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Addis note: I was able to rope Rara into translating LMW while Yuanyulin is on vacation, so we will still try to continue updating while she is gone.

Following the “Ha Ha” sound, the atmosphere instantly quieted down.

Five seconds later, someone got pissed and jumped up from the ground, brutally throwing the transmitter stone away, while furiously shouting, ” Ha ha… Ha your sister, you all deceived me, spun me around and around like a toy.”

You XiaoMo was deathly angry, and to think he wasted all those times “withering away” from worrying about Ling Xiao. In the end, that bunch already had been in cahoots with each other, all except him who had been utterly fooled. He felt abandoned. What a bunch of assholes!

The stone transmitted Ling Xiao’s voice with a laughing undertone, “Xiao Shidi, don’t be mad, there is a reason I didn’t tell you right away, but I’m really happy to see you worry for me.”

The moment Ling Xiao said this, the SheQiu group understood and quickly dispersed, even the little innocent PiQiu was fast on his legs, although, he went to pick up the transmitter stone that was thrown earlier.

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes toward PiQiu, who wanted you to meddle in my business?

PiQiu pretend he was blind, can’t see anything, and then * pi pi* ran away.

You XiaoMo fiercely said, “You better have a reasonable explanation, one enough to convince me, or else….I won’t refine any magic pills for you to eat anymore.”

Ling Xiao,” Ha ha.”

Ha your sister ah! Hurry and tell me quick.

Ling Xiao seemed to receive You XiaoMo’s resentment, so he started to explain, “Actually, Tang Fan arranged people to monitor you.”

Fuck, You XiaoMo realized that this “couldn’t be any shorter and simpler” of a sentence to succeed in persuading him, and he was hoping for a longer explanation, in the end the first sentence explained everything.

You XiaoMo suddenly remembered all the stuff he had done, anxiously saying, “You said Tang Fan arranged people to monitor me, which means he already learned everything I have done this past half month?”

Ling Xiao saw him getting frustrated and calmly said, “No, rest assured, Tang Fan didn’t send his men to monitor you side by side, only when you leave the peak, his men will follow you.”

You XiaoMo silently let out a sigh of relief, “Then it’s okay.”

He calmed himself down, he knew that he was making a fuss, if Tang Fan really sent people to closely monitor him, Ling Xiao would have certainly warned him beforehand and told him to be careful. But then, since he didn’t say anything, it was probably because that spy was not a threat.

Ling Xiao gave a ha ha laugh, “Not angry anymore?”

Dropping a bomb like that, You XiaoMo lost all his energy to get angry, “Are you still in the prison? When will you leave?”

Ling Xiao teased, “Miss me?”

You XiaoMo pouted, “Who would miss you?!”

Ling Xiao was very satisfied with his “mouth says one thing but heart speaks another,” softly saying, “Xiao Shidi, I miss you so much…”

You XiaoMo heart went on a rampage, how can he say something so easily, but he had underestimated Ling Xiao’s thick skin, what Ling Xiao said next made his pink blushing face quickly go red from anger.

“I really miss you…when you are naked from head to toe, such meticulous fair and smooth skin rubbing my body, so soft and delicate that it makes me horny every time. When that happens, what goes down there can’t help but go…hard, Xiao Shidi, what should I do now, I suddenly want to eat you…”

Ling Xiao’s vulgar voice slowly transmitted through the stone, every word seems to be bewitched, softly coaxing into You XiaoMo’s ear, making him unconsciously remember the skinship of those nights when Ling Xiao embraced him. This is absolutely a restricted image!

“Ah ah!!!” – You XiaoMo shockingly threw away the transmitter stone again.

Ling Xiao’s laugh spread through the air, and then a plunk sound and the stone dropped into the lake, the sound also disappearing.

SheQiu kicked little PiQiu into the lake, PiQiu bitterly looked at them, accepting his fate and dived down to pick up the stone again, giving it back to You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched, he took the stone, then patted PiQiu’s little head, calmly saying, “PiQiu, you don’t have to pick it up next time.”

PiQiu looked at him, then silently ran away.

You XiaoMo swore, he could read the meaning in PiQiu’s eyes, “As long as you stop throwing it, I will stop picking it up,” this was literally threatening him.

The angry You XiaoMo directly averted the anger toward Ling Xiao, “If you don’t speak to the point, I won’t make any more magic pills for you.”

Ling Xiao held in his laughter, saying, “Ok, here is the issue, for the next month try not to leave your room as possible. No matter what happens, keep hiding inside. It’s safer, also, let SheQiu out to protect you.”

You XiaoMo excitedly said, “Don’t tell me you are ready to do something big?”

Ling Xiao said, “You can say it that way.”

You XiaoMo continued, “Are you plotting to overthrow and claim the throne?”

Ling Xiao said, “You can guess.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

That moment someone nearly blow his fuse again, Ling Xiao said, “You don’t have to ask anything, when the time comes you will know, the less people who know, the better.”

You XiaoMo reluctantly accepted,”So when will you escape the death prison?”

Ling Xiao paused a little, “Probably not that far, uhm, actually the death prison is very fun to play at.”

You XiaoMo blankly said, “Oh, then you might as well stay in there a few years, go and have a blast.”

Ling Xiao laughed, “I would like to ah, but this death prison doesn’t have your milky smooth body, and also your squishy soft butt. The fun will soon be boring, and I’m still longing for your…”


You XiaoMo finished the sentence for Ling Xiao inside his mind, wanting to faint, can this guy be anymore vulgar ah!

Although he succeed in contacting Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo once again got vulgarly roasted by Ling Xiao, simply speaking, this is literally “give lady Le but gain nothing.” (t/n: to throw money down the drain)

As for the transmitter stone, You XiaoMo didn’t return it to SheQiu, but straightforwardly confiscated it, and then he ignored the four that ganged up to deceive him. Don’t think that because Ling Xiao said a few words that he would drop the charge, You XiaoMo is a very petty man.

The next few days, the SheQiu group especially was very cautious and careful, especially in front of You XiaoMo. Sometimes they even had to look at his mood, looks like the master finally “stood up and sang.” (t/n: stand up to fight for his right)

Then three more days passed, the outside finally came with the news, Tang Fan and Lou ChengYuan had joined forces, after paying a small price they finally succeeded in killing the Imperial level Shentu Dao.

As for the demons, originally they were cruelly beaten by the major forces and suffered from heavy casualties. Moreover the demons were already wicked in nature, working with them was like a double edge sword, so even though they had an alliance with the XingLuo clan, in the end those demons didn’t send their men to lend a hand.

Since then, the three major forces now lost to the XingLuo forces, the southern area was finally under the absolute reign of the Qing Cheng Sect and the Tian Xin Sect.

Originally this should have come to the end, but conflicts happened at the time when they were sharing the goods, Tang Fan and Luo ChengYuan couldn’t agree with each other, resulting with breaking up in conflict, the situation in the south was again turned into a tense atmosphere.

Their common enemy, the XingLuo group had disappeared, the demons also went back into the dark to recuperate, so there wouldn’t be any storms coming up in this short period of time. But predictably, the Tian Xin Sect and the Qing Cheng Sect conflictions quickly rose up.

Tang Fan and Luo ChengYuan turned their backs against each other, all the old debts were being brought up one by one.

The Tian Xin Sect had their own reasons, the Qing Cheng Sect had their own right.

One side accused the other of his daughter’s murder and stealing the magic pill recipe. The other side asked for justice for his disciples and his elder’s death, even Elder Li’s death was grouped into the Tian Xin Sect’s crime, although, in a way, it was not wrong.

Of course, they would never have thought, in a sense, all of them had been killed by the very same man.

No matter what the truth was, the Qing Cheng Sect and the Tian Xin Sect had already made up their minds.

In two or three months’ time, the southern forces were likely to go under a big reform, with the Qing Cheng and Tian Xin Sect’s both being stubborn to death, afraid that another major force would end up crumbling. In the next two weeks, there were various small battles between the two.

You XiaoMo listened to Ling Xiao’s word and holed up in his room, he either refined magic pills or harvested his magic herbs.

But to have a gossip lover Shixiong, he was not completely clueless even though his ear never stuck outside the window, sometimes he even knew sooner than others.

It is worth mentioning that Zhao Da Zhou came to visit him again, this time he brought good news, his Meng Meng after nearly a month of efforts, finally succeeded in absorbing the concentrated spirit, the results were, even though he was not born more than two months ago, Meng Meng’s strength had already surpassed PiQiu’s, his level is now level six three star, even a rocket wasn’t that fast.

Zhao Shibo is also very happy, and when he was happy, he pulled some of his authority to give him more magic herbs.You XiaoMo could not refuse, and had no choice but to accept.

After that, You XiaoMo found an excuse to see Meng Meng, and then secretly stuffed a shapeshifting pill into his mouth, and asked him not to tell Zhao Da Zhou and Zhao Shibo for the time being. Meng Meng had gained his wisdom, vaguely remembering this person as the one who had saved him before, so he promised, because it just temporary anyway.

And so, You XiaoMo would practicing from time to time, occasionally talking with Ling Xiao through the transmitter stone, leisurely passing through the month. But today, You XiaoMo finally met his first obstacle in his cultivating.

Today, just like every other day, he stayed inside his space to practice the Heavenly Soul Scripture. Usually he absorbed the spiritual energy pretty smoothly, each time his soul power would improve, but this time he could not feel anything.

You XiaoMo originally wanted to use the space’s dense spiritual energy, to try whether he could breakthrough to Heavenly Soul Scripture’s second level. He could feel that he was only a thin layer away from the second level, but he didn’t know why, he felt like he had gotten stuck at some part, he could not move forward or backward, and was stuck at a standstill there.

You XiaoMo knew he was being hasty, and you cannot hastily eat hot tofu, before his practicing was smooth sailing, perhaps too smooth and lucky, so it should be normal to encounter an obstacle now. Don’t get anxious ya!

Even though he understood it clearly, he was still a bit impatient.

But soon, the news that Yang Yi-shixiong brought next made his impatience disappear.

It had been a month since the Tian Xin Sect set against the Qing Cheng Sect. Through all the small and big battles, victories and defeat, both sects still equaled in strength, but today the Qing Cheng Sect had flashed out their hidden ace, instantly taking all the advantages to their side.

The hidden ace was Luo ShuHe’s level nine contract beast, a real Imperial level warrior.

The Qing Cheng Sect’s young master Luo was lucky enough to have a contract with a level nine beast, no wonder they dared to challenge the Tian Xin Sect. As such they had already expected it, and held it to the present, perhaps they had already been well prepared.

At this point, all the neutral bystander forces, one after another, stood to the Qing Cheng Sect’s side, now the wind had turned, the Tian Xin Sect was quickly pressured.

It was said that the Qing Cheng Sect was organizing their people, preparing to attack the Tian Xin Sect in three days.

The news Yang Yi told was neither earlier or later, after all, their battles had already attracted a lot of attention, some even received the news quicker.

So, when You XiaoMo got the news, the Tian Xin Sect was already in chaos, people started to panic, everyone was talking about this matter.

Until the next morning, Tang Fan finally came forward to appease people, he assured all that the Tian Xin Sect would not lose.

Tang Fan has already been the Grandmaster for hundreds of years, his power and trust is still very high, many disciples and elders panic eased after hearing his assurance.

Three days later, Qing Cheng Sect brought their men to attack.

In addition to the Qing Cheng Sect, there are other forces and lone practitioners who also came to watch, because this battle marked a big turning point of the major forces in the south, many people wanted to use their own eyes to witness this piece of history.

“give lady Le but gain nothing” : this is a story about, Zhou Yu told Sun Quan to marry his sister to Lu Bu, in order to trick Lu Bu to get the PiZhou land back. But god know Lu Bu in the end got married to other woman, Zhou Yu plan failed, and even fell to Zhuge Liang’s trap, cost him to lost his army force

“Serf stand up and sing” is a song sung by a Tibetan singer. In 1959, after China’s democratic reform and Tibet serf finally freed from hundred years of slavery, this song was composed (1965-1966) in order to celebrate this day. It also goes under the name “Liberated serf song”.

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