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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


When the three people in the Fang family walked into the dining hall, they were greeted with bad news.

Fang Sen sighed. “One wave has finally crashed and disappeared, yet another swells. It seems that I, Fang Sen, really need to go burn incense and pray. I am definitely responsible for everyone’s safety, but I still want to seek everyone’s opinion. Should we continue back or switch directions and go to Hawaii?”

Fang Mo seemed to be a little indignant. “How can we blindly take orders from a nobody? Cousin, we need to take the initiative to attack.”

“Attack? How? Attack who? You should think before you speak.”

Fang Mo was cowed by Fang Sen’s fierce words, and he sat down at a table in the corner with a long face.

“For safety’s sake, it’s best if we don’t take any risks.” Qin Se rubbed her chin.

“But don’t forget that there’s still a murderer and three bodies on the ship. Is it really okay if we go to Hawaii like this?” objected Wen JingHan.

In the end, after a long discussion, the majority of people still felt that they shouldn’t anger the person who had written the letter.

“What does the Duke think…?” Fang Sen subconsciously glanced at Wen JingHan.

“Currently, he won’t mind, but if he finds himself having drifted on the sea for a month and still not be close to shore, I reckon he won’t be too happy.” Implying, this was the last time.

“Then I’ll speak with the captain, and we’ll continue for Hawaii.” Fang Sen turned around, about to leave, but Lu YunYang stopped him. “Mr. Fang, I’ll go with you, I happen to want to make a phone call, and we also need to placate the crewmen.”

Fang Sen nodded gratefully.

Wen JingHan turned around helplessly and saw that Guan Jin’s expression was dark and was sitting anxiously and silently on the sofa. With the concern of a leader for his subordinate, he walked over and asked, “What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”

Guan Jin’s mind was in a jumble; he had finally found that clue, but after pulling on it, he had discovered that it was a dead end. He looked up when he heard Wen JingHan. He had to be one hundred percent sure about some things, or else it would be very difficult to recover.

“How did you meet the Duke?”

“Huh?” Wen JingHan was taken aback, but he laughed in spite of himself. “What, you’re interested in your leader’s private life? Did you encounter a relationship problem?”

Wen JingHan didn’t wait for him to answer and walked straight out the door. Guan Jin understood and followed him outside.

“Actually, it was merely by luck. There’s no sad and sentimental story behind it,” Wen JingHan said casually.

“Didn’t you go undercover to catch him, yet he saw through you and you were taken captive, or something like that?”

Wen JingHan chuckled. “Ah, Guan Jin, you’ve already been poisoned to this extent by Ding Ding and the others. When I get back, I’ll have to make some changes. If I don’t want it, no one can make me do anything. However, it’s true that he’s domineering and unreasonable. Besides, why would I go undercover to spy on a businessman?”

“Maybe he’s secretly the boss of a large intelligence organization.” Guan Jin stared at him.

“Intelligence organization? Even if he did commit a crime, he wouldn’t do something as troublesome as that. It would make more sense if you guessed that he was an arms dealer or something.” Wen JingHan seemed to think of something, and he smiled faintly.

“Does he go to you often?”

“For the past two years, he’s practically lived in my house. I really don’t know how his European business hasn’t gone bankrupt yet.” Wen JingHan shrugged.

“Hmph, you must have a lot of charm.”

“Thanks, I also didn’t expect this. Otherwise, how could even you have fantasies about me?” Wen JingHan winked.


“I could already tell a little from the moment you saw me first after you lost your memory. Fortunately, you shifted your attention in time, or else I would’ve been very perplexed.”

Dammit, he actually noticed the small thing I had for him back then. I really can’t let my guard down around him. Besides, I’m pretty sure the first person I saw after I opened my eyes was Lin Bai…


“What took you so long?” Sure enough, Lu YunYang was in Guan Jin’s room.

Guan Jin was already used to his habit of breaking and entering. “I was having a heart-to-heart with my leader.”

“Leader?” Lu YunYang’s tone was strange. “Hey, do you really like his type that much? Wen JingHan only looks good on the outside, but he’s a cruel, vicious evildoer on the inside.”

Guan Jin looked at him in amusement. “Is this heartfelt dissuasion from you because you’re afraid I’m attracted to him?”

“I also don’t want to think this way, but after all, you were still quite interested in him before, no?”

What?! Was I really that obvious before, even this sham of a psychic could tell?!

“Okay, I’m just kidding, I know that I’m the person you love most.”

“…Narcissism is a type of disease, get a cure.”

Guan Jin bantered with him, but his heart was heavy. He weighed his options for a while before making a decision.

“Why would your family produce someone as strange as you, don’t they engage in business?” Guan Jin pretended he was just unintentionally ridiculing him.

“Yeah, I’m also confused.” Lu YunYang spread his hands.

“You and your younger brother both aren’t going to inherit the family business, don’t your parents mind?”

“My older brother is doing very well, and this way, we won’t have any sibling rivalry, isn’t it nice that my family is so close?”

“That’s quite rare. However, your younger brother is doing a lot better than you.”

“Him?” Lu YunYang seemed to be very happy that Guan Jin was interested in his family affairs. He sat down at the edge of the bed and continued, “Ever since he was young, he’s liked to be high-profile and dress up fashionably, so that my mom always thought that he had a special inclination. However, he’s so straight he can’t get any straighter, and it turned out to be me and my brother to be gay.”

“It’s true that there are a lot of gay people in the fashion industry. He goes abroad often, right? It’s a wonder he’s still so straight.”

“Yeah, he flies to Paris, New York, Milan, and even South America all the time.”

“Did he come back recently?”

“Yep, he’s only been back for a month.”

“You’re probably not very clear on what he does abroad, right?”

“I’m sure it’s not that glorious. As siblings, we’re all very independent, and we never ask about one another’s matters. However, I’m jealous that you care about him so much,” Lu YunYang said sadly.

Guan Jin glanced at him. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think he’s more handsome than you, kind of like a model with mixed blood.”

“I have inner beauty.”

“I can’t see it.”

“You can feel it.”

“Are you willing to be the bottom?”

“…Are we talking about the same thing?”

Lu YunYang ended up sleeping in Guan Jin’s bed, yet Guan Jin was wide awake the entire time.

He didn’t know how he could still maintain such a calm exterior and joke around with Lu YunYang, even prying about Lu YunChi. Yet there was a question that he couldn’t bring himself to ask: your family also has a lineage of mixed blood, right?

If it wasn’t for Qin Xiao saying that Qin Se’s future child would definitely be a beauty, just like Elena’s, and Lu YunChi expressing his pride in his ancestors because of this, he never would’ve thought that Lu YunChi was extraordinarily handsome because of his mixed blood.

He had been the most suspicious of Duke Canterbury before, but after seeing his style, he became more and more doubtful of his own judgement. Wen JingHan’s words only further confirmed this. Moreover, the Duke was often active in Europe, and it was rumored that he was involved in the arms business in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, high-profile and unyielding. It definitely didn’t match Hermes’s global range of activities and the cunningness of controlling the dark and gathering information everywhere.

Lu YunChi often went abroad and traveled all over the world, which matched their information. Moreover, he had come back around a month ago, which was also when Spider had entered the country and boarded the same ship. As for Qin Xiao and Mu QianHe, who were always near him, they were young, but they were rigorous. Qin Xiao’s strange behavior in school had made him suspicious already.

Moreover, Lu YunChi looked high-profile and dazzling, but once anything happened, he would only observe from a distance. Instead, it was Qin Se, Qin Xiao, and Mu QianHe who would respond. Before, he hadn’t noticed it, but now as he thought back, it was quite strange.

Guan Jin stared at the ceiling, feeling his veins bulge and a splitting headache coming on. He didn’t want to ask Lu YunYang ‘do you know your younger brother’s true identity?’ and ‘are you purposely deceiving me?’. He would rather believe that Lu YunYang didn’t know. But even if he did know, Guan Jin couldn’t say anything about him wanting to protect his younger brother and cover for him. After all, Guan Jin was the outsider, and their feelings meant nothing.

As he looked at the pillow that still contained the gun, Guan Jin smiled bitterly. Were the two of them doomed to this dead end?


In the morning, Guan Jin walked dazedly to the deck with dark eye bags.

A lot of people were currently eating breakfast, and when Qin Se saw Guan Jin, she couldn’t help but ask worriedly, “You don’t look too well, are you seasick?”

Guan Jin shook his head.

“Wife, if brother-in-law was easily seasick, he would’ve been seasick a long time ago. Maybe this is because of my brother?” teased Lu YunChi.

“Do you really want me to become your brother-in-law?” Guan Jin suddenly asked Lu YunChi.

Lu YunChi was taken aback, and he quickly smiled. “What do you mean? I have a lot of trust in my brother’s taste.”

“Even if I cause rivalry between the two of you?”

“Rivalry?” Lu YunChi completely misunderstood. “I have a fiance…”

“Never mind.” Guan Jin seemed to lose interest and walked away.

“YunChi, this seems a little troublesome. What if…” Qin Se looked a little worried.

“There is no what if. In the Lu family’s dictionary, there is no such phrase,” Lu YunChi said lightly.

“How come you aren’t eating?” Elena approached Guan Jin and leaned against the railing next to him.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You don’t look not hungry at all, you look unhappy.”

“You don’t seem to be even a little worried about the current situation?”

“Even if I was worried, so what? For a lot of people, once they start worrying about their future, they’ll lose their appetite and forget to think. However, I feel that at times like these, it is even more important for us to enjoy the moment. How could worrying about things all the time solve anything?”

“Your attitude is always very unique.”

“Of course. I never like to do the things that the majority of people like to do. I’m different.” Elena tucked her hair behind her ear a little proudly.

“What did you say?!” Guan Jin suddenly exclaimed.

Elena repeated it in surprise. “I said that I never like to do the things that the majority of people like to do. I’m different.”

Guan Jin slapped the railing. “So that’s what it means, this must be it!”

“Guan, where are you going?” Elena couldn’t help but shout as she watched Guan Jin sprint away.


“The library!”


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June 21, 2021 3:56 pm

Pfft- Guan Jin is now rejuvenated! I wonder what he figured out!

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June 21, 2021 6:15 pm

Wondering what GJ figured out!? I literally feel for GJ, there is so many questions that are unanswered and any way he looks he can harm a relationship that he has built, so he has to be sure! Even thought WJH mentioned the Duke, he didn’t say how they met, it was still very vague! Looking forward to next chapter!

June 21, 2021 6:19 pm

If YunChi is who Guan Jin thought he is.. ay I don’t want to think about it. 😔 It’s also impossible that YunYang doesn’t know what his brother’s real ‘job’ is. I just hope GuanJin’s suspicion is wrong.

June 21, 2021 10:27 pm

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I didn’t expect to catch up before tge story ended. Now I have to wait patiently, something I’m not terribly good at! 😕
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