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Chapter 101: Sweet and sour pork ribs with eggplant juice

Translated by Procrastinator Duo of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

For dinner, Lin ShuYi made pork ribs marinated in a sweet and sour eggplant sauce. Since Shen Fu didn’t like sweet dishes, he changed the recipe slightly to reduce the amount of sugar, so it wouldn’t be too sweet but still enhanced the aroma.

Everyone loved it, especially Shen Fu. When he was eating, he would occasionally look up at Lin ShuYi, as if using him to down the food. He looked so often that Lin ShuYi would turn to look at other people’s expression, but they all stared down at their food with a ‘I know but I won’t say it’ straight face.

Lin ShuYi: ……

When TaoTao finished eating, he got sleepy and while rubbing his eyes, he asked Lin ShuYi to cradle him. But just as he reached out, mom Shen stopped him, “Come here TaoTao, grandma will bring you up to sleep.”

TaoTao turned around to look at Lin ShuYi. Xiao Yu quickly walked over and said, “Brother will come with you.” Then TaoTao went up with everyone without another word.

The Shen brother in law Alan, supported aunt Shen up the stairs as her belly was starting to show. Before she went up, aunt Shen looked at Shen Fu knowingly.

Shen old man said he had something to do and went to the study, dad Shen followed him. As for brother Shen, he walked out taking a call.

Instantly, Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu were the only ones left in the living room.

Lin ShuYi:……

Aren’t they a bit too obvious?

Shen Fu chuckled as he walked towards Lin ShuYi and leaned in for a kiss before sitting down beside him. Then he said, “Yep, they all got the picture.”

Lin ShuYi turned the other way, they’re way too tactful. (They got the picture way to clear)

Shen Fu wasn’t in a hurry to go to the bedroom either, he just wanted to listen to Lin ShuYi talk about anything. He finally knew why people said a day apart was like a year apart. (A day after was like three autumns apart. – the original saying)

But when Lin ShuYi actually opened his mouth to say something, all that’s in his head was how to shut him up. He didn’t need to say anything, he just needed to moan.

In the end, when they arrived in the bedroom, he didn’t even give Lin ShuYi time to shower. It wasn’t until Lin ShuYi was tired to the point that he couldn’t even lift a finger did Shen Fu carry him into the bath. When they were washing, Lin ShuYi was flushed red but he didn’t have the energy to say he could do it himself.

A wolf that had been starving…there was no way it would stop so easily. So, he obviously slept till noon the next day.

The moment he woke up, he saw Shen Fu resting beside him. He was staring at him and when he saw him wake up, he curled his lips and ask, “You’re awake. Hungry?”

His stomach was already empty.

“Drink some milk first, I’ll bring the food.”

Lin ShuYi lifted his arms, only to feel as if he just got run over by a truck as his lower back didn’t seem to be his anymore.

Shen Fu was heartbroken at this scene. He bent over and embraced him in his arms, while bringing the glass to his mouth, “I overdid it didn’t I? Does it hurt too much?”

Lin ShuYi finished his glass of milk while staying in this position and didn’t bother answering Shen Fu. He was the one that allowed Shen Fu to have his way after all, not only because Shen Fu wanted him, but because he also wanted Shen Fu. However, overindulgence was obviously too much.

After a glass of milk, Lin ShuYi felt more comfortable inside his stomach. He said, “I’m hungry.”

The words that came out of his mouth were all rough and hoarse, which indirectly reminded Lin ShuYi of how “sweet” his moan last night was, so immediately his ears went red again.

Shen Fu’s eyes darkened as he kissed his lips and smiled, “Wait here, I will bring something for you right away.”

“Dad, are you awake?” Right after Shen Fu just left, Xiao Yu had already appeared and knocked on the door.

Lin ShuYi quickly pulled up the blanket in order to hide the hickeys from Xiao Yu before saying, “Come in Xiao Yu.”

Xiao Yu tip-toed to his side, on his back was a dark blue backpack.

Lin ShuYi asked, “Xiao Yu, are you about to go out?”

Xiao Yu nodded and smiled brightly, “Grandma is taking me and Taotao to the zoo. Dad, are you going with us too?”

Lin ShuYi smilked awkwardly, “I can’t. Xiao Yu and TaoTao go have fun with grandma.”

Xiao Yu nodded. He then moved closer to Lin ShuYi’s side as his hand reached out to Lin ShuYi’s forehead and wondered, “Dad, are you sick? Even your voice has changed.”

Lin ShuYi felt embarassed yet hilarious, he couldn’t even give a simple explanation. Luckily, Shen Fu had came right on time with a square tray on his hand. “Xiao Yu, are you ready to leave?”

Xiao Yu nodded one after another, ” Dad Shen, you won’t go with us also?”

Shen Fu put down the tray onto the table, turned around and patted Xiao Yu’s head, “No I won’t, but have fun with your brother, ok?”

Xiao Yu nodded again, “Okay, bye bye dad, bye bye Dad Shen.”

After Xiao Yu had left, Lin ShuYi finally got out of the blanket. He was wearing a light coffee-colored cotton pajamas, however the collar was a bit loose, so it couldn’t completely hide away the results of the intense night on his neck. It seemed like it wouldn’t be just today that he couldn’t go out with Xiao Yu, he might not be able to step outside for two days.

“Come here, rinse your mouth first before eating.” Shen Fu handed him the water to rinse his mouth and put the trash bin by the side. Being a young master for more than 20 years, Shen Fu didn’t feel the least bit of pressure when it comes to serving someone.

Lin ShuYi listened to him and rinsed his mouth, but he was embarrassed to ask Shen Fu to feed him, so he came over on his sore arm and said he would feed himself.

Shen Fu laughed. “Even the most intimate step has been done, are you starting to act shy now?”

Clearly Shen Fu didn’t say anything particularly, but Lin ShuYi knew what Shen Fu meant was that he even had helped him clean his body. Lin ShuYi blushed and glared at him.

Shen Fu laughed lightly. “Don’t be stubborn, I will feed you.”

Lin ShuYi didn’t refuse this time as he leaned on the soft pillow and let Shen Fu feed him spoon after spoon.

Lin ShuYi didn’t go out for the whole day. At night, Shen Fu didn’t dare to do much, he only did it once and let Lin ShuYi sleep right after. Shen Fu then went to the bathroom to take a shower and contentedly went to sleep with his love in his embrace.

In the past, Shen Fu thought that the feeling of liking someone must be wanting to sleep with them nonstop. Now he knew, to really like someone meant no matter how much he wanted to sleep with them, he could still restrain.

What he toward Lin ShuYi was true love.

After a day of rest, Lin ShuYi was better the next day. At noon, Shen Fu said that he wanted to take him outside, but Lin ShuYi who was standing in front of the mirror inside the bathroom rejected without a thought. To go out with this many hickeys on his body? You gotta be joking.

Hearing Lin ShuYi refuse, Shen Fu got up and pushed open the bathroom door. Shen Fu stood behind Lin ShuYi and looked at the reflection in the mirror. On the collarbone were all the purple marks left by him, he couldn’t help but smirk.

“You even dare to laugh?!!” Lin ShuYi was fueled with anger. In fact, it wasn’t just his collarbone, from the neck down to his thighs were all hickeys layered with each other, and Shen Fu looked so proud of his masterpiece.

Shen Fu beamed and beat around the bush, “Yup, can’t let anyone see it.” Lin ShuYi already looked so tempting to him normally, but his current appearance was even more erotic and tempting. Tsk tsk, he must definitely let no one see him like this.

Shen Fu rubbed his lips and smiled. “I will find something for you that can cover them.”

Lin ShuYi’s eyes lit up. After all the trouble to finally got together, he also didn’t want to stay in the room all the time. Moreover, Shen Fu’s eyes seemed kind of thirsty, he was a little afraid that he might not be able to handle it.

Leaving the bathroom, Shen Fu placed the clothes on the bed as he calmly told Lin ShuYi to change, and then went out to wait for him.

Lin ShuYi took the clothes and looked at it. There was nothing wrong with it. It was a simple turtleneck shirt that could covered all the traces on his neck. As long as he being careful, no one should be able to see them.

After he finished changing clothes, they left together outside. Seemed like Xiao Yu and Taotao was deliberately taken out to play so early so that they could have more time alone with each other.

Lin ShuYi got on the car and suddenly remembered, “Where are we going?”

Shen Fu said while driving the car out of the garage. “Chen Fang organized a gathering and invited us over.”

Lin ShuYi nodded, rested his back on the chair and left with Shen Fu. After they got to the destination, Lin ShuYi finally understood what Shen Fu meant by organize a gathering.

There were more than a dozen people sitting in the huge private room, all of whom Shen Fu had introduced him when he first came to H City a long time ago. When they saw Shen Fu push open the door, they quickly stood up.

This really put Lin ShuYi in an awkward spot, because these people, after seeing Shen Fu, respectfully welcomed him with “Big brother Shen”, and when they turned to him, they all shouted in unison, “Sister-in-law”.

Lin ShuYi: …

Shen Fu was all smiles and was very satisfied with the title, but when he saw Lin ShuYi’s awkward expression, he smiled and said, “Call him big brother Lin ShuYi, don’t call him sister in law.”

Each and every single one of them were much older than Lin ShuYi, to let them call him big brother….He’d rather have them call him sister in law.

Chen Fang laughed out loud as he pulled them inside, “Hurry hurry, we all have been waiting for you two.”

For the first time, Lin ShuYi deeply realized that, so Shen Fu’s group of young masters…were called the Fun Time group(会玩儿), for short, the Fun group.

After making a toast, they took out all kinds of dices and cards games, each of the game rules was enough to make Lin ShuYi’s head spun.

They deliberately took turns and had the lead changed several rounds, except both Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi were left unchanged.

Lin ShuYi finally understood, those people really sincerely wanted to “pour the wine” for them.

Shen Fu had no problem playing those games, while Lin ShuYi at first didn’t understand the gameplay, so he drank quite a bit, but after he had understood the game, the scale began to tip on his side uncontrollably…

Chen Fang looked at people after people went up and had the wine sent back at them…

Heck, he forgot that Shen Fu’s significant other was a bottomless wine barrel/ who couldn’t get drunk after thousands drink, and he was smart to death! He had miscalculated arghh!!

But when he managed to respond, there was no one other than Shen Fu, Lin ShuYi and him in this big room that could stand up anymore.

Chen Fang: …

Shen Fu rubbed his temples and got up. Lin ShuYi followed him.

Shen Fu smirked at Chen Fang, a smile which terrified Chen Fang, “Thank you for the gathering. I will return the favor when it’s your turn to marry.”

Chen Fang wanted to cry. He was just suggested it, it didn’t count as him giving a stupid idea ah?!! Didn’t he also stay out of it? Why was he the only one who has to bear consequence, where could he find such a smart young wife with high alcohol tolerance ?!!

Please forgive him!!

Those two left looking nothing like a drunkard, while Chen Fang was overflowing with tears behind.

After leaving for a while, Shen Fu rubbed his forehead and said, “I’m a little light headed.”

Lin ShuYi turned his head around. Shen Fu didn’t look drunk at all, but the out of focus eyes clearly told him that Shen Fu was heavily intoxicated. Even though Shen Fu knew he wouldn’t get drunk, yet he still couldn’t bear to see him drink too much. Lin ShuYi felt funny and painful for Shen Fu at the same time. He reached out and held Shen Fu, and Shen Fu conveniently fell on his shoulder. His hot breath blew by Lin ShuYi’s neck made Lin ShuYi became stiff.

After putting him on the car, Lin ShuYi rubbed his temples in confusion, thinking how to get home.

Even though he wasn’t drunk and didn’t drink that much, but he didn’t know how to drive nor did he have a driver’s license.

As he was in busy drowning himself in a dilemma, suddenly, he was pulled down onto the chair.

Shen Fu’s eyes were filled with intention.

Lin ShuYi started sweating, this is the parking lot ah!! There are so many cars parked outside! Did the alcohol clouded Shen Fu’s mind?

Shen Fu had already laid down his kiss.

When Lin ShuYi thought Shen Fu wouldn’t stop, he actually stopped and just groaned by his neck, “I really want to do it here.”

Lin ShuYi wanted to explode, he dared to take advantage of alcohol to play dirty.

“But I don’t want to, don’t want to hurt you…” Lin ShuYi was still a bit uncomfortable behind, if he did it without any preps, he would definitely got hurt, “I also don’t want others to see…”

Shen Fu’s eyes were pitch black as if it could suck Lin ShuYi in. Lin ShuYi forgot how to resist and just looked at Shen Fu face to face.

After a long pause, Shen Fu smiled lightly at him, lowered his head and buried his face in Lin ShuYi’s neck, “Don’t look at me like that, I won’t be able to hold it in.”

Lin ShuYi: …

“You will return to S city tomorrow, and I hate it.”

Having heard that, Lin ShuYi actually began to feel the sadness of separation.

Shen Fu continued to whisper, “I want to see you every day, I want to see you before I sleep, I want to see you after I wake up. Better, I want every single second of you within my sight. I want to see you.”

“Yes, me too…”

Shen Fu’s eyes grew darker and looked at Lin ShuYi’s embarrassed expression. He continued, “Let’s get married. No matter which country, let’s do a grand wedding that is recognized by the world, okay?”

Lin ShuYi was stunned from top to bottom at the sudden proposal.

Shen Fu had mentioned marriage many times, but none left Lin ShuYi so much impact like this moment. His heart became so soft he could squeeze water out of it.

Then Lin ShuYi nodded.

Shen Fu suddenly hugged tighter, even if he knew they would walk on this road sooner or later, but it was still enough to make him so excited that he couldn’t say anything.

“You never know how much, I love you…”

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