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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“Everyone! Big news! Very big news!” Ding Ding rushed into the office like a whirlwind and kicked the door closed behind her.

“Colleagues! Friends! Yesterday, I discovered a shocking secret!” Ding Ding’s eyes lit up in excitement.

Guan Jin glanced at her. “Did you take drugs last night?”

“…Don’t be so indifferent, this really is big news.” Ding Ding sat down on a swivel chair and moved to the center of the room, saying mysteriously, “Yesterday, a good friend of mine who’s a guanerdai invited me and a couple other people to a luxurious restaurant. Inside, there were tall, rich, and handsome men everywhere.”

“So you accidentally spilled some wine on one of them, and then he asked you if you were okay?” Chen QiaoYu narrowed her eyes.

“Huh? That’s so cliche, be more creative next time. No, no, don’t interrupt me. When I got up to go to the restroom, I saw a strange plant in the corridor, so I went to take a look. And suddenly! Suddenly, everyone! I saw a shocking scene!” exclaimed Ding Ding.

“Quite shocking indeed,” Lin Bai remarked dryly.

“Shut up! Behind the tall, unknown plant, I saw a covert spot where two people were currently eating dinner. One of them was a tall man, and he had his arm around a slender man. Their heads were very close to each other, and the scene was very intimate. Then, the thinner man turned, revealing the side of his face——” Ding Ding paused and looked at everyone. “He was very clearly——our brilliant leader!”

Everyone was frozen for a few seconds before suddenly surrounding Ding Ding.

“Are you sure it was him?!” asked Zheng Fei.

“Holy shit, tell us more details!” exclaimed Lin Bai.

“The leader isn’t on some undercover mission is he?” said Gu Xiang.

“What did that man look like?! Was he handsome?!” Chen QiaoYu asked eagerly.

Guan Jin was silent.

“He obviously looks very cool and handsome, and he’s also domineering, noble, and arrogant! Moreover, he has green eyes!”

“Wow! Is he a werewolf?!” Lin Bai began to think about games again.


“I didn’t expect that the boss would actually have a man!” Chen QiaoYu suddenly thought of something. “Who’s the top and who’s the bottom?!”

“Tsk tsk, by the looks of it, the boss is definitely the bottom~”


Guan Jin slowly drifted out of the office and closed the door.

“Hm? What’s up with you? Your expression is strange.” Le Fan was standing outside of the office, about to bring them reports.

Guan Jin advised, “It’s best if you don’t go in there right now or the rest of today.”



“Why do I also have to come to such a stupid thing?” The corner of Guan Jin’s mouth twitched.

“Ah, be quiet, can’t you be more professional? We’re trying to track someone here,” hissed Ding Ding.

Guan Jin rolled his eyes and asked the person next to him, “And why are you here, too?”

“I’m a consultant and part of the family, so how could I miss such a major group event?” Lu YunYang said straightforwardly.

It seemed that they really would need to expand the Special Case Unit’s scope, or else this group of people would be so bored all the time that they could stalk their boss on a weekend and spy on his private life. Guan Jin silently turned to face the wall.

“Number one, number one, please pay attention. The target has already left the base and is heading southwest.” Lin Bai’s voice sounded from the headset.

Chen QiaoYu said, “Copy that. Number three, move closer and make sure to stay hidden.”

“Copy,” replied Zheng Fei.

Chen QiaoYu snapped her fingers. “As expected, I reckon the boss is going to a remote place. There are suburban resorts southwest of his house. Let’s follow.” Ding Ding and the others rushed out after her.

“Why are we even doing this?!” After they got in the car, Guan Jin was still very conflicted.

Lu YunYang, who was driving and following Chen QiaoYu’s car, tousled Guan Jin’s hair. “They’re your close colleagues and good friends, so you don’t have the heart to reject them, nor do you want to be excluded from their little circle.”

Guan Jin swatted his hand away and humphed, turning to face the window. “Of course you would know.”

“In the end, it’s because they like you and regard you as irreplaceable, which is why they insisted on bringing you along. You can just think of it as fulfilling their wishes by occasionally going along with their ideas.” 

Guan Jin humphed, but his expression wasn’t as irritated anymore.

“Number one, number one, the target’s car stopped in the parking lot near the coast. The target got into a Bentley, and the license plate is XXX.”

“Number three, pay attention to where you are, don’t expose us!” Chen QiaoYu was only interested in the people, not the car.

“Number one, number one,” said Lin Bai, “this is number two. I’m already at standby at the highway intersection.”

“Good, pay attention to where the Bentley is going.”

Around fifteen minutes passed. “Number one, number one, this is number two. The target’s car is on QingPing road.”

Chen QiaoYu narrowed her eyes. “Everyone, get on that road. Go to the LeYi Resort at the edge of the city.”

When Guan Jin heard this, he raised an eyebrow. “Are you this sure?”

“On QingPing Road, there’s nothing more high-end and low-profile than that resort.”

“Maybe they’re just going on a short excursion.”

“Are you joking? A noble and arrogant man has to choose a high-end resort to show his sincerity in pursuing someone!”



“There’s something wrong with your outlook.”

“Nonsense, good men must be kept! Uh, I mean, they must be inspected strictly!”

“…” But Wen JingHan didn’t invite you to inspect them.


At the resort entrance.

The security guards politely stopped them from entering. “I’m sorry, everyone, but our resort requires advance reservation and confirmation. This is for the safety of the guests, I hope you’ll understand.”

Chen QiaoYu smiled brightly and pushed Lu YunYang to the front. “We’ll have to depend on you now!”

“…” Guan Jin finally realized why they had so enthusiastically invited him and Lu YunYang to participate in this event.

Lu YunYang seemed to have seen this coming, and he fished out a card, showing it to the guards. Their expressions immediately changed, and they opened the door, respectfully welcoming them into the resort.

“You really take advantage of all opportunities.” Guan Jin glanced at the unassuming black card.

“Of course.”


“What’s so special about this place?” Wen JingHan was a little annoyed that he hadn’t been able to sleep in today.

“It’s healthy to wake up earlier.” The Duke replied, “There’s a natural bamboo forest here, and the morning air is very refreshing.”

Wen JingHan walked along the mountain path, and sure enough, the mountains were covered in bamboo trees, and he could smell the refreshing scent of bamboo leaves. In the distance, there seemed to be a mist hanging over the forest, giving it an ethereal and picturesque feel.

“You’re quite considerate, how did you find such a charming place?” He admitted that he indeed liked it a lot.

“Look, there’s a bamboo house there. Inside, there’s exquisite bamboo leaf wine and freshly brewed tea, as well as guqin music. We’ll stay here today, how does that sound?”

Wen JingHan looked at the Duke and rubbed his chin. “Drinking tea in relaxation and cleansing the mind. This doesn’t sound like the Duke’s style.”

“Occasionally, I also want to experience your ancient culture and cultivate my mind.”

In this heavenly, bamboo-filled place, he would wait until Wen JingHan drank some bamboo leaf wine, and when he was slightly drunk the Duke would light some candles. Then, in the hazy moonlight, he would gently undress him and savor him carefully… 

As for Wen JingHan, he didn’t believe that the Duke’s mind wasn’t on sex. However, since Wen JingHan really liked this place anyway, he was too lazy to care too much.


“Wow, I see them, they’re sitting down and someone’s pouring tea for them.” Ding Ding raised the binoculars, a pile of bamboo leaves on top of her head.

“The waiter’s going away!”

“How come they’re really drinking tea, how disappointing!” Chen QiaoYu stomped out of frustration.

“Hey, didn’t you two come because you were worried about the boss and were scared that he would get coerced?” Gu Xiang felt that the two women were already deviating far away from the original course.

“Only you would believe that.” Recently, Zheng Fei had also been infected.

“Then… it’s not very moral of us to be spying on their private affairs, right?” Gu Xiang said awkwardly.

It’s too late for you to say that now! Guan Jin exclaimed inwardly.

“Hey, hey! That man got closer and is beginning to make a move!” Ding Ding practically started salivating.

“Ahh! They’re too lucky!” The two women exclaimed.

“Have a taste, the bamboo leaf wine here is made using a secret recipe. The alcohol isn’t very strong, but it’s very fragrant.” Lu YunYang had gotten someone to bring food and drinks to the pavilion beforehand.

He didn’t care about what other people liked to watch; feeding his own person was what he cared about.

Guan Jin tentatively took a sip and squinted slightly. Lu YunYang smiled and poured him another glass. “Although it’s good, it’s still the morning right now, so don’t drink too much.”

“Say, how come that foreigner looks a little familiar, as if I’ve seen him somewhere before?” Lin Bai scratched his head.

“Oh? Don’t tell me he really does have a shady background.” Zheng Fei shook him. “Quick, think!”

“Look, quick!” Ding Ding had picked up the binoculars again. “He pinned him down!”

“Ah! How come they’re blocked by the wall now?! How despicable!” Chen QiaoYu threw down the binoculars in frustration and ate a piece of dried fruit.

“You guys can go over and watch from the window,” advised Guan Jin.

“We don’t want to die that quickly, if we really interrupted them, the boss would kill us.” Ding Ding helplessly paced around.

“Oh, we have food and drinks, this isn’t too bad.”

“Ah, it would be better if we had something to watch as well.”

“Is that so? Watch what?” The voice was amused.

Ding Ding jumped backwards. “L-l-leader!”

Wen JingHan had appeared next to the pavilion, and beside him was the foreigner, with a very dark expression.

“What a coincidence, ahaha…” 

“How come you guys are here?” asked Wen JingHan, smiling warmly.

“It was Professor Lu! He has a Centurion Card, so he invited us here for a vacation, ahaha…” This was what a shield was used for.

However, a certain person didn’t like being associated with the shield, and he ruthlessly sold his colleagues out. “We came with them. Someone insisted on seeing who our leader’s man was, and enjoying this paradise was a bonus.”

“…” Everyone silently and slowly started moving towards the pavilion’s exit.

“Oh?” Wen JingHan narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Everyone trembled.

The Duke was also very unhappy that someone had tried to look at his property and disrupted his plan.

Chen QiaoYu immediately spotted the Duke’s dark expression.

“Handsome, you should take good care of your man and make sure he doesn’t abuse his subordinates. We’re on your side!”

In the end, the Duke reluctantly invited them to a meal.

As for Lu YunYang, he was always only watching and never participated in these things. His one mission was to appease Guan Jin, so he called to the waiter, “Two more oysters, please. Little Jin, eat some more.”

The Duke heard him and said, “Make that eight more. Dear, we’ll each have four.”


Guan Jin and Wen JingHan said in unison, “Get lost!”


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Sue R
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October 14, 2021 10:53 am

Wen JingHan has so grown on me.
He and GJ have something in common now, to… obsessed partners for whom they have a one-track mind (but also protect with equal passion).
Thank you for translating and editing.

October 14, 2021 9:21 pm

Omg…this chapter is so funny and cute🤣🤣🤣🤣

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