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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Xia Yi had put on a serious expression, but there was actually some soap opera in his mind.

Although CangYi had mistaken him for someone, this man with the name Ze Yuan must be very important to him. Judging from the limited wordings from him, he thought that this was a love triangle.

Ze Yuan took his lover away from him. He went away with that Wang Lan to hide, or travel around the world, or disappear into the crowd.

And his lover leaving him had given CangYi a huge blow. After all that, he left the mortal world and his sect to hide in the mountain by himself, cooping up for over twenty years.

What kind of tragic bad ending is this?

Xia Yi felt a little sorry for him. However, he did not know how to comfort others. So he had to search through his mind for the words for it. He could only recall some sentences he saw when he was reading those chicken soup for the soul. Hence, he gathered the courage, cleared his throat and said, “The honourable immortal leader. Please listen to me.”

“You should never chase the shadows in the past but should hope for a bright future.”

“Cheer yourself up every morning when you awake.”

“There is nothing that cannot be dealt with. There are only emotions that you cannot let go.”

CangYi glanced at Xia Yi. Seeing him thinking with his hands scratching his face, CangYi’s expression softened, the end of his lips lifted slightly with a hint of laughter, then he turned to look afar.

As the sadness faded away, CangYi’s eyes became more gentle and clearer.

As if he remembered something, he stopped his smiling which had stayed on his face for barely a second, and he looked this way with a stern face, “How did you go beyond the boundaries that I have set and came here? No one except Ze Yuan and…” He halted slightly and continued, “Everyone else should not be able to get in.”

“No, I kept walking and the road disappeared suddenly, and your place appeared out of nowhere in front of me. I was planning to sit in front of your place for the night, then you came out.” Under the cold stare of CangYi, Xia Yi explained.

CangYi asked no more, but showed a thoughtful face, frowning. In view of this, Xia Yi did not dare to even breathe too hard.

“It must have been the spirits in my boundaries who know about how much I miss Ze Yuan, so they let you in.” Thinking of this, CangYi closed his eyes due to the pain in his heart.

Seeing CangYi standing there dazed with a lonely expression, Xia Yi dared not to disturb him. He just stood on the spot. Dead silence spreaded in the air.

“Honourable immortal leader. Do you know that the whole Qi Shan Sect is out there looking for you?” After a long while, Xia Yi broke the silence with his lowered voice carefully since he saw CangYi was still dazed.

Receiving no response, Xia Yi, after observing no unpleasance from CangYi, said cautiously, “It is not so peaceful around Qi Shan recently, the head of TianXuan and a lot of other apprentices have been kidnapped by the fallen devils. The sect has been trying to get them back but the results have been unsuccessful.”

After telling him everything, Xia Yi found that CangYi still looked distanced with his hands behind him, as if those apprentices of his had nothing to do with him.

He was grumbling in his mind, your sect has been loyally searching for you for twenty years. But you are cooping up at the back of the mountain and do not even care about them.

No wonder that Ze Yuan had to leave you.

This old man is really bad.

After a long while, CangYi opened his mouth and said casually, “Has Yue been kidnapped by the fallen devils?”

Yue? Where is this person from? It was Wang Lan, now it is Yue. Who knows who these people are.

“Yue is the head of TianXuan of Qi Shan Sect.” As if he could read Xia Yi’s mind, CangYi gave him a glance, “TianXuan’s name is Zhu Yue.”

His eyes were shivering cold. When those eyes looked at Xia Yi, he could not help but quiver due to the chill as if he had been touched by something chilly and solid.

Cheng Ming, Meng Wan Zi and Liu SiQian are not young anymore, the head of TianXuan, as an elder apprentice, should be even older. These old men are mentioned by CangYi as Mingie or Yue. This man only seems as young as Zhu but must have lived for many years already.

“Yes, he has been kidnapped for a few days.” Xia Yi politely answered.

CangYi nodded, “Yue is at the mahayana phase and still has been kidnapped by the fallen devils. The fallen devils must have grown much of their strength discreetly while I was away.”

“Alright, you can go back now. Although you have mistakenly entered the boundaries set by me, this can mean that we are connected in some ways.” CangYi cut off Xia Yi’s thinking, and said after considering shortly, “I will go and rescue those apprentices of the sect who have been kidnapped.”

“Okay, okay, go back.” Xia Yi was still thinking about that sentence of CangYi mentioning them being connected in some ways, and answered absent-mindedly. He did not even pay attention to the ground and turned to step away.

And so he stepped onto nothing, and fell off the cliff.

“Ah!” Having fallen for two to three seconds, Xia Yi finally realised what had happened with his screams bursted out.

Xia Yi’s mind was totally blank at this stage, both of his arms were swinging and grabbing at the air.

I am dead I am dead!

Mom! Zhu!

He heard the wind howling beside his ears. Just when he thought hopelessly that he would keep falling until he smashed onto the ground and became several pieces, a shadow with long swaying sleeves appeared by his side standing on a flying sword.

Xia Yi felt a pair of arms supporting his back firmly. He kept falling for two more seconds and stopped.

My God!

“Do you not know how to use magical items?” CangYi carried him, flying upwards, and asked calmly at the same time, “How do you fly normally?”

Two drops of ice-cold tears slid their way down from the ends of Xia Yi’s eyes slowly. His lips were trembling, his teeth were clattering. He could not speak a word.

Witnessing him like this, CangYi asked no more. He directly speeded up to rise, then they reached his place after flying up and down.

“How did you get to this cliff if you do not know the way to fly?” CangYi tried to let go of Xia Yi, but Xia Yi’s legs were wobbling like noodles. He tried to put him down a few times without success. At the end, the least that he could do was to place him beside one of the trees and let him lean onto the tree.

Xia Yi took a few deep breaths and calmed his crazily racing heart down. However, his voice was still helplessly trembling, “I don’t know if this is a cliff, I was only trying to go to a pavilion at the halfway point of the mountain.”

This god damned cultivation world. Is this some kind of murderous dimensional magical circle? I entered and everything was fine, but it turns into a steep deep cliff once I go out.

“I see you didn’t even go near my boundaries and you entered anyway.” CangYi talked to himself.

“Right, I…” Xia Yi was intending to ask if there were some weird magical circle or something in the mountain, making people circling around headlessly as if they were charmed and arriving somewhere just by a few steps. Nevertheless, he was stunned and could not speak of anything.

CangYi was tilting his head. Xia Yi was at the angle to clearly see behind his ear.

It was the same as Gu Wen Zhu. They both have a light blue tear-shaped mark the size of a thumb! The location and the shape are exactly the same!

Xia Yi’s heart was cooling down. Blood rushed to his head. He felt as if his body was on fire and had fallen into an ice hole at the same time.

If two persons looked the same, then it was due to the fact that there were two similar leaves in the world. But, if two leaves which were hundreds and thousands of miles away from each other looked the same and had been bitten by bugs at the same spot the same way, how should one interpret this?

CangYi, is Gu Wen Zhu. He can use magic in the cultivation world, and therefore has changed some of his features.

If this is not true, how can this blue tear-shaped mark be explained?

Xia Yi had been shocked by this conclusion and felt chilly at the back of his head, he could not hear any sounds from the world and only heard a dizzling ringing in the ears.

Is Gu Wen Zhu deceiving him all along? Liu SiQian said that the leader has been travelling around the world for over twenty years and in fact he has been in another world for all these years.

But why would he pretend that he did not know me? With such good acting? Those eyes of a stranger, cold words, the best actor is nothing but this.

And what are that Wang Lan and that Ze Yuan all about? Xia Yi felt a soreness in his nose. Am I the third person in a relationship without noticing?

CangYi, no, Gu Wen Zhu, you love rat liar scum.

Without knowing the chaos that was continuing in Xia Yi’s mind, CangYi had been turned from the honourable immortal leader to Gu Wen Zhu the scum. He turned to stare at Xia Yi and asked with hesitation, “Have you not seen Ze Yuan ever since?”

Go on! Keep pretending! You think that I don’t know your two-faced trick? You are pretending to be a travelling honourable immortal leader, but actually have been living in the other world, and you even deceive an innocent young man like me.

“You really have not been receiving news from Ze Yuan?” CangYi did not see the weirdness on Xia Yi’s face. His voice rang with a coldness, trying to confirm if Xia Yi really did not know the guy.

Yuan my ass!

“Gu Wen Zhu, I f**k all your ancestors!” Xia Yi yelled with red eyes and a punch following. He swung his fist with all his strength and hit that shocking face in front of him.

Xia Yi wanted to add a kick but found that the air surrounding him thickened as if it was solid, and everything began to float and spin.

Screw this. I am transmigrating again at key moments.

Looking at the clueless Ciang Yi trying to say something, he could not hear a thing, and that face was becoming blurry and hard to see.

With everything spinning around him, Xia Yi flipped the bird half way with all his efforts towards CangYi and closed his eyes.


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December 1, 2021 11:37 pm

XY imagination is totally out of this world concept🤣🤣🤣

December 18, 2021 7:44 pm

Can’t believe that Xia Yi actually punched CangYi! 😬

Hope he doesn’t beat GWZ when he gets back to farming world!

January 9, 2022 5:58 am

Ha, ha, ha… I cannot believe Xia Yi’s imagination and OTT assumptions. He has a short fuse and fiery temper too. This was too funny. Poor GWZ will have no idea what’s going on, when Xia Yi returns, to continue flipping the bird 😂 I bet no one from his sect has ever treated CiangYi like that, either! 🤦‍♀️
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 6, 2022 5:45 am

Oh, I am wrong? Ze Yuan isn’t Gu Wen Zhu but CangYi? It is nearly impossible for twins to have the exact same birthmark in the same location (at least I haven’t heard or witness this). Then who is Ze Yuan?
Dang, I can already foresee the confusion and coaxing Gu Wen Zhu had to do due to this 🤣🤣🤣. The innocent man that went to sleep innocently and being flipped by his wife the next morning lol.

Dummy dum
Dummy dum
May 21, 2022 1:27 pm

Love triangle or love corner???

Ze Yuan is important to him(cangyi)

🤔 who is the lover of CangYi? Ze Yuan??

“Ze Yuan took his lover (wang)” And “His (cangyi’s) lover leaving him gave him (CangYi) a huge blow.” Who is this lover? Ze Yuan?

Since MC got Wang’s face here. CangYi treated him coldly. So its impossible that Wang is CangYi’s lover?????? Since he treated MC (who has Wangs face) coldly. 🤔 IM CONFUSED!

September 14, 2022 3:51 am

Xia Yi making every connection except the most logical ones 🙄

Matcha Au Lait
December 24, 2022 5:02 am

Thank you for this chapter!

June 16, 2023 3:06 am

questioning xia yi’s iq 😂 i think it’s quite easy to understand. the only real human is xia yi. everyone else is just a data. different world, same face but different person.

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