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Translator’s note: Due to the appearance of biological brothers and sisters within the next arc, we have decided to add honorifics to those within the Sect, they are as follows:


Shimei ( 师妹)  = Little sister disciple / junior (woman)

Shidi (师弟) = Little Brother disciple /junior (man)

Shixiong ( 师兄) = Big Brother disciple/senior (man)

Da Shi Xiong(大师兄)= the eldest senior brother / the first to become the disciple

Xiao Shi Di (小师弟) = The youngest junior brother / the last to become a disciple

Shizhi (师侄) = Nephew (in teacher-master form). — master will call the other master’s disciple as their ‘nephew/niece’.

Zhanglao (长老) = Elder

Gongzi (公子) = son(honorific used to address a son from nobility/high status); son of an official/nobility

Shifu (師傅) = teacher/master


In wuxia world, people from the same sects are family members, so think of it as a big families:

  • All disciples have siblings-like relationships
  • All masters have siblings- like relationships, that means other master’s disciples will be like their ‘nephew/niece’.
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