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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Kris, Gwyndolyn


The newcomer smelled of alcohol, looked tipsy, and was probably slightly intoxicated. Chen Bai supposed that if a sober person met their superior in a restaurant such as Donina, with an inferior gender beside them, then said person would not just abruptly barge in and bother them.

Not only did this person bother them, he even walked straight in through the gap in the door that the departing waiter hadn’t yet had the chance to close properly.

“Er, sir…” The young lady preparing to walk out tentatively called out to him.

Of course, she knew who Heinz sitting inside was. Being a waitress in this high-end restaurant, she had seen her fair share of big shots. Naturally, she also knew that the person who had just suddenly barged in would most likely disturb Heinz.

Stopping unwelcome guests like this was part of her job. But upon seeing that person’s military uniform and their slightly familiar face, as well as Heinz’ unmoved state, the young lady’s eyes flashed with understanding. She walked out without continuing to detain the other and closed the door on her way.

Noting the situation, Chen Bai glanced at Heinz, then looked at the lieutenant who pulled over a stool on his own. He furrowed his brow, then moved his seat slightly closer to Heinz.

“Marshal.” That person looked like he was really drunk, swaying around with half-closed eyes for a long while before reaching a hand out towards Heinz. “Heard so much about you.”

Heinz’ expression was dark, looking somewhat unhappy. This person wore a military uniform and leaned in close to his own superior. Such a rude disturbance brought a lot of shame.

Though there were no rules stating that soldiers couldn’t come to these sorts of places, there was still a significant impact in wearing a military uniform here, as it knocked down the solemn image that the military tried to project outwards. And clearly, Heinz was not familiar with this person, so having him suddenly disrupt his date night ruined his mood.

“Hahaha.” As though sensing Heinz’ temper, that person laughed dryly and retracted his hand. There were almost no changes in his facial expression, as though the sound he made was not from him.

He is very fishy.

Chen Bai thought.

Just as his eyes landed on that lieutenant, trying to work out why the person irked him so, the other’s gaze also moved suddenly and turned to look at Chen Bai, who was sitting right beside Heinz.

A strange feeling suddenly enveloped him. Chen Bai furrowed his brow, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

From the moment this man had entered, Chen Bai had already felt a sense of uneasiness, so he immediately got closer to Heinz.

At first, he had thought that this person’s sudden entry was what threw him off. But now, he discovered that this person’s mental control was very sloppy, probably caused by his drunkenness. His mental energy was flowing out without any restraint and dancing around in the air. That feeling… was like someone about to go into rut and unable to control their thirst.

Chen Bai should have no fear for this sort of mental energy. If he wanted, he could straightaway overstimulate the other’s brain to make him fall unconscious.

But the problem was, the other’s mental energy seemed very interested in him. It was something that the lieutenant himself probably hadn’t noticed yet, but as a psychological manipulator, Chen Bai felt it. When the mental tentacles lazily drooping outside his brain region noticed Chen Bai’s presence, they suddenly became excited, like a beast that had just seen a prey after a long while and was ready to pounce at any time.

Not only that, his mental energy never even creeped towards Heinz’ brain region… Why?

“Marshal, I’m the lieu-lieutenant from headquarters… Someone asked me to inquire; that city center pet shop matter… must you investigate it to the end?”

Aside from this, the person’s actions and movements were all very strange. He swayed as if he was drunk, but his speech was clear and organized. At least, Heinz immediately understood his intentions. But to say that he was sober… He didn’t sit down on the stool he had brought over, even though he looked unsteady on his feet.

Chen Bai furrowed his brow and monitored his every action closely, feeling that he was just like a puppet that was being controlled.

Speaking of puppets… Chen Bai’s gaze froze.

This lieutenant’s mental energy would be A-rank at most. Many experimentees from Berkeley would be able to control him, and… his mental energy was seemingly revolving around Heinz’ brain region. No one knew what he was trying to do.

One must know, when facing against an SSS-ranked brain region, an A-ranked controller can’t really do anything.

Chen Bai considered this.

“Is this really the place to talk about work?” Heinz had long since pursed his lips into a thin line, and his face was darker than ever before. His strong mental energy had already spread out, forming an intense pressure.

That lieutenant should not be able to handle this kind of pressure, but he acted as if he felt nothing. He rambled on to Heinz about pet shops and rainforests and Aldia, even the Stone Competition was mentioned as well.

Now, even Heinz, who hadn’t previously realized what was happening, suddenly understood.

“Som-someone was trying to probe for Marshal’s opinion… ask if Marshal’s in-interested in a big trade within the Alliance,” the lieutenant seemed unaffected by Heinz’ surging mental energy and spoke aimlessly. In his speech, he chatted about all the major events that had happened on Venus recently, then tried to probe discreetly to see if Heinz was standing on the same side as them.

Not only that, his mental energy was really out of control. Chen Bai could feel it.

According to Berkeley’s earlier research, every explosive controller has a large desire for psychological manipulators, especially if their mental energies could be fused.

In other words, to both Heinz and the lieutenant in front of them, Chen Bai was a delicacy they desired in their subconsciousness.

The best example would be the lieutenant’s mental energy making a move five minutes after he came in. His mental tentacles rushed towards Chen Bai’s brain region swiftly and precisely, brushing roughly against his mental energy.

Just that single brush sent the lieutenant’s mind into a state similar to an orgasm, and he became very excited. Even his dull eyes turned lively.

If this was in the past, Chen Bai would have stretched out his own mental energy and knocked out the other person before they could even prepare to attack; when would he have the time to care about attraction? But now, this person’s mental energy was most likely controlled by Berkeley, so his counterattacks would be faced with more than just the power of a lieutenant.

At that moment, just when Chen Bai was feeling disgusted when the person had touched his brain region, he suddenly felt Heinz tense all over before he could do anything else. In the next second, Heinz’ mental energy started thrashing around.

It was also at this moment that Chen Bai suddenly realized Heinz’ mental energy around his brain region had disappeared when the lieutenant’s had started drifting. It appeared and disappeared without a trace, but Heinz’ brain region seemed to have suffered a large impact.

His SSS-rank mental energy finally amassed into a ferocious amount. In a flash, Chen Bai heard a loud sound under the immense pressure. The table in front of them, plates, and glass windows around them suddenly had large cracks webbing through them, with some even exploding in a -bang!-

The lieutenant in front of them had succumbed to immense fear. Under the intense weight, his body was trembling, and his knees were on the verge of collapsing. Yet his facial expression remained unchanged.

What did he do to Heinz?

“Did you just. Touch. Him?” Before Chen Bai understood what was happening, Heinz suddenly stood up and snapped angrily.

He was an explosive type controller. Theoretically, unless they had killing intent, he wouldn’t be able to sense another’s mental energy movements.

But when the lieutenant had brushed against Chen Bai just now, he had felt it despite the short instance of contact.

The wrath of having his territory infringed upon appeared all around him without restraint. Not only did Heinz seem to feel the touch of the lieutenant, he also seemed to know about the other’s lust for Chen Bai, suddenly transforming into a lion preparing to attack. In the next second, his hand was already grabbing the lieutenant’s neck.

“Heinz!” Chen Bai could barely react to Heinz’ sudden change in temper. Even for an explosive controller, Heinz’ control of his own mental energy was on a higher level than most, so this outburst was not supposed to happen to him. A sudden rampage of mental energy leaking out of the mind and causing physical damage could very likely cause the brain region to numb, making one unable to control their mental energy.

The mental dissociation feared by explosive controllers was caused by this.

Just because the lieutenant brushed against his brain region, Heinz’ reaction was… this violent?

Impossible! If Berkeley was controlling the lieutenant, then there must have been a reason his mental energy was drifting just now. He had been careless.

Everything was too sudden, and Chen Bai had no time to think it through. Moreover, if Heinz continued squeezing, that lieutenant might die soon!

Chen Bai’s sharp voice finally snapped Heinz back to his senses. His hand froze, but the gaze he turned towards Chen Bai still carried hints of malice. As though he could see the other’s face clearly, the hand choking the lieutenant’s neck finally loosened slowly.

The lieutenant took a few deep breaths after sliding down to the floor, then he finally reacted. As though regaining his rationality, he looked at the murderous Heinz, then at Chen Bai standing at the side, and finally at the mess of the room with his mouth open wide.

“Piss off.” Heinz’ leaked mental energy hadn’t retracted its claws, his gaze towards the lieutenant was like looking at a dead man. “Tell your masters, whatever they’re thinking or planning to ask for my cooperation on, they should know their place!”

The lieutenant looked like his head was in the clouds, but the monstrous mental energy behind Heinz was too scary. He shrieked in fear before rushing out of the room on his hands and knees.

The door opened then closed, and the room fell silent once again. Chen Bai looked at Heinz’ silhouette from beside the window, feeling astonished, but still called the other’s name in a normal manner.

“Why could he touch you?” Heinz turned around, the storm in his eyes not yet receding.

Even as the same rank, Chen Bai froze helplessly, seeing the crazed look in his eyes. “I…”

Still, Heinz’ exploding emotions were too sudden. After knowing him for such a long time, they barely got angry with each other. Even if the other was very possessive, he shouldn’t have such a violent reaction, and with that lieutenant’s mental energy…

As though remembering something, Chen Bai pursed his lips and forcefully stretched out his mental energy to touch Heinz’ brain region.

The moment he touched it, Chen Bai’s eyes turned dark.

Inside, there were storms surging around everywhere. It was the last symptom before a mental controller descended into mental dissociation. If the storms did not stop, his mental energy would stretch out infinitely, and the hollow brain region wouldn’t be able to retract them back anymore.

But this sort of storm would not just suddenly appear out of nowhere in a disciplined explosive controller! What did that lieutenant, no… Berkeley’s people do to trigger Heinz like this?

Chen Bai endured the pain of being swept into the storm in Heinz’ brain region and crept in slowly. He was still an SSS-ranked manipulator after all, so he found the answer not long after that.

There weren’t just storms. Only after Chen Bai went in did he realize that Heinz’ brain region was also filled with tiredness and fatigue, as though it had worked continuously for hours without stopping. Most importantly, Chen Bai saw that the origin of the storms had a large crack!

Brain region fracture?

How did this happen?

“You’re mine; everything about you is mine! Who allowed you to be touched by another?” Heinz seemed to be so angry that his voice was even shaking. He rushed forward and grabbed onto Chen Bai’s shoulder painfully, his grip almost strong enough to squeeze the smaller man into pieces.

Without waiting for Chen Bai to speak, he suddenly took two steps forward and pushed him against the wall. Then, he leaned down to kiss the other in a craze, his strong mental energy instantly wrapping around Chen Bai, as though wanting nothing more than to swallow him whole.

The tip of his tongue shoved roughly into Chen Bai’s mouth and swiftly licked around every corner of the chamber. His actions were too violent and caused Chen Bai pain. But Chen Bai knew that a mental dissociation, especially one with such strong mental energy, would cause Heinz much more pain than him.

He could only induce himself to relax and use his lips to match the other’s probing. He gently used his mental energy to try and calm the raging storm in his brain region and sooth the wound that had triggered the brain region to collapse.

With this method, after who knows how long, Heinz became like a hurt child seeking security, trying to find it from Chen Bai again and again. The latter satisfied him repeatedly, until Heinz slowly calmed down, along with the storms inside his mind.

Before this, there has never been a case where two mental manipulators merged their brain regions to stop a mental dissociation. But Chen Bai did it. Not only that, after everything was finished, he could even feel Heinz’ brain region becoming intimate and relying on him as well as see the wound in the brain region slowly healing.

Something seemingly impossible had happened right before him.

Chen Bai closed his eyes. Heinz’ restlessness had eased, but he didn’t let go of Chen Bai. Instead, Chen Bai gently kissed back, trying to get him to relax a little more.

… Right.

He remembered now.

That old scholar from Berkeley had once said it was like the agreement between a contractual beast and a mental controller. If someday, psychological manipulators and explosive controllers could form unions in pairs, then there would exist some form of contract between them.

A contract that didn’t allow anyone to violate it. One that carves the other’s body, life and soul into their bones. A contract that no one else could ever breach.

A psychological manipulator could help their soulmate soothe any damages in their brain region, and an explosive controller would forge ahead without fear of danger to protect their love.

This sort of soul-deep contract would let their mental energies harmonize in a way that had never been seen before. It was a promise every mental controller had to keep until death.

Slowly letting go of Heinz, Chen Bai placed a kiss on the other’s forehead and continued using his mental energy to heal him. Chen Bai had never done this before, but after entering Heinz’ brain region, he had taught himself. Even so, he was still cautious, worried that he’d hurt Heinz even a little in any way.

The wound that had smashed into the brain region was bloody, and Chen Bai’s heart almost softened at the sight. He could only do his best, but the wound was too old. Chen Bai wasn’t sure if he could heal it completely.

He thought that he could probably guess the cause of this wound.

During the war with the Gars, the opposition had used mental disturbance. He had even spoken about it to the students at the academy, saying that if it wasn’t for Professor Wu HaiMing, Heinz would have probably died on the battlefield. Even though he had managed to escape in one piece and even retaliate, it didn’t mean his brain region didn’t suffer any damage.

But why hadn’t he noticed it before?

To prevent his own secret from being discovered, he had prevented himself from entering into Heinz’ brain region. He had reason to not have noticed it, but that lieutenant… No, it was Berkeley. It knew.

If that lieutenant’s drifting mental energy was to find this weakness of Heinz… If an A-ranked lieutenant could even make Heinz’ brain region collapse from this weakness…

What was Berkeley trying to do?

Chen Bai’s eyes slowly turned dark. An old but clear face appeared in his mind, seemingly giving him hints of a discernible smile.

What are you trying to do?


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August 24, 2021 5:01 am

Was it ever explained just what exactly an inferior gender is? I still don’t know what that is.

Sue R
Sue R
August 24, 2021 8:04 am

Brain manipulation !!!!!!
Would this imagination be real in 22nd century?. May be….many unbelievable technologie happened in the 20th and 21st century but I would be gone by then.

August 24, 2021 8:30 am

With all this talk of brain tentacles and spirit beasts, it sounds like this is a sentinel and guide story to be honest. But they just haven’t, as a society, put those labels on yet.

August 24, 2021 10:17 pm

I am going to be a mental case..any help😑😑😑

August 24, 2021 11:55 pm

Berkeley is overstepping its boundaries, how dare they touch his honey?! They’ll pay for that for sure cause Heinz won’t let it slide. This contract forming only means that Chen Bai and Heinz are extremely compatible, that kiss scene … was hot althought violent.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 25, 2021 9:59 am

If this doesn’t prove to CB that he’s really Heinz’s best match, regardless of some matchmaking programme, nothing will.
Heinz’s tragic injury which CB alluded was partly due to losing him too, is sad.
I don’t think either CB or Heinz will sit still now that Berkley has crossed lines for each of them.
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 25, 2021 7:28 pm

What is Berkeley trying to do! I’m so happy CB was there to help him! Who is the image CB remembered? So many brain tentacles etc! Looking forward to next chapter! ❤️❤️

March 25, 2022 4:49 am

I wonder who is that old but clear face person? The founder of Berkeley? I am wondering if he is psychological manipulator? Because somehow the story so far always hide/downplayed psychological manipulator importance; like Prof Wu, Ling Ling. They are being discouraged from manifesting their inborn talent in this area. Makes me wonder if it will follow the usual pattern where this founder is someone that started as trying to prove his denied theory but become radical in the process?

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