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Chapter 104: Mushroom and chicken porridge

Translated by Kollumceti Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Shen Fu made a phone call to Lin ShuYi while lying in bed at night. The phone rang for a long time and then Lin ShuYi’s cool and refreshing voice was transmitted over. “I’ve just finished giving Tao Tao a bath.”

As if to prove that what Lin ShuYi said was true, Tao Tao suddenly started giggling at the side. He heard Lin ShuYi speaking in a low voice to him, Tao Tao took a few steps away from the bed and walked over to the mobile phone. Then he laughed and called “Daddy”.

Shen Fu unconsciously smiled till his eyes curved, “Tao Tao, be good.”

Tao Tao stared in shock with wide eyes when he heard Shen Fu’s voice coming out of his cell phone. Then he reached for the cell phone and held it in his arms to examine it. He did not know where the voice came from. He watched Lin ShuYi then he stuck the phone to his ear again and called, “Daddy.”

Shen Fu responded with a hum.

Tao Tao was so happy that he held the mobile phone in his hand as he tossed and turned while calling, “Daddy, Daddy…”

Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi could not refrain from laughing.

After taking a bath, Xiao Yu came out wearing a small pair of underwear. He saw Tao Tao hugging a mobile phone and calling ‘Daddy’ incessantly, so he also walked up.

Tao Tao saw his brother come out and did not wear anything as he walked to the bedside. He lifted the mobile phone and put it at Xiao Yu’s ear. Then Tao Tao stared with round eyes as he said to Xiao Yu, “Daddy.” Signaling for him to speak and listen to the Daddy in the cell phone.

Knowing it was Shen Fu who called, Xiao Yu reached out and picked up the cell phone. “Is it Daddy?”

Shen Fu hummed in agreement, “You haven’t slept yet?”

“En, we’re getting ready to go to bed. Is Daddy going to sleep soon?”

Shen Fu dimmed the bedside lamp and replied, “Not yet. Daddy is sorry for coming back to H City today without telling you.”

Xiao Yu smiled, revealing two sharp canine teeth, “It’s all right. Daddy Lin already told me. When Daddy is busy, there’s no need to say sorry to me. Did Daddy go back to see Grandpa and Grandma?”

Shen Fu smiled as he answered, “En, something like that.”

Xiao Yu continued, “Grandpa and Grandma don’t often see Daddy. They will definitely be missing Daddy. You can rest assured and accompany Grandpa and Grandma. I will take care of Daddy Lin.”

Shen Fu laughed, “Okay.”

Xiao Yu looked back at Lin ShuYi. He was bursting with happiness, “Then I’m going to sleep now. Good night Daddy.”

“Good night Xiao Yu.”

Xiao Yu made a loud and clear kissing sound near the speaker and then he handed the phone to Lin ShuYi.

Tao Tao looked at the cell phone. He obviously wanted to play with it for a while more, but his hand was held by Xiao Yu.

“Tao Tao, come to bed with Big Brother. Big Brother will sing the school song for you.”

Under the temptation of his brother’s singing, Tao Tao let his brother lead him back to the room.

Lin ShuYi followed behind and watched the two children climb onto the bed. He changed Tao Tao into his pajamas and tucked him under his quilt. Xiao Yu had also wrapped himself in the quilt, “Daddy, go talk to Daddy Shen. I’ll sing to Tao Tao and coax him to sleep.”

Tao Tao turned over happily and lay in his own little bed as he yawned at Xiao Yu, “Big Brother.”

Xiao Yu began to sing and his young and tender voice softly sang a nursery song, coaxing Tao Tao to sleep. He waved to Lin ShuYi while singing, telling him good night.

Lin ShuYi smiled and turned off the lights as he came out of the two small steamed buns’ room.

“What happened?

Realizing that Shen Fu didn’t hang up his cell phone, Lin ShuYi laughed, “Xiao Yu is singing a song to coax Tao Tao to sleep. They’re both so obedient.”

Shen Fu fell silent for a moment before he said, “These two children are treasures bestowed by Heaven, and so are you.”

Lin ShuYi blushed a little, but fortunately Shen Fu could not see it. “Is everything all right over there?”

Lin ShuYi knew something must have happened for Shen Fu to return in such a hurry. However, he had to bring the two children with him, and would not be of much help even if he went back. Based of Shen Fu’s expression, it did not seem to be something too serious.

“En, in fact, it’s not something important. I was just thinking too much. It was about… my brother.”

Lin ShuYi laughed, “Well, I’m waiting to hear the good news.”

Shen Fu pillowed his head on his arm and said, “You’ll probably be able to hear the good news in less than two days.”

Shen Fu felt that things seemed to be much simpler than he had imagined, especially after talking to Old Master Shen. He hung up after talking with Lin ShuYi for a while. Shen Fu thought about whether he should explain the news he had got from Old Master Shen to Big Brother Shen. After musing about it, he decided not to.

It’s good to let him worry for a while.

When Shen Fu got up the next day, he heard a commotion outside. Shen Fu was shocked when he opened the door and looked down.

He has never seen Big Brother Shen like this. His back was straight as he knelt silently in front of Old Master Shen without saying a word. This posture alone had clearly stated his attitude. Other than Big Brother Shen, there was also a man kneeling in front. Naturally, it was Jiang Cheng.

Shen Fu’s eyes had widened till they were all round.

What were they doing? Inflicting an injury on themselves to win the confidence of the enemy? Jiang Cheng totally did not look like someone who knelt to anyone at all, okay? However, Shen Fu thought about the time he knelt down to Old Master Shen and immediately understood. A man should have dignity and not grovel or bow down, but there were some things that were obviously more important than dignity.

Both Father Shen and Mother Shen stood in front of Old Master Shen. Aunt Shen and Uncle Shen looked at each other from afar and did not cut in to say anything. Obviously Shen Fu had missed all the action. The most crucial issues seemed to already have been discussed.

After quite a while, Old Master Shen spoke. Yet it was not to Big Brother Shen, but to Jiang Cheng. “Xiao Yan has never been strongly attached to anything since he was a child, so we can’t force it. I just want to ask you, have you really thought over it?”

Jiang Cheng looked back at Big Brother Shen. Shen Fu was most familiar with the tenderness in his eyes that was enough to drown a person to death. He thought to himself, he finally did not have to bear Big Brother Shen’s troubles.

“I know, I’ve already thought about this question seven years ago. It was my fault. I’ve let him slip out of my hands for seven years. We can’t make another misstep that would last another seven years.”

Big Brother Shen also looked up at him without saying a word, but his intertwined hands demonstrated his shock more than thousands of words could.

Old Master Shen sighed and stood up, “We don’t care about you. Jiang Cheng, what about your parents? If you can’t convince your parents, I won’t let Xiao Yan go over to see the disdaining looks from others.”

Mother Shen also sighed and went to help them up. She did not really hate Jiang Cheng before, but now that this person has become her own…. Sigh, her feelings were a little complicated.

Big Brother Shen was about to open his mouth and say something when Jiang Cheng shook his head and stopped him. “My mother is a little extreme, but please rest assured that I will not let Shen Yan be wronged.”

Old Master Shen said nothing at all. After a while, he replied, “I hope you can keep your words.” After that, he waved to the Auntie, “Please serve the meal.” Then he looked up in the direction of the stairs, “What are you still looking at? Come down for dinner!”

As Shen Fu walked down, he beamed and looked at Big Brother Shen’s face. Big Brother Shen had a rare expression of embarrassment on his face and he moved behind Jiang Cheng.

Jiang Cheng smiled and shielded Big Brother Shen. He looked like a bushy-tailed wolf as he said, “Xiao Fu, long time no see.”

Shen Fu smiled, “Long time no see, Uncle… Jiang.”

Everyone: “…”

Shen Fu was in a good mood.

Jiang Cheng returned home after so many years, yet he did not seem to be distanced from the Shen Family at all. However, his form of address had changed. He addressed those who should be called Grandpa as such, and properly addressed those who should be called Uncle. He did not seem the least bit embarrassed about the change in address.

Jiang Chen calmly ladled a bowl of chicken porridge for Big Brother Shen and gently instructed him to eat, while gracefully and respectfully eating his own food. He practically took care of the elite Big Brother Shen like a child.

Shen Fu ruthlessly experienced the taste of a single dog abuse, thus he exceptionally missed Lin ShuYi.

His mood immediately turned down.

Jiang Cheng smirked and laughed after effortlessly getting revenge for Big Brother Shen, while his gaze on Big Brother Shen became more unrestrained.

Shen Fu could not help learning from Big Brother Shen and rolled his eyes. Sure enough, the one that could fancy such a black-bellied character was one that was totally sadistic.

He had forgotten over the years that Jiang Cheng had a good relationship with him and Shen Yan. However, that was only when Shen Fu did not oppose Big Brother Shen. If there was a difference in their opinions, Jiang Cheng would always stand by Big Brother Shen. Shen Fu looked up to heavens and gave a long sigh. Why did he not discover the love between the two people at that time?

Originally, he was already not a match for one Big Brother Shen. Now there was the addition of another one…

Shen Fu wanted Jing Jing to be left alone.

And don’t ask him who Jing Jing was.

After dinner, Jiang Cheng said goodbye and went home. Their relationship was only recognized in the Shen Family. The Jiang Family… was still far behind. Like what Old Master Shen had said, Jiang Cheng did not want to let Shen Yan suffer any wrongs. He did not know what happened many years ago, yet he could not pretend that nothing happened. From now on, no one had better dare to hurt a single hair on Shen Yan’s head.

The scene of the two people kissing in a corner, reluctant to part, was accidentally seen by Shen Fu. Shen Fu covered his eyes, with an expression of ‘I’m about to grow a sty!’ on his face.

Speaking of which, these two were both older than him. How could their mushy and lovey-dovey tricks be more impressive than his?!! Could it be because they had been separated for too long? They were pent up?!!

When Jiang Cheng drove away with his ostentatious and cool sports car, Big Brother Shen feigned a wooden expression as he walked back to his room. He was acting as if the man who had just been seen with a flushed face was not him.

Shen Fu burst out in a fit of strange teasing laughter and finally angered his brother.

“Are you done?”

Shen Fu heartily laughed twice again before he said, “Congratulations.”

The expression of shame and anger on Big Brother Shen’s face froze for a moment, before it dissipated a little. He pursed his lips before giving a reserved smile, yet the light in his eyes was dazzling, “Thank you.” Shen Fu had never seen Big Brother Shen like this before. He could not help thinking that when Lin ShuYi was thinking of him, did he have the same expression?

Thus he said, “Then, when will I be liberated? I’ve been wanting to resign for a long time.”

Big Brother Shen’s face suddenly pulled down and he returned two words to him, “No way.”

Shen Fu: “…”

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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