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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“How are your investigations going?” Guan Jin asked when he saw Ding Ding and Gu Xiang walk in.

“Success!” Ding Ding was excited. “As expected, since we didn’t have anyone from the agency before, we couldn’t find any records. However, we were able to get answers out of some senior workers and freelance agents.”

“So why would the killer suddenly begin his twisted revenge after being dormant for so long?” asked Chen QiaoYu.

“You’ll never guess why.” Ding Ding paused for effect.

“Having a motive is enough, and as for the details, we can ask him after we apprehend him.” Wen JingHan interrupted their conversation. “Now, we need to think about how to lure the snake out of the hole.”

“The killer detests Yan Qing and wants to destroy everything he has. If the killer found out that all of his effort was for nothing and Yan Qing didn’t seem to be harmed by it at all, what do you think the killer would do?” Guan Jin asked slyly.

“…He’ll act in desperation!”

“Then how should we do it? Right now, it’s even very hard for Yan Qing’s company to stop people from talking. There’s all kinds of speculation online talking about how he got too wrapped up in a murderer’s role, that he’s a twisted, fallen angel, and how the last clear stream in the entertainment industry has been contaminated… and such.” Lin Bai trailed off.

“…How creative, people’s imaginations really are wild.”

“The best way to control water is to divert it. Since we can’t stop him, we should focus his attention somewhere else,” suggested Guan Jin.

 “Guan Jin, you sound a lot like the professor…” Zheng Fei commented keenly, as he seldom did.

“Brother Fei, you stole the words right out of my mouth!” exclaimed Ding Ding.

Hmph, I’m not going to say that this was indeed Lu YunYang’s bad idea.


“The melodramatic story you told me the other day about the transmigration and love through life and death… You didn’t copy it from a random literature website, did you?” Yan Qing’s expression was doubtful.

Guan Jin narrowed his eyes. “What? Melodramatic story?”

“Well no, it’s very moving… fantastical…” Yan Qing couldn’t find a suitable word. He looked up to see Guan Jin’s expression and suddenly said quietly, “Say, the story is actually about you, right? Right?”

Guan Jin rolled his eyes. “…I didn’t peg you to be this gossipy before.”

“Everyone is curious.” Yan Qing sat back. “Although it’s a little hard to believe, since it came from you, I’m willing to believe it. But why would you tell me such an important thing? Lu YunYang doesn’t know about it, right? Do I really look that trustworthy?”

“Trustworthy? Hmph, trust is always built on need.”

“What do you mean?”

“People trust others because they want something from them, whether it’s love, friendship, or something else. The investment of trust is long-term and secure, so naturally, it is given in exchange for a large benefit. Of course, all investments have their risks, so losing money or property is very normal.”

“It sounds very utilitarian. So then what do you need from me?” Yan Qing was very curious.

“Well, I need a solid ally, and you probably do too, right?”

“…” Yan Qing didn’t seem to understand.

“A lot of the time, you probably feel Lu YunShen is kind of overbearing, right? You’re also a successful man, and you want to feel like his equal instead of relying on him all the time, right?”

Yan Qing was stunned. This was indeed a major reason why he didn’t want to enter the family was because he didn’t want to look weak and reliant on Lu YunShen’s protection.

“What can I help you with?”

“You’re Lu YunShen’s most cherished person, and that’s already a big benefit for me.”

“You want to use me to keep him in check?!”

“Calm down. Why would I need to do that? I’m just looking for someone to use as a bargaining chip so the Lu brothers can’t be so arrogant all the time. What about it, do you want to take the deal? If there’s a day when Lu YunShen suddenly realizes that the person beside him is actually already very tough and doesn’t need his protection, and can even help him with his burdens, wouldn’t that be a very nice feeling?”

Yan Qing was taken aback; this indeed sounded very enticing.

“I’m in.”

“It’s a pleasure doing business with you.”

“Wait, does this mean…” Yan Qing suddenly realized something, “that you’re planning to requite Lu YunYang’s feelings and——be with him for the rest of your life?”

“Who knows?”


Lu YunShen and Mo Wei walked out of the JingTian Entertainment building and were quickly surrounded by reporters from major media companies.

“Mr. Lu, did you come to JingTian Entertainment because of the rumors about Yan Qing?” “Is Yan Qing your lover?” “Are you planning to have a press conference to give the public an explanation?” “Mr. Mo, has Yan Qing been avoiding the public? Will these things affect his acting career?” …Various questions surged at them like a flood, and there was already no hesitation over whether it was too blunt or too defamatory. 

Their bodyguards were clearing a path through the crowd, protecting Lu YunShen and Mo Wei as they exited the building. However, Lu YunShen suddenly stopped.

His keen gaze swept around the crowd and said, “Don’t you really want to know whether we have a relationship or not?”

Perhaps this question was too surprising, or perhaps Lu YunShen’s aura was too strong, but everyone fell silent. All of the reporters were holding up microphones expectantly and holding their breath.

Lu YunShen was standing at the top of the stairs, and he surveyed the crowd coolly. “Someone was hurt that day, but Yan Qing was with me, so I can provide an alibi for him.”

Everyone gasped, and their excitement was palpable.

“Yan Qing has been together with me since he was eighteen, and we’ve already been together for eight years. Our feelings for each other are very stable, and my parents really like him. As for private sponsorship, if I really wanted to use my money to do so, he would’ve already been in Hollywood receiving an Oscar eight years ago.”

The reporters had practically already turned to statues, and Lu YunShen walked past them without any hindrances.

Before he went into the car, Lu YunShen suddenly turned back. “You all can do what you want with what I said today, but I really don’t like people questioning me. If anyone dares to challenge what I said, I’ll have no choice but to take action.”

Only until the car left that the reporters came back to their senses, all of them in a frenzy. After a while, they realized that receiving this big news wasn’t even very valuable, since everyone had been present and no one had gotten an exclusive. Moreover, the meaning of the last thing Lu YunShen had said was very clear; if they dared to slander Yan Qing, then he would make them regret it. For these entertainment reporters to keep their career, they didn’t dare to go against JingTian or the Lu family, so it was a dead end.


“I’d wager Lu YunYang’s IQ that that guy has been wanting to make those words public for a long time. He’s probably thinking to himself, ‘They finally know that he’s my wife!’ Pft…” Guan Jin couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Yan Qing was standing still in the middle of the room, watching the live broadcast on the television. His face alternated between red and white, and he slowly turned after a while. “This… is your grand idea? This fucking plan was clearly contributed by Lu YunShen himself!”

“Hey, watch your language. His brother thought of the plan, it had nothing to do with me.”

Yan Qing gritted his teeth. “Guan Jin, starting from today, my alliance with you is unbreakable! Teach me how to be stronger, what should I learn first? Shooting? Smuggling? Spying?”

“…Wake up, you’ve been acting in too many dramas lately…”


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