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As the sun gradually rose, the mountain where the Tian Xin Sect was began to light up. On the road that lead to the Tian Xin Sect’s square, if the Qing Cheng Sect and the Tian Xin Sect were to confront each other, this square was a perfect battleground.

The square has been filled up with spectators since dawn, but most of them were standing rather far away from the main ground, after all, a battle between two Imperial level martial artists was usually very gruesome, anyone could accidentally be caught up in the waves.

Under the expectations of the crowd, suddenly dozens of wind slashing sounds approached from the distant, the momentum was large, making the people gasp in surprise.

Not long after, the leader of the group had arrived at the square, accompanied by very rude laughter, “Tang Fan, I, Luo ChengYuan have come forth, stop being a turtle hiding in your shell, come out and fight!”

All the eyes in the square switched to where Luo ChengYuan standing. Afterward, another wind slashing sound stopped by his side, dozens of figures floating behind his back, including his son, Luo ShuHe.

Some people opened their eyes widely in order to see Luo ShuHe’s level nine beast, and they finally found it on his shoulder, but the beast was in it’s mini size so the people couldn’t see it clearly.

Although they could not see the Six Thunderbird, the Qing Cheng Sect’s strong troop had made a lot of people gasp in fear. The crowd was faintly disturbed, a thousand year old sect is so distinctive, second-rate forces cannot compare to them.

The Qing Cheng Sect sent out sixty strong martial artists, the lowest at the Moon level, the Star and Spiritual level cultivators were everywhere, like sale off bok choy. Just for this one battle, the Qing Cheng Sect sent out many strong martial artists, it looked like Tian Xin Sect couldn’t avoid this fight.

On the other side, even after Luo ChengYuan had led his men to lineup while waiting, Tang Fan still hadn’t showed up.

Luo ChengYuan wrinkled his eyebrows, loudly shouting, “Tang Fan, are you so afraid of us in the Qing Cheng Sect that you have to hide your tail and can’t come out?”

His voice was deliberately loud, almost spreading thousands of miles away, like he was afraid that Tang Fan couldn’t hear him.

“Oh, Luo ChengYuan, don’t think that because you have a level nine demon beast that it can help you reign over the south. The words spilled out of the mouth of the one who has been number two for thousands years is literal nonsense. Let me clarify this today, right here, a “thousand year” number two will forever be a “thousand year” number two, even no matter how hard you climb, you can never become number one.”

Up above the Tian Xin Sect’s peak, Tang Fan let out a cold sneer, his blunt words causing an uproar among the people standing by the square. Who would have thought Tang Fan would say such an arrogant thing.

Luo ChengYuan‘s face suddenly intensified, his eyes quickly becoming gloomy. “If you don’t try you won’t know who is the eternal number two, but I think you have no other choice now, because right now, me, the grandmaster, will send the Tian Xin Sect to destruction.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, on the opposite mountain came dozens of silhouettes.

The wind slashing sound once again approached, not long after, people had arrived on the opposite side of Luo ChengYuan. They were led by Tang Fan, and behind his back were the Tian Xin Sect warriors whom, just like the Qing Cheng Sect, the lowest in strength was also a Moon rank.

Both sides lined up were the millennium rare of the rare, all the people gathered at the square couldn’t help but widen their eyes to engrave this picture in their hearts.

At the same time, You XiaoMo, who was still hiding inside his room, could also heard those two voices.

To think that he had thought he would need someone to report to him the battleground situation, and yet he didn’t expect to hear it live, those two must have used a lot of power to talk this loud ah.

SheQiu who was lazily lying on You XiaoMo’s bed suddenly came out from behind the screen, unexpectedly proposing the idea, “Master, want to go and see?”

You XiaoMo froze as he was holding a book, he tilted his head, “You are willing to take me out?”

He thought that SheQiu wished he wouldn’t ever leave this room, to think that SheQiu would take the initiative to bring him out. Something was absolutely wrong here, but he was really interested in viewing the battle scene with his own eyes.

SheQiu nods, “Of course.”

Although he couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, You XiaoMo didn’t care, maybe he could see Ling Xiao if he went to the battlefield, so he agreed.

Following along them also the Qiu team, they didn’t want to stay inside the space, of course because they couldn’t see the fun if they stayed in there. You XiaoMo had no choice but to let them out, then they all turned to their mini size, hiding inside his clothes.

To leave the peak, he must avoid Tang Fan’s men who had been sent to monitor him.

However, this is not a big deal to You XiaoMo, Tang Fan thinks he’s just a weak little mage, so the spy he sent out is only a Star rank three star.

As long as he entered the space, and controlled the space slowly, moving to the mountain foot where the Tian Xin Sect ’s square lies, he can reach there in no sweat.

But right at the moment You XiaoMo is ready to go out, a disciple of Earth Peak suddenly came for him.

You XiaoMo recognized this guy, he is the one who swept Kong Wen’s courtyard, the last time he went to meet Kong Wen, he also saw this man, seemed like he was called Zhu An something.

Zhu An said, “You-shidi, sorry for bothering you, but I need you to come with me, the peak master wants to see you.”

You XiaoMo difficulty wrinkled his eyebrows, Kong Wen asking for him right at this period probably didn’t mean any good. He asked, “Zhu-shixiong, do you know why shifu wants to find me? “

Zhu An emotionlessly says, “I don’t, You-shidi, just follow me and you will soon know.”

Ending his sentence, he seems to be certain that You XiaoMo can keep up with him, he turned around and walked.

You XiaoMo hesitated for a moment, he reluctantly shook his head and follow him, his relationship with Kong Wen really needed a work out, or else he would inconvenience his two shixiong who would get caught in the middle. Besides, he had a feeling, if he missed this chance there wouldn’t be any more opportunities.

The courtyard inside the compound is still the same as ever, unfortunately after a few months “the surrounding remained but the people were gone.” ( t/n: It means that everything have change, some remain, some lost).

Zhu An walked to the door, speaking with respect, “Peak master, I have brought the one you asked for.”

After a while, inside the room came out Kong Wen’s gloomy voice, “You go outside and keep watch, unless I have granted permission, don’t let anyone enter here.”

Zhu An replied “Yes, peak master.”

You XiaoMo pushed the door open and went in, he saw Kong Wen standing beside the window with his hands behind his back, just like the last time, the only difference was that beside the window, the level eight magic herb, Blazing Flower, was no longer there.

You XiaoMo walked behind his back, carefully asking, “Shifu, what do you need me for?”

Kong Wen turned around, his usual cold face now unexpectedly covered with a gentle smile, looking at him with eyes full of kindness, as if he had always been a kind elder.

You XiaoMo suddenly had goosebumps all over his body, an alarm triggered inside his brain, something was wrong with Kong Wen today.

Kong Wen laughed, “Don’t be nervous, little seventh, the reason I need you is mainly because I want to have a chat with you.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth stiffened, he tried to put on a smile, “Shifu, what do you want to talk about?” I must be dumb enough to believe you, chat? He can’t feel anything good about talking with Kong Wen.

Kong Wen said, “Little Seventh, you have been in the Tian Xin Sect for about a year now, as your shifu, I haven’t been able to teach you much, you won’t blame me, ba?”

You XiaoMo lowered his head, “No sir, I know you have been busy.”

As he spoke the last word, You XiaoMo deliberately increased the tone of irony inside it.

Kong Wen acted as if he didn’t understand, “Then its okay, but I didn’t expect that in less than a year, your relationship with Da shixiong and second shixiong is even closer than the others. Not only did Da shixiong disobey me for you, even the ever-cold second Shixiong spoke out for you, which really gave me a surprise. Little seventh, can you tell this shifu, what benefits have you offered to your two shixiong, so that they would start protecting you?”

You XiaoMo couldn’t read Kong Wen’s deep dark eyes, he took a step back, and said, “Shifu, what kind of person do you think Da shixiong and second shixiong are? They are your personally trained disciples, you must have been the one who is most clear about their personalities. Do you think that they would throw away their life code just for some random benefit?”

Kong Wen laughed, “Of course I should be the most clear about them, that is why I feel that it is so strange. Why you, out of all the people, make my two pride disciples take your side, even to the point of disobeying me?”

You XiaoMo said, “Shifu, you asked me, why don’t you ask yourself first? At first you took me in as your disciple, and yet you ignored me. Da shixiong, because he noticed it, he started to look after me more frequently. Later you started to make things difficult for me as much as possible. You have never treated me as a proper disciple, and what do you think about that?”

Kong Wen noticed that his “You” had gone from formal to informal, his expression went grim in a blink, “Are you complaining about me?”

You XiaoMo shook his head, “No, I’m not, I’m just speaking the truth.”

Kong Wen said, “The thing I regret most, the worst thing I have ever done in my life, is that I accepted you as my disciple.”

You XiaoMo said, “Me too.”

Kong Wen eyes went cold, “You XiaoMo, I won’t beat about the bush with you anymore, as Lin Xiao was imprisoned by the grandmaster, since you have a relationship with him, the grandmaster will certainly not let you get away. If you want to survive, as long as you hand over the items, I will guarantee you can safely leave the Tian Xin Sect.”


t/n: In Chinese, the pronoun is much more classify than in English. The “you” momo used to call Kong Wen before is a formal “you” ( Nin 您) ,which it a polite way to address someone with respect, like how a waiter address customer as “ sir” or “madam”. Later Momo address Kong Wen as “you” ( Ni 你) but this pronoun is much more informal, as this It use to address stranger or someone is on the equal with you. This pronoun is very impolite if you use this toward your elder, parent, teacher, etc, …

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Thank you for your hard work and for explaining in detail the difference between “ni” and “nin” You really go the extra mile for your readers.

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YXM seems to be really fed up of the pretense and i see he is bolder now…… yay

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