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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


When Zhou Mu came over with his cup, Yu Chu was lying with his chin on the edge of the sofa, his fingers twirling the communicator, “How are you going to thank me?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the communicator was taken away by Zhou Mu and a cup of warm milk replaced it. Zhou Mu put the communicator into his trouser pocket and looked down at him, “Here, hot milk, thanks.”

Yu Chu was disgusted with the milk, “I don’t drink milk. It tastes strange.”

“I gave you milk that shouldn’t taste strange. I added honey.”

Yu Chu sat up straight and brought the glass of milk under his nose and smelled it. Well, there was really no disturbing smell, only a fragrant light aroma, so he stuck out the tip of his tongue and licked it.

It tasted good.

He muttered, “You think a glass of milk is enough to repay my kindness?”

“Of course not.” Zhou Mu said, “It must be a glass every day.”

The following week, Yu Chu started to get busy. He was still wandering around the island every day, but every now and then he would get a call from Uncle Wu, giving him the names of a few bands, asking him which one to choose, or which kind of flowers he would like for the venue that day.

Yu Chu left it up to Uncle Wu to choose, but solemnly pointed out that he didn’t need the thorny rose flowers.

He also kept an eye on Yu ShiQing’s movements in the past few days, because as Zhou Mu said, A’Bang must have come to the island not only to inform him about the mole, but also to set the time and place of the next transaction. But they were slow to move, no outsiders came to the island again, and Yu ShiQing never came out of the building.

Yu Chu took Zhou Mu, went to every corner of the island, and tried to climb down a cliff. Because of the vertical steepness of that cliff, it was only convenient to climb it with the use of tools, but when he wanted to try, he was stopped by Zhou Mu.

“This is called the Broken Heart Cliff and it’s very dangerous. Someone on the island has fallen down before, and not even their bones were left behind.” Zhou Mu saw him stick his head down, so he pulled his wrist tight.

Broken Heart Cliff was more than ten meters from the sea, six or seven stories high. The seawater was a deep inky blue, the waves were pounding the cliff wall, giving off a huge boom, sending tremors to the ground underneath their feet.

“Alright, I was just kidding anyway.” Yu Chu was clear of the situation under the cliff, and immediately dispelled the idea of climbing, “Or we can go to the beach over there to swim.”

These days, he and Zhou Mu often swam in the sea, but only Zhou Mu battled the waves, his own so-called swimming, was comfortably lying on the side of the beach with a bath towel on his back. When the waves came up, it swept over his back, reached his chin then receded.

This method wasn’t tiring, and he could also enjoy the coolness of the sea. He thought this way of swimming was very good.

Ten days soon passed and Yu ShiQing’s birthday arrived.

Yu Chu was awakened by Zhou Mu at dawn that morning. He opened his eyes in a daze, turned over, put the covers on his back and went back to sleep. Just as he began to fall asleep, a cold towel was placed over his face, and he was instantly awakened.

He rolled over, with his hair in a mess, and stared at Zhou Mu with a sinister face. His gaze seemed to say that if there was a gun on his side, he would immediately pull the trigger on the person in front of him.

Zhou Mu ignored him, and used a cold wet towel on his face, “Get up, you also need to receive guests.”

Yu Chu then noticed that there was a loud conversation in the garden outside the window, and a long whistle from the distant pier, which was the ship departing to pick up the guests for the banquet on shore.

But he still sat on the bed without saying a word, emitting a strong wake-up call, and Zhou Mu, ignoring him, turned to wash the wet towels and waited until they were hung back on the rack before poking his head out and saying, “Why are you still not moving? Come and brush your teeth.”

Yu Chu entered the bathroom with a gloomy face, and Zhou Mu handed him the toothbrush with toothpaste squeezed, “Hurry up, stop dilly dallying.” After saying that, he went out of the bathroom and went to the closet to choose clothes for him.

After brushing his teeth and being completely awake, Yu Chu looked better. Zhou Mu put the clothes he had chosen on the bed and went to the jewelry box to choose a cufflink brooch.

When Zhou Mu left the bedroom, Yu Chu started to change his clothes. When he put on the cobalt blue shirt, a well-made black small pants, and then with the same blue cufflinks brooch set, he had to admit, although Zhou Mu looked a little ordinary, and acted like a bandit, his taste was good, and his styling was also very impressive.

When Yu Chu came out of the bedroom and into the living room, Zhou Mu had just received the breakfast that Rugosa brought in at the door. When he closed the door and turned around, he saw Yu Chu standing next to the sofa, and his footsteps gave a slight pause, and a ray of light passed through his eyes that could be called stunning.

The small suit that was cut properly, the thin waist pinched just right, the two legs were long and straight. The cobalt blue shirt actually made his white porcelain jade skin seem to have an almost transparent texture.

Zhou Mu didn’t know whether it was because Yu Chu wasn’t awake or it was deliberate, but Yu Chu had his hands half in his pants pockets, eyes half closed as he looked askance at him. The moment, there seemed to be light flowing under his eyes, so that his normally childish face was suddenly alive.

Zhou Mu had always known that Yu Chu was good looking, but that good was only a perception. Recently, Yu Chu often had an indefinable style in his actions, his almost naive appearance thus became unconventional and bizarre. But now, upon closer look, there was a strange kind of charm.

“What? Dumbfounded?” Yu Chu didn’t ignore the glimpse of amazement under Zhou Mu’s eyes.

He had been through a lot in his original world thanks to his looks, and knew he was attractive. But gaining this child face, and seeing this look for the first time in Zhou Mu eyes, he couldn’t help but feel a vague sense of complacency, and some heartache.

This baby face made him suffer.

“Yes, you look very good.” Zhou Mu didn’t hide it, and frankly looked him up and down, “This suit suits you very well.”

Now Yu Chu was embarrassed, he turned his head and coughed, then asked, “What’s for breakfast? I’m already hungry.”

Zhou Mu seemed to remember that he was still carrying his plate, so he went to the table and put it down, introducing, “Shrimp toast roll, Portuguese cream tart, fried egg and milk.”

Yu Chu was just about to say he didn’t want to drink milk when he saw that Zhou Mu had already picked up one of the glasses of milk and walked to the small bar. So he sat down at the table and began to eat the food.

Zhou Mu came back and put the glass of milk in front of him, “Drink it.”

Yu Chu saw some particles floating in the milk, so he brought it to his eyes, “What did you add to it?”

“Added nuts, to remove the foul taste.”

Yu Chu took a sip, there were nuts that slipped into his mouth, so he chewed twice. The aroma of walnuts overflowed his mouth, and the milk’s fishy taste was really not so heavy.

“How do you know all this?” Yu Chu asked as he chewed.

Zhou Mu also dragged out a chair and sat down, picked up a sandwich and started to eat, saying, “Did you forget I had a restaurant?”

“I don’t believe every word you say now.” Yu Chu swallowed the milk and wiggled two tender fingers at him, “Mooole~”

A smile flashed across Zhou Mu’s face and he said, “Well, it’s just that my nephew also particularly doesn’t like milk and I had to research ways to get rid of the strange taste so he could drink a little bit every day.”

“You really have a nephew?” Yu Chu asked.

“Of course.”

“Did you really raise him?”

“A handful little shit.”

“Well… It’s really hard to raise a child.” Yu Chu remembered the younger children who ran away together as children and said, “They’re all little devils in disguise, hard to get along with.”

“Children are quite good, better behaved than some of the cats.” Zhou Mu looked at him and said meaningfully.

The long whistle sounded again at the pier, the ship that had just picked up the guests had returned, and when Yu Chu saw that it was only eight in the morning, he asked, “Are all the guests here so early?”

“It’s not early. The set-up crew and the pastry chef arrived last night.” Zhou Mu chewed his sandwich and said, “This boat should be picking up the band MCs and actors. The real guests will arrive in the afternoon.”

“Then why did you wake me up so early?” Yu Chu threw down his knife and complained, “I obviously had nothing to do with this, it was all Uncle Wu’s arrangement!”

Zhou Mu pulled aside a napkin to wipe his mouth, “You can go for a walk, and today we can go for a run. You must not slack on your exercise. Aren’t you most envious of my muscles? If you don’t exercise, how will you grow muscles?”

Yu Chu choked, “Who said I was envious of your muscles? When did I ever say I envy your muscles? You’re so shameless.”

“When you rubbed my whip wound last time, you said, ‘Why didn’t I transmigrate as you?’ Every time I go swimming, those eyes of yours are branding marks on my abs. I can hear the sound of your heart, ‘When can I grow such muscles?’…”

Yu Chu stared at him and clenched his teeth, “Why do you have so much more to say lately?”

“Do I?”

“Yes, when I first saw you, you were so reticent, you couldn’t say a word for half a day, so why are you so talkative now? Can’t you just be the same as before? Do you know that you are annoying like this?”

“I don’t know, I think it’s okay now.” Zhou Mu stood up and left the table to get Yu Chu’s usual water bottle and prepare to fill it with water, “I’ll bring you some HouKui. We won’t run today, just take a walk.”

When he walked out of the room, Yu Chu found the entire Yu Family’s staff was busy. The spacious first floor hall was decorated like a reception, the luxury chandelier had been cleaned, each crystal bulb shining. The marble floor was freshly waxed and smooth enough to see oneself in it. The maids came out of the kitchen with food carts and put all kinds of fruit and pastries on the long buffet table decorated with flowers.

The two walked down the garden toward the front door and heard the sound of Yu Feng’s ranting and getting angry again about him not hosting the party as he was smashing porcelain from one of the building’s windows.

The main entrance was manned by twice as many hired thugs, all wearing uniform black suits, talking into headsets, the intercoms in conversation flashing red.

Yu Chu was in a black suit, and next to Zhou Mu, who was in his usual black T-shirt tucked into his pants. He couldn’t help but say, “Why don’t you wear a black suit? Why do I feel that you let me wear this one, as if I am a famous person?”

“What are you talking about?” Zhou Mu gave him a strange look, “Be confident in yourself.”

The suit Yu Chu was wearing was very high-class, it was a high quality custom-made suit, and with that valuable set of accessories and the elegant quality of the cast, Zhou Mu didn’t know how he put those hits of his own. The black especially suited him, against that not-so-mature face, there was a sense of beauty that was both contradictory and harmonious.

Yu Chu often attended banquets in his original world, but the clothes there were very bold, the color was also mostly bright colors, such as beige, white, silver and grey. Once he stepped into the banquet hall, it would be the first time that he would be the focus of all eyes while wearing a black suit.

But since Zhou Mu said so, he needed to just believe him.

The two of them still followed their usual walking route, slowly walking along the shore, except that they both tacitly chose to approach the direction of the pier.

Yu Chu plucked a leaf beside him and asked, “Zhou Mu, when can you tell me your real name?” 

He knew that Zhou Mu was definitely not his real name, but now he wouldn’t pursue it, only asking when he could tell him his real name.

“Who knows, one day we may never see each other again, so at least let me know your real name.” Yu Chu put the leaf on his mouth and kissed it, after asking vaguely.

Zhou Mu stopped and looked at him for two seconds, pulled the leaf away from his mouth and tossed it aside, “Don’t put everything in your mouth.”

“What’s wrong with that? I can still whistle with the leaves.” Yu Chu looked at the leaf on the ground incredulously, “Why are you getting more and more strict? I can’t even hold a leaf?”

“No, it’s dirty.”

“This is called dirty? This island environment, the wind, the trees, the rocks, which is not dirty?”

Zhou Mu replied, “There are so many sea birds, how do you know there’s no bird dropping on it?”

“You think I can’t tell if there’s bird droppings or not? Do you think I’m blind?” Yu Chu yelled.

“The island has rain and wind every day, and bird droppings will be washed away, so of course you won’t know.”

Yu Chu deliberately pulled another leaf and stuffed it into his mouth, but Zhou Mu stopped him quickly, snatched it and threw it away again.

He would like to punch the man twice, but he knows that the other man was thick skinned, and he would only hurt himself if he hit him, so he could only break a small branch of a shrub to hit his back hard a few times.

Zhou Mu stuffed his hands in his trouser pocket leisurely walking, not taking these few hits seriously. Yu Chu threw away the branch, sullen as he walked to the front.

But this interruption made him forget finding out about his name.


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Thought the suit was blue? Did he change? Talking about exercising… whilst dressed like that?! Weird.
These 2 are very amusing together and the attraction is growing too.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 1, 2021 10:15 pm

Exercising in a suit is not the best idea, but, oh well. I bet, Yu Chu will be the focus of the party one way or another since he haven’t really participated in them until now.

Poor elder young master, must be so frustrated. 🤭 😏 He can’t pull anything against his brother, he won’t participate in the party, and can’t socialise. That’s pure torture for a weasel like him. I wonder if he knows about Mr. Yu’s ‘little side business’?🤔

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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