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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


When A’Bang saw Zhou Mu lunge, he also came around from the opposite side of the cliff, ignoring the pain in his legs in his exuberance and running unusually fast. Just as Yu Chu was about to climb up, he leapt up and pinned him back to the ground, and put one hand on Yu Chu’s neck.

“Sir, they won’t let him go, what should we do?” Uncle Wu, who had been standing with Yu ShiQing in a safe place, spoke out of turn.

Yu ShiQing stood by the stone with dark eyes, holding the backpack, and whispered, “Anyway, they already have two, so why not do it… Get them all, take the goods and money away, and when someone comes to ask from Myanmar, put it on Zhou Mu’s head.”

Uncle Wu replied, “Okay.”

Uncle Wu went to pick up the gun that fell on the ground and wanted to put it in his waistband. A’Bang was strangling Yu Chu’s neck, looked up to see, and was instantly clear of his intention. He turned his head to the bald hired thug and yelled something in Burmese.

The bald-headed hired thug already had the gun in his hand pointed at Zhou Mu, and was lying on his back with his head aimed at him, so he immediately turned his gun and shot in the direction of Uncle Wu.


Uncle Wu’s hand was about to touch the gun on the ground, a bullet exploded in front of him, hitting the barrel of the gun, with a crisp metal clanging sound. Sparks splattered, the barrel of the gun was steeply deformed, hit with a dent from the bullet mark.

He hurriedly sat back, before the next bullet came whistling, both legs took turns stirring and shrank behind the stone, gasping, “Sir, the barrel was hit. It can’t be used anymore.”

Yu Chu tried to move the hand that was clutching his neck, but A’Bang’s fingers were like iron bands that he couldn’t shake with all his might. His face grew red, his lungs seemed to burst, and his throat he could taste the rust of blood. He moved to turn his eyes to see Zhou Mu leap up from the ground, his flying kick hit the bald hired thug’s hand holding the gun.

The bald hired thug had just fired at Uncle Wu when a black shadow flashed before his eyes. His hand holding gun was hit.

Zhou Mu spun to do another flying kick from the air. When falling, his knee heavily landed on the bald hired thug’s chest.


The bald hired thug’s internal organs were pressed, blood came out from his mouth and nose. Inside his chest were a few crunching sounds, and it became bizarrely sunken.

But the man was really tough, and despite the situation, he didn’t give way. He only let out a scream, and then lunged to grab the gun that was kicked away a few meters.

Zhou Mu smashed his temple with another punch, and with the muffled sound of a cracked skull, his head lolled and he was finally gone.

Yu ShiQing put down the backpack, but grabbed a solid combination case, held his hands to his chest, and crept towards A’Bang, ready to attack from behind him.

A’Bang hands choked Yu Chu’s neck. He heard the rear bald hired thug scream, looked slightly sideways, just in time to see the scene of his death.

“A’Te!” He let out a long, angry roar, but the strength in his hand let up for a second.

The vision in front of You Chu’s eyes had become more and more blurred, flashing various lines and points of light. His bones were engraved with ruthlessness, so he wasn’t willing to die in vain. He felt fresh air gushing into his lungs, and didn’t think too much, only took a deep breath, then jabbed his knee upward with a heavy kick.

Hearing a muffled grunt from the person above, he left the ground with both feet, his neck still strangled. Both men, waist and legs a hair’s breadth away, together they rolled off the cliff.

“Yu Chu!” Yu ShiQing, who had only reached the halfway point of holding the code box, let out a shout of fear.

Just then, Zhou Mu dived into the air and grabbed Yu Chu’s ankle just as he was about to fall off the cliff, while A’Bang screamed and fell straight down from the air onto a reef that jutted out of the water, killing him instantly with his eyes wide open.


Zhou Mu and Yu Chu were dragged by gravity towards the deep water. Zhou Mu desperately used his toes to hook all the bumps that he could touch, and finally got his feet stuck in the gap formed by the weathering of the rocks, and their falling bodies came to a sudden halt.

——Yu Chu fell backwards on the edge of the cliff, and Zhou Mu grabbed his foot, half of which was also hanging out.

Yu ShiQing threw down the code box to pounce over. He lay on the edge of the cliff to grab Yu Chu’s legs, hoping to pull one of his ankles to drag him up.

He had pulled up two times, but slowly stopped. He shouted hoarsely to the bottom, “Xiao Chu, Xiao Chu, can you hear Daddy?”

Yu Chu hung upside down on the cliff, although the wind was biting in his ears, he also heard Yu ShiQing’s words, so he lifted his head slightly to look at him, meaning he could hear.

“Good, you can hear.” Yu ShiQing showed a surprised look and asked urgently, “Xiao Chu, tell Dad, where did you put that key?”

Zhou Mu’s face turned red, a few veins floated around his neck, he was trying his best to support the weight of two people with his feet, his thighs were trembling with spasms, but he could only grit his teeth and crumble out three words, “Pull him quickly.”

Yu ShiQing didn’t do anything, and eagerly asked again, “Xiao Chu, quickly tell me where the key is, and Dad will pull you up immediately.”

The rock that stuck Zhou Mu’s foot was already loose, as it couldn’t withstand that kind of weight. With two cracks, his foothold lost two pieces of rock.

Zhou Mu’s foot abruptly slipped, almost off the cliff face, he immediately hooked the side with the back of his foot, only the two bodies sank a few centimeters down the cliff again.

“Say it, where’s the key?! Tell me!” Yu ShiQing grabbed Yu Chu’s ankle, although he didn’t let go, he also didn’t pull them up, only hissed and shouted.

Zhou Mu held on desperately, enduring the pain at the back of his foot that seemed to be pulled off, and the two hands holding onto Yu Chu began to tremble. The rocks under his chest made a chilling sound because of the crushing, and several small rocks on the edge of the cliff suddenly slid down, brushing Yu Chu’s ears and falling down a deep abyss more than 20 meters below 

Yu Chu suddenly lifted his head and said, “Dad, the key is…”

Because of his posture, or breathlessness, his voice was very small, sent up by the whistling stream wind, intermittent and not very clear.

Yu ShiQing’s eyes glowed and he went down some more and yelled, “Make your voice louder, I can’t hear you.”

“The key is… on the… In the little hole…” Yu Chu’s voice still broke.

“First… pull… him… up!” Zhou Mu squeezed out four words through gritted teeth. He was full of anger, if he had a gun in his hand at this time, and he could spare his hand, he would definitely take out Yu ShiQing next.

Uncle Wu at this time also stood behind Yu ShiQing, anxiously advised, “Sir, first pull Second Young Master up and then ask. It’s too dangerous, and he will fall.”

Yu ShiQing abruptly turned his head, his face full of sinister light. His two bulging eyes were covered with blood, and he gave a hysterical roar, “What do you know?! You don’t think I understand the kid? As soon as I pull them up, he will never tell the truth again. I must ask clearly before I pull.”

Uncle Wu wanted to say something, but finally didn’t dare to say, only squatted down, and with his uninjured hand, pressed on Zhou Mu’s calf.

Yu ShiQing was half insane, “Say it louder!”

Yu Chu looked up at Yu ShiQing with difficulty, because of the upside-down position, his eyes were a little swollen, and his temples were gurgling.

Under the bright moon, Yu ShiQing’s face was backlit, his features were all hidden in the darkness, only the pair of eyes shone with a crazy light, looking extraordinarily hideous.

“Xiao Chu, tell Daddy where the key is. Quick, Daddy will pull you up right away.”

“The key is in…”

Yu Chu bent upward, as if trying to get closer to say clearly, his bloodless face, pale in the moonlight. From Yu ShiQing’s angle, he found that the child who he thought didn’t look like him, in fact, had some similarities.

He suddenly had a little softness of heart, but instantly and coldly stamped that softness out.

He bent his body low, the silver chain around his neck slipped out of his shirt, the small openwork silver ball and the wooden cross pendant swayed in the air, as he repeatedly asked, “Where is it? Where the hell is it?”

Just then, he saw a sudden flash of light under Yu Chu’s eyes. A slightly cunning expression, but also with a determined ruthlessness appeared on that still childish face, looking extremely strange.

Yu ShiQing was stunned, his brain immediately had alarm bells ringing, and his back also had a cold feeling. Just when he wanted to straighten up, hanging upside down Yu Chu suddenly bent, used his upper half to swiftly move, and his hand grabbed toward You ShiQing’s chest.

The momentum, surprisingly, was him trying to pull him off the cliff as well.

Yu ShiQing suddenly released his hand and raised his head, desperately supporting his upper half. Yu Chu’s hand only touched his neck, barely an inch away. His exhausted self let go and fell down again.


Yu Chu had no fear of death, there was no resignation, only a few points of regret that he didn’t bring Yu ShiQing down the cliff with him.

Anyway, his short twenty-something life, his solitary one, with nothing to lose was, in fact, no big deal.

Just then, he looked up in the field of vision and a familiar face appeared. Short and hard black hair, green at the temples, full forehead bulging with a few veins. Although his face was deformed from the use of his ankle, it still looked so handsome.

It was Zhou Mu.

Yu Chu knew that if he fell down, the instantaneous pull would bring both of them down the deep water. He took a deep look at Zhou Mu’s face and suddenly made a decision that even he didn’t expect.

——He curled his legs up and stomped on them again, taking off the hands that were clutching him.

Zhou Mu suddenly widened his eyes and Uncle Wu shouted. He opened his arms and fell calmly towards the wind and moonlight after… 

Cheng Cheng, you must live… Even if Mom and Dad are gone, you still have to think about living… You are a strong and good boy, Mom will watch over you from heaven… 

Looking at the full moon in the sky, Yu Chu murmured, “Mom, I’m sorry…” just before he fell into the sea.


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December 5, 2021 7:05 pm

Yu ShiQing is an utter bastard! I look forward to, hopefully, his demise or ruin, at some point!
Yu Chu, saving Zhou Mu!
Thanks for translating and editing.

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December 5, 2021 10:03 pm

This is the cliff… the most vicious cliffhanger so far in this novel. Mr. Yu can kiss the key goodbye. I wonder what will happen to Zhou Mu? Torture, more whipping, or will he also use this opportunity to run away. But that would mean his mission was a failure… As for Yu Chu, I’m sure he’ll survive, but will this be his ticket to freedom or will he return to the island to start slapping flies?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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January 9, 2022 10:59 pm

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