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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The view on Mount Teng Xiu was truly amazing; there were layers of peaks and knolls, the water was as clear as a mirror. The top of the mountain slit through the clouds as if it was a bunch of small islands and the milky white clouds hung on the mountain top and connected each other to form a line.

Xia Yi swiftly walked on top of the stone stairs, appreciating the peculiar trees and grass on his way. Cheng Ming was following behind him with a stupefied expression. He could not quite restore his consciousness from the shock those fruits of the heavens had given him.

All of a sudden, the sound of girls screaming echoed from the front. Then, a large group of colorful butterflies in the bushes in the front exploded and covered the sky with vivid colors.

There were a few girls wearing long yarn dresses flying gracefully in between.

Xia Yi touched Cheng Ming who was on his side, “Mingie. Is this what you are bringing me to see?”

“Hmm?” Cheng Ming recovered from the shock because of the touch and looked at the scene that Xia Yi was referring to absentmindedly.

He nodded casually and responded with a few sounds. Staring at the stones on the side of the road, dazed, he was clearly still in the world of the fruits of the heavens.

“179. Are these my fellow female apprentices?” Seeing an absent-minded Cheng Ming, Xia Yi could only talk to System.

“Correct. Host. Do you feel better now? Look at the blue sky, the colorful butterflies, the clouds, the beauties. This is just like utopia. No, this is utopia.” 179’s robot voice sounded excited.

It’s alright. I would prefer looking at Zhu farming. Thinking of Gu Wen Zhu, Xia Yi fell down again and started to scratch the skin of the tree with his fingers.

“However beautiful these female apprentices are, they can’t even compare to 1/10000 of Zhu when he was farming. I miss him. Go and urge your main system to send me back.”

The two had attracted the attention of those female apprentices, making the girls stop practising and begin to chatter.

“The Elder of Tian Quan has come to see us practice again. He has brought a male apprentice with him this time.”

“This senior apprentice is handsome.”

“Have you forgotten how old you are? Senior? It’s more like junior.”

“These male apprentices love to watch us practice. Let’s show our good side today and stun this young handsome boy.”

“Alright alright alright.”

All the female apprentices covered their mouths and chuckled with eyes glancing at Xia Yi who was scratching the skin of the tree with lowered head.

“He is being shy. How adorable.”

Therefore, those female apprentices started a wonderful stage performance at Mount Teng Xiu.

They put some six-part mirror and sky mirror in place to reflect a dazzling light of seven colors. They also called upon a few mountain fairies to play the music. And, despite they hated to practice with organzas on and wanted to cultivate without them, these apprentices wore them, the longer the better.



Remember to blow off the thousands of colorful butterflies at the same time.

Faster, fly faster, and fly across each other.

Sisters. Elegance. Right.

The whole valley was full of vibrant eye-catching colors with the beautiful music playing and organzas flowing around in the air. On top of a stone aside sat Cheng Ming and Xia Yi who were dazed. One of them was staring at the sky and the other one was scratching the skin of a tree, their souls totally wandering in a different world.

“179. What if I can’t get back?”

“Host. Worry not. Do you not trust the superb professional techniques of our system? The bugs will surely be fixed as soon as possible and we will get you home.”

“Right. I should believe in you. You guys must not be able to fix the bug in such a short period of time and I may be able to get back home just a moment later.”

After hearing 179’s words, Xia Yi had his spirit lifted a little and his faith in going home restored a bit.

After the performance of the female apprentices with their best efforts, they found that the audience was not paying attention. So they stopped in rage, rolled their eyes at them and spreaded out in anger.

Are those two blind?

Piss off!

“Mingie. Let’s go.” Xia Yi, bored, stood up and told Cheng Ming.

They could dance all they want, but why did they have to put mirrors around? The jumping light reflected from them made people unable to see from time to time. The songs were too loud. It was not letting me think of Zhu in silence and drowning myself in my own emotions. These female apprentices were doing aerobic dances in such an annoying way. Not fun.

Upon hearing Xia Yi’s calling, Cheng Ming recovered from his absent-minded stage and looked around in confusion. “There should be a lot of apprentices practicing around here normally. Why isn’t there a single person?”

Xia Yi gave him a strange look, “Have you not noticed what happened just now? It was such a fuss. What kind of look is that?”

“Yes yes yes.” Cheng Ming just nodded anyway, “I didn’t pay attention. I was thinking about the fruits of the heavens.”

After saying so, he did not make a sound and began to look afar with a stupid smile on his face.

Xia Yi waved his hand in front of him and yelled resignedly, “Mingie. Let’s go. We are going back.”

Cheng Ming’s consciousness came back to reality after being called upon by Xia Yi, he quickly went back to his normal expression and summoned his compass to float steadily.

Xia Yi felt timid when he saw the item. He really did not want to experience bungee jumping at high altitude anymore, he asked, “Do you have other items that can also fly? I am not picky. No matter what shape that is, just let me sit stably.” He added after thinking for a while, “It’s fine if I can just stand and not move.”

“No. Is this not good enough?”

“I can’t get used to this.” Xia Yi gathered the courage and prepared to climb up the compass, “Then I will have to try my best, or else I won’t be able to get back.”

“Then why don’t you ride the mythical beast?” Cheng Ming showed a face with incomprehension, “Didn’t you ride my magical compass instead of your kirin because you like it so much?”

Who likes it? Who would want to ride a spoon monster? Wait. What does that mean? I can ride Kirin?

“Of course you can ride the mythical beast.” Cheng Ming said with jealousy, “Who doesn’t want a mythical beast? For all these years, I have only heard of the kirin owned by the leader of the fallen devils Jie Shang. But I don’t know if we compare it with yours, which one would be the better one.” He said, confused, after thinking, “Would your kirin be Jie Shang’s kirin?”

“This is my kirin, alright? We had him when he was still a pup, a small kirin. I raised it.” Xia Yi raised his voice, alarmed. Next, he turned to call Kirin, who had been wandering around somewhere, “Son. Son. Let’s go back.”

Not long after, he saw Kirin come quickly with its tail splashing the rocks apart.

“Good boy. Let me ride you back. Alright?” When it came forward to him, Xia Yi patted its horn and asked carefully.

After hearing Xia Yi’s request, Kirin kneeled down on the ground with its front legs bending first. It opened its bright yellow round eyes to look at Xia Yi obediently.

Xia Yi looked at it again to see that it was not such a big animal, he confirmed with Cheng Ming again, “Can I really ride it? Will I crush it?”

“It’s fine. You are small. If its back can fit, a kirin can carry not only one, but ten, a hundred or even a thousand of you without using much effort.”

Xia Yi was excited. He rubbed his hands. He had watched videos about people riding pigs in his home world, but he had never seen one about people riding dogs.

Then I shall try it without hesitation.

When Xia Yi had sat on it and held its neck, Kirin’s neon hoofs began to glow, then they started to fly steadily. The speed changed from slow to fast, making the passenger feel comfortable. Xia Yi had a few flying experiences. Now he finally knew the fun of flying.

Kirin flew very steadily. It even adjusted the angle according to Xia Yi’s sitting position to make sure he did not drift away from its back. Xia Yi slowly changed from holding Kirin’s neck tightly to a completely relaxed stage, so relaxed that he was appreciating the scenery around him.

Hahaha, hahahahaha, he was above the clouds, leaving his manly laughs behind on the way.

Cheng Ming looked at Kirin flying towards the main island without anyone controlling, his eyes almost rained out blood due to jealousy.

A short period of time later, Kirin slowed down and descended to the ground. When it did so, it made some sound to inform Xia Yi about it.

“Son. Fly to the Island of the Flying Feathers first. We have to escort Mingie home.” Seeing Kirin aiming at landing on the main island’s front door, Xia Yi patted Kirin and ordered.

Kirin made some noise, as if it was replying. Then it flew towards the Island of the Flying Feathers.

Cheng Ming followed behind, almost crying.

With Cheng Ming, who was bad at remembering his ways, sent back to his yard, Xia Yi rode Kirin to fly to the main island. Right after they landed outside the front door, he heard a voice calling from above, “Xia.”

Xia Yi looked up and saw a UFO. Therefore he replied warmly, “Qing Hui.”

Although he could not see him, but Xia Yi sensed that Qing Hui was in a hurry, “Xia. Have you seen the third Elder?”

Liu Si Qian? Xia Yi answered loudly, “No. What’s wrong?”

“Someone is damaging the third Elder’s medicine garden in the Valley of Ju Xia, right at the foot of the mountain ahead of us.” Qing Hui sounded frustrated.

“Oh? Is that done by people from the demonic world?” Xia Yi asked, alerted.

The people in the demonic world were insane in the novels. It may seem like they have ruined some flowers in Qi Shan, but actually those flowers might be poisonous to them. It was never easy to tell if there was no reason behind their actions, they might just be annoyed by the existence of the flowers. Or else how would these people be worthy of being named demonic?

He did not hear an answer from Qing Hui. His best guest was that he was shaking or nodding his head. Then, his voice echoed from above, “We are not sure if that’s from the demonic world. When I saw him, he was ruining the fields with a magical item of a hoe. This person has great powers. He did not move an inch even when I pulled him. I tried to make him fight me. Although he did not fight back, my magic went dead and did not have an effect on him.” When it came to this part, Qing Hui sounded angry, “I know that I am not good enough. But when I used magic, he even made fun of me and asked me if I was having a cramp.”

“That was outrageous.” Xia Yi felt angry for him as well, “Ask his name and find the Elders to take revenge for you.”

“I asked. He said that his name was Gu Wen Zhu.”


“What name again?” Xia Yi’s heart was racing, he doubted his ears.

“Gu Wen Zhu. This name did not ring any bells. Seems like our sect has not been having quarrels with this person.”

Before Qing Hui could finish his sentence, some animal in black passed in front of him just like an arrow shooting at the sky with four glowing lights around its legs.

Xia Yi was riding on top of it.

“What’s going on with Xia? He was in such a hurry. What was he riding?” Qing Hui looked at Xia Yi’s vanished figure, searching for that animal’s information in his brain.

Four glowing hoofs, a horn on its forehead, the body of a horse, dragon scales…

Is that a kirin?!  


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