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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“True, I really did forget. It’s impossible to hide something that you want to know.” Jiang Shu sighed. “I didn’t expect that he could actually find me, although he didn’t show up himself, he just sent some people to give me some rare foods and drinks.”

Wen JingHan nodded. “He probably also doesn’t dare to show his face. However, Li Long is also quite infatuated, still missing you even now.”

Jiang Shu hesitated for a moment, but he couldn’t help but ask, “Hasn’t their case gone cold for several years? How come it’s been opened again? Could it be that you still want to apprehend them…”

“What, do you feel sorry for him?” teased Wen JingHan.

Jiang Shu smiled bitterly. “In the end, he was still kind to me, although it might be too much to say something about feelings…”

Wen JingHan put down his cup of tea and said a little sadly, “Yeah… Since we’ve been through so much together, I’ll give you some information. I’m working on a big case right now, and Ou Chen’s using what’s left of his power to be involved in it. However, my final goal isn’t him, so if they withdraw in time and leave Country C, I can’t do anything about them. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Jiang Shu nodded. “I’ll try to warn him.”

“Ah, I can’t believe I’m being so immoral and committing treason like this.” Wen JingHan shook his head and sighed in exaggeration. “I’ve failed my job as a police officer, I’ve failed my responsibility to the people, and I’ve failed——”

“It’s a little cold, I’m going to add some more water.” Jiang Shu picked up the tea pot and quickly escaped.

As he tugged at the flower leaves on the table, Wen JingHan made a face. “Tsk, how uninteresting, I just wanted to talk for a bit yet no one wants to listen. I’m so offended…”

The owner of the jasmine flowers on the table whose leaves had been ripped off felt even more offended!


“Say, Wen JingHan hasn’t been in a hurry these few days, I wonder what kind of things he’s instigating by himself,” Guan Jin asked Lu YunYang dubiously as he rubbed his chin.

“Instigate? Mn, your Mandarin is getting better and better, you’re proficient in all sorts of idioms, slang, and ancient sayings.”

“Is that so? I haven’t noticed, I probably watched too much television.” Guan Jin shrugged. “There’s no helping it, my talent for language is just innate.”

“Of course, and don’t forget who it is that fancies you.”

“Stop flattering yourself!” Guan Jin reached out to grab a fruit and suddenly paused. “Hey, you’re getting more and more covert at changing the topic now, huh?”

“And you’re getting better and better at realizing it.”

“We’re both learning from each other and progressing together.”


“What do you mean, yes?! Didn’t you hear what I asked you in the first place?” Guan Jin threw an apple at him.

Lu YunYang caught it and took a bite. “This case definitely involves some domestic forces, otherwise it wouldn’t be so smooth. I think that it might have something to do with Wen JingHan’s past, and anyway, he’s quite clever, so just do as he says and you won’t go wrong.”

“True, I reckon whoever he targets won’t have a good time.”

As Lu YunYang munched on the apple, he thought about the Duke, who had spent a lot of money to ask the Gods to find Wen JingHan’s ex-lover, as well as requesting them to kill him; his brain really must be broken. My Gods are an intelligence organization, not a fucking assassination organization, okay?! Moreover, if Wen JingHan found out, he definitely wouldn’t spare the Duke. Hmph, it’s his fault if he has to sleep on the floor. Lu YunYang internally lit a candle for the Duke…

As he looked at Guan Jin, who was lying lazily on the sofa and watching television, Lu YunYang suddenly felt very proud of his decision to kill Hei Xiao at the time. Letting his lover get rid of his assassin career and becoming his lover was really quite ingenious and foresightful.

“Right!” Guan Jin suddenly sat up and looked at Lu YunYang. “I forgot something, something very important, and I nearly forgot about it because of you. So tell me, exactly who was the person who killed me at the time?!”

…Okay, Lu YunYang could only admit that even the Gods could fail sometimes; after all, he was only a sham of a psychic… 


After two tension-filled days, Wen JinHan reckoned that there wasn’t much time left, so he poked his head into the hotel suite’s adjoining room, which was the Duke’s study.

“Say, it’s already been two days, anything you haven’t thought through should be thought through by now, right? Can we sit down and have a talk?” Wen JinHan did his best to be polite and courteous.

The Duke didn’t even look at him and continued to read the files in his hand. He said coldly, “Go back and stay there obediently, I’ll take you back to England tomorrow.”

…Wen JinHan suppressed his anger and walked closer, saying earnestly, “At least listen to my reason before deciding whether to send me back or not.”

“You really want to return to that person this much? What lasting love.” The Duke finally looked up and stared at Wen JinHan, a hint of cruelty flashing in his eyes. “If that person doesn’t exist anymore, where would you plan on going?”

Huh? Wen JinHan blinked in confusion and came to a realization after a while. He said in surprise, “A-Are you jealous?”

The Duke’s expression froze, and the room fell silent.

Wen JinHan suddenly felt that he seemed to have said something wrong, and that the consequences might be very severe… He slowly backed away. “You can continue, we can talk another day.”

Seeing the Duke’s expressionless face, Wen JinHan resolutely turned around and sprinted to the door. He was practically running for his life!

Wen JinHan felt a breeze on his back, but before he could lower his head and dodge, a firm hand grabbed his neck and dragged him backwards, knocking him against the desk so that things clattered to the floor.

Wen JinHan stood up unsteadily and shouted through gritted teeth, “Are you crazy?!”

The Duke leaned over and placed his hands on the desk, trapping Wen JinHan between his arms. “In order to go back, you really dare to say anything. Trying to goad me isn{t going to work.“

“I don’t have much experience, and I was only saying it offhandedly, so don’t think too much of it. How could a man like you get jealous when you can’t have something you want?” Wen JinHan didn’t want to get on his bad side, so he did his best to assuage the situation. This pattern of losing and being humiliated really wasn’t comfortable.

“After three days and three nights, I still can’t satisfy you? Are you really this anxious to go back and be with that man?” The Duke’s expression was still dark.

Wen JinHan was taken aback when he realized what he meant. He slowly looked down, and when the Duke was getting impatient of waiting, he suddenly lifted a leg and aimed his knee at the Duke’s groin. This attack was too quick and too unexpected, so when the Duke speedily dodged, he didn’t expect Wen JinHan’s leg to instantly straighten and change course towards the Duke’s head.

The Duke leaned back and used his arm to block Wen JinHan’s kick. However, he lost his balance and stumbled back a little. He put down his hand, and his gaze looked like that of a beast’s right before it would tear its prey apart.

“Who the fuck do you think I am?!” Wen JinHan glared at the Duke angrily, and his gaze was also enough to cut through bone, as if he didn’t want to lose to the person opposite of him. His black eyes welled up with tears, sparkling like gems in a mountainside.

The Duke, who had just been fuming, was suddenly dumbfounded, and the anger in his heart was extinguished by those tears that hadn’t yet rolled out. Then, he felt a little guilty.

“Don’t you know who you are best?” The Duke, who refused to believe that his heart was soft, continued his cold tone.

“In your eyes, no, in all of your eyes, I’m just an object to have fun with, something that doesn’t have feelings or a personality or dignity or limits. I’m just a fucking whore that all of you can send back and forth to play with and sleep with! Anyway, I’m not clean, so why bother keeping me by your side to taint your precious eyes?! You might as well send me away as soon as possible!” After Wen JinHan was done shouting, his eyes were red, and he was panting slightly.

“Ahem, don’t get so worked up, it’s not like I said you’re…” The Duke’s eyes roamed easily.

“The only reason I want to go back is to get revenge! I hate that place. It ruined me, so I want to ruin it myself! I have a simple plan that doesn’t require you to take any big risks, but I need to be in there, and all you need to do is reap the benefits.”

The Duke frowned. “Then isn’t going back just walking into a trap?! How can you guarantee that he won’t touch you?”

“I understand him, and he definitely won’t touch me for a while. I know what I’m doing, and I hope you can also trust me on this.”

The Duke gazed at the wall, seemingly lost in thought. He suddenly looked back and said uneasily, “You can go back and——rest for a bit, so that you’re not too tired. As for your request… I’ll consider it.”

Wen JinHan slowly dragged himself out of the study, leaving the Duke deep in thought… He should probably carefully consider this person’s identity, goal, and request, but why was the only thing in his mind an echo of “I understand him”? This definitely isn’t because I’m jealous or anything foolish like that. It’s because I mustn’t let anyone else taint my thing, neither body nor heart! This must be it!

Wen JinHan returned to his room and flopped down on the bed, lying down for a while before finally lifting his head up and silently complaining: I admire you actors in melodramas, all of this crying, shouting, and emotions makes me want to explode! 

After a bit, Wen JinHan went to the door and opened it, motioning at the two bodyguards sitting in the living room. “Gentlemen, order hotel delivery. A bowl of miso soup, foie gras with apple, some oysters, and a plate of stir-fried potatoes.” The faces of the bodyguards twitched, and before they could express their dissatisfaction of this absurd request, they saw Wen JinHan open the door by a crack again. “Oh, right, don’t forget to order some more appetizers.”


Wen JinHan ignored them and lied back down on his bed, sure that going back wasn’t too out of reach anymore.

It was just that——the Duke’s ambiguous attitude towards him was a little troublesome, and he hoped that it was simply a momentary lapse in judgment, and that leaving would make him forget about all of it and find a new love. Anyone passing by, whether you’re someone irrelevant or famous, please listen and make that Duke forget about me!


Outside, the moonlight was clear, pouring into the window like water, and the night sky was boundless and free of clouds. Of course, unluckily, no one was passing by.


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Sue R
Sue R
October 6, 2021 12:34 pm

Very troublesome 😢😢😢.

October 6, 2021 10:00 pm

If only WJH had owned a crystal ball!
Well, GJ certainly put LYY on the spot!
Thank you for translating and editing.

October 6, 2021 10:32 pm

And the best drama actor award goes to… (drums)… Wen JingHan! Let’s hope his partner won’t end up sleeping on the floor.

Guan Jin is as unpredictable as always… he wants to kill his killer… talk about revenge.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 8, 2021 10:16 am

WJH, this fan of yours is proud of you!!! Guan Jin let’s do our best 😉

December 1, 2021 10:27 pm

It took you this long to ask that questions Guan Jin? 😉 What a way to make LYY sweat though….

August 1, 2023 7:13 pm

The Duke is definitely not better than OC. Trapping WJH & sleeping with him against is Willis utterly disgusting & I don’t k ow how he can stand to live with the Duke. Also he’s literally a rebound guy.

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