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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


As expected, the next day, the Duke unhappily appeared at his door and asked directly, “How do you plan on working with me from the inside?”

Wen JinHan’s heart soared, but his expression didn’t change.

“I already have a plan, you just need to get your people to discreetly delay his next shipment for at least half a month. Naturally, someone will show up to take care of them.”

The Duke raised an eyebrow. “Someone? I really underestimated you, you’ve already been planning this for a long time, right?”

“You flatter me. Before you came and got me, I never had a reason to hate Ou Chen.” Wen JinHan knew what the Duke was suspecting, so he had to play dumb. “It’s not like I have any support or allies. I’m a law-abiding citizen, so my method of revenge is also very legal.”

“Legal?” The Duke was even more dubious.

“Since they’re criminals, of course it’s most legal to have the police arrest them.” Wen JinHan’s expression was upright.

The Duke was silent for a while before he said slowly, “I really don’t know whether you’re innocent or pretending to be innocent.”

Wen JinHan blinked his big, innocent eyes.


“So what evidence are you planning to give the police that could make them allot that much manpower to arrest people? You should know that all policemen in Southeast Asia know about Ou Chen’s organization, but no one dares to poke the beehive.”

“You’ll just have to wait and see what I’ll give out.” Wen JinHan winked mysteriously.

“Hey, what are you doing?! If you make another move, I’m going to beat you up, hey——mm, mm…”

The Duke had tightly enveloped Wen JinHan with his arms and was kissing him fiercely. As Wen JinHan felt himself go weak from the kiss, he had to elbow the Duke to get himself out.

Wen JinHan wiped his mouth and wasn’t sure whether to laugh or to cry. “Hey, can’t you be more serious?!”

“Who asked you to seduce me?” His tone was very straightforward.

“Anyway, so what do you think about the plan?” Wen JinHan didn’t want to mess around any longer.

“Are you really this persistent?”

“Nonsense. Of course I have to resolve my own grievances, or else I’m not a man. If it weren’t for this rare opportunity, I wouldn’t have wanted to use you.”

Hearing this, the Duke’s expression grew dark. Wen JinHan didn’t take notice and continued, “however, when I thought about it later, it’s not like you’re an outsider, so I might as well use you.” The Duke’s expression suddenly cleared.

“Tomorrow… The day after tomorrow. I’ll take you back,” the Duke finally said reluctantly.

“Ah, I just knew you were the best.” Wen JinHan grinned widely, and the Duke glanced at him indifferently, though his expression was a little pleased.

Before leaving, the Duke took out a watch from his pocket. It looked like a waterproof digital watch, very similar to the Omega brand.

“Put this on and don’t take it off. If you’re ever in any danger, press this button. To notify me to tell them to mess with the shipment, press this, and if someone wants to do something to you that they shouldn’t, then open the watch’s cover. This,” the Duke frowned, “will be enough to knock them out for a day.”

“…Ha, you’re very thoughtful.” Wen JinHan took the watch and fastened it on his wrist, which made the Duke nod approvingly.

“Right, I have one last thing to bother you about.”

“What is it?”

“Last time, I was reading a book, but I didn’t have time to buy it, and I keep missing it. Tell your people to buy it so I won’t be bored.”

“What book?”

“A Wife’s Tenderness.”



In the morning two days later, sure enough, the Duke was true to his word, and he had people send Wen JinHan to the airport, sending him back on a private jet.

As he watched the little thing clutching that strange book and waving at him, the Duke felt very anxious. He shouldn’t have even thought about letting him go back…

After sending him off, the Duke turned and ordered the men in black, “Find the Gods and get them to look into that person’s identity. If they can’t do it, then make sure they disappear from this Earth.”


Mo Ran hadn’t at all expected to see Wen JinHan again. He was standing at the bar, smiling as he waved to him. “Oh, long time no see.”

“W-What are you doing back here?!”

“What kind of tone is that? It’s not like I was fed to a tiger, is it really this surprising that I’m back?”

Mo Ran was still in shock, but when he heard movement in the corridor, he hastily looked down and moved to the side.

A few bodyguards were trailing Ou Chen as he quickly walked over. When he saw Wen JinHan standing at the bar, he paused and slowed down uneasily.

“You’re back.” Ou Chen stood in front of Wen JinHan, smiling tently.

Seeing his face, Wen JinHan felt very conflicted, though his disappointment from before no longer existed. He also didn’t know whether it was because he had been too caught up with the mess regarding the Duke, but he seemed not to have given Ou Chen much thought recently.

“Mn,” Wen JinHan replied coldly before looking elsewhere.

Ou Chen clenched his hands, but in the end, he merely ordered someone to prepare some food for him and said lightly, “You must be tired. Take a shower and eat, and then take a nap.”

Wen JinHan nodded silently, walking toward the corridor that was both familiar and not, leaving Ou Chen standing there and watching his back recede.

Ou Chen’s eyes dimmed, and he sighed internally. That person was the only one he had ever wanted to treat sincerely in his lifetime, yet now…

Wen JinHan took a short, light nap. When he woke up, he didn’t immediately get up, and instead laid there, staring at the ceiling. Seeing Ou Chen’s attitude, he had indeed guessed correctly. Ou Chen actually wasn’t too hard to understand; his personal benefit was his top priority, but he was still a bit human. When his benefits were severely threatened, he would give up his feelings and become a heartless person. However, after the conflict was resolved, he once again became warm. Thus, he had been reluctant about giving Wen JinHan up for a transaction, but the situation had forced his hand. When the threats were eliminated, he would become very warm again and become even more tolerant and pampering towards Wen JinHan so he could find balance in his heart again.

Thus, for a short period of time, he definitely wouldn’t try to sleep with him anytime soon. This was also something Wen JinHan had spent time in the hotel thinking about. Using his analysis and understanding of the person he used to like to his advantage only showed that Wen JinHan wasn’t the emotional type either; they were all just a group of selfish people pretending that they weren’t.


In the next few days, Wen JinHan would stay with Wen JinHan for a while everyday, having people prepare exquisite dishes and even bringing expensive toys to him for his amusement. Unfortunately, Wen JinHan was never amused.

In the end, Ou Chen was the one who brought up the elephant in the room. “JinHan, do you hate me?”

Wen JinHan didn’t reply. He merely craned his neck, staring out the window like a bird trapped in a cage.

“If you’re bored, I can have people accompany you outside for a stroll. However, it’s not too safe outside, so don’t stay out too late.” Ou Chen’s heart softened.

Wen JinHan felt ecstatic; originally, he had wanted to pretend to be pitiful in order to request to go outside, but now, the opportunity had presented itself.

Thus, he looked down and nodded dully. Ou Chen smiled; as long as he was still responsive, there would eventually be a time when he could slowly win him back.


For the next few days, Wen JinHan was either at the bar, mixing drinks, or going outside with Ou Chen’s people to drink some tea and buy books, though he was still a little listless.

Jiang Shu had hesitated several times and stopped himself, but in the end, he couldn’t help but say, “It’s good that you’re back. Don’t think about it too much, at least Brother Chen won’t mistreat you in the future. Now, everyone knows that you’re his most precious person, so no one would dare to mess with you. Now that your safety is ensured, perhaps this was a blessing in disguise.”

Wen JinHan leaned against the wine cellar’s door as he quietly listened, before suddenly laughing out loud. “Jiang Shu, you can’t be like that. Change is easy, but you’re too passive. Always waiting for good things to happen won’t work out in the long run.”

Jiang Shu was taken aback by his sudden change in mood, and he asked in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“Do you want to work hard and fight for the opportunity to be free, the opportunity that’s right in front of you?” Wen JinHan leaned back casually, still smiling calmly. However, Jiang Shu felt that he was being tempted by the devil, though something uncontrollable swelled within him.

“How do I fight for it?” He licked his dry lips, finally giving in to the “devil.”


After two weeks of being back at Jiaman, Wen JinHan was able to go wherever in the building, although he didn’t have any communication devices, and people still followed him outside. Overall, however, he was already considered quite free. As for his wristwatch, he had taken it off when he got here, though Ou Chen hadn’t searched him. Even if he had, Wen JinHan had ways to get around it. Everything was moving in his predicted direction.

“You’re still not asleep?” That night, Wen JinHan was reading a book on his bed when Ou Chen came in.

Wen JinHan was taken aback, and he slowly sat up.

“Mn, I got up late this morning.”

Ou Chen sat beside the bed and stared at Wen JinHan for a while before suddenly leaning in and hugging him lightly. Wen JinHan froze, but he didn’t do anything.

Ou Chen tousled his hair and slowly leaned closer for a kiss on his lips, which Wen JinHan subconsciously avoided. Ou Chen froze before settling for his forehead.

“You seem to be very busy recently, so you should rest earlier,” said Wen JinHan, looking down.

Ou Chen stood up and sighed, almost imperceptibly. “You shouldn’t stay up too late either. Good night.”

“Good night.”

After Ou Chen left for a while, Wen JinHan rolled over and picked up the watch from underneath the bed, pressing one of the buttons.


It’s finally time for us to truly face off.


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Sue R
October 8, 2021 10:33 am

Next chapter would be very exciting more exciting…..right?.

October 8, 2021 10:44 am

Great, here comes the answer as to why would wjh let him go, he even had to talk to the duke to spare OC, did you really felt sorry/pity for him wjh?

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WJH really in deep plot😅😅😅

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Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 9, 2021 6:27 pm

How Mu Chen could basically pimp-out WJH and then expect to be forgiven and think things would ever go back the way they were between them, is delusional.
So the takedown begins.
Thank you for translating and editing.

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