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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Gu Wen Zhu had prepared lunch as usual, he placed the hot food on the table. Seeing Xia Yi go back into the yard by himself, he looked behind himself and asked, “Where is Uncle?”

“He is staying with the radishes and won’t go away.” Xia Yi said with a bowl of rice in his hand.

“Bring your uncle some food afterwards, his health must have worsened, he can’t be starved anymore.” Gu Wen Zhu reminded Xia Yi.

Haha, he had servants to serve him, he can eat whatever he wants and even be picky about it. Xia Yi only kept his thoughts to himself and replied obediently, “Alright, I will deliver the food after lunch.”

Xia Yi had finished eating, he walked lazily to his farmland with a lunch box. Just when he was nearly there, he stopped. Mr. Wang was sitting at a ridge not far away, he was smoking and looking at the sky, and he was paying glances to Cheng Ming discreetly from time to time.

I knew that he would monitor him secretly.

“Yi, come here. Come here.” Mr. Wang waved towards Xia Yi as soon as he saw him.

Xia Yi walked to him, “Mr. Wang, what’s the matter?”

“That’s your fourth uncle?”

Xia Yi nodded.

“He fled here?”

Xia Yi nodded again.

“I closed up a bit just now, hoping to ask him about himself. You didn’t see it, he looked as if he was going to bite me before I could even touch him.” Mr. Wang said in a serious tone, “According to my observation–”

“He has a brain disease, it’s innate.” Xia Yi interrupted him quickly, don’t observe anymore please Mr. Wang.

Ever since Cheng Ming saw that field of radishes, he had not been back to the house. He ate there, drank there, he even had a little station there, and he now lived there.

With their bowls in their hands, the villagers crouched beside the farmlands and looked at Cheng Ming guarding the land every night at dinner time.

“What a poor guy, such a poor guy.”

“His condition was more severe than Yi guarding his potatoes.”

“Of course, both of them were starved before they fled, they value those lands more than their own lives.”

“That’s not it, I heard that he had some brain disease…”

This afternoon, Xia Yi went to deliver Cheng Ming’s meal, just when he called Mingie, he heard the mixed sounds of firecrackers exploding and gongs ringing, 179’s merry voice rang:

Congratulations to the player who has completed the third mission.

“Mission description: Knowing the whereabouts of the Sect Leader. 

Completion 1/1 

Award 1 Rare Gift Pack

Host, would you like to claim the price now or later?”

“Put it in my storage space, I will ask you for it when I want it.”

What’s the f**king use of it? Even taking it out is a bother.

Cheng Ming was crouching in the farmland to check the radishes, upon hearing Xia Yi’s call, he looked up, “Is that my food?”

Xia Yi intended to open his mouth to speak, but his vision blurred, everything in his view was beginning to twist and shake, slowly, things started to swivel.

This scene was familiar to him, Xia Yi’s heart did a flip, “I’m over! It’s the transmigration!”

Then the spin speeded up, he could somehow hear Cheng Ming shouting his name in a panic, Xia Yi wanted to respond, but he could not make a sound. The speed of the spin increased, everything in his vision was starting to become lines and spots of light, he felt dizzy and closed his eyes immediately, counting the duration of time in his mind.

A moment later, the dizziness went away, breezes of wind passed by his ears, he could even hear cranes calling. When Xia Yi sluggishly opened his eyes to look, he froze.

There were fog and clouds surrounding him, white cranes flew above his head, calling, and went right into the clouds. An island floated in the air not far away, a huge waterfall hung from its side, a few grand buildings could be seen between the green trees. There were more small islands in various shapes here and there further away.

The scene was magnificent as if it was an illusion.

Xia Yi stared at this beautiful scene in front of him, stunned, the beauty made him want to step forward, thus he looked down to check the floor in front of his foot in advance. 

His soul was almost scared out of him when he looked.

He was standing on a single-plank bridge between the two floating islands. Clouds billowed around his foot, he could not tell how thick the clouds were, a few cranes flew in the clouds with elegance.

Xia Yi felt strength being pulled away from his legs, he abruptly laid prone with his arms hugging the bridge, unmoved. After his heart had calmed down a bit, he started to climb to the other side slowly holding his breath.

He was on the other side at last, sweat had wet his back. He laid on the floor to rest, then he followed a stone stairway leading towards the buildings.

As he had just walked a couple of steps, his eyes were caught by a glare beside the stairs. What was there? Driven by curiosity, Xia Yi approached the spot and picked up a turquoise jade pendant.

The pendant looked expensive, it was about the size of his palm, the light hit it and reflected softly, a complicated pattern was carved on it.

Seems like someone has dropped it here, I will pick it up and ask people about it.

“179, 179 are you there? Looks like I have transmigrated to the cultivation world. 179, 179 answer me if you can hear me.” Xia Yi was a little nervous, even though the system was trash, it would be better to be with him rather than being alone in an alien world.

No response from the system.

Are you not a fucking cultivation system? Now you disappear when I am in the cultivation world?

Right when he was experiencing anxiety, a voice echoed from above him, “I don’t think we are expecting guests. May I ask who you are?”

Surprised, Xia Yi looked up and saw something in a round shape floating above his head. That voice came from there.


Damn damn damn, there are even aliens?

Is he in a sci-fi novel this time?

With no response from Xia Yi and him only staring at his magical tool blankly, this Qi Shan apprentice thought to himself, “So we have a bumpkin here.”

The UFO gradually moved away from above his head and landed. Xia Yi could then see a person standing on it. The wind blew through this person’s long hair. He was wearing a blue long gown with loose sleeves and golden patterns were sewn on his clothes.

Xia Yi let out a relieved sigh slowly, he was still in the cultivation world, this was Qi Shan Sect’s uniform.

That person raised his hand when he reached the ground, the UFO instantly became smaller, then turned into a jade disk and flew into his hand.

This is too surreal…

Looking down to Xia Yi, he eyed him thoroughly, “What is your name? What business do you have here at Qi Shan?”

“My name is Xia Yi.” Xia Yi only replied to the first question since he could not answer why he was here.

Bro, there is no business I have here, I am from the farming world. I will just hang around and wait for being transferred back.

“Xia Yi? Xia Yi…” That man repeated laggardly, he seemed to have heard about this name.

Suddenly he patted his forehead and said with an astonished expression, “Are you not the one who had been accepted into the sect by the master, but have delayed your arrival for quite a bit, the son of Magistrate Xia?”

“Sure, sure I am.” Xia Yi knew that he was talking about him when he heard that.

Isn’t that the very first mission of the cultivation world? Join the Qi Shan Sect and become the apprentice of the sect leader. Most importantly, he had already completed the mission, therefore he was now an apprentice of the Qi Shan Sect.

“My fellow apprentice, how are you arriving this late?” That man hence changed from his alert face to an affectionate one with a warm smile, “The master had already told us that we would be expecting a new apprentice to come and he had ordered us to pick you up.”

“Then, did the master say anything else?” Xia Yi asked.

“He said that he met you while he was wandering out there, he saw that you were a genius born with a cultivator talent which was one of a kind, your bone structure was special. That’s why he approached Magistrate Xia to accept you as his apprentice.” When he finished his sentence, he patted Xia Yi’s shoulder in a friendly manner, “From now on you are one of us. My name is Qing Hui, I am an apprentice under Master TianShu. I am the seventh one among the apprentices that entered the sect of the same period, you can call me Qing Hui.” Qing Hui said.

“Qing Hui.” Xia Yi called out willingly. 

“It’s such a pity that the master is not back yet at this time. But I can still guide you to know more about our sect, you can see the master when he is back.” Qing Hui spoke enthusiastically.

“Thank you Qing Hui.” Xia Yi swiftly expressed his thanks.

Qing Hui waved his hand, “We are fellow apprentices, don’t even mention it, we are a family from now on. You must be exhausted rushing all the way from the prefecture of Huang Zhong. I’ll lead you to your resting place, we can see the Third Elder of Tian Ji after dinner.”

“Thank you Qing Hui.” Xia Yi thanked him again, then he remembered Liu SiQian had told him that he was the third elder of Qi Shan, so he asked, “Qing Hui, is the Third Elder Liu… Liu SiQian?”

“You should not call out the name of the third elder of Tian Ji.” Qing Hui stood still, teaching Xia Yi sternly, “You need to remember, we should not call his real name, we should refer to him as the Elder of Tian Ji.”

“Yes.” Xia Yi immediately showed that he had learned.

“However, that was the name of the Elder of Tian Ji given by his parents.” Qing Hui added, then he led Xia Yi towards the entrance into the sect.

So we are meeting someone I knew, that’s much easier to deal with. Xia Yi instantly felt much better.

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More characters to keep track of!

So funny how all the villagers now think that Xia Yi’s family has mental issues and are super devoted to their farmlands due to starvation. And that Mr. Wang…he’s like the unofficial village police – checking out all the new arrivals. 🤣

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