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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Yuan Xi held the document in his hand. There was a strong murderous aura in his eyes as he said, “Father, I will handle the matter of the Jin family, and the person who released this video.”

On the face of it, the person who released the video was helping Luo XiaoLou, but given his real identity, Yuan Xi didn’t want Yuan Lie to go any further. He had planned to confess Luo XiaoLou’s identity to his family, but not now. He didn’t want any conflict between Luo XiaoLou and his family until they could accept Luo XiaoLou’s other identity.

Yuan Lie looked at Yuan Xi for a moment, and finally said, “If you insist, of course you can.” Then he turned his head to glare at Luo XiaoLou and said, unusually sternly, “Although we don’t particularly mind your identity, I don’t want you to have so much to hide from your family.”

Luo XiaoLou nodded and said in his heart, he couldn’t hide anything from Yuan Xi.

“You go back and rest first. Don’t worry too much about what happened before. The doctor will come over for your medical examination tomorrow morning.” Yuan Lie looked at his thin son-in-law, and thought of what happened to Luo XiaoLou when he was a child, but he wasn’t very good at comforting.

Feng JiaLing’s hand gripped Luo XiaoLou’s wrist, and he smiled. “Don’t worry.”

Luo XiaoLou only felt the warmth and comfort of Feng JiaLing’s hand, and was very at ease being held by him. He was in a daze, and he never noticed that His Majesty Yuan Lie’s face didn’t look quite right.

Feng JiaLing duly withdrew his hand, and waited for Luo XiaoLou to leave before he said to Yuan Xi, “His body is fine.”

Yuan Lie grunted, then said to Yuan Xi, “If you need help, just call. Also, you better know him well enough. Otherwise, if something really happens to him one day and you can’t protect him, it will be too late to regret.”

Yuan Xi froze, then said, “I know, father.”

Yuan Xi turned around and left Yuan Lie’s study. Feng JiaLing glanced at Yuan Lie, “I thought you didn’t mind what happened in the past anymore.”

Yuan Lie said, immediately and categorically, “Of course I don’t mind the past. I was just sharing the experience with my son.”

Feng JiaLing raised his eyebrows, saw that Yuan Lie had opened a file with a very busy look, and turned to leave. Yuan Lie hesitated for two seconds, then got up and followed him. He couldn’t bear to leave his queen alone in the middle of the night.


In the distant Federation Prime Minister’s residence, Yue Shang was talking to An JinHua with an unpleasant look on his face.

An JinHua said, “They are now at a complete disadvantage. The possibility of getting the item is unlikely.”

Yue Shang frowned. “Although I knew that their family members were stupid, I really didn’t expect that they were all stupid, and to this extent.”

An JinHua laughed coldly and didn’t answer. Old Lady Jin was probably the only one in the Jin family who understood. But for the sake of the family and out of selfishness, she took a move that she knew was wrong. The scariest thing was, now that everyone knew that the Jin family had no connection to Luo XiaoLou, there was no longer anyone willing to pay for their mistakes.

“Then what’s next?” An JinHua asked.

“Give up on the Jin family and investigate Luo XiaoLou’s birth mother. Unless we have a Tier 10 mecha, the next situation will be difficult to face.” Yue Shang said briefly. Here, he seemed to think of something, and his showy eyebrows wrinkled slightly as he added a sentence, “Also, don’t start any conflicts with Luo ChengYun.”

“Okay, I’ll go investigate that woman named Li Qing first.” An JinHua finished and ended the communication.

Shao Rong was standing in the room. His gaze flickered when he heard that name, but he kept his head down as he looked at the information in his hand.

“Then the Jin family?” Su Lan asked.

“Don’t bother with them anymore,” Yue Shang finished indifferently. He turned around and walked towards the conference room.


At this time, the Jin family was already in chaos. Jin XiuCheng kept soothing his grandmother’s breath, and personally scooped her medicine for her to take before he said, “Grandma, it’s not your fault. Who knew that woman was actually vicious to that extent!”

Old Lady Jin took a long time to catch her breath, as if she had aged a few dozen years all at once. The grace in her face had been replaced by fatigue. She waved her hand and slowly said, “A’Xiu, the Jin family….The Jin family is not as good as it used to be, but the decline is not so bad. This year, the surrounding families have even started to make friends with us again. But after this incident, the Jin family is afraid…”

Jin XiuCheng’s face was ugly, while his father and several uncles stood behind him and hung their heads. They didn’t dare to speak, just waited for the decision of the Jin family. Those siblings and cousins younger than Jin XiuCheng had been afraid to come.

“Really, can’t you contact those people? Everything that our Jin family could do, has been done. At least, since it has come to this, your sister absolutely can not get in trouble again.” Old Lady Jin said.

Before Jin XiuCheng could say anything, from behind him someone in his aunt’s generation complained shrilly, “You are still thinking about that girl now? If it wasn’t for her, how could our family be so miserable-“

“You shut up!” Old Lady Jin yelled, then coughed violently. Another panic broke out in the room, and the one who spoke was given a few symbolic lectures by her husband.

“Old fifth daughter-in-law, although this trouble is caused by Jin Tang, her marriage also brings a lot of benefits to the family. Moreover, the oldest family has done the most for the Jin family. If we give up on Jin Tang now, it will be even more of a loss for the wife, than a loss for the troops,” Old Lady Jin eventually explained.

Just then the door opened, and a long-haired girl wearing a white princess dress ran in. She looked a little similar to Jin XiuCheng. Her appearance was extremely good, but now her eyes were red and swollen. After she opened the door, she froze and then ran crying to Old Lady Jin’s bed. “Grandma!”

Jin XiuCheng looked at his twin sister, and frowned slightly. “Okay, girl. Get up. We won’t give up on you.”

“Grandma, something happened again…” Jin Tang cried and whispered.

The people in the room were stunned anew, then someone opened the virtual net. The hot headlines on the front page had changed again. “The Jin family asked the Prince Consort for help. The truth is that Miss Jin owes a huge gambling debt.” “Aunt and niece. The Jin family’s women are impressive.” 

The house was again struck with an eerie silence. After a while, the original complaining woman could no longer hold back, “This family really cannot stay!”

The tiredness on Old Lady Jin’s face deepened, and she didn’t look into the incredulous gaze of the grandson who had made her the proudest. The matter of Jin Tang had originally been hidden from her and the majority of the Jin family.

Jin Tang was young. This year, she suddenly got engaged to a high-ranking member of the Federation. She was taken over to play for a while, but she came back with a huge amount of gambling debts. For the sake of her beloved granddaughter and all kinds of favorable conditions promised by that character, she finally agreed to ask for something for them.

For that kind of thing, they even changed the family tree.

“Quick, A’Xiu. Contact that person. The Jin family can’t stay here anymore. He’s over. Successful or not, he’ll pick us up,” Old Lady Jin said quickly.

Jin XiuCheng was helpless. He got up and went to contact that person. It took a while before he came back through the door. “They will arrive in three days.”

“Three days…” The men in the room sighed. They finally had a glimmer of hope again.

However, the next day, the palace held a press conference. Yuan Xi was sitting coldly on the sofa and said nothing. Xia Zuo spoke on his behalf, and answered reporters’ questions. While the press conference was in full swing, a green figure suddenly scurried onto the table beside Xia Zuo. Then, in front of the reporters’ astonished eyes, his mouth opened wide and some pictures were spat out from his mouth in a puffy manner.

Xia Zuo picked up all the photos with a movement so fast that people couldn’t see them, glanced at them once and then handed them to Yuan Xi with the corner of his mouth curled up.

Yuan Xi finished looking at them, gave the still and unusually innocent household robot on the desktop a cold look, and handed the photos back. Xia Zuo smiled and said, “This is a photo of the so-called heirloom kept by the Jin family.”

On that photo, there was a record of Ms. Jin’s career as a helper, and the blue necklace that had been hanging on a charming mistress, was finally put by that mistress on her own son. Immediately after the mistress died, Ms. Jin swiped up the blue necklace with her own hands.

Yuan Xi knew that the woman in the photo didn’t have Li Qing’s original appearance, and that 125 was not originally blue either. 125 had obviously altered the photos.

125 moved his eyes, stiffly and proudly. It was simply an insult to his intelligence to suggest that he made a fake.

Finally, as he leaned on the sofa, Yuan Xi casually raised a hand. The room was suddenly quiet. Yuan Xi said lightly, “What the Jin family did to my wife, framing, coercion, slander, blackmail…I will let the judicial department deal directly with that question. Since they dared to try it, they should bear the consequences.”

The Jin family learned about the news from the media, and became even more terrified. Jin XiuCheng was contacted by that person that night to request that he come over to discuss a solution.

However, he went and never came back.

The person then directly contacted the family’s head of stage, Jin XiuCheng and Jin Tang’s father. “Except for your son who is still pleasing to me, we will not be picking up the rest of the Jin family. You are no longer useful to us.”

The head of the Jin family then sat down directly on the ground and fell ill.

The next day, the Ministry of Military Affairs sent someone over. In addition to the charges listed by Yuan Xi at the press conference, there was an additional charge of treason. There was another photo that clearly showed Jin XiuCheng entering into a Federation spaceship, and an additional photo of a scene with Jin Tang and the head of the Federation’s intelligence team going in and out together.

The Federation’s two ships were intercepted by the Empire. There was no Jin XiuCheng inside, but all its strategic materials were detained. There was a small Federation planet close to the Empire that extended an olive branch to the Empire, and although the Empire hadn’t yet made a clear statement, the Federation government was unusually passive.

In the end, the Jin family was just a pawn of the Federation. The loss was enough to make those people in the Federation reflect.

In the end, the family didn’t dare give the news to Old Lady Jin, who had been emotional. Old Jin saw that his big sister was sick again which filled him with anxiety. In a fit of anger, he grabbed Jin Tang and some clean-cut young people from several branches of the clan and secretly went to Imperial Capital.

Yuan Xi got the notice and smiled faintly. “What does he want to see me for?”

Xia Zuo replied with a straight face. “He’s desperate for help. It might not be a bad thing.”

After waiting for a long time in fear, Old Jin Wu finally met Yuan Xi as he was going out. He accompanied him with a smile and an extremely humble attitude. First he righteously stated that Jin Tang and Jin Xiu Cheng’s affair had nothing to do with the Jin family, and that it was these young people who had made the mistake.

Then he took those people over and gave them to Yuan Xi as slaves.

Yuan Xi raised his eyebrows. Slaves still existed on some small planets, but he had never seen anyone rush to send his family as slaves. Moreover, this word had a special meaning to him.

He smiled, and finally said, “Good.”

Jin Wu sighed in relief and brought the people down from the car. They couldn’t blame him for being ruthless. It wasn’t a bad thing to follow someone from the royal family.

Yuan Xi let the retainer take the men away before he said, “Since all your men are already here, the charges against the Jin family can be dropped, but I don’t need slaves. These people will be sent to the Ministry of the Military. Even as condemned prisoners there, if they make merit, they can get some pardon. I believe they will behave well.”

Jin Wu froze. The Ministry of the Military?! Goodness, only vicious death row inmates who were handed over by their families as slaves would be sent to the Ministry of the Military. That was simply hard labor, and to let these people do that kind of thing? What was the prince thinking?

Xia Zuo watched those clean-cut beauties leave, and shook his head. The Jin family’s people were even now trying to play this? It would be strange if it didn’t anger His Highness the Prince.

That evening, Xia Zuo entered Yuan Xi’s study and looked at Yuan Xi. “Your Highness, regarding the person who sent the message from the virtual network you asked us to check out. We could only be certain that it was sent from Imperial Capital, and it definitely wasn’t one the medical staff of the hospital back then. It was impossible to find out anything further down the line. In addition, Rod is back.”


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I must say, well handled, good job, Yuan Xi! 👍 However with Shao Rong being on the Federation side, sooner or later they’ll make trouble for XiaoLuo again, this time threatening him with exposing his other identity.

So the story behind this ridiculous request was that Mr Beauty wanted to have a T10 mecha. Dream on, silly boy!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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The Jin family are really unbelievable! Nice try, but thwarted by YX again.
Will they ever find out who sent the message?
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Thanks for translating and editing.

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