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Chapter 42: Someone has changed into a VIP! 

But after all, I am a potted plant. Would that be too shocking?

Hai’an carefully recalled the plants he had seen since he came to the world. Although they were pet-like wisdom plants, it was quite normal for him to spray fire when comparing the small beaks that ate meat or the teardrop trees that were all eyes, right?

Hai’an stretched out a vine and lifted it slightly. The verdant vine rolled up and loosened in front of the leaf pole. Hai’an silently recalled the spell of flame in his mind. It was a small elementary magic. Without any attack power, it could only make fire.

This was a super simple magic that some ordinary businessmen in Nore could learn. They learned this magic for only one purpose – to make fire easier. And in some emergencies it can also be used for fighting.

In the darkness, a tiny sparkling spark revolved and gathered. When it was about to form a flame, Red Shield jumped over a deep ravine. With a violent shake, the cluster of sparks popped, extinguishing and disappearing into a plume of black smoke.

Auguste’s hearing was very sharp. He looked down at Hai’an. Hai’an stayed in the nest and did not drink milk or eat zirconium and gold.

Can plants fart too? Auguste felt that he could no longer let his brain go wild. How could he possibly do such a thing when he was just a plant? But can plants fart?

Hai’an did not know that he had left a huge doubt in Auguste’s mind. He saw Auguste turn his eyes away, he continued to mobilize the elements of fire. But he didn’t know that Auguste, who had just bowed his head, was looking right at him.

The reddish elements gathered gently and densely from all around, merged into long, slender and shining flame filaments, rotated and blended, emitted gentle warmth, and finally landed at the top of the vine that was stretched out by Hai’an. Separated from the vine by a layer of air, it burned brightly in the night.


As a matter of fact, my magic has not been abandoned. I can practice it more in the future. I will eat and drink like this every day, otherwise I will not be able to change into a person again for more than ten years.

Hai’an felt that his growth was related to his magic recovery. He couldn’t cast the magic of light now, because the magic of light needs a lot of effort. Maybe he would try it after his bud blossomed. By then, his magic should be restored to half.

Just then, a bigger flame appeared next to Hai’an, but the next second, it was blown out by the cold wind.


He forgot that there was no wind in the small nest. Although Auguste’s flame appeared for a short time, Hai’an could see the color of the flame.

It was a light blue flame. Hai’an knew that although it looked very cold, the temperature of the flame was very high. In magic books, such a flame was called ice flame, and it was a kind of fire magic.

The small plant shook its leaves in the shade of the little nest, and the small flames swayed with his movements. The flames swayed as if they were going to be extinguished in the next second.

Auguste was not surprised by the fact that Hai’an could make a fire. The universe was so big, and there were all kinds of variant plants in the interstellar space. There was a kind of plant called Fire Thorn on Yige. Their leaves were clusters of burning flames, but the branches were non-burning branches, which were called natural torches.

Hai’an looked small everywhere, and this little flame can only be used as a small heat source. Auguste lowered his head and whispered to him, “I’ll show you a more beautiful flame later.”

Hai’an suddenly became interested. Would Auguste show him his dragon form?

Speaking of dragons, Hai’an thought that Auguste’s dragon shape was slightly smaller than that of Nore, and the dragons of Nore were about 100 meters in length. But Auguste was much smaller than them. The Dragons of Nore were all rich, arrogant and irascible. If they raised him, he would soon be raised to death because they may not be willing to spend a gold coin to buy him any nutrient solution.

Once the plants living in the universe left their native planet, they needed to be regularly dripped with nutrient solution, otherwise they would die of malnutrition, and many scientists could not explain why. Auguste bought Hai’an the most expensive nutrient solution. It tasted sweet and Hai’an liked it very much. It was second only to vanilla-flavored milk powder, but unfortunately he could not drink more.

Just as Hai’an was savoring the taste of nutrient solution, Hong Hu stopped and Auguste jumped down with Hai’an on his shoulder.

The giant wolves took them for a long distance. In front of them was a canyon. It was not very spacious. They could only allow the wolves to walk one by one. A big wolf with one blind eye went ahead, while the small wolf being carried by the other large wolf followed at the end. Auguste’s attention was all on the wolves and he could see what the other giant wolves looked like.

In addition to the large wolf holding the little wolf, the other wolves had scars on their heads. One wolf only had half of its ears, while the other two wolves had only one eye. Their injured eyes were scarred over as if they had been splashed by a very corrosive liquid.

As soon as Auguste saw their wounds, he immediately thought of the worm he had trampled on. These giant wolves had dealt with those worms.

The wolves lined up and entered the canyon one by one. The wolf with the little wolf in his mouth walked at the end. During the waiting time, he laid down the little wolf and gently licked the wolf’s hair. He also gently rubbed the wolf’s bald head with his furry chin. The wolf was comfortable with the wolf and nested under his belly and hummed.

After a few hums, something suddenly occurred to him and he turned to Hai’an. The wolf shouted at the older wolf, “Woof!” and the wolf looked up at Hai’an. When he saw Auguste holding Hai’an, the wolf stared at him for several seconds.

The fourth wolf had already entered the canyon. The big wolf moved away from looking at Auguste, stood up, shook his hair, growled at the little wolf, and picked up the little wolf and went into the canyon.

Jamie went up to Auguste and said to him, “They don’t mean anything. Just now the wolf was bragging about JianJian being good-looking.”

“I know they’re not malicious.” Auguste did not see murder in the eyes of the giant wolves, and they needed the help of the wolves to leave the area. The trajectory of the planet and the flesh-and-pink planet was too strange.

The wolves took them into the canyon. The narrower the canyon was, the harder it was for the wolves to move through. The wolves were fine with Auguste and his crew. Red Shield put away her shield and weapons, otherwise it would be very difficult to get in.

Finally, they came to the entrance of a cave, where there was a light blue light. It was a good place to shelter from the snow.

A surprising scene emerged. The wolves had turned into human bodies. They were about two meters tall. Their skin was pale from seeing no sunshine for many years. Their hair was the same grey-black color as their original fur. Their whole body was muscular and very strong, but they were full of tiny wounds corroded by acid liquid. They were wrapped in only wolf fur. It was a skirt around the crotch, and looked very medieval. They wore tough and resolute faces, only the little wolf did not become human shape. The wolves dropped quickly into the hole in the ground.

Seeing the wolves jumped down, Auguste followed them and bent down to get in. Only Red Shield was too big and had to stay outside. She said that she didn’t need to rest or be afraid of the cold, so she stayed outside to keep out the wind for them.

The cave was about five hundred square meters. There were many small holes in the wall around the cave, which were supposed to be reserved for the giant wolves to pass through. At the top of the cave, there are many blue insects shining with a blue light. The light Hai’an saw outside the cave was the light they emitted, which was supposed to be the lighting tool for wolves.

In addition, Hai’an also found that the ground of the cave was soil. Unlike the outside rock fields, this was real soil; it was dark and very fertile.

In the cave stood a group of wolves, dressed like people, all cloaked with fur skirts, but the wounds they displayed were serious.

As soon as the little wolf entered the cave, he struggled in the larger wolf’s arms. The wolf obediently laid down the little wolf. When the little wolf got down, he ran happily to one of the people’s legs and stroked hard against the man.

The man looked slightly old, his hair grey, his face pitted, there was no perfect place, only one eye could move. Almost all of his face was corroded with scars, his lips barely existed, but they could open.

He gently picked up the wolf and licked his cheek. He waved to the other adult wolf and handed the little wolf to them.

“Hello, foreigners.” He opened his mouth and spoke in the common Star Language. His voice was unexpectedly pleasant. It was a very gentle male voice.

Auguste gave him back the military salute of his Vagrant. (The Legion’s military etiquette has been slightly altered in the Star Common Military etiquette to give it its own military characteristics)

The man sighed with relief at Auguste’s military salute. “Great, are you soldiers? If you were businessmen, I really didn’t know what to do.” The man’s tears fell down at once. Although his face was terrible, he cried miserably. From his suppressed crying, they could hear a great sense of despair.

Another taller man standing beside him embraced him. The taller man had only a scar on his face, but they could see that he had been very tough and handsome.

“What happened to the planet? Why did you become like this?” Jamie stepped forward and spoke. The wolves all lived underground. It was the first time he saw wolves forced to live in a cave.

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