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Half an hour later, the collapse of Demon Peak had finally stopped. All the major forces began counting the casualties. In just a glance, you could tell that it was very horrible. Although a lot of people fled in time, there were some people who did not have time to flee; some fell into the cracks, some were crushed to death; the number of people dropped drastically.

People from Tian Xin sect realized that Tang YunQi had disappeared.

Elder Wang’s face turned pale while looking through the crowd several times, but he still couldn’t find Tang YunQi’s figure. The headmaster specifically handed Tang YunQi to him, were something happened to her, he’d be the one that the headmaster asked first. “Have any of you seen YunQi?”

Huang Jie stood up and said, “Elder, when Demon Peak started to collapse, Tang-shimei was the first to flee towards the hill; at that time, she had the Seven-Tailed Demon Fox by her side.”

They already knew Tang YunQi’s personality, but to just run off by herself first and not care about her other brothers’ and sisters’ life or death was a different matter. If she had done it secretly, perhaps other people wouldn’t say anything and just hold in their resentments, but since she just went by herself in front of everyone, of course she’d be criticized.

Huang Jie wasn’t the type that got irritated easily. He is Du Yun the Maitreya’s only disciple; he was not from the same branch as Tang YunQi, so he rarely had to talk with her, but he still didn’t like Tang YunQi.

“There is still one day left until we have to go back from the Paradise Realm, how about this, Huang Jie and I will look for YunQi, while the others can go to the teleportation point first. We will meet there in five hours.” Elder Wang said.

Huang Jie couldn’t help but say, “Elder Wang, Tang-shimei has the Seven-Tailed Demon Fox by her side, even if we don’t look for her, she can go to the teleportation point by herself.”

Elder Wang glanced at him, “Huang you also know how YunQi’s temperament is. Besides, Paradise Realm’s crisis is very dangerous. What are we going to do if something was to happen? It’s better if we look for her.”

When he said it like that, Huang Jie couldn’t find any excuse to refuse, but his impression of Tang YunQi became worse. This Da Xiao Jie, she can’t let people rest until the end.

With that, they began to part ways.

The teleportation point is not too far from Demon Peak, and they don’t have to look for magic herbs anymore. So even though they spent a few days to came from the teleportation point to Demon Peak, now they only had to spend half a day to go back.

Elder Shi went in the direction where the most people were; he found that most of them looked weary, their injuries seemed to be heavy. It wasn’t surprising, Paradise Realm’s real treasures were on the top of Demon Peak, but nobody expected that Demon Peak would collapse. Not only had they ran out empty-handed, they had also lost a lot of disciples. You could say that this time’s trip to Paradise Island, all the major forces had to pay a very high price as this tragedy was even worse than the previous trips.

At this time, Luo ShuHe had arrived at teleportation point along with the disciples.

Compared to Tian Xin Sect, Qing Cheng Sect suffered heavier losses.

From forty to fifty people, nearly half had died; the rest of the disciples either had minor or serious injuries, their casualties exceeded the previous ones. But there were people much worse than them, for example the Xing Luo Sect, counting all their elders and disciples, only six people were left.

Probably the least damages were to the three small forces, except XiaoYao Sect had five deceased disciples and Elder Xing Shiyi was killed, all the remaining forces didn’t seem to suffer much, even the individual groups had only lost three.

When Luo ShuHe counted the rest of the disciples and people in his group, his face became sullen. Even until this time he still couldn’t find Elder Li, he suspected that he was perhaps already dead. But Elder Li was a cautious person, he wasn’t the type to die easily, and to die in such strange way.

Luo ShuHe feels that there is something wrong with Elder Li’s death and turns his gaze towards the Tian Xin Sect.

“Young Master, how is the injury caused by the Six Thunderbird?” Elder Mo came to him and whispered, it sounded like just a normal greeting, but only Luo ShuHe knew the hidden meaning inside it.

Luo ShuHe knitted his eyebrows, his eyes showing a hint of annoyance, “It’s already healed around fifty percent.”

Elder Mo asks, “Then what are you concerned about, young master?”

Luo ShuHe answers, “There’s nothing for you to worry about.”

On the other side, while Elder Shi is asking the disciples about their conditions, he realizes that there’s somebody approaching them. Before he can turn around, Qin ShiYu, who was only slightly injured, suddenly says, “Elder Shi the people from the Quing Cheng Sect have arrived.”

Elder Shi turns around and takes a look, Luo ShuHe comes over with a group of people, each one of them full of killing intent. Although they intended to hide it, it still shows.

“Mo Sheng, what do you mean by that?” Elder Shi frowns as he saw him coming here together with Luo ShuHe. Seeing them coming here without a friendly attitude, surely they didn’t come here just to have a chat.

Luo ShuHe comes while holding a magic bag, “Elder Shi, this magic bag belongs to the Tian Xin Sect, ba?”

Elder Shi narrows his eyes, he can roughly guess their intention for coming here, and immediately says, “Some of our disciples were missing earlier, and later, somebody robbed them of their magic bags. Luo-gongzi, how come you have the Tian Xin Sect’s magic bag? Don’t tell me the one who took my disciple’s magic bag was you, Luo-gongzi?”

“Nonsense, we, the Qing Cheng Sect don’t have any intentions to take your magic bags.” The Qing Cheng’s disciple, seeing them pushing the blame on his Sect instead, he had anxiously retorted back.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore.” Luo ShuHe shouted to stop his man from finishing his sentence.

The disciple finally come back to his senses, the old man’s provocation made him almost spill the beans, he immediately broke out in cold sweat, shamefully returning to the group.

Luo ShuHe calmly stares at Elder Shi and says, “This is the magic bag that Yang-shidi picked up at the Green Mountain stream, it seems like it really does belong to the Tian Xin Sect, so of course we will return it, but right now we are not here to give back your lost stuff.”

Elder Shi lifted his eyebrow, “And why is that?”

Luo ShuHe throws the magic bag on ground, saying, “The one who was holding this magic bag in his hand was my junior brother, and he had been dead for a long time.”

Elder Shi’s facial expression changed, “Luo-gongzi, don’t tell me you want to say that the one who murdered your junior brother is from our side?”

Mo Sheng coldly make a heng (Hmphhh) sound, and says, “The evidence is here, and you still want to turn black into white (t/n: not admitting their crime), saying that the murderer is not from the Tian Xin sect. Today we come here to take justice for our deceased disciples.”

Elder Weng’s temper explodes immediately and he spits Pei ( Pei can also mean Fuck in English), “Mo Sheng, if you can come here to frame us, who knows, maybe you guys from Qing Cheng Sect killed our disciple, took the magic bag, and framed us. Don’t think that you can easily bully the Tian Xin Sect. Fucking Qing Cheng Sect, you’re just a bunch of thieves!”

After saying those words, the people from the Qing Cheng Sect’s faces darken.

Mo Sheng’s angry face becomes even paler, he knew about the level nine magic pill recipe, so he knew what ‘thief’ means, but his disciple don’t know.

From Luo ShuHe’s gloomy face, his eyes give off a piercing cold stare, “What is the Tian Xin Sect? Aren’t you just cowards who don’t even dare to confess what you’ve done?”

These words made the Tian Xin Sect’s disciples react.

Since things had become like this, there was no way to reconcile.

As soon as Luo ShuHe and the others walked towards the Tian Xin Sect, other forces realized it but they still kept out of it and waited.

For now, the Tian Xin Sect and the Qing Cheng Sect had the largest number of survivors. Even though they want to intervene, they don’t have the strength to do it. Besides, they’re glad that the two biggest factions are against each other. They even look forward to it, hoping that both Sects might even fight to death.

Just when they look forward to the two sides clashing, there’s suddenly a sound coming over from the teleportation point area, a cheerful laugh he he. “So lively, is everyone welcoming me?”

Hearing this sentence, most people couldn’t help pursing their lips. Who was this person that could be so thick-skinned?

Everyone looks toward the direction of the sound, there’s somebody walking towards the meeting point, and to their surprise, it is Ling Xiao.

After seeing Ling Xiao, everyone suddenly remembers that there’s something–

When you think about it, actually, he looks like he had not appeared on Demon Peak; because the atmosphere was intense at that time, there were not many people who had noticed.

Seeing Ling Xiao come back safely, Elder Shi is startled and so is Elder Weng who is standing beside him, they quietly glance at each other.

Unexpectedly, their reactions were all seen by Luo ShuHe. This reaction doesn’t seem to be a happy reaction, instead, they look so surprised that he arrived here. Did they perhaps believe that Lin Xiao had died? It seems like the relationship between Lin Xiao and Elder Shi isn’t like what he imagine. A perceptive person like Luo ShuHe has already started guessing.

At this time, there’s someone who pops out from behind Ling Xiao, that person speaks softly, “Ling-shixiong, they don’t seem to welcome you.”

This person is You XiaoMo, after YunQi’s death, he, along with Sheqiu and Maoqiu, went to teleportation point road to look for Ling Xiao. Of course, it was before he made an uproar. But the person himself looks like he doesn’t care.

Ling Xiao laughingly says, “Xiao-shidi, some words are better left unspoken.”

You XiaoMo, “…..I’ll remember that next time.” As if.



Du Yun the Maitreya: Du Yun is so kind that he’s nicknamed Maitreya — a Boddhisatva from Buddhist tradition.
Da Xiao Jie — Big Miss/ daughter from distinguished family/high ranking status.

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