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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Guan Jin was sitting next to the pool on the fourth floor and staring at the water, thinking about the explanation show from just then. The surface of the water refracted the light of the sunset, bobbing up and down like the fragmented clues in his mind.

“It turns out you’re hiding here, lost in thought. What new things have you thought of in your meditation?”

Guan Jin looked up at the man in front of him.

The afterglow of the sunset coated Lu YunYang’s body with a golden halo, and he emanated warmness and softness. Objectively speaking, Lu YunYang’s figure was tall and upright, and he had exquisite facial features and a gentle aura. Whether it was for women or men who liked men, he indeed looked quite attractive. Even though he wasn’t to Guan Jin’s taste, he couldn’t help but admit that this person was rather pleasing to the eye.

“Actually, from this angle, you don’t look half bad.” Guan Jin bent one of his legs and rested his arm on his knee.

Lu YunYang raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Is there a ‘but’ coming?”

Guan Jin wasn’t too happy. “What, is my compliment that insincere?”

“It’s just that I’ve been waiting for it so long, I find it a little hard to believe.” Lu YunYang happily sat down next to Guan Jin and reached out to hug him.

Guan Jin put a hand out to stop his approach. “Hey, I said that you don’t look half bad, but I didn’t say that I like this type of appearance.”

Lu YunYang stopped and tilted his head. “Little Jin, you’ve gone astray. Are you playing hard to get in order to seduce me?”

“S-seduce you? Your eyes——” Before he could finish, Lu YunYang suddenly pounced and embraced Guan Jin, leaned to the side, and the two of them fell into the pool.

Water splashed everywhere.

Guan Jin coughed and struggled to stand up in the water, but Lu YunYang pinned him to the edge of the pool.

“Hey, what are you doing?!”

“I’m doing you.”

Lu YunYang directly used a fierce and passionate French kiss to block Guan Jin’s mouth before he could express his indignation.

His senses were completely overwhelmed by that domineering heat, and as Guan Jin flailed about in the water, he cursed inwardly, Dammit, so fucking despicable! How many times has this guy practiced this before, this technique… Who could remain calm after this?!

Even though he had done it quite a few times before, Guan Jin rarely kissed others, since they were all superficial relationships in which both sides got what they wanted. He wasn’t at all interested in the mouth of a stranger or short-term lover, which was why he could be considered “pure”…

Guan Jin felt both invigorated and furious at being kissed while he struggled.

Their clothes were completely soaked, and they were stuck tightly to their bodies. Lu YunYang looked down at Guan Jin’s slim yet strong waist, and he felt a burst of fervor in his heart. Lu YunYang resolutely reached his hand under Guan Jin’s shirt and stroked the smooth skin on his waist.

Guan Jin shuddered and felt himself go weak. How come his waist, no, this body’s waist was so sensitive? He couldn’t even stand steadily after just being touched a few times by someone…

Lu YunYang sensed the change in the person under him, and he increased the strength and speed of his hands. He moved up from his waist and lit fires everywhere on Guan Jin’s body.

Why was this water so hot… Guan Jin really couldn’t stand this kind of provocation, and since he had nothing to lose, he fiercely kissed Lu YunYang back. He refused to let him gain the upper hand on this matter. This was about his dignity, and no other reason!

Thus, it became a contest, and the two of them did everything possible to occupy the other’s senses and take control. Water kept splashing as if it was boiling.

Qin Xiao, who was looking for someone, ran to the fourth floor, and when he saw the two people intertwined in the pool, he froze, and his expression was quite laughable. Then, Mu QianHe and Qin Se also ran up, one of them covering Qin Xiao’s eyes and the other dragging him backwards by the collar, quickly taking him away.

“Although I also really want to look, if we interrupt Second Brother’s business, it’s like having a death wish. Brat, you’re so immature,” Qin Se scolded Qin Xiao, though she couldn’t stop her mind from wandering; she wondered if they would go all the way~

The answer was negative.

Guan Jin and Lu YunYang both sensed that there were people, and although Lu YunYang didn’t intend on stopping, Guan Jin firmly stopped his “brazen” behavior. “Enough!”

Lu YunYang pressed his forehead to Guan Jin’s, panting a little. “Although it’s not a good choice to have our first time here, it’s impossible for me to hold back.”

“Well, go find someone else then!” Guan Jin felt that this conversation was getting more and more wretched.

“Be obedient and let me hug you for a while.”

“How, how can anyone be obedient when you’re so domineering?” Guan Jin said through gritted teeth.

“I can’t control that, but I’ll do my best. Moreover, it seems that it’s not only me who has to do their best.” Lu YunYang chuckled.

“It would be strange if someone didn’t react to your fussing!”

“Shh, we’re even now. I was too impatient, I promised I wouldn’t touch you, but I just couldn’t help myself.”

Guan Jin’s stomach growled.

“…It seems that your stomach is even more impatient.”

After changing and adjusting his expression so that it was suitable for seeing others, Guan Jin headed straight to the dining hall. He could practically eat a horse, though he didn’t know if it was because he was hungry, angry, or unsatiated…


The case of the murders was over, and everyone felt a little heavy, though they were at least more at ease, and the atmosphere in the restaurant became a lot more lively. Guan Jin still felt very uncertain, and he observed the others as he ate. From time to time, Qin Xiao and Qin Se would glance at him meaningfully, but in the end, they were scared off by Guan Jin’s murderous gaze.

“Everyone knows people of mixed blood are good-looking. Miss Elena, I’m sure your future baby will definitely be a beauty.” Qin Se could only use this to shift her curiosity.

“Unfortunately, my baby’s father got lost somewhere.” Elena smiled.

“Sister, you don’t need to be so envious, your future child will also be good-looking,” said Qin Xiao.

“Then I’d have to take credit for that, right?” Lu YunChi was triumphant.

Qin Se rolled her eyes. “You even have the face to take credit for something like that?”

“It’s all thanks to my ancestors, it’s not my fault I have such good genetics.”


Jiang LingXuan looked a little gloomy, so Qin Se turned and asked her, “LingXuan, do you want a boy or a girl in the future?”

“I…” Jiang LingXuan was taken aback, and she looked down guiltily.

“Okay, cheer up. These things weren’t your fault. Tao Yu voluntarily took responsibility for everything, so you can’t do anything to help, and it might even worsen his crimes if you did so. His actions were somewhat justified, and I think that Mr. Wang will do his best to protect him,” Qin Se consoled in a low voice.

Jiang LingXuan looked at Wang XuTong, who was standing on the other side of the room, with a gloomy expression.

“Mr. Wang already knew that you were connected to this matter, but he never brought it up. I think that he’s determined and unwavering, and no matter what you do, he’ll do his best to rectify it. When he heard Officer Wen say you were only being used, he sighed in relief. Having someone who loves you so much is lucky, so you don’t need to worry about anything else,” added Elena.

Jiang LingXuan nodded and seemed to feel a lot better. She said, “I’ve troubled everyone, sorry about that.”

“That’s right, just say what you should say, and all’s well that ends well.”

Everyone began to talk and laugh, and the atmosphere improved greatly.

There was a clatter, and it sounded like someone had knocked over their tableware. The dining hall quieted down.

A waiter with wide eyes was pointing at the ground. “There was a knife on the plate…”

Wen JingHan and Lu YunYang, who had just walked in, happened to be closest, so they quickly walked over.

There was a kitchen knife on the ground, and it was stained with a red fluid, impaled through a folded piece of paper.

Wen JingHan carefully picked up the paper and unfolded it.

On it was written: Continue towards Hawaii, or else everyone will end up in a watery grave.

“Isn’t Tao Yu still locked in his room, with someone keeping watch?” Lu YunChi frowned.

“This evidently isn’t connected to him.”

“But, hasn’t everything here already ended?” Wang XuTong walked over to Jiang LingXuan.

“Clearly not.” Min Yan used a napkin to elegantly wipe his mouth. “Because D is still dead.”


“Before, Wen JingHan said that target A was Dong Chong, B was Tian QingLin, and C was Fang Lin. Among these, Fang Lin didn’t become a final victim, yet there are three dead people on this ship. You didn’t forget about that deceased waiter, did you?” Min Yan’s tone was casual.

“Wasn’t he pushed over the railing because he saw Tao Yu? Or he might’ve just lost his footing and fell, right?” said Mu QianHe.

“Wen JingHan didn’t make that conclusion.”

Wen JingHan nodded. “Tao Yu told me that he definitely didn’t touch that waiter, and I believe him. As for how he died, I don’t have the answer.”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Min Yan pointed at the paper. “There is still someone at large and scheming secretly.”

The atmosphere in the dining hall became cold, and an even denser shadow enveloped it. 


However, Guan Jin’s mind was somewhere else. Not long ago, he had seemed to have heard something very important, but no matter what, he couldn’t latch onto that clue. Just then, he hadn’t been listening carefully, and even his superhuman memory couldn’t grasp it completely. What was it…?


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Sue R
Sue R
June 18, 2021 6:49 pm

Little Jin still have to work hard on his phycological with his phycologist guy. LOL.

June 18, 2021 7:36 pm

Hmmm that kiss was fierce on both ends! I like their dynamics! GJ hasn’t really dated and fallen in love, this is all new to him. Omg! Another killer is still at large! Who could it be?! And what agenda do they have??

June 19, 2021 5:53 am

Thanks for the chapter!!!❤️

June 19, 2021 10:30 am

Guan Jin only has photographic memory, right? So if he hears something, and he wasn’t really paying attention, then he wouldn’t be able to remember as clearly, no?

June 19, 2021 11:55 am

I think the waiter was killed by Spider because he saw him/her doing something. But, yeah, way to spoil the mood. And that kiss, I wonder, if they weren’t interrupted and were somewhere private, and Guan Jin was not hungry, would YunYang end up “bullying” Guan Jin into the home base?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 23, 2021 5:26 am

How on earth did someone else kill the waiter… was it a different scene he walked in on and not this murder?
It seems to be all about domination in a relationship, with GJ. He still thinks of his former self, but domination doesn’t have to be about strength, there are other ways ~ couldn’t he consider power bottom?
Thank you for translating.

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