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Chapter 109: Powdered Ice Cream

Translated by Karcessel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It was the beginning of June when Shen Fu received a call from Alan. He almost didn’t hear what Alan said on the other end, blanking out in the exceedingly long while it took until he could hang up the phone, all the while wearing an expression of uncontrollable joy on his face.

Lin ShuYi was reading in the room, and upon hearing Shen Fu enter, he was just prepared to ask Shen Fu what Alan said when he was unceremoniously flipped over and pressed back into the couch. Without the time to even manage one phrase, his lips were sealed.

Shen Fu rarely ever kissed him fiercely, like he wanted to devour him. Though Lin ShuYi had planned to ask Shen Fu what was going on, under the force of the kiss, his breathing was left a wordless mess. Back against the sofa cushions, Shen Fu above him, teasing him, his mind might have been a jumbled mess, but he still thought about TaoTao taking an afternoon nap the next room over, worried whether he would suddenly wake up.

However, Shen Fu stopped early, with Lin ShuYi’s shirt already lifted up to his chest. He leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to Lin ShuYi’s skin, and Lin ShuYi’s soul felt weak and his body limp.

Leaning back up, and without waiting for Lin ShuYi to speak, Shen Fu said, “Xiao Yi, let’s get married.”

After a moment of surprise, Lin ShuYi laughed and said, “Okay.”

Shen Fu also laughed, softer. “Alright, then we’ll head to Los Angeles at the end of June.”

Actually caught off guard this time, Lin ShuYi paused. Then, lightly pushing Shen Fu back a little bit, he looked into his eyes and said, “Wait, what did you say?”

Eyes black as a bottomless spring, Shen Fu’s look made Lin ShuYi felt as if he was being dragged in. Shen Fu leaned down and laid kiss after kiss against Lin ShuYi’s lips. “Let’s head to Los Angeles, and get married.”

Lin ShuYi started trembling.

“I already handed all of the formalities. Bought a share of Alan’s chain restaurant, bought an estate under your name in Los Angeles, and now we’re legal green card holders(1). As long as you’re willing, we can head to Los Angeles to get married at any time, although naturally the sooner the better.”

For a moment, Lin ShuYi couldn’t speak. “I thought…”

“Thought I was just talking big? I told you, I was going to give you a face you could stand proud in front of everyone with.”

Although their marriage wasn’t recognized in this country, with the green card applied for, it would now be protected under law in other countries. They could be just like any other couple, standing in a chapel and receiving the blessings of a priest.

Lin ShuYi’s lips trembled, and he still didn’t know what to say,

But Shen Fu didn’t need him to say anything. Leaning down again, he pressed gentle kisses ot Lin ShuYi’s lips, softly sucking and nibbling. Then, in a low voice, he asked, “Are you still willing? If you are, then we will swear in front of the eyes of God. From tonight onwards, our only companion will be each other, until the end of our lives.”

Shen Fu didn’t believe in a god, but he wanted Lin ShuYi to under the gravity of his intentions. From one on until the end of his days, he would only ever love one person.

Quietly, he waited for Lin ShuYi’s response, until finally Lin ShuYi managed to slow down his heart rate and whispered, soft but firm, “Yes.”

In the past, Lin ShuYi never could have guessed that he would fall in love with a person like this, but then he fell in love with Shen Fu. Lin ShuYi didn’t know to what extent he would love someone, and now he woke up every day to see Shen Fu’s face. Lin ShuYi didn’t know what kind of feeling it was to have a family, now he felt so happy it was as if he held the entire world in his hands.

FInally hearing the response he had been waiting for, Shen Fu picked Lin ShuYi up without hesitation, and strode into the bedroom.

Fortunately, TaoTao slept impressively sound, and didn’t wake up until after Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi had already picked up Xiao Yu.

Then, Shen Fu called the whole family and told them the good news they already knew.

Upon hearing about the green cards and plan to get married in Los Angeles, Shen Mom was the most excited of them all. She’d been to Los Angeles a few times, and was quite familiar with the city, but never had she been so excited for a trip over, asking Shen Dad nonstop what she should wear each day, what shoes would pair with which outfit.

“Very good.” Compared to Shen Mom, Shen Dad seemed far more calm and collected, and just asked, “Do you need us to do anything for you?”

Though this wedding wasn’t going to take place in their home country, as the newlywed’s parents, Shen Dad and Shen Mom were still obligated to contribute the most.

Shen Fu laughed. “Grandpa can choose a date for us, but the wedding apparel and chapel selection will be handed over to mom. Didn’t she say, a long time ago, that if me or my brother ever got married she wanted to take care of these things?”

Although Shen Dad’s voice didn’t sound too excited, the faint smile pulling up the corners of his lips betrayed his feelings. “Alright. We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long while now.”

Everyone ended up selecting a date together, with the flight to Los Angeles booked on the last day of June, and the grand wedding ceremony dated in July.

Shen Brother didn’t say anything through the entire process, and only added in a line at the end when the call was about to be hung up. “Congratulations, I wish you happiness.”

Shen Fu smiled. “Don’t worry, you’ll have your day with Jiang Cheng someday too.”

Shen Brother laughed, and didn’t say anything else.

And then, Lin ShuYi told Old Man Yang and the rest of them the news.

Old Man Yang and the Wan family were incompariably astonished. “You’re getting married abroad? That’s good too, although China won’t recognize your marriage, getting married abroad is the same anyways.”

Lin ShuYi smiled, his eyes expressing his inner joy. “The time remaining will be used to apply for visas for everyone. Do you guys have all your documents on hand?”

Xiao Wan’s eyes suddenly grew wide and her jaw dropped, “Xiao Yi gege, we’re going too?”

“Of course, everyone’s going together.” Lin ShuYi responded.

Bouncing with joy, Xiao Wan exclaimed, “You’re the best, I’ve never been abroad before!!”

Xiao Wan’s grandma, however, was a bit more reserved. “It’s too much money if we all go together, but your grandpa should go, it’s alright if we don’t tag along as well.”

After all, they didn’t have any genetic relationships with Lin ShuYi, nor were they as close to him as Old Man Yang.

“Grandma, what kind of words are those?” Lin ShuYi smiled. “Putting aside the fact that I’ve considered you my family for a long time now, just the fact that you’re grandpa Yang’s partner means you’re supposed to go. What’s more, I consider grandpa Yang my real grandfather, and for an event as important as this, I wish for all of you to be by my side.”

Old Man Yang’s eyes started to get a little teary, his hands a bit shaky, as he reached out to grab Lin ShuYi’s hand and said, “We’ll go! Of course we’ll go! Such an important date, the money doesn’t matter, we all have to go.”

In the beginning, he was really just being kind, taking pity on a child who seemed to be all alone. How could he have ever thought that one day, this child would bring him such solace? Just like Lin ShuYi said, he considered this child to be his own grandson.

Once the event dates were set, the days inbetween passed exceptionally fast. The original plan was for Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi to head over first, after all, they still had a lot of matters to settle. But then, Shen Fu decided that everyone should go together, and treat the days before the wedding as a vacation. Los Angeles’s temperatures were even all year round (3), and with July being particularly hot in China, everyone taking a trip together was just the right opportunity to relieve some of the pressure on Lin ShuYi’s heart.

The visas applications were processed quickly, but before applying for anything, Lin ShuYi made sure to first go around consulting a multitude of doctors. He ordered TaoTao a detailed full body examination to see if flying would have any adverse effects on his illness, and if they really couldn’t take a plane, then they had to come up with another plan.

Fortunately, the doctor’s medical report very clearly stated that TaoTao’s illness didn’t have any signs of distress on his heart, so there shouldn’t be adverse effects from boarding a plane. Only then was Lin ShuYi relieved enough to apply for the visas.

Aside from TaoTao, Aunt Shen was the only other point of concern.

Aunt Shen had been pregnant for six months already, and wasn’t well suited for long plane rides. But for an even like this, it was principal for her to attend, not to mention that she really wanted to go personally. Thus she became the center of attention for the entire family. Alan, upon hearing that his wife was returning to Los Angeles, was both worried and overjoyed at the same time. He called day after day, confirming time and confirming status.

Personally, Aunt Shen felt that everyone was being over-concerned. After all, the sixth month was the most stable month. There was still a while until the due date, but the first three risky months were already long over.

And so, on the last day of June, everyone packed up some simple luggage, and met up at H city’s airport before boarding the plane headed for Los Angeles. The flight from H city to Los Angeles was approximately twenty hours long (4). However TaoTao was very calm the entire way over, without any significant discomfort, which allowed Lin ShuYi a sigh of relief.

Xiao Yu was very curious about the plane, as this was his first time riding one, and he spent the entire flight looking at the sky outside the window, pointing anything interesting out for Lin ShuYi to see.

Lin ShuYi, however, had no such interests. Compared to the two children, he seemed to be the most nervous person on this flight.

Lin ShuYi had discovered this method of transportation that travelled through the sky only shortly after he arrived in this world, and while curious about what sorts of mechanisms allowed this craft to fly in the air, he also wondered when he could have the chance to ride one. But now, he finally managed to get on a plane, only to discover… he was airsick.

It wasn’t just that he felt like throwing up, but his entire body felt unwell. Everything was so uncomfortable all he wanted to do was lay down and sleep. Only while he was asleep was he slightly more comfortable.

Shen Fu really hadn’t expected that Lin ShuYi would turn out this airsick, and the motion sickness medication (dramamine) turned out to be not enough. The few that he had were taken were given to Old Man Yang and Xiao Wan’s grandma, leaving none for Lin ShuYi. Seeing Lin ShuYi this uncomfortable, Shen Fu’s heart hurt, and all he could do was lower Lin ShuYi’s chair, hand his an eye mask to wear as he slept, and take TaoTao back to Shen Mom’s seat. They he sat back down by Lin ShuYi’s side and lightly massaged his belly, hoping he would feel a bit better.

Seeing papa Lin in such discomfort, Xiao Yu didn’t speak anymore, and stayed silently by Lin ShuYi’s side. He fiddled with the miniature camera Shen Fu gave him, following the instructions Shen Fu taught him, and too pictures of all the interesting things he saw so he could show Lin ShuYi later when he wasn’t so airsick.

Lin ShuYi was sick for a long while, and it was all the way until dinner time before he recovered a little bit. Probably because of the food he ate, afterwards, Lin ShuYi felt much better. Still not very comfortable, but he didn’t need to keep sleeping. Leaning back against his seat, he looked at the pictures Xiao Yu took for him to see, their two heads huddled together to chat.

Shen Fu waved a flight attendant over, and ordered two cups of ice cream, placing them fight in front of Lin ShuYi and Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up immediately, and he asked, “Papa, do you want to eat any ice cream?”

Lin ShuYi hadn’t eaten much ice cream all winter, and now seeing ice cream again, he realised that he craved some quite a bit. So, with one cup per person, he had the cup clean with Xiao Yu, making such TaoTao didn’t notice and thus didn’t want to eat any.

After spending a night on the plane, at ten in the morning the next day, they finally arrived in Los Angeles. And getting off the plane, Lin ShuYi finally fully recovered.

The sunlight outside was bright and sunny but not too hot, just like how Shen Fu described. Los Angeles was a city very suited for habitation, with an even temperature all year round.

Alan had long since prepared cars to wait for them outside the airport, and upon receiving the news that they plane had landed, he went to personally wait for them at the exit ramp. He could see their large group coming out from a mile away. The people in front of the group were exceptionally eye-catching, even compared to the high attractiveness index of Los Angeles. Four handsome men walking together, wearing a variety of brand name sunglasses, they looked like models who had just stepped off T station.

If it weren’t for two people—one held a child, the other holding the hand of another child—they would have resembled models even more.

TaoTao held on to Shen Fu’s neck, wearing a light yellow short sleeved T-shirt paired with dark blue shorts, his skin as pale and tender as lotus roots.

Xiao Yu wore a light pink shirt with a decorative bow around his neck, looking just like a little gentleman.

On another side, Jiang Cheng reached out an arm to sling around Shen Brother’s shoulders, only to have it picked up and thrown down. Jiang Cheng grinned, and switched places, wrapping the arm around Shen Brother’s waist instead. With endless patience, Shen Brother didn’t bother anymore, and in the end took Jiang Cheng’s hand, not letting him move around anymore. Jiang Cheng was satisfied with this compromise. Holding hands with Shen Brother, he was so satisfied he picked up his pack.

Everyone finally spotted Alan standing not too far away. Shen Fu sniled, and waved his hand.

Los Angeles vacation, begin!

Addis note: (1) It is not that easy to get a green card in the USA. My friend’s sister in law had to live in the US for 5 years before they allowed her to get her green card. The rest of the time it was considered a work Visa. To learn more, check out HERE.

(2) Los Angeles isn’t really all that. Lol. It’s just a super crowded city with a bunch of rich people, a bunch of homeless and a beach.

(3) Weather being even all year round is also not true. It ranges from 50 F to 112 F (10 C to 37.5 C). There are areas around there that do get snow. July in LA (like right now) ranges from 63 F to 87F (19 C to 30C).

(4) This is also wrong. A flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles can be as short as 12 hours but with switching to 3 different planes along the way, that’s when it hits 21 hours. And assuming they don’t care about money, they probably are taking a 13 hour flight.

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July 21, 2019 12:44 pm

Thank you for the extra info about LA, i live in Canada but have been over the border into the States before but not as far as LA. Looking forward to the wedding now.

July 21, 2019 1:56 pm

All reality has left this story, the info about L.A. and the ease of traveling didn’t surprise me. XD I’m pretty sure LRP is more realistic. XD It’s OK, I’m enjoying this fanfic like sap fest. Even if I’m side eyeing the abandoning of all original plot lines.

July 21, 2019 2:36 pm

Thanks for the chapter! Considering how unrealistic many Chinese and Japanese novels are about the US and the West in general, this could be worse… But the footnotes were a good addition, especially regarding the green card.

July 21, 2019 4:08 pm

Thanks for the chapter!
About the green card issue, well there is a fast lane for rich investors (there was a scandal about that around 2 years ago), but this is ridiculously fast even then. Well, the Author wanted them married pronto, so…
Also, after a 12h flight, no one comes out looking like a model (unless you specifically changed clothes, applied makeup, mostly slept & even then sleeping on a plane is exhausting so you still end up tired & jet lagged).

July 21, 2019 4:53 pm

Thanks for the extra info! I figured it wouldn’t be that easy lol, but since it’s a novel (and the author clearly wants to get them married ASAP)( not that I mind tho) it’s fine. Can’t wait for the wedding!!

Thanks for the chapter

July 21, 2019 8:20 pm

Transmigration storyline : Okay, cool
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My suspended belief isn’t that strong 😂😂😂

Thank you 😁😁😁

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Take it with a pinch of salt and everything will be alright.

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8060 16
July 21, 2019 10:56 pm

This story is a fairytale! why bother with how they got green card so easily, how their long journey by plane was so smooth(like really? it hurts so much deep inside your ears. you go deaf for a while. Head feels stuffy and TaoTao was just OKAY?) and they are born like models. Really Jiang Cheng, you had energy to flirt? I sometimes fall asleep waiting for luggage lamo! but it’s okay. It’s a fairytale LOL! Congratulations on their marriage!

July 22, 2019 5:24 am

I think Shen Fu ‘bought’ his green card. There is some provision for foreign people who invest a ton of money into the US economy to get the EB5 visa. They have to invest atleast $500K to finance a business in US to get this visa. Rich Chinese use this method to get green cards. There is a wiki for EB5 visa which has more info.

July 24, 2019 10:07 pm

Everyone is going just like that. So easy. It truly is fantasy, hahaha.

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August 13, 2019 9:36 am

Yep. Just like everyone was saying, this is a fairytale. Everything goes smoothly so much that it was just too good to be true. Getting a US visa is not easy at all especially for first timers abroad. Let’s not even talk about visa. Lol Disregarding the transmigration, this novel is too unrealistic. Everything just goes well. At first I was scared. I thought angst is on the way but there was none. Not complaining though. I sometimes like to see someone’s perfect life to heal my not-perfect-at-all life.

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I literally haven’t read this since they adopted the kids but I clicked on a random chapter…..imagine my shock seeing the name JIANG CHENG out of nowhere

September 12, 2019 11:33 am

“Shen Fu didn’t believe in a god, but he wanted Lin ShuYi to under the gravity of his intentions. From one on until the end of his days, he would only ever love one person.” It always cracks me up when transmigrated MCs have zero spirituality. I mean, if I was suddenly reborn after my death, I’d definitely start believing in a higher power, hahaha. Regarding the green card, I think it’s much easier to get one through owning/starting your own business in the USA. They have some kind of fasttrack program for entrepreneurs (though you probably need to have… Read more »

Sue R
Sue R
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Thank to Addis for making a foot note, I was with everybody here about how unrealistic of this novel but also agreed on the fairy tale kind of plot. Still, some of the reality should be maintained such as the growth and developmentof the children, as the age of 6-7 year old Xiao Yu seemed to be too mature even if he was from orphanage environment.

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