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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Xia Yi went to the foot of the mountain riding on Kirin, his heart racing. He pulled in his lips tightly, his face growing red because of his excitement. His fists were on the sides of Kirin, he was squeezing so much that his knuckles were turning white.

Could Zhu have transmigrated here too? Or maybe that’s just another person with the same name?

He had hope in his heart. He just wished Kirin could fly faster to let him see the guy earlier. But then he was afraid of the reality failing his hope, making him anxious, wanting Kirin to slow down. His breath and his heart beat speeded up, so fast that he had to take a few deep breaths to calm down.

Don’t have too much hope. That might just be another person carrying the same name. He recalled the moment when he transmigrated and Zhu was panicking seeing him vanished. Xia Yi felt sad and sobbed.

Kirin seemed to be feeling the anxiety of Xia Yi, it was flying faster and faster. Not long after, a beautiful sea of vivid color flowers appeared in front of them.

This must be the medicine garden mentioned by Qing Hui.

Kirin flew low on top of the garden and brushed through the purple plants. It created a wave when it passed by, causing the purple straws to float up and down just like a swirl in the water spreading itself. Xia Yi popped his head out to search the lands beneath him.

Suddenly, from afar, a familiar figure appeared in a corner. That figure was placing his hand on a shelter and staring at him and Kirin. That tall and strong build, that familiar blue shirt, that purple end on his sleeve on the right with his hand on the shelter. Who could this be if this was not Gu Wen Zhu?

A happy sobbing slipped out from Xia Yi’s throat. It was as if his heart was exploding. Kirin saw Gu Wen Zhu as well and made an excited growl, heightening its speed to fly towards him.

Gu Wen Zhu was hoeing the land and standing straight to brush off the sweat on his face, then he saw a black spot coming nearer from the sky. That thing traveled extremely fast in the sky. It came close in just a while. He looked closer to discover that it was a hideous looking monster in black flying in the sky.

He could see a figure sitting on it vaguely.

Seeing that monster flying his way, Gu Wen Zhu showed an alarmed face with his hoe tightly held in his hands. Whatever that was. If that attacked him, he would not let it escape unscathed. He saw that thing came closer and closer. Gu Wen Zhu was staring at the creature’s eyes wholeheartedly. He was preparing to hit it with his hoe when it bumped into him.

Just when he was ready to go, a familiar voice came from the back of that creature out of the blue, “Zhu!”

It was Yi.

Gu Wen Zhu froze on the spot.

That monster stopped in front of him, panting with an open mouth, sticking its tongue out. A fluffy head popped up from its back. Those sparkly round eyes were filled with joy, his pretty nose was covered with drops of sweat, a pink color was glowing under his skin as fair as porcelain due to his excitement. He had the sun behind him, so there was as if an orange aura around him, making Gu Wen Zhu feel slightly dizzy.

This was Xia Yi who he had been searching for these two days.

Xia Yi saw Gu Wen Zhu standing blankly on the spot. Gu Wen Zhu closed his eyes first, then he opened his eyes again to look at Xia Yi unbelievably. Xia Yi could not help but call Zhu once again.

“Yi.” Gu Wen Zhu recovered from the shock, he hurried his way forward and extended his arms towards Xia Yi. Once he had his arms extended, Xia Yi immediately jumped into his arms just like a baby birdie flying back into its nest in the forest.

“Zhu, Zhu.” Xia Yi held Gu Wen Zhu’s neck tightly, his eyes turned red. Although it had only been a short period of time, he had been dwelling in anxiety. He was afraid that he may not be able to get back this time, or he might get back after a long period of time. He had already lost his parents. He had no other families except Gu Wen Zhu. If he lost this connection again with him left alone in this cultivation world, he did not know if he could hang on any longer.

Gu Wen Zhu held Xia Yi tightly, murmuring his name, kissing the top of his head. It was as if he had found his lost jewels and never wanted to let go again.

Xia Yi buried his face against Gu Wen Zhu’s neck, sniffing that familiar scent of grass and trees, listening to that husky voice, feeling that hug which was squeezing him so tightly that he almost could not breathe. His anxiety was then going away because of these.

“Zhu. How did you get here?” After a long time, Xia Yi asked softly in Gu Wen Zhu’s arms, his voice affectionate and loving.

179 made a sound as if he had a toothache.

“I am a hard core guy, but I can be gentle and cute in front of my wife.” Xia Yi felt embarrassed and howled in his mind, “Go away now!” Then he switched to another voice without any difficulties, and spoke in his affectionate way, “Zhu.” His voice sounded as sweet as honey.

179 could no more put up with it and disappeared in an instant.

“That night you just became blurry. And you did not respond even when I cried out to you. I wanted to use my hands to grab you but I was just grabbing air. I saw you vanishing, a circle of light surrounding you. So I just jump in without thinking too much.”

Gu Wen Zhu recalled the panicking and the hopelessness of losing Xia Yi. He was still recovering from the shock. He held Xia Yi’s face in his palms carefully to kiss him repeatedly, then he hugged him tight to feel the softness in his arms, to feel that he was real.

“I was looking for you in that light, but everything mixed up in front of me, I could not see clearly. I found that the surroundings turned back to normal when I was panicking, and I was standing here. I didn’t dare to move at first, thinking that it might be some illusions, then I thought about the transmigration that you have been telling me about.” Gu Wen Zhu told his story. “I didn’t believe it before this. I thought that you had been deceived by Fang Xian Dao. Now I know that it is real.”

“I met Qing Hui just now. He said that he saw you in the medicine garden. I did not believe it when I heard your name.” In view of Gu Wen Zhu carrying an uneasy expression and pinching him from time to time to ensure that Xia Yi was real, Xia Yi felt sorry for him and ease his nerves by kissing on his face.

Gu Wen Zhu said, “I figured that maybe you are here too. Then I came to find you. However, I have looked around for miles and could not find anybody. There was no way for me to seek help. I did not know how long I would have to stay here, so I thought I might as well start farming a few acres of land. Then I will bring the crops with me to feed myself and I will be able to find you around the world.”

That’s why you are destroying Liu Si Qian’s medicine garden?

“Then what have you been eating for the past couple of days?” Feeling sorry for him, Xia Yi was worried.

“You do not have to worry. I didn’t starve. There are a lot of animals around here. They are not afraid of people nor do they hide from people. So I hunted a few rabbits to eat. I could not find anyone around. Then I returned here. I saw that the field had not been farmed before, only some grass was growing, and there was a hoe, so I thought there must be someone if there is farmlands. I decided to start farming a piece of land for food, then I will pay the owner of the land when I meet him.” Gu Wen Zhu looked around, with some uneasiness. “Are you saying that these are not grass but herbs?”

“Then why are you fighting with Qing Hui?” Xia Yi did not answer his question. He did not wish to make him feel more anxious. This medicine garden belonged to Liu Si Qian, he would pay him back for Gu Wen Zhu if there were any consequences.

“That person just now was Qing Hui? I did not fight him.” Gu Wen Zhu explained. “I was farming. I just opened up 25 points of land, then he came. He asked my name, then he grabbed my hoe from me straightly, and so I held the hoe from him. I saw that he was wearing the same clothes as Cheng Ming when we first saw him, so I wanted to ask him about you. He circled me and moved around with a plate in his hands. I thought that he might be having a cramp, but when I asked him about it he became angrier. I waited for him to finish his dance, but I did not have the time to ask him of your whereabouts, his plate became bigger, then he stepped on it to fly away. We really didn’t fight.” Gu Wen Zhu’s black eyes looked innocent.

“I know.” Xia Yi gave him a kiss, then he ruffled his hair. His face was full of love and resignedness. Joy filled his heart, “It was just a misunderstanding of Qing Hui. I will explain to him.”

“This grass, this herb. What do we do about it?” Gu Wen Zhu looked at the roots of the grass that had been dug out all over the place hesitatingly, “I need to compensate the owner.”

Before the last word of his sentence could finish, he heard a strong angry voice rang from far away, “Who is this? Why destroy my medicine garden?”

With that yell, the both of them had been surrounded by a shadow.

A huge sleek gourd descended from above and floated before the two of them in an instant. Behind the gourd were an army of Qi Shan Sect apprentices on various magical items.

Qing Hui’s UFO was closely following the gourd, he peeked down to look and said in anger, “Master. This is that lad.”

“Go away, Yi. This man’s power is not weak. Let me handle him.” Liu Si Qian stood at the front of the gourd steadily with a sword in his hand pointing at Gu Wen Zhu.

“You–” However, when he saw Gu Wen Zhu’s face, he halted his provocative words and swallowed them back. Liu Si Qian stared at Gu Wen Zhu, stunned, with a shock expression and his sword lowered. He asked to check, “Leader?” Liu Si Qian raised his sword again to aim at Gu Wen Zhu once again with a serious face. “No. You are not the leader. Who are you?” 

He was not like Cheng Ming who could hardly recognise people’s faces, he knew that Gu Wen Zhu and Ciang Yi were different persons. These two only looked alike.

Those apprentices could not wait anymore, “It’s useless talking to him. Elder. He disguised himself as our leader and destroyed your medicine garden. He must be from the demonic world. Please let us take him down.”

Then, a few impatient apprentices flew towards Gu Wen Zhu with weapons in their hands.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yi’s mind went numb. What’s happening? How could you draw your weapons just like that?

With the apprentices attacking Gu Wen Zhu, Xia Yi moved up instantly and opened his arms to block in front of Gu Wen Zhu. He panicked and shouted, “Let’s talk. Don’t fight!”

After drawing their weapons, those apprentices were already moving with their swords and could not hold it off. The sharp end of the sword was right in front of the chest of Xia Yi.

That sharp end of the sword was in front of Xia Yi at that moment with a few frightened faces showing on everyone’s face. The screams of Liu Si Qian and Qing Hui rang beside Xia Yi’s ears. He knew that he could not dodge it, so he directly closed his eyes for it.

I hope that it only stabs into my shoulder. Please do not stab my organs and my arteries!

However, that expected pain did not come. Two or three seconds later, he heard a few screams and the sound of things falling onto the ground.

Xia Yi opened a gap with his eyes to look. He saw the people of the Qi Shan Sect were stunned and staring at his direction with terrified faces. Those apprentices who attacked were lying on the ground around twenty meters away, moaning painfully, unarmed. Xia Yi followed the direction which everyone was staring at to look behind him, he saw that Gu Wen Zhu was throwing those swords onto the ground with clanging sounds.

He did not speak a word, only standing there, with a gloomy and ready-to-kill expression. With his head lowered slightly, the ends of his inward-pulling lips were pointing downwards. He stared at the bunch in front of him coldly.

There was a monstrous blood-thirstiness exerting from him. 

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