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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze turned back into human, tightened the cap on the bottle and returned to Long Yuan. Long Yuan looked at the food for the next few days with no expression, obviously very dissatisfied.

As soon as Yu Ze approached, he reached out and held Yu Ze in his arms, his head resting on Yu Ze’s shoulder, “I can’t eat without you, so don’t leave.”

Yu Ze felt that he was very childish like this, and wanted to laugh. Patting Long Yuan’s arm, he said, “I’ve prepared something else for you, let go of me first.”

Long Yuan rubbed the side of his neck and released him.

Yu Ze handed him the blood-filled water bottle. Long Yuan’s eyes lit up, his lifeless face instantly came alive, and he quickly took the water bottle.

Yu Ze reminded, “First get well, don’t drink it all at once. I’ll come back as soon as possible.”

Long Yuan lifted the water bottle and stared at the red blood for a while, a hard humming sound coming out of his throat.

Just when Yu Ze thought he couldn’t control it and was about to open the cap and drink it, he threw the water bottle over the pile of food and hugged Yu Ze again.

Long Yuan hugged him very tightly, as if he was afraid that Yu Ze would run away. He lowered his head and rubbed his nose against Yu Ze, from the top of his head to the side of his neck, and then moved down his shoulder and neck line.

Yu Ze was baffled, why did he become a big dog all of a sudden? He tried to break free, but he was so tightly confined that he couldn’t. He asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Where’s the blood?” Long Yuan asked in return as he kept rubbing.

Yu Ze understood what he was doing, he was looking for the wound on his body.

The scene of Long Yuan sucking the blood from his arm immediately came to his mind and his face turned red. Touching his arm like that wasn’t too ambiguous, but it would be too much if his butterfly bones were treated the same way.

“The wound has already healed.” His eyes flashed and he lied.

Long Yuan didn’t see his expression. However, he still didn’t stop and after examining Yu Ze’s arm he went back to his neck, even reaching out to pull his clothes.

Yu Ze pulled back his collar, and his tone was urgent, “It’s healed!”

Long Yuan opened his mouth. He grinded his canines and said in a slurred voice, “I want to see.”

Yu Ze’s fingers curled up, and now even his ears were red, “Don’t you do that.”

Because of shyness, his voice was a little weak and with the light tone, it seemed extra soft.

Long Yuan’s movement was fierce. A strange feeling came to his heart and he only felt that the person in front of him was too delicious.

I want to eat, but I can’t hurt him.

He hugged Yu Ze tighter and rubbed the side of Yu Ze’s face, but he felt that it wasn’t enough.

Yu Ze was really frustrated with him and couldn’t really fight him. Seeing his refusal to give up, he had no choice but to compromise, “Let go of me, I’ll show you.”

Long Yuan reluctantly let go of him and looked at him intently.

Yu Ze took a step back, shifted his gaze to avoid his eyes, turned around and removed the clothes on his back, revealing his beautiful butterfly bones. Next to the left butterfly bone, there was a thin line of blood, and at the bottom of the red line, there was a shallow blood stain.

Yu Ze turned his head, “It’s not bleeding… Ah…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a cold touch pressed against the butterfly bone. Yu Ze bit his lip in time as he felt a soft, slightly cool touch; he still couldn’t hold back and let out a muffled grunt. His feet took a step forward, trying to escape this unbearable feeling, but his waist was wrapped around from behind by Long Yuan, so he couldn’t advance.

Long Yuan was tightly pressed against his waist as he tried to flee.

Yu Ze’s whole body was burning with shame, it was an almost spontaneous combustion.

“Ah…” Long Yuan gave a muffled grunt, and his grip around Yu Ze’s waist disappeared at the same time. Yu Ze turned around and saw that the corner of Long Yuan’s shirt was burning for some reason, the flame was bright red.

He inexplicably felt it was a bit familiar.

Long Yuan reached out to put out the fire. The fire lessened but his alabaster palm was also burned black, he wrinkled his brows and withdrew his hand.

Yu Ze was shocked and didn’t care to put on his clothes as he hurriedly patted the fire, “How could this happen?!”

The fire was quickly extinguished under his patting, and he didn’t even feel the burning sensation of the fire. He stared blankly at the palm of his hand, and then turned his head to look at the back — on the hem of Long Yuan’s shirt, everything appeared to be as usual.

“Just now, what happened?” He asked.

Long Yuan walked behind him, flipped his palm over and looked at it, and then put his palm to his back and said, “There’s a fire here.”

Yu Ze, “…” He looked at Long Yuan’s blackened palm, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

He would use fire attack for hunting recently but the fire would be spat out from his mouth, and it was the first time that his body ignited unconsciously. His ears burned. He guessed, maybe before, his body temperature was too high.

Long Yuan’s palm moved up, “Don’t burn again.” He finished and his lips were already pressed against the butterfly bone.

Yu Ze said, “…If you continue, I can’t be sure if it will burn again.”

Long Yuan ignored him and concentrated on enjoying the food.

Yu Ze pressed the back of his hand against his forehead and closed his eyes slightly, trying to ignore the feeling that made his heart beat faster. Worried about hurting Long Yuan again, he tried to restrain his shyness and reminded himself not to think too much.

In Long Yuan’s eyes, he was just a plate of pastries!

Perhaps this thought worked and until Long Yuan stopped, he didn’t spontaneously combust again. He leaned against Long Yuan with weak arms and legs, and dressed himself not too sharply.

Long Yuan held him in his arms, his silver eyes very focused, “Come back soon.”

Yu Ze nodded, “Okay,” he instructed uneasily, ” stay here and don’t leave. Try not to be found, and don’t fight even if you are found. Do your best to avoid it.”

“Okay,” Long Yuan answered, adding, “Ten days, if you don’t come back, I’ll go out.”

Yu Ze responded, “Okay.”

As he spoke, his breathing calmed down a lot, and he patted Long Yuan’s arm, who let him go. He looked at Long Yuan, still not quite at ease, and instructed him some more, then smiled, “I’m going.”

He released his wings; they were fiery red and gorgeous.

Long Yuan’s silver eyes were dyed red. His delicate features carried an inexplicable charm as he caressed Yu Ze’s wings, “Leave a feather for me.”

Yu Ze was ruthless as he plucked a small feather from his wing and handed it to him, “Wait for me to come back.”

Long Yuan put the feather in his hand and tugged it tightly, watching Yu Ze fly away.

Yu Ze’s purpose was clear, he flew directly towards the city, and after flying for a while, his heart moved and he completely transformed into a phoenix.

The next moment, he obviously felt that his flight speed was twice as fast. He stopped changing back and hurried in his phoenix form, which was not far from the city, and before long, he saw people in the sky above. He landed at the public transportation station in his half-beast transformation.

It was almost half past six and there were many people at the station who had only just gotten off work. They couldn’t help but look surprised to see him, knowing that mid-level Awakened were treated well and rarely took the bus.

Yu Ze walked towards the electronic screen map, and when people next to him saw it, they rushed to give him a seat, and he politely thanked them. He searched for the school location first, thought about it, and then searched for the location of the Long family flower store.

The two locations were not far apart, but they were close to nine hundred kilometers away from his current location. Not wanting to delay, he discerned his bearings and then directly bestialized and flew towards the flower store.

Those waiting next to him and in the nearby cars were stunned, “Oh my god!”

“I’m not blind, was it a bird that just flew away?”

“What bird, that’s a phoenix! The Awakened One who is descended from the four beast gods.”

“It’s so beautiful, oooooh, how come I didn’t take a picture?!”

The words were followed by a chorus of chagrin, “I didn’t either.”

“Neither did I!”

Yu Ze was unaware of the discussion behind him. His purpose was clear and he flew in a straight line all the way. Probably because of his bestiality, he had read the map, and even after taking to the air, he knew exactly where his destination was, as if there was an invisible line connecting him to it.

After two and a half hours, he began to feel that the environment below looked familiar, and he slowed down his speed. Two minutes later, he landed on the side of the road in front of the Long family flower store. He walked along the specially paved goose-heated stone path that the florist had laid down, towards the flower store.

It was almost nine o’clock, the street lights were on, the florist’s sign was flashing, and the two rows of flowers in front of the store were growing happily.

There were only two attendants guarding the store, and with few customers at night, a lady was chatting.

“Have you met the owner’s son? I heard the former owner say that the boss took over this store to help his son chase his wife.”

“Seen, super handsome, the person he’s after is super good looking too,” another clerk lowered his voice, “Don’t tell anyone, that person is Manager Xie’s son.”

“No wonder Manager Xie is treated so well! But Manager Xie is also really good, the flowers in the flower store are growing much better than before.”

“Another day of shedding tears for someone else’s love.”

After Yu Ze became a fully Awakened person, his five senses were so sensitive that he heard all of them even though the sales clerk had lowered her voice. His expression was slightly stunned as he stopped in front of the door. No wonder, he had felt before that the flower store did not match the Long family’s temperament, so… It was for him.

His heart was a mixture of sweet and sour. Thinking of Long Yuan’s situation at the moment, his hands hanging at his sides clenched and he walked into the flower store.

“Hello, welcome, what kind of flowers would you like to buy?” The clerk, sensing that someone had entered, hastened to put on her standard smile and greeted him.

“Huh…” The other clerk saw Yu Ze’s face and asked in surprise, “Are you looking for Manager Xie?” She was not on duty today.

Yu Ze subconsciously glanced at the duty room, “Thank you, can you do me a favor and take me to your staff dormitory?”

The flower store dormitory security was very strict, he did not have a bracelet, and could not contact Xie Wan, so he could not enter.

The two employees whispered a few words and the one who had seen Yu Ze nodded, “I’ll take you there.”

Xie Wan’s eyes immediately reddened when she saw Yu Ze. Her lips moved, wanting to say something but stopped in time, and she looked at the employee, “Thank you.”

The employee replied, “Thank you, manager, I’m going back to the store.”

After the employee left, Xie Wan hurriedly pulled Yu Ze into the room and looked at him carefully, “Is there any injury anywhere? A’Yuan is really…”

Her eyes were full of worry, and her hand tightened around Yu Ze’s. She couldn’t continue her question.

Yu Ze said warmly, “I’m fine. Long Yuan is infected, but the situation is not yet the worst. If there is a zombie virus antidote, he will probably be able to recover.” After being reassured, he directly stated his intention, “Are you in contact with Long Yuan’s mother?”

Xie Wan nodded, “Mn, she often invites me to her house as a guest.”

Yu Ze originally thought that the two were just subordinates and wanted to contact Long Yuan’s mom through Xie Wan, but the real situation was better than what he thought. He said, “Then let’s go to Long’s house directly. The Long family will come forward, it’s easier to get the news of the virus antidote.”

Xie Wan knew the seriousness of the matter and quickly said, “I’ll call a car.”

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped outside the carved iron gates of the Long family’s mansion. Inside the gates was a long passage, lined with green grass, and only at the end of the passage was the building. The two got out of the car and the guards at the entrance immediately looked over warily, but their expressions were slightly relieved when they saw Xie Wan.

Xie Wan contacted Mother Long, and in a short while, the guard opened the door and welcomed the two inside. When they reached the end of the passage, seven or eight people came out of the building on the right. Yu Ze took one look and immediately sensed that all of these people were masters, or at least mid-level Awakened ones.

Someone looked over, Yu Ze hurriedly withdrew his eyes and continued to walk forward.

“Admiral Long, that one is? If I feel right, it’s an Advanced Awakened person?” Someone asked Father Long.

Father Long replied, “I haven’t seen that boy for a long time either, and I’m not sure of the specifics.”

The crowd knew that this was a reluctance to talk about it, so no one asked any more questions.

One of the middle-aged men with dyed red hair stared at Yu Ze for a while before withdrawing his eyes and getting into his car to leave. He sat in the back seat of the car and opened his bracelet to send a message, “Give me a picture of Feng Ze.”

Beep…” The bracelet vibrated and the photo was sent over.

He clicked on it and his eyes lit up, it was indeed Feng Ze! He snorted mockingly, Feng Sheng really has eyes to see the pearl.


Yu Ze and Xie Wan hadn’t even entered the living room when Mother Long greeted them. She looked at Yu Ze and spoke in a reassuring tone, “It’s good that you’re okay, sit down and talk.”

After Yu Ze sat down, she clasped her fingers with each other, “How is A’Yuan?”

Yu Ze told Long Yuan’s situation, “I agreed with him to go back within ten days, otherwise he will come out to find me.”

Mother Long said, “After knowing Yuan’s situation, his father has been focusing on the antidote research which is currently in a critical period.

Yu Ze breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good.”

As they were talking, Father Long came in, so Mother Long briefly relayed the situation. Father Long nodded and looked at Yu Ze, “If you don’t get the antidote in ten days, you should go back and stabilize A’Yuan.”

Yu Ze nodded, humans and zombie beasts were natural opposites, if Long Yuan appeared in front of humans, it was inevitable that there would be a fight.

Father Long patted Yu Ze’s shoulder, “You successfully Awakened into an advanced Awakened?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Long Yuan Awakened before me, only to suddenly encounter the zombie beast.”

Father Long spoke, “This matter is the Feng family’s work. The Feng family father and son have been arrested and taken to the military court. They are currently discussing how to deal with them,” his face slightly sank, “This matter involves a wide range, but I will never rest in peace!”

An Awakened person had high status, and compared to ordinary people, they had a lot of immunity, but Feng Sheng’s behavior undoubtedly broke the bottom line.

Yu Ze was surprised, “Already caught? You got the evidence?”

Father Long responded, “Thanks to you telling A’Yuan, I had people keep an eye on the Feng family father and son. The day of your accident, the soldiers under me intercepted Feng Hai’s communication.”

Yu Ze drifted off, his heart sighing with relief. The Feng family was his biggest threat. Now that the Feng family was solved, he would be much safer and the mission would also be relatively easier. He asked, “How are our teammates doing after our accident?”

Father Long said, “They are fine. The three were called back home. Their parents will not let them leave home until this incident is dealt with.”

Yu Ze put his heart down, “It’s good that everything is okay.”

At this time, Father Long’s adjutant came in and took out two bracelets and handed them to Father Long, “Admiral, it’s done.”

Father Long took it and handed it to Yu Ze, “This is a replacement bracelet for you and A’Yuan, you take A’Yuan’s first.”

Yu Ze took it, “Thank you.”

Mother Long asked, “You don’t have a bracelet, how did you get back?”

Yu Ze replied, “I flew back.”

Xie Wan looked at him heartily and Mother Long said, “You will stay here directly today. ZeZe, go wash up first, I will have someone prepare food for you.”

Yu Ze was really tired after bleeding and flying for a long time, so he didn’t refuse and followed the housekeeper to the guest room. After he washed up, the housekeeper brought extra nutritional liquid along with an exquisite meal. He ate it all, then brushed his teeth and went to bed.

Mother Long asked the housekeeper and put her heart down only after she learned that the food was sent to Yu Ze. She frowned and looked to the north, “I’m not sure, A’Yuan is too far away from us.”

Father Long placed a hand on her shoulder and pondered for a moment, “I’ll send my guards over to guard the edge of the mountain forest, if A’Yuan comes out early or if someone goes in, they can stop it in time.”

Mother Long exclaimed, “Let’s do that! Even if we can’t stop it, we can at least know the situation.”

Father Long agreed, “I’ll arrange it.”

Yu Ze slept until dawn. When he got up, he followed his instincts, jumped up to the window and flew in his complete bestial form towards the east for a while before returning.

Long Yuan’s father and mother and Xie Wan were in the living room. After greeting each other, Father Long said, “You stay here for the time being, I’ll let you know if there’s any news about the antidote.”

Yu Ze nodded his head.

After having breakfast together, Father Long went to the military department and Xie Wan went to the flower store, leaving Yu Ze and Mother Long alone in the living room.

Mother Long looked at Yu Ze and sighed, “Thanks to you, I heard from Cheng that you stopped A’Yuan from doing anything to them. If A’Yuan had killed them, it would have been hard for A’Yuan to recover.”

Yu Ze was guilty, “Long Yuan was infected to save me.”

“That’s the way it should be!” Mother Long said, “You are his…”

Mother Long was about to say future wife but thinking of her son saying that Yu Ze was timid and thin-skinned, she was afraid of scaring him so her words turned raw, “His teammate, he deserved to save you.” She smiled, “I’ll ask you, if A’Yuan was in danger, would you save him?”

“Yes.” Yu Ze did not hesitate.

“That’s right,” Mother Long patted his shoulder, “Good boy, do not worry, A’Yuan will be fine.”

Yu Ze was infected by her tone of voice and nodded heavily, “Mn, it will definitely get better.”

“Madam, Colonel Feng Yi has come to visit,” the butler reported.

Mother Long was surprised, “What is he doing here?”

The butler said, “He said that he heard Young Master Feng is here as a guest and has something important to discuss.”

Mother Long asked Yu Ze, “Do you want to see him?”

Yu Ze was confused and had no memory of this man, “I don’t know him.”

Mother Long said, “He is Feng Sheng’s half-brother. He has some grudges against Feng Sheng and besides our Long family, the one who wants Feng Sheng off the horse the most is him.”

Yu Ze’s heart stirred. He purposely came to find him. Did he know that Feng Sheng targeted him and wanted him to cooperate or get some information from him so that Feng Sheng would have no chance to stand up again? He said, “I want to see him.” 

Mother Long asked the butler to invite Feng Yi in, and not long after, a middle-aged man walked in with a young girl. The middle-aged man had a tuft of red hair, and it was obvious that he was also Phoenix Awakened.

After greeting each other, Mother Long said, “Please sit down.”

The Phoenix Awakened sat down, and after a few words of courtesy with Mother Long, he looked at Yu Ze, “You are Feng Ze, right?”

Yu Ze affirmed, “Yes, Major.”

Feng Yi smiled gratefully, “You don’t have to be polite, by generation, you should call me uncle.” He looked Yu Ze over with the gaze of an elder, then his tone was emotional, “These years, you and your mother have suffered.”

Yu Ze did not know his purpose of playing the affection card and said very officially, “It’s over.”

Feng Yi said, “Yes, it’s over, you are very good now. Your father would be so relieved if he saw you.”

Ring ring ring…” The bracelet sounded, and the several people’s eyes looked towards Mother Long.

Mother Long finished reading the message and stood up, “I’m going to take care of something, make yourself at home. Colonel Feng, ZeZe, contact me if you need anything.”

Yu Ze nodded, “Okay.”

After Mother Long left, Feng Yi patted the shoulder of the girl beside him, “This is Feng Lian and she’s younger than you. A’Lian, call him brother.”

Feng Lian inherited the good looks of the Feng family. She looked soft and weak, and when she gazed at Yu Ze, both her cheeks were slightly red, “Brother Feng Ze.”

Yu Ze, “…” Suddenly there was a very subtle feeling. “Hello,” he responded politely and looked at Feng Ze, “Major, what is the purpose of your search for me, you might as well tell me straight.” He hinted, “If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll do my best.”

Feng Sheng was his biggest threat, if Feng Yi wants to do something to Feng Sheng, he doesn’t mind adding to it.

Feng Yi said, “You kid. Too polite, just call me elder uncle. Although we are relatives and five generations away, we have the same ancestor.” He then added with a serious face, “You honestly, do you want Feng Sheng to have nothing?”

Yu Ze nodded. Feng Yi said, “Feng Sheng’s downfall is easy, but behind him is the Feng family legion. If no one takes over, the Feng family power will inevitably be scrapped by the rest of the legion.” He stared at Yu Ze, “You are also surnamed Feng, can you watch the foundation of the Feng family, ruined?”

Yu Ze thought, I can.

His lips moved but before he could speak, Feng Yi’s voice raised violently, his tone impassioned, “I can’t, the Feng family is not Feng Sheng’s. It’s the foundation that our ancestors built.”

Yu Ze’s mood did not fluctuate, after all, he was not a real Feng family member.

He tried, “So you came here today, not to discuss how to make Feng Sheng fall flat on his face, but to ask me to support you and take charge of the Feng family?”

The support of a senior Awakened person was important for someone who wanted to obtain the position of family head.

“No.” To his surprise, Feng Yi denied it. Feng Yi looked cautious, “I am willing to help you, so that you can become the head of the Feng family. Only you are qualified to take charge of the Feng family. You see, in the past, the Feng family did not have a Senior Awakened person and has been gradually dying. Since you are a member of the Feng family, and a senior Awakened person, you taking over the Feng family is the most suitable.”

Yu Ze was stunned, things were going completely beyond his expectation. He was challenged to a survival mission, not a contending mission, and was not interested in this, he shook his head, “I don’t…”

Feng Yi raised his hand and cut off his words, “I know you may have many concerns, those are not a problem, I will fully support you. You have the strength, I have the power, so we can join forces, taking over the Feng family is not a problem. Of course, I have a condition.” He was confident in his opinion that a young man with no family history could not possibly refuse to become the head of a family with a heritage. “You have to get married to A’Lian. As long as you get married, I will fully support you without saying a word.”

Feng Lian raised her eyes and looked at Yu Ze, her cheeks were scarlet and her face was shy.

Cough cough cough…” Yu Ze was so shocked that he choked and took a sip of water. He looked at Feng Yi with a serious face, “Major, I’m sorry. I have no interest in the Feng family, and the Feng family power being scrapped and divided has nothing to do with me.”

“You!” Feng Yi was stunned and angry, lowering his voice, “Are you concerned about the Long family? Do you really want to be with the son of the Long family? Even if you hadn’t Awakened before, you are now an advanced Awakened. How can you be willing to be a wife to him?” Feng Yi spoke quickly, “You don’t have to worry about being hated by the Long family for mentioning the breakup, you are both Advanced Awakened, would Long Yuan be willing to be submissive to you? Definitely not! If he doesn’t want to, how can he blame you for breaking up?”

He eased his voice and said soothingly, “I’ve thought everything through before I came. You only need to nod your head, there’s nothing for you to be embarrassed about.”

Yu Ze blushed, very embarrassed, “Not for the reasons you said, I’m just simply not interested.” His tone was sincere, “I’m just an ordinary college student, I’m not interested in those.”

Feng Yi looked at him in amazement, Yu Ze looked back frankly.

Feng Yi looked at him for a few seconds, his tone carried a sigh, “Facing interests without moving, really admirable.” He changed his tone, “I really appreciate your character, even if you do not want the Feng family, I am willing to marry my daughter to you.”

Yu Ze hurried to refuse but Feng Yi raised his hand to restrain his words, “You are still young and only Awakened, there are many things you have not experienced. Do not rush to refuse first, you will soon realize that you and Long Yuan do not belong together.”

Two S-class advanced Awakened, how can they be together?!

Both were the top existence, with an absolute sense of territory, ‘Lao Tzu before the world’ engraved in the bones and blood, how could they become the wife of the other?

Feng Yi stood up, “Feel free to come to my house as a guest and if you need help, come to me directly. We are relatives, no need to be polite.”

Yu Ze looked at his serious appearance and was very impressed in his heart. The words that he said were like a heartfelt gesture. If he really considered Feng Ze as a relative, how could there be no such person in the original’s memory and appear after he became a senior Awakened.

Yu Ze politely sent people away and returned to the living room, which seemed cold with only him, and he suddenly missed Long Yuan. He wondered if Long Yuan would be bored in the valley.


By the food pile in the valley, Long Yuan was lying on the ground, his eyes tightly closed, a trace of bright red blood left at the corner of his mouth, the water bottle containing blood on his side was empty, and the cap fell not far away.

His alabaster skin was abnormally red, his brow was furrowed, and occasionally a hard sound spilled out as if he was suffering from something. It was as if he was in the middle of a fire, trying to escape, but unable to move.

The wound on his wrist healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the black skin, which was turned outward, quickly turned red. The black colour on his nails were like ink in water, the color gradually faded and turned white, and then tinted with light powder.

Long Yuan was unaware of this, and his consciousness remained deep in the fire.


On the third night of Yu Ze’s stay at Long Yuan’s house, his father came home with good news, “The research lab has retested the mycelium-like material extracted from the Mushroom Awakened’s body, and after processing, it can lift the zombie virus.” He looked to Yu Ze, “The research lab is making the finished product, I’ll take you to pick it up tomorrow morning.”

Yu Ze was overjoyed and his eyes glowed, “Good.”


Early in the morning in the valley, Long Yuan, who had been in a coma for three days, had a very calm expression, and at first glance, it looked like he was asleep. Suddenly, his fingers moved, followed by a light movement of his eyelashes, and the next moment, his eyes opened.

A pair of golden eyes, in the darkness before dawn, looked very bright. He leapt up with his hand braced on the ground, and his foot hit the water bottle with a ‘click’. He looked down, and as his eyes touched the blood left on the bottle, his pupils plummeted and his memory returned.

Infection, mutation, pro-bite, blood…

He raised his hand and looked at his wrist, which was intact and completely unrecognizable even though it had been injured. He remembered clearly that the night Yu Ze left, he didn’t hold back, drank all the blood, and then fell into a coma.

When he woke up, he recovered.

He remembered that the time he got infected, Yu Ze was also scratched by the nails of the zombie beast and he got infected, but Yu Ze did not. He guessed that the Phoenix Awakened’s blood, most likely, could cure the zombie virus.

His face became abruptly serious, he had to hurry back!

He switched to his bestial form and perceived the obvious lack of physical strength. He had not eaten for too long. He reverted to his human form and looked disgustedly at the pile of food, his expression pleasant again when he thought that these were all prepared for him by Yu Ze himself.

The memory of the infection made him remember clearly that the little brother Phoenix was absolutely super into him!

He must go back and propose! He moved sharply and cut a piece of venison, burned the fire to roast it, and after eating his fill, he transformed into a green dragon and flew directly towards the school.


A quarter of an hour later, the Long family guards guarding the edge of the mountain forest suddenly felt a strong pressure. The eight people quickly became alert and looked upwards.

A green shadow flashed by.

“Bo, Boss, it seems to be the Green Dragon.”

“Oh no, Young Master Yuan has left!”

“Yu, Eagle, you follow.” The captain ordered.

The two flying beast-like soldiers quickly released their wings and went after Long Yuan in the direction he flew in.

The captain contacted Father Long and explained the situation.

When Father Long received the communication, he directly turned on the external broadcast and asked, “Which direction?”

“The direction of District 1.”

“Okay, I got it.” Father Long hung up the communication.

Father Long said to Mother Long, “With A’Yuan’s speed, he’ll be in District 1 around eight o’clock, just in case, you take someone to intercept him. I’ll take Feng Ze to the research room early and meet you when I get the antidote.”

Mother Long nodded, Father Long took her shoulder, “He may not know you but don’t feel bad. Wait for him to recover and then teach him a lesson, if you can’t stop him, then contact Feng Ze.”

“I know,” Mother Long grunted lightly, “He has a wife but forgets his mother. He can’t even wait ten days, he has no patience at all.”


At 7:30, Yu Ze followed Long Yuan’s father out the door and headed to the Logistics Department Research Lab. At breakfast, he had already heard Long Yuan leave the valley from his mother and couldn’t help but worry in his heart.

District 1 was Planet Watt’s capital with strict security and many masters. Long Yuan was a zombie beast at this time, as long as he showed up, there was highly likely to be a fight.

“A’Yuan’s mother went to the road he must go through, there will be no accident.” Father Long saw him frowning and spoke out to reassure.

Yu Ze hurriedly adjusted his emotions and nodded his head.

The flying machine landed in the Logistics Department parking lot.

Father Long and Yu Ze stepped out of the craft. Director Wang immediately greeted them, his expression could not hide his excitement, “Admiral, the medicine is doing the final test, it will be ready soon.”

Father Long nodded, “Let’s go take a look.”

Director Wang led the two into the research room on the third floor of the laboratory building.

A researcher in a blue lab coat stood in front of the operating table, holding a white glass bottle in his left hand and a reagent tube in his right hand, and was dripping the light blue liquid from the reagent tube into the glass bottle.

“Professor Zhao.” Director Wang shouted.

Professor Zhao did not turn around, his voice was steady, “Wait a moment.” He dripped the medicine into the glass bottle, then put the glass bottle on the instrument to seal it, and only turned around when he was done, “Admiral Long.”

Father Long nodded his head, “Professor Zhao has worked hard.”

Professor Zhao smiled, his gaze fell on Yu Ze, pausing for a second on the side of his neck and smiled, “Feng Ze, hello again, I didn’t expect you to have become an Advanced Awakened.”

Yu Ze had an impression of him, the last time he came to the research lab as a Mushroom Awakened reserve, one of the researchers in the research lab was Professor Zhao. He greeted politely, “Hello, Professor Zhao.”

Professor Zhao nodded, took the glass bottle that had just been sealed into his hand, and took out an empty syringe, “The way to take the medicine is by injection, which one of you learned the technique?”

Yu Ze said, “I will learn.”

Professor Zhao went to him and pushed the syringe to the bottom, “First exhaust the air, then put in the antidote. You need to inject it into the neck, I’ll show you exactly where,” Professor Zhao said, inclining his head to reveal his neck, he raised his finger and pointed down the side of his neck, “Here.”

Yu Ze came closer and silently wrote down the location.

Professor Zhao asked, “Do you remember? Point it out to me.”

Yu Ze reached out and pointed his finger at the side of his neck.

Professor Zhao instructed, “A little more to the side.”

He raised his hand as he said it, as if he wanted to point at Yu Ze, but he was holding a syringe in his hand, and the tip of the needle moved up with his movement and stabbed Yu Ze’s finger, and a drop of blood immediately seeped from it. 

He hurriedly apologized, “Sorry.”

Yu Ze casually wiped his finger. Except for the pain of the stabbing, he didn’t feel anything now, “It’s okay.”

Professor Zhao put the syringe into his left hand, “I’ll give you a new syringe later, just inject it here.”

He nodded again on the side of the neck, “Try it.”

Yu Ze raised his hand, pointed at the position Professor Zhao said, and Professor Zhao nodded, “Yes, right here.”

He put aside the syringe that had pierced Yu Ze’s finger and took a new one and handed it to Father Long with the antidote, “I hope to get feedback on its use, it will be of great importance to the research of the antidote.”

Father Long said, “Good.”

As he left, Yu Ze couldn’t help but ask, “Director Wang, does extracting the antidote have an effect on Mushroom Awakened people?”

Director Wang’s expression froze for a moment, then smiled and said, “After the technology has matured and the mycelium-like substance has been successfully extracted, the Mushroom Awakened person will become more responsive, no longer dull, and will be strong as an ordinary person, even stronger.”

Yu Ze noted his deliberate mention of ‘after the technology matures’. He remembered that when Long Yuan reminded him, he was talking about the danger of going to the Logistics Department within a month.

He was afraid that in that month there would be a period of immaturity of the technology. Director Wang guided the two out and was unsure of what to say when he saw Yu Ze seemed interested and simply explained.

“According to the researcher, Mushroom Awakened people were originally able to Awaken, but their bodies carried mycelium-like material, and the mycelium-like material swallowed the beast ancestor genes, causing them to fail to Awaken. If the mycelium-like substance is extracted, their beast ancestor genes will no longer be swallowed. In the future, people with Mushroom tendency who extract the mycelium-like substance in advance will most likely be able to Awakened successfully.”

Yu Ze hurriedly asked, “With detoxification, will it remain in the infected person?”

Director Wang praised, “Student, you are very careful. The problem you mentioned is the difficulty of making the antidote, and it took the researcher a long time to find a way to deal with it. The antidote has a new ingredient in it, and the lack of zombie virus in the environment will react with the mycelium and dissolve it in two.”

Yu Ze can’t help but think of certain chemicals in high school.


Long Yuan flew to the edge of District 1 and was stopped by someone before he was brought to Mother Long. He landed in front of her, “Mom, how did you know I was back?”

Mother Long pointed at him in surprise, “You… You’re not a beast?”

Long Yuan said, “I’ll explain later, do you know where Feng Ze is?”

“He went to the research room of the Logistics Department with your father to get the antidote.”

Long Yuan went up and gave her a hug, “Mom, I have something to say to him, I’ll leave first.”

He finished and flew directly to the school in his bestial form. He flew to the entrance of the Awakened Department, landed, and turned into human form.

The Awakened Department security was tight, with invisible current nets all over the courtyard walls, and flying was forbidden without a pass. As soon as the guards saw him, they let him through. He stepped through the gate and was about to bestialize and fly when he heard the security guards behind him whispering about it.

“Feng Ze has only been here for a short time and Young Master Yuan has come after him, so it seems to be true that they are together.”

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence, haven’t you heard that Feng Ze is getting engaged to the daughter of Major Feng? They are both Senior Awakened and both male, how can they be together?”

Long Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly and he turned to ask, “Which Major Feng?”

The security guard saw that he was emitting unpleasant information and did not want to touch the bad luck, so he hastily replied, “Major Feng Yi.”

Long Yuan snorted coldly and flew away in his bestial form.

The little brother Phoenix was his, how could he be engaged to someone else?!

Rumor, it must be a rumor!

Yu Ze and the two others were almost to the parking lot when they felt a strong pressure. At the same time, the three of them stopped and looked upwards. A green dragon swooped downward from above, its green scales reflecting brightly in the sunlight and looking beautiful. The green dragon bent its head and chanted softly, and when it was about to land, it took human form and landed in front of Yu Ze.

The young man’s face was rosy. His dyed green hair was slightly curled, looked full of energy, and his pair of golden eyes fell straight on Yu Ze. He looked the person up and down once.

Yu Ze looked at his eyes and froze. The medicine was not yet used, how did he recover?


Not waiting for him to finish his words, Long Yuan reached out and hugged him tightly, “ZeZe, marry me!”

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