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Chapter 100: Banana Cotton Cheesecake (香蕉轻乳酪蛋糕)

Translated by Kollumceti Exiled Rebels Scanlations

For the whole Friday, Shen Fu practically spent most of the day looking at his watch. He kept looking at his watch every ten minutes even in meetings, making the business manager in charge of reporting about the project very frightened. Was his project really done that badly? It didn’t matter much why the boss kept looking at his watch. However, the boss’s expression seemed to be getting more and more impatient.

Only Heaven knew that this deadpan boss dressed in Western-style clothes had a head full something that did not even have the slightest relation to work.

He was just waiting for them to finish reporting their earnings for this month and then he could openly return home early to wife, kids and a warm bed.

He had finally managed to wait until the end of the meeting, but there just happened to be somebody who came over to organize activities.

“Director, everyone’s going out to dinner tonight. Let’s go together!”

The finance department had a few female new hires that instantly lost their heads over their immediate superior. They were usually busy with work and too embarrassed to chat about things that had nothing to do with work. However, they had finally managed to organize a meeting on the weekend so they egged each other on to invite Shen Fu to go out to play together. Though inviting one’s superior for an event was a little out of line, it was no match for the fact that Shen Fu was young, handsome and rich. Thus, the girls are bolstered their courage.

Shen Fu had always been very cordial to people and after being with Lin ShuYi, the feeling of cordiality had risen sharply. He did not seem the least bit arrogant and he always looked like he was enticing and charming people when he laughed. No wonder these little girls were not afraid of him at all.

Director Shen, who always smiled enchantingly, laughed as usual, “No, I’m busy this afternoon and need to go out later. You guys can go and play.”

The young lady who had bolstered her courage was immediately disheartened, but she did not forget to ask, “An appointment with a beautiful woman?”

Shen Fu was stunned. Then he remembered Lin ShuYi’s face which provoked him till he began to stir and smiled, “Sort of.”

These young ladies were all newcomers. They were still not aware of Shen Fu’s sexual orientation, nor did they know that he had already openly announced that he had a lover. Thus, they became dismayed upon hearing him say so. Frankly speaking, everyone would have some thoughts about such an excellent man. The young ladies were rather dejected upon hearing him confess that he already had a person he liked, .

But they were all girls who were just infatuated rather than deeply in love, and they did not have the inclination that it had to be him and him only. Although there were not many handsome and rich men like their immediate superior, it did not mean that they would be in over their head. After all, it was important to have a good eye and know oneself these days.

Those who fall in love at first sight and liked to seduce someone away only existed in television dramas.

After closing the door, the young lady dejectedly shook her head at everyone.

“He refused?”

The young lady nodded her head.

“He has a date.”

Several girls who started working here in the same period stared at each other, “He has a girlfriend? It’s such a pity.”

“What do you mean by it’s a pity? You guys only dare to have romantic fantasies in your heart. If I ask you to really go hit on him, would you dare?”

Several girls looked at each other and laughed together, “I dare not, one can tell that this is a spirited horse that’s hard to train. Ordinary people may not be able to tame it.”

“All right, that’s it. Let’s go. Let’s invite those people from the personnel department. One must be more pragmatic.”

“Don’t be like that. We’re just trying to pull him along as eye candy…”

“Speaking of which, the girl who could grasp such an excellent man in her palm must be really easy on the eyes. I really have to see her one day…”

They walked back to their office as they talked.

“Did you manage to invite him?”

Their seniors who had entered the company several years ago were sitting together and asked with a smile that was somewhat mysterious.

“No, he rejected it.”

A woman in her thirties finally couldn’t hold back her laughter, “He’s right to refuse. I say, it’s understandable if you don’t read the finance and economics news, but you guys also don’t read the entertainment news?”

The young ladies looked at each other in dismay. They did not know what their senior meant.

“You guys also don’t know that our immediate superior is the Second Young Master of the Shen Conglomerate, do you?”

The young ladies were stunned silly, “Ah?!! Then isn’t this his own company?”

“The Second Young Master of Shen Family? It sounds familiar…”

The woman laughed even harder, “He not only has a lover, but also announced that they’re are going to get married.”

“Ah?!!” I haven’t heard of this!

The girls shared a glance with each other. They were curious about the ‘lucky girl’ who was going to be married to a ‘Mr Perfect’, “Have you seen her, Sister Liu?”

The woman thought for a while and remembered the green onion-type boy she had seen at the press conference and laughed, “I guess I have.”

The girls’ eyes widened and they asked eagerly, “How was she? How was she? Was she beautiful? Was she the kind that was really classy?”

The woman laughed a little, “Quite beautiful, very handsome.”

“Handsome?!!” The girls looked at each other in dismay as they wondered what the basis for this was.

At last, another woman, who was several years older than them, burst out laughing, “Did none of you read that piece of news?”

“What news?”

“Second Master Shen is a homosexual. He made a public announcement about his sexual orientation a few months ago and decided to go abroad to marry his lover. They’re already gotten the recognition of all the Shen Family members.”

“What?!!!” The sound of the roof overturning sounded at the same time. Everyone’s chin was nearly dropping to the ground and it was so big that an egg could be stuffed into their mouths.

Other than the woman, everyone broke into laughter.

“So that’s why I said to stop thinking about it. You guys didn’t have a chance since the beginning.”

Everyone laughed so hard they rocked back and forth. The girls finally understood what happened, “Then you still told us to go up bravely! You’re so bad!”

Sister Liu laughed, “I thought you knew. Who would have guessed that you really didn’t know?”

Everyone laughed together and the girls started laughing too. It was all good this time, they had no more fantasies and could do their work in peace.

Anna, the Director’s secretary, passed by the door and pushed it open. Her expression was rather strict, “What’s so funny? Care to share it with me?”

Everyone quickly stopped laughing and scattered like birds and beasts.

Shen Fu had already gotten into his car. He was intending to get something from Shen Zhai before heading to S City.

Yesterday, he went to the clothing store with Big Brother Shen. He did not buy much for himself, instead he couldn’t help swiping his card for many things that were for Lin ShuYi and the two buns. Big Brother Shen rolled his eyes upon seeing this and thought that he was intentionally making a public display of affection.

Shen Fu had really been treated unjustly. Who on earth was the one making a public display of affection and provoking jealousy? He was clearly the one who left early and returned late everyday to run around for meetings, and was the one doing two people’s work in the company. Even the time to make a phone call depended on whether he could squeeze it in.

However, Shen Fu did not want to mention these anymore. He had tried many times to find out who Big Brother Shen’s lover was to no effect, but now he did not want to ask any more questions. Besides, Big Brother Shen would naturally bring them home for people to see when the time came. He already did not have the time to think of his own wife and really had no intention of thinking about other people’s wife.

Shen Fu immediately took a fancy to cupcakes inside again upon passing by Siweite (思味特). He parked his car at the entrance and bought a big bag of them. Now, the three people in his family had become dessert lovers. Although Lin ShuYi clearly stipulated that two children should not eat too much, Shen Fu still bought more. After all, that adult in his family liked it much more than those two children.

He had bought a banana-flavored cotton cheesecake. The cotton cheesecake was not particularly sweet, but there was a strong fruity aroma after adding bananas. It was baked in a small cup that was practically the size of one mouthful. With crushed sesame seeds scattered on top, it had a crisp outside and soft inside that was like cotton candy, melting the instant it entered the mouth.

The shop really deserved it’s reputation as a national chain dessert brand. Shen Fu began to feel throughly happy at the thought of Lin ShuYi’s squinting eyes when he ate the cupcake.

Before Shen Fu’s car reached the gate, he heard the laughter of the children from afar. Shen Fu was stunned and wondered if he had misheard it.

The closer he got, the more obvious the children’s laughter became. Shen Fu could already tell that this was the laughter of their family’s Tao Tao.

Shen Fu’s eyes flashed. He quickened his steps and pushed open the door of the courtyard.

Mother Shen was leading Tao Tao by the hand to look at the butterflies in the yard and Tao Tao was chasing after them. Though he could not catch up, he was giggling happily. When he heard the creak of the door, he quickly turned his head over.

One big and one small person stared at each other for a while. All of a sudden, Tao Tao laughed and broke away from Mother Shen’s hand. He stumbled into his father’s arms while shouting happily, “Daddy! Daddy~”

Shen Fu was shocked as he hugged the small steamed bun that shakily ran towards him. Tao Tao smacked his lips on Shen Fu’s face in the form of a kiss to express his joy.

“When did they come over?”

“Didn’t you know? I thought you did. Xiao Yi said that he called you. He didn’t tell you? We’ve been here for more than an hour.”

Shen Fu narrowed his eyes and the corner of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Mom, hold Tao Tao for a moment. I’ll go in and have a look.”

Mother Shen nodded and held out her hand to Tao Tao. “Tao Tao, come to Grandma. Let’s catch butterflies.”

Tao Tao smiled sunnily and extended his hand to Mother Shen.

Shen Fu strode to the room with a smirk on his lips.

Xiao Yu was in the living room with Alan playing Aeroplane Chess. Seeing Shen Fu come in, he also happily jumped into his arms, “Daddy!”

Shen Fu smoothly wrapped his arms around Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu reached out with his soft, white hands and hugged Shen Fu around his neck, “Daddy, I really missed you.”

Shen Fu kissed his son hard on the face and laughed, “I really missed you guys too.”

Xiao Yu thought for a moment before he said, “Daddy Lin really missed you too. I’m telling you this secretly, so don’t tell Daddy Lin.”

Seeing Xiao Yu mysteriously winking at him, Shen Fu laughed and whispered in his ear, “Will you tell me? I won’t tell Daddy Lin.”

Xiao Yu glanced all around. He was reassured Upon finding no sign of Lin ShuYi, and whispered in Shen Fu’s ear, “Daddy Lin missed you so much that he cried on that day. Several nights ago, I saw him come out of the bathroom with red eyes and a flushed face.”

Shen Fu: “…”

Despite how pure Xiao Yu’s description was, Shen Fu clearly understood that this blush was not that kind of blush, and this sadness was not that kind of sadness. How can he tell Xiao Yu that these were all from a physiological cause, and was entirely unrelated to psychological causes?

However, Shen Fu felt a ball of fire blazing in his chest when Xiao Yu said that.

He gently put Xiao Yu down and Xiao Yu immediately understood when Shen Fu opened his mouth to speak.

“Is Daddy going to see Daddy Lin? Quickly go. He’s in the bedroom upstairs. Daddy Lin said that we’re giving you a surprise by secretly coming over.”

Shen Fu smiled, it was really a big surprise.

Sure enough, Lin ShuYi was inside the bedroom tidying up the clothes in his wardrobe when Shen Fu entered. Shen Fu softly and quietly walked forward without alarming the person in front of him, and then he took him in his arms.

Lin ShuYi jumped in surprise, but he did no need to look back to know who was behind him. He laughed, “Why are you so early, I thought…”

Shen Fu could not wait for him to finish. The rest of Lin ShuYi’s words had been swallowed up by Shen Fu.

As the saying went, the reunion after a brief parting was as sweet as a honeymoon. Shen Fu cupped Lin ShuYi’s face and kissed as if he wanted to swallow someone into his stomach.

Lin ShuYi neither wanted to resist nor had the opportunity to resist. He could only let Shen Fu kiss him. The air in his mouth became thinner and thinner and the numb and dizzy feeling spread from the bottom to the top. In the end, he could only passively be hugged by Shen Fu and let himself be tightly pressed against the wardrobe.

Shen Fu slowly stopped after their lips and teeth rubbed against each other for a long time. He gently pecked Lin’s red and swollen lips and then whispered hoarsely, “What a surprise.”

It had obviously had only been a few days, yet Shen Fu felt as if they had been separated for a long time. Thus, Lin ShuYi’s initiative to send himself to his side made Shen Fu extremely happy.

“It’s in the middle of the day and they’re all waiting downstairs. Otherwise, I’d really like to eat you up right now.”

Lin ShuYi did not utter a word as he turned his face away while his ears flushed.

“Did you miss me?”

Shen Fu said teasingly again.

Without waiting for Lin ShuYi to nod and admit it, Shen Fu laughed once more, “Xiao Yu said that you missed me very much.”

Lin ShuYi suddenly felt that the situation was taking a bad turn. Sure enough, when Shen Fu continued, “He said that you missed me so much that your eyes were red and you were softly crying in the bathroom…”

The fact that the ears facing him had thoroughly turned red really delighted Shen Fu. As he busied his hands with tidying up Lin ShuYi’s clothes, he was thinking of how to press Lin ShuYi under his body and invade him. Shen Fu smirked as he spoke the last few sentences. Then he finally succeeded in 9seeing a Lin ShuYi that was completely well-cooked (熟透).

“Were you crying? Or were you having sexual fantasies of me… Where did you miss me more? En?”

The final syllable of the last word was lightly dragged out and then raised. It numbingly stabbed straight into Lin ShuYi heart like an electric current. Lin ShuYi feebly leaned his head on Shen Fu’s shoulder as he thought to himself, why did the tricks that this person knew seem to have grown? Where did he learn them from?

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