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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“Time of death was over two hours ago,” said the coroner after a simple examination. “Cause of death was probably mechanical asphyxia, since there are ligature marks on his neck and he was bleeding from the eyes. I can only give more specific results after running some more tests.”

Wen JingHan thanked the coroner and walked towards Le Fan. The latter was holding a length of rope and examining it carefully.

“Is that the murder weapon?”

“It appears to match the marks on the victim’s neck, but I’ll have to do further comparisons later.”

Le Fan looked at the door. “Purposely tying him to the door… This killer is definitely a psychopath.”

“How many people knew that you had plans to rehearse with the victim?” Chen QiaoYu’s tone was gentle when she saw that Yan Qing’s face was still pale from the shock. Nearby, Xiao Duo was holding a cup of hot water, still trembling, though she seemed determined to stay by Yan Qing.

Yan Qing rubbed his temples. “At the time, he was pretty loud, so everyone nearby heard him.”

“Are you alright? We simply want to get accurate leads as soon as possible.”

“I’m fine, I just have a small headache. Ask whatever you need to, I don’t want to hinder your investigation.”

“When was the last time you saw him?”

Yan Qing thought back carefully. “After he finished his last scene at around two, I haven’t seen him since. I still had scenes afterwards, so I was too preoccupied to pay attention to others.”

“Did anything unusual happen to him today?”

“…At the start, he didn’t seem too cooperative with the director. I’m not sure of the details, but you can ask the director or assistant director.”

“How did you find his body?”

Chen QiaoYu thought that she saw Yan Qing tremble slightly, but when she looked again, Yan Qing was still sitting motionlessly on the chair.

“I couldn’t find him in the lounge, so I wanted to look for him outside. Then, I heard his phone ring, so I followed the sound. When I opened the door, I found him like that.”

Before they could continue, there was a commotion outside. Mo Wei and two men in suits rushed over.

“Officers, I’m Yan Qing’s agent, Mo Wei. These two are our company’s lawyers. Are you guys finished? Yan Qing has been frightened, and I wish to get him home as early as possible so he can get some rest.” Mo Wei’s tone was polite, but his tone was final.

Chen QiaoYu crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at him. “Mr. Mo, are you a citizen of Country C?”

Mo Wei was taken aback. “I am.”

“Since that’s the case, I’ll have to ask you to abide by Country C’s legal process. We’re in the middle of questioning a witness, and since there hasn’t been any unlawful detention or violence and your client is willingly cooperating with us, may I ask what the problem is?”

“…I’m going to go pour a glass of water for Yan Qing.”

 Chen QiaoYu dropped the subject and turned back to Yan Qing. “Were you close with Guo ZiZhen?”

“Although we’re in the same company, besides this movie, we haven’t worked together before. We were only somewhat acquainted.”

Chen QiaoYu looked at Mo Wei. “The same company? One of the actors from your company died, yet you don’t care?”

Mo Wei shrugged. “I also feel sorry, but I’m not Guo ZiZhen’s agent, so I have no right to intervene with his matters. The company will assign someone to take care of this. However, I do have a request. Yan Qing and Guo ZiZhen are both public figures, and if this isn’t handled properly, it will create complications for both the deceased and the living. Thus, I hope the police force can temporarily hold off from publicly announcing anything that might cause misunderstandings or groundless speculation.”

Ding Ding, who had been taking notes at the side, was unhappy. “Agent Mo, don’t think that only your entertainment company needs to handle public relations.”

“Yes, yes, I trust the police.”

Meanwhile, Guan Jin and Lu YunYang finally arrived at the set.

“Are you okay?” Lu YunYang walked over to Yan Qing.

Yan Qing replied, “I’m fine, but that person died so tragically…”

“QiaoYu, are you done questioning?”

Chen QiaoYu was taken aback, but she nodded. “That’s all for now, but I’ll have to get in touch in the future if there’s any other information we need.”

“Alright then, let’s go, I’ll take you back. My brother was really worried and was about to rush here himself. I had to convince him to wait at home.” Lu YunYang took his things from Xiao Duo, nodded at Guan Jin, and walked outside.

Yan Qing hesitated, but he said goodbye to Mo Wei and Xiao Duo before following. 

When there were only a few people left at the set, Chen QiaoYu, Ding Ding, and the others exchanged looks: What’s going on… They all turned to look at Guan Jin: Could it be a love triangle?!

As if nothing had happened, Guan Jin ignored their questioning gazes and went to the crime scene.

The outline of a body had been drawn on the door in white chalk.

Guan Jin tilted his head and stared at the door for a while with raised eyebrows.

“Do you see something?” asked Wen JingHan.

“It feels like I’ve seen something similar elsewhere,” Guan Jin said uncertainly.

“A past case? A movie? Or did you hear about it?”

Guan Jin shook his head. “I can’t remember.”

“Don’t you have photographic memory?”

“…If I didn’t forget anything at all, I’d be dead from exhaustion by now.” Guan Jin thought to himself, The photographic memory was the past Guan Jin and my later self, but the memories of my past self aren’t that reliable.

Everyone had rushed here after work was over, so it was nearing daybreak after they finished up.

“We’re basically done here, you’ve all worked hard. Go home and get some rest, and we’ll reconvene tomorrow morning.”

“Boss, I keep feeling that these two cases are connected for sure. It’s probably a serial case,” said Zheng Fei.

“It’s a good thing we have the professor working with us,” Ding Ding said happily.

Wen JingHan said lightly, “The professor won’t be involved in the case this time, so we’re on our own.”

Everyone was surprised and wanted to inquire further, but Wen JingHan had already left.


When Guan Jin got home, A-Gua walked up to him and circled around him.

“It’s so late, why aren’t you sleeping?” Guan Jin petted A-Gua. Suddenly, he heard Lu YunYang’s voice coming from a room.

He put on his slippers and approached the bedroom silently.

Lu YunYang didn’t seem to have noticed Guan Jin’s return, which surprised him. What phone call could have him this preoccupied?

“I’ve been spoiling him this entire time.” Lu YunYang’s tone was a little forlorn, but he was smiling faintly.

“Like I said, you can’t go wrong if you listen to me. He may seem cold and disdainful, but in reality, his heart really lacks love, and he yearns for it. Just express your care for him and he’ll feel uncomfortable and purposely pretend like he doesn’t appreciate it, but deep down, he’ll definitely remember it. Guan’s definitely just a tsundere, and he’s always been like this. I know him too well!”

The room was very quiet, and the volume of the phone wasn’t too soft, so Guan Jin heard everything clearly. That damned, unforgettable Texan accent!

Guan Jin immediately pushed the door open and ignored Lu YunYang’s slightly startled expression as he grabbed the phone and interrupted Tony, who was still rambling about his analysis of Guan Jin’s personality.

“I really have been lacking love lately, do you want to come provide some?” His tone was very calm.

“…” The other end was silent for a bit before hanging up.

Dammit, that spineless bastard!

Guan Jin threw the phone onto the bed and raised an eyebrow at Lu YunYang.

Lu YunYang was staring at him with a pitiful expression that said “I confess and ask for forgiveness”.

“I needed to ask Tony something, and he cared about how you were doing, so we also chatted for a bit.” Look at my extremely sincere gaze.

“Why did you need him?”

“There’s been some trouble over there recently, and Tony can provide me with some information.” Lu YunYang pulled Guan Jin so that he was sitting down. “I might have to leave soon for a while.”

“Leave?” Guan Jin immediately realized what he meant. “You’re going to the States? What major thing happened that would require you to take care of it yourself?”

“It’s a messy business. After all, YunChi has his own career, and I can’t let him carry this burden. As for the specific details, I’ll tell you when I get back, since it’s still a little unclear.”

Guan Jin rolled his eyes. “It’s not like I’m interested in your lame god or whatever organization.”

Lu YunYang stared at him for two seconds before suddenly enveloping Guan Jin in a hug, rocking back and forth. “Why are you so cute?”

“…You’re crazy.” Guan Jin shoved him.

Lu YunYang sighed lightly. “Little Jin, the thing I want most is your unconditional trust, and to get that, I’ll tell you everything.”

“If you say so, but I’m not interested in your private matters, so there’s really no need. Just tell me, will it be dangerous?”

“It won’t be very easy, but I promise I’ll come back safely.” Lu YunYang’s gaze softened even more.

“…If you want, I can contact my friends.”

“If I need that, I’ll let you know.” Lu YunYang didn’t refuse the offer, since this was his lover for a lifetime, whom he wanted to protect and dote on. At the same time, he wanted to fight side by side with him and even be protected by him. “Little Jin, I’m really happy that you care about my safety.”

Under Lu YunYang’s penetrating, unwavering gaze, Guan Jin silently turned away to face the wall.

Fuck, it’s definitely not that I’m afraid to look at him!


Lu YunYang’s heart was full as he was about to go to sleep, but he suddenly remembered something: Although that damned Golden Retriever who understood Guan Jin well from a young age could provide details from his past, thinking about this made him feel a little uncomfortable. Besides, how did that guy even meet Guan Jin? Was it because of that deceased Hei Xiao? 


Mn… Maybe he could also deal with that Golden Retriever when he went to the United States. In an instant, a certain corner of the jealous man’s heart became even darker than the night sky…


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Sue R
Sue R
August 2, 2021 11:12 am

I just has no word to say.
Thank you for the chapter.

August 2, 2021 3:49 pm

Tony.. seems to be loyal but not that reliable to keep secret.. 😓 ai, Yun Yang will definitely find out about Hei Xiao.

August 2, 2021 4:55 pm

I wonder if Tony will tell LYY about Hei Xiao! The chapter was awesome! I really like how their relationship is progressing even if GJ can’t admit to himself just yet! He is worried about his safety! I love it! ❤️❤️

August 2, 2021 10:22 pm

Poor Tony..become the vinegar jar target😂🙈😂🙈😂🙈

August 3, 2021 1:35 am

I wonder if he gets to know about the transmigration… I really want to read YunYang’s professional opinion about this phenomenon, and the fact that he ordered to kill his present lover once before, but in a different body. Wouldn’t that make his understanding deeper and up the task difficulty?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 5, 2021 11:40 am

LYY really is quite scary deep down.
Well it is said that psychologists have the biggest issues and darkest recesses.
Thank you for translating and editing.

January 30, 2022 7:11 pm

Siento curiosidad por cómo va a reaccionar YunYang al enterarse que mandó a matar a su actual amante (aunque Guan Jin no sepa la última parte 😂) Pero a la vez quisiera que no se enterara, ya que es una nueva vida… Pero bueno

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