank you for this wonderful chap. Can’t wait for the next one!
Ewan dear, your thorny flower is gonna be swarmed by bees and butterflies. 😂

Thank you and keep up the great work!

December 28, 2022 5:48 am

Worshiping the new god of War Baylor! Thanks for the chapter!!

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hahaha the God of war and the God of death! What a perfect couple!!! Btw I’m wondering will we have buns at the end of the novel cuz the titles ain’t telling me anything… I really want them to have a cub… QAQ

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