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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


As the exploding sounds of the crackers ended and the smoke faded away, Mr. Wang gave the couple one red pocket for each with a smiley face. In a manly manner, Meng Wan Zi pulled out two shriveled onions and gave them.


Under these kinds of circumstances, with everyone watching, this guy pulled out two shriveled onions which had been dried out for an immense period of time with no moisture left in them. He gave those to them with confidence, as if he was being generous like a millionaire, giving them a few seaside villas. The view of this scene was shocking.

However, presents from the elders should not be rejected. Xia Yi was stunned for an instant, but he and Gu Wen Zhu still accepted the two onions with proper manners.

They were afraid that people may see the items and move quickly.

When they turned around and looked at all the tables of guests, Xia Yi saw Qi Zhou straightly staring at his hand which was holding the onion tightly with a little bit of onion skin revealed.

What is that? He looks so envious of them.

Tut tut tut, do you want it? I can give you both. You can take them and fry them with some meat.

The food was served one after another with eight tables. All sorts of food were being served.

Mr. Wang and Meng Wan Zi were sitting at the top table. With a long face, Qi Zhou, seeing all the villagers sitting around, looked disgusted and sat next to Meng Wan Zi.

Behind him was Er Niu. He pulled out a clean towel to scrub the table back and forth, then he pulled out a package wrapped with cloth.

After layers of cloth were lifted, he put a white and shiny porcelain bowl in front of Qi Zhou.

He had become skillful at doing this.

Qi Zhou only had a few bites and quickly put down the bowl and the chopsticks. In view of this, Er Niu gulped down the rice in his bowl as fast as he could. He took the empty bowl from Qi Zhou and washed it carefully in the kitchen alone. After that, he took a handkerchief to rub the bowl three times, then used the cloth to pack it to carry it with immense care.

When he was outside the kitchen, he saw Qi Zhou had already stood under a tree in the corner of the yard. Therefore, he approached him and stood beside him. He slightly turned sideways to help block the villagers from nearing Qi Zhou.

Qi Zhou used his hand to cover his mouth and said beside Er Niu’s ear with lowered voice discreetly, “I see people around here are used to two men getting married.”

A thought hit him, making him glanced at Er Niu and said, alert, “Gu BeiCheng. You would not want to marry a man, would you?”

There is something weird with Gu BeiCheng.

Especially after he discovered that men can marry each other in this place. Qi Zhou somehow felt that there was something wrong with this guy. He always stared straight at him and dozed off with glowing eyes. Just like a starved wolf.


He also acted awkwardly on the day he told him to serve him in the bath. He panted constantly and had run outside three times in a short period of time. In one of those times when he came back, he had cloth stuffed in his nose. He asked him about it then he told him he was nosebleeding because of the dry weather.

Qi Zhou’s warm breath touched Er Niu’s neck, with those cold peach eyes side eyeing him, Er Niu felt numb with half of his body and as if his soul had flown to the heavens far away.

“I am asking you a question. Why are you dazed?” Qi Zhou frowned with discontent.

Er Niu thus came back to his senses and answered hurriedly, “No no no, I don’t marry men.”

I only marry gers.

After saying so, he smiled at Qi Zhou earnestly, showing his clean and white teeth, looking trustworthy. Qi Zhou was satisfied with Er Niu’s answer. He nodded and stepped back. Then he suddenly thought of something and observed ErNou from head to toe.

Er Niu became stiff when he noticed Qi Zhou observing him.

I haven’t said something wrong, right? Did he notice something?

He nervously straightened his clothes. He used his hands to rub his face and looked at the back of his hand. No dust was found. Qi Zhou turned away, not looking at him, thinking that this Gu BeiCheng was quite good-looking when he looked at him carefully. 

Any feast in the village would take one whole day. After putting down their bowls in the afternoon, everyone seated themselves around the tables again right after sunset.

Li Zhu and the other young men surrounded Gu Wen Zhu to get him down with liquor.

Gu Wen Zhu was not declining anyone on this day. He happily downed all the liquor, making Xia Yi worried.

Seeing Gu Wen Zhu’s face turning red and him dazed but still drinking bowl after bowl of liquor, Xia Yi could not hold off any longer.

He went up to take the bowl from his hand and spoke to all the villagers, “Chen, let me have this one in place of Wen Zhu. You know that he is not so well recently. I am afraid that he would drink too much and hurt his health.”

Gu Wen Zhu was a little drunk, his face was red and his eyes looked dizzy. He showed an unhappy face when Xia Yi mentioned that he was not well.

He opened his mouth to talk in a manner unlike his usual calming and staid self, “How am I unwell? Do you not know how well I am at night?”

Xia Yi panicked and covered his mouth forcefully with his hands, not letting him speak, and downed the bowl of liquor with his other hand.

After drinking the liquor, he immediately explained to Chen. He has drunk too much. Too much.

Chen chuckled with a meaningful look, “No problem, no problem. Understood, understood.”

It was lucky that the alcohol by volume was not that high. It was like rice wine in his home world. With Xia Yi’s capacity of a few cans of beer, drinking this one bowl would not cause a problem.

Gu Wen Zhu made some noise with his mouth being covered. He still wanted to talk, but closed his mouth unwillingly after being stared at by Xia Yi’s fierce eyes.

Then he licked the hand that was covering his mouth.

Xia Yi was talking to Chen, feeling warmth and wetness in his palm, his body stiffened and turned his head slowly with disbelief.

Gu WenZhu turned to look at him and showed him a dizzy and dazzling smile. Due to the fact that his mouth had been covered, only his misty sparkling dark eyes could be seen.

“I fucking hate these drunkards messing around like this.” 179 sneered.

“He didn’t mess around with you. There is nothing for you to hate.” Xia Yi talked back in an instant.

After the feast, the villagers making the couples went into the bridal chamber, Xia Yi sent the drunk guests back, and went back into the chamber.

Gu Wen Zhu was already back in the room with people supporting him. He silently lied in the bed with the new red brocade blanket covering him.

Xia Yi took a bowl of hangover soup and steadily sat on the side of the bed. He saw Gu Wen Zhu sleeping deep with heavy breaths, and carefully put the bowl on top of the table at bedside.

Then he leaned down, shadowing Gu Wen Zhu from above. With the pair of candlelights jumping and shining on them, he started to draw his silhouette bit by bit.

Gu Wen Zhu’s cold and stern figure softened under the warm red light. The aroma of the alcohol was still lingering in his warm breath which was pouncing onto Xia Yi’s neck. His eyelashes were long and pointing downwards, his eyelids were blocking those deep black eyes behind them.

Xia Yi could not help but extend his fingers to touch those eyelashes.

As soon as his fingers touched him, those closed eyes opened and stared at him merrily. Those eyes were clear as water, without looking a bit drunk.

Xia Yi did not expect him to open his eyes and screamed out slightly because of the shock. Immediately after, his extended fingers had been held by Gu Wen Zhu. With his view flipping, Xia Yi had been pushed down face up with his head on the pillow.

“Good. You pretend to be sleeping.” Xia Yi laughed.

“Yes. I want to see what you would do.” Gu Wen Zhu smiled. He leaned to give Xia Yi a kiss on his dimple.

Xia Yi was about to speak, but Kirin’s paws scratched on their door, with its poor whining, interrupted them. They were busy preparing for the wedding these days and did not have the time to care for Kirin. It must have figured that their business was done and came to seek attention from its owners.

Xia Yi pushed Gu Wen Zhu’s shoulder quickly, “Go, let our son in. If we don’t see him any longer, we are going to become strangers.”

Gu Wen Zhu kept his leaning position with his hands beside both sides of Xia Yi’s head to support him. He buried his face against Xia Yi’s neck to sniff in, pretending not to hear his words.

Kirin’s scratching was becoming screeching sounds.

Xia Yi tilted his head to bite Gu Wen Zhu’s ear. He intentionally said fiercely, “Go.”

Gu Wen Zhu sighed. He turned to let himself fall on top of Xia Yi, closed his eyes to say resignedly, “I am going to stew it someday.”

Then he stood up, put his shoes on and opened the door.

As the door opened, a figure swiftly pounced at him. Kirin licked his hand and whined, looking sad.

Xia Yi sat up as well. He hugged Kirin and patted it regretfully, “Sorry son. Your papa has to marry your mama, so we did not have time for you for these few days, making you wait in the cold.”

Kirin’s mom began to tidy up the clothes which had been placed messily on the chair. Upon hearing these words, the end of his lips curled up. Kirin was making some happy noise affectionately and used its head to rub Xia Yi’s leg. Xia Yi then scratched its chin, making Kirin lie down comfortably with narrowed eyes.

Gu Wen Zhu put the tidied clothes into the cabinet. He watched Xia Yi smiling, the warmth in his eyes almost overflew. Under the candlelight, Xia Yi’s eyes were full of passion as if they contained all the feelings. Gu Wen Zhu stepped up to hold his face carefully.

That face was small. He could easily hold it with his hands. He softly rubbed that delicate and smooth skin, making Xia Yi quivered.

Kirin on the floor stopped his motion, raising its head to observe the two.

Gu Wen Zhu’s hands had been caught by Xia Yi with his head down. Xia Yi left him a couple of kisses in his palm. As if he had been touched by two little fish, and the fish tinkled him in his heart with their tails afterwards.

Xia Yi looked up at Gu Wen Zhu, who was stupefied, making him smile with his dimple shown.

He opened his mouth, intending to speak, but he suddenly felt that something was out of place. The air began to float and slowly formed a distorted waveform.

F**k. Damn it!

…Could I not transmigrate on my wedding night?

Could I not look like a man running away from his wedding, with his bride looking at him, and vanish just like that?

He looked at Gu Wen Zhu, eyes wide open with fear in them, he tried to grab him, but was grabbing nothing expectedly.

Kirin was barking with his life as well on the side.

Xia Yi knew that he must look like some dispersing spots of light in Gu Wen Zhu’s eyes at this moment. He used all his strength to shake his head towards Gu Wen Zhu. Xia Yi moved his lips without making a sound, saying, “Don’t panic.”

Instantly, the world spinned. He had again been pulled into the swirl of time.

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at least gwz saw him disappear this time!

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But at least GWZ will believe XY when he says he was transmigrated.

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Dreadful timing! However, GWZ has witnessed him vanishing before his eyes this time, so maybe he will believe about transmigrating now.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Really wish someone would tell that OCD guy about gers so he does not get eaten up by a bad wolf

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Kinda terrible how Xia Yi didn’t tell Qi Zhou about what this world is like. It’s been weeks?? Acting like they chose to be unwelcomed guests.

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