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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Liu SiQian had sent a few paper cranes, then he turned to look at Xia Yi, “Xia, thank you for providing this crucial clue, else we would still be searching blindly.”

“I am going to discuss this with the other elders. How about this, I will get you back to the Wang Zhu Yard.” Liu SiQian prepared to pull out his gourd after saying so.

Xia Yi desperately asked, “Do you have other magical items to take me back there? Just not this gourd.”

“A sword?” Liu SiQian said in a low voice.

“No no, too scary, too thin.” Xia Yi shook his head so hard that an afterimage could almost be seen.

“A shuttle?”

“Those with two sharp ends, thick and round in the middle? No no.” Xia Yi shook his head like crazy. Xia Yi said, “It has to be flat, and wide.” 

“Qing Liang, come to escort Xia back to the main island.” Liu SiQian ordered loudly, then he lowered his voice and told Xia Yi, “Qing Liang’s magical item is a sheet of bamboo slips.”

This is good! Bamboo slips are flat and wide, it was similar to a Arabian flying carpet.

A young man with a round face came from outside of the dining room upon hearing the call, he first greeted Liu SiQian, then he greeted Xia Yi with folded hands, “Xia.”

Xia Yi folded his hands to greet him, “Qing Liang.”

After greeting each other, Qing Liang pulled Xia Yi’s arm affectionately to exit with him, “Xia, we have been informed long ago that the master has accepted an apprentice, but we haven’t been seeing you. We were all waiting for you. It is great to see you today finally, we have to communicate more from now on.” While he was speaking, he came to the yard, waved his hand, and an enormous sheet of bamboo slips floated in the air.

The sheet of bamboo slips is undoubtedly wide and flat, it looked just like an Arabian flying carpet. But why is it sideways! Huh? Who can tell me that, why is it standing in the air, like a door?

Qing Liang landed himself on the sheet of bamboo slips with a light jump, he extended his hand to grab Xia Yi, who was frozen on the spot and did not have the time to respond.


The sheet of bamboo left the ground at high speed.

The wind was howling beside his ears. Xia Yi’s scream had been stuck in his throat. He felt as if his heart was falling and his soul had flown above the clouds to the outerworld.

The side of those bamboo strips was thinner than the soles of his feet, he had half his foot standing on nothing. Xia Yi moved his foot slightly. He almost stopped breathing and fainted because of the sensation under his feet.

Qing Liang was introducing everything with enthusiasm, “A lot of our fellow apprentices love to ride my magical item, they say it was the best to ride it through the clouds and it was even more stimulating than riding a sword. It was extremely fast as well. That time a fellow apprentice fell from it, right at the moment when he almost touched the ground, I caught up to him, hahahaha…”

Can you please shut up?

“Wah…hoo…” Qing Liang was shouting excitedly and showing off his skills at the same time. He sometimes climbed above the clouds or dove vertically towards the ground… “Is it exciting? Hahahahaha, it’s fun right? We can jump off together next time and let the sheet of bamboo strips chase us…”

Xia Yi sat on the sheet of bamboo strips, holding Qing Liang’s calf as tight as he could, he could not even make a sound to ask for help. He felt that the few minutes of his trip back to the main island was equivalent to traveling with that gourd in the afternoon for ten times back and forth.

His mind was blank. He did not know how the bamboo strips landed, how he stepped on the main island, and whether he and Qing Liang had said their goodbyes. He had been stunned for a long time even after he had arrived at his own yard like a walking dead.

“179, the cultivation world is scary, I want to go home.”

“Didn’t you want to come to cultivate all along?”

“I don’t, I miss Zhu, I want to go home.”

Xia Yi sat beside the bed blankly, he wanted to think through things that had happened today, then he heard the sound of a few firecrackers exploding in the air, and saw half the sky being lit up. At this time, the sky was already dark, the light from the sparks created flickering lights flashing on Xia Yi’s face.

“Is there someone lighting firecrackers? Are we celebrating the new year? It is not yet time. Proposing? I don’t think such romantic cultivators exist in Qi Shan Sect.” Xia Yi walked towards the windows to look at the sky out of curiosity.

The sparks and smoke were still dissipating, forming a colorful pentagon in the sky, being exceptionally eye-catching hanging in the deep dark night. 

Countless apprentices of the Qi Shan Sect, wearing blue long gowns swaying in the wind, were riding all kinds of magical items, taking flight from around their own yards, main island, and other floating islands, flying towards where the sparks were.

What is this? Is this Star Wars? Xia Yi quickly came out from his house, standing and looking up in his yard.

A familiar silver UFO stopped above his head, Qing Hui could only hear Xia Yi but failed to see him, he shouted, “Xia, the elders have made an announcement, our master is not traveling round, he has been kidnapped by people from the demonic world. We are now going to save the master. You stay here, don’t go anywhere else.”

Xia Yi swiftly nodded, suddenly he remembered that Qing Hui could not see his motion, hence, he shouted back, “Understood, go ahead, stay safe, I will wait for you to come back with victory.”

Right after he finished speaking, the UFO floated upwards and joined the other magical items to fly speedily towards somewhere afar, the wind that they created roared along. Xia Yi kept looking facing up, he was shocked, he only went back into the house when there were no more magical items to be seen.

As soon as he crossed the threshold at the door, Xia Yi halted. He saw the furnishings starting to twist and deformed, also slowly spinning. It was moderate at first, but his vision distorted at exponentially increasing speed.

This situation is familiar.

Xia Yi exhaled deeply, “I can go back at last.”

He opened his eyes sluggishly when he heard the chirping of the insects. It was pitch black around him. With the aid of the moonlight, he saw himself standing in the ridge before he transmigrated.

“Host, you are back.” 179’s shouted in relief in his mind. Xia Yi did not even have to ask, 179 immediately explained, “It’s fine, the bug is fixed, you won’t transmigrate anymore. Plus, the main system has done some preparation. Even if you transmigrate again, I can follow you there.”

In a hurry, Xia Yi walked towards home, he thought on his way, it’s all dark now, how am I going to explain to Zhu about my disappearance for the whole day?

When he just made a turn, he bumped into Liu Qing. Liu Qing cried out once he saw him, “Yi, where have you been? The whole village went looking for you.”

Xia Yi was shocked, it had not been a day since he vanished, and everybody in the village was searching for him?

“At noon, you brought lunch to your uncle, after a while he went back to the yard and found Gu Wen Zhu, and told him that you were transferred to Qi…Qi…”

“Qi Shan Sect.” Xia Yi helped him to finish.

“Right, Qi Shan Sect, you heard him mentioning that before right? He said that you had been transferred to Qi Shan Sect, and he called Gu Wen Zhu the on…on…”

“The honourable immortal leader.”

“Yes, that. Nuts. Gu Wen Zhu did not take it seriously at first, but then you were not back after a long period of time since you went to deliver the food, so he started looking for you. He could not find you in the farmland, so he searched through the village, he could not see you anywhere. When it was getting dark, he became immensely worried. Now all the villagers are searching for you on a large scale.”

“What should we do? We have to call them back, they should stop searching.” Xia Yi was terrified and anxious.

“Find Mr. Wang, he is at your old house.” Xia Yi hurriedly went to the old house, he asked Liu Qing, “What is he doing in the old house?”

“Giving your mad uncle medicine.”

Xia Yi: …

At the moment he arrived at the outside of the old house, he heard Cheng Ming shouted in a threatening manner but with traces of fear, “I am the Elder of TianQuan of the Qi Shan Sect, I am at the last stage of cultivating at the void level and am almost breaking through to the next stage. I have been slaying demons and saving lives all my life, I am admired by many. How dare you tie me up and force me to drink this bitter potion? Do you not wish to live?”

In the house, Li Zhu and the doctor of the village looked at each other, “He seems to be getting crazier.”

Mr. Wang signaled them, “Continue.”

Cheng Ming was screaming and yelling, “When I was at the gathering of the immortals, when I was killing demons, you did not even exist…”

Li Zhu approached carefully with a bowl of mind clearance potion, “God, the immortal, elder, can you drink this? This is sweet soup taken from the lake of the heavens, it’s extraordinarily sweet.”

Cheng Ming shockingly widened his eyes, “Sweet soup? Lake of the heavens? Are you crazy?” Then he continued, alerted, “Don’t come near me, I will use my magical item.”

“Yes yes yes, we are crazy, so you should not be shallow like us lunatics, you do not have to pull out your magical item.” Li Zhu closed up to him steadily and slowly, “Drink this sweet soup, then you will remember where Yi has gone.”

“How many times do I have to tell you? Yi disappeared out of the blues, he must have been transferred to cultivate.” Cheng Ming wanted to cry, why couldn’t these people just listen?

Mr. Wang’s face fell, he decisively said, “Switch to a bigger bowl!”


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November 6, 2021 5:06 pm

Xia Yi is messed up the world of cultivation, this romance is a lot of fun! Thank you for another chapter !!!

November 8, 2021 10:33 am

Uh, even if someone is having a psychotic episode, using physical restraints and forcibly drugging them is a means of last resort! 😅🤦‍♀️

Honestly, there are better ways of calming down “crazy” people that don’t involve violating their human rights. 😓

November 14, 2021 10:19 pm

Oh my gosh! Poor CM!! There is always a bug being fixed! What is going on!?? Then 179 says it’s been fixed but if it happens again I’ll be tente with you, meaning the chances of it happening again are high!

December 18, 2021 12:05 pm

Poor Cheng Ming – it’s hard when no one understands what you’re talking about and you’re taken as completely crazy. 😢

That ride on the bamboo slip, 🤣

April 18, 2022 8:03 am

Hahaha! It’s crazy. Makes me laugh. If you’re reading, it’s funny. But if you’re in that situation. It’s not even funny at all.
Anyway, thanks for the chapter

May 28, 2022 11:28 am

Kinda sick and tired or Mr Wang. He comes in helpful yes but gets real annoying at other times

Matcha Au Lait
December 23, 2022 7:23 am

Thank you for this chapter!

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