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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Qi Zhou kicked the tree beside him fiercely and cursed Er Niu behind his gritted teeth at the same time. After he finished with his nignags, Xia Yi asked him testingly, “So what are you gonna do next?”

“I am going to kill Gu Bei Cheng. That piece of shit.” Qi Zhou answered with red eyes.

Tat tat. If you want to, he would already be dead. Didn’t you two just walk side by side? Wasn’t that a great time to do that? Seeing that he was still furious, Xia Yi said after some thoughts, “There is no need for you to kill him. Why would you kill for him? It’s better for your hands to stay clean. You will transmigrate back anyways. By that time, you will never see him again. Then you can pretend that nothing has happened.”

Upon hearing his suggestion, Qi Zhou froze. He did not make a sound with his lips sealed and his eyes looking blank.

“What? Do you not want to go back?” Xia Yi saw his face and asked, casting a sidelong glance.

“No way. I wish I could never see him again.” Although he answered like this, Qi Zhou’s voice became distinctly lower.

The two silently continued walking.

“Congratulations. Host. Your carrots are ready for harvest. Mission accomplished.” In this silence, 179’s voice rang with sounds of firecrackers and reward ceremony music.

Mission: Rescuing Qi Shan Sect’s leader and all the apprentices.

Completion 1/1

Award: Safe and painless labor.”

Xia Yi was used to giving mean comments about the awards, but words seemed to be stuck in his throat this time. Wh, what? Did I hear what I heard? Safe and painless labor?

“Correct. Host. When I saw this mission for the first time, I did not want to speak about the award out loud and I thought that this mission was totally crazy. But now I know, this is such a wonderful award.” 179 giggled happily.

Xia Yi felt thunderstruck. The sound of the thunder rang in his mind. When he calmed down, he thought about it a lot. Eh, this award is good, really good.

At first, he felt uncomfortable about the idea of giving birth and was resistant to it. However, after he had accepted all these, there was only this fear of labor left in him. There were so many horrible, painful stories about obstructed labor, making Xia Yi not dare to imagine the day he gave birth to his baby.

And this was the farming world.

They lacked everything here. If he had difficulties during labor, he might be waiting for his own death. This award was good, especially good, as good as a friend of the women. But then, Xia Yi was alert.

“179. Every time I finished my mission, maybe on that day, maybe two days later, I’d be transmigrated to the cultivation world. Will it be the case this time? I am expecting to go into labor. What if I have to give birth right after I get transmigrated? Without Zhu, I can do this. I will try not to let the baby out no matter what. Can you afford to lose two lives at the same time? If Zhu commits suicide because of this, that will be my whole family dead.”

System was clearly stunned and did not make a sound. After a while, he said slowly, “Host. To be honest, I don’t know when you will be transmigrated. But I will try my best to bring Gu Wen Zhu along when it happens.” After thinking for a moment, he said, “Do I have to get Doctor Li as well?”

No. Doctor Li was only capable of giving out prescriptions for a cold or something. He could not handle labor.

When they arrived at the entrance of the village, Xia Yi departed with Qi Zhou who was absentminded, and went back to his house.

Just when he made a turn, he was flabbergasted and halted. He saw some villagers crowded in front of his front door. They were whispering, giggling and looking inside, with bowls of rice in their hands. There were even kids climbing on the walls.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Yi hurried forward, splitting the crowd.

“Yi. You are back.” Ms. Wang was at the front with her baby in her arms. She whispered to him, “Those two are Wen Zhu’s biological parents? They look so good, just like the gods.”

…So, you all crowd in front of my house to see my father-in-law and mother-in-law?

After squeezing through the crowd, Xia Yi found that, not only outside the house, there were people in the yard too. Mr Wang, with a pipe in his hand, sat under the ginkgo tree, drinking tea. Li Zhu was crouching beside him, massaging his leg.

Beside the small table sat Ciang Yi and Jie Shang with curious expressions. Both of them listening to Mr. Wang, “So, in that fight, Wen Zhu won. My piece of sugar cookie was given to him, and the peanuts were given to Li Zhu. Then, he was about thirteen. No, fourteen.”

“No. Mr. Wang. He fought that fight when he was ten.” Li Zhu immediately corrected him.

So they were asking about Zhu’s childhood. I have been out there all evening and they are still at ten years old.

At this moment, a voice echoed from the top of the walls, “Mister. You missed one thing. When he was nine, Wen Zhu and I went into the mountains to pick persimmons and we ended up lost. Tell them about it too.” That was the voice of Zheng Er Gou’s. Having a bowl in his hand, he was leaning on the walls with a bunch of kids.

Jie Shang and Ciang Yi were listening merrily. They would not let one detail miss their ears. Even when they heard about things like Gu Wen Zhu being chased by a dog and falling into the water, they seemed nervous at first and began to laugh out loud happily.

Gu Wen Zhu was sitting emotionlessly in the corner, listening to everyone in the village talking about his embarrassing stories when he was little.  Xia Yi knew that he was struggling hugely mentallly right now, making him feel hilarious. He then took a stool to sit beside him.

Realizing someone had just sat down beside him, Gu Wen Zhu looked up to see Xia Yi. Then he immediately stood up to help him sit.

This conversation was likely to continue until late night when the moon had risen, until every adult brought their children back home and the left ones who wished to hear more went home too.

Gu Wen Zhu tidied up the guest room. And he used the blanket which had been recently dried under the sun to change for the old one for the king sized bed.

This was made when they got married. He made one more bed when he was making furniture. At that time, Xia Yi asked him why he was making one more, he cleverly said that it was meant for the guests, replacing that sentence of giving it to the kid.

But it was fortunate that he had made this bed, or else the two of them would have to be out of their room and sleep on the floor.

After everyone left the yard, it was all silent. Xia Yi, with two pillows in his arms, looked out from the window in curiosity. He saw Ciang Yi stood up and sluggishly walked towards that ginkgo tree, then he looked up at that round moon in the sky. Jie Shang followed him. He walked to his side and looked up at the moon with him.

When no one noticed, his left arm was around Ciang Yi’s thin waist. Ciang Yi seemed to have struggled a little, but Jie Shang’s arms tightened, and Ciang Yi was in his arms in the end.

“What are you thinking?” Gu Wen Zhu saw Xia Yi, unlike his usual self, not saying one word and leaning on the window dazed, so he asked with his hands shaking the dust off the blanket.

“I was thinking, your son might grow up playing with your brother.” Xia Yi lowered his voice to speak in a mysterious manner.

“What?” Gu Wen Zhu did not understand, he asked in astonishment, “What brother?”

Gu Wen Zhu put down the blanket and walked this way blankly, then he looked following where Xia Yi’s finger was pointing at. Jie Shang lowered his head to kiss Ciang Yi’s forehead. Under the moonlight, the two slender figures merged.

Gu Wen Zhu retreated with a purple face, he pulled Xia Yi away too, “Let’s get back inside. Don’t look.”

Back at the bedroom, Gu Wen Zhu took out needles and baskets to make the baby a pair of tiger shoes. Xia Yi took out some clean clothes to the lavatory to bathe. Seeing his larger figure walking past the sill of the lavatory’s door, Gu Wen Zhu carefully said, “Watch out. It’s slippery.”

“I know.” Xia Yi answered while closing the door.

After unclothing himself, Xia Yi stood in front of the copper mirror to observe himself, and he began to nag, “179. My eight packs have become a winter gourd.”

“Host. You didn’t have packs in the first place.”

“I doubt that was caused by some hormones or something. My skin looks paler than ever. My tanned skin has gone.”

“Host. Your skin has always been this color.”

“179. My eyesight has become worse now. My figure in the mirror has been disfigured.”

“Host. Your figure is –” The voice of the system suddenly halted, then he and Xia Yi screamed frantically at the same time, “We are transmigrating.”

The view surrounding him was twisting slowly. This was the sign of transmigration every time.

Xia Yi looked down to his belly, “No. I have to bring Zhu. I don’t want to give birth to the child by myself.”

Seeing that everything was swirling around slowly, Xia Yi had no time to care if he was wearing clothes, he made the swiftest move ever since he got pregnant to kick open the twisted door and dashed out.

Things in his sight had all turned into weird lines. He could not tell where Gu Wen Zhu was. He could not make a sound even if he opened his mouth. Xia Yi could only stretch out his arm towards that frantically spinning view and closed his eyes. Until he heard the sound of the wind beside his ears, which he should not be hearing, Xia Yi opened his eyes.

A tall door in the mountain appeared in his view when his eyes opened.

Although it was already night, his vision was abnormally clear. He could see three words on that big rock clearly, ‘Qi Shan Sect.’

He had really transmigrated. Plus, he was standing in the square in front of the gate, where he got transmigrated last time, the place where he and Jie Shang had a confrontation.

A breeze of wind in the night swiped pass, with a hint of coolness, making him have goose bumps. Xia Yi naturally held his arms, but that touch of bare skin made him feel not right.

Right after that, he heard two short screams. He looked towards the sound to see two children, seven or eight, having brooms in their hands and their mouths opened, staring at him in disbelief. His heart skipped a beat, thinking that he would have to swear.

Looking down, what the f**k, sure, he was standing naked, with nothing on.

He was standing under the moonlight. Everything could clearly be seen.

What the hell?!

His brain was spinning at lightning speed. Xia Yi was thinking whether to hide somewhere to let these children find clothes for him or to hold himself and quickly dashed back to Wang Zhu Yard.

If I ran fast enough, other’s vision would not be able to catch up with me. Let alone no one would recognize me if I hid my face. Xia was a handsome fellow. How would he got this big belly?

Even if they were guessing according to the figure, they would have thought that this was Mingie!


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CY and JS can just pop through a portal. He shouldn’t panic. And GWZ won’t be committing suicide just bc XY transmigrsted again. He knows XY will be taken care of in the cultivation world, yeesh!! Xia Yi can be so dramatic.

January 25, 2022 8:19 am

I just hope he doesn’t give birth alone

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I really love the conversation XY with 179😂😂😂

January 27, 2022 11:15 pm

XY’s worst nightmare has happened – transmigrating naked! 😂

And pregnant too!

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January 3, 2023 8:15 am

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