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Chapter 110 Caramel Apple Pie

Translated by Turtle Team Rara and Addis

This time, there were a lot of people, so Alan had five cars to bring all the people with him. Everyone’s luggage was not very much, but together it was enough to fill a car. Taotao’s stuff was the most space-occupying thing of course. He had a large suitcase full that contained all of the stuff he needed. There were still many that were items left at home that they didn’t bring. 

Shen Fu’s family of four were sitting in a car with a specialist driver, a tall, blond hair, blue eyes and a high nose local. He welcomed Shen Fu’s family with all smiles since their arrival. He  greeted everyone in poor Chinese, “Welcome to… Los Angeles.”

Lin ShuYi just smiled faintly. To be honest, he did not understand what the man was saying, but he still gave the man a euphemistic smile as if he understood everything.

Shen Fu looked at him and laughed.

Then he turned around and said to the driver, “Thank you.” He spoke very fluent and standard English.

This car was specially prepared for them by Uncle Alan. Xiao Yu and Taotao’s special car seats had been placed beforehand. Lin ShuYi carried Taotao to his seat and buckled his seat belt. Taotao was not very happy. He did not like to be tied to the seat like this, especially when he was curious about everything outside. He moved his body slightly and frowned, “Dad, hug me!”

Lin ShuYi patted his head gently. “Taotao must sit here by himself. Dad won’t hug you before we arrive at our place. Taotao is good boy.”

Tao Tao pouted and looked a bit upset. Shen Fu looked at Tao Tao in the rearview mirror and laughed, “How about we take him to eat some apple pie after? Sweet apple pie with jam.”

Tao tao understood it right away and was all smiles, “Pie ~ pie~”

Xiao Yu, who could understand his dad’s intention very well, immediately continued, “But Taotao can only get to his apple pie if he sits obediently.”

Tao Tao’s eyes were wide and he was no longer twisting and moving in his chair. He probably understood that only a good boy would get a reward.

The driver looked at the family behind him with some clarity. It was not until now that he understood their relationship thoroughly. This was a country of freedom. No one was hostile to their relationship, not even whispering with small gossip. The blonde driver laughed and said, “What a lovely child!” This time, he used his mother tongue and was not worried that Shen Fu would not understand it.

Shen Fu once again sincerely said thank you. He also felt that his children were so cute to death.

Uncle Alan’s car in front of him had started, and the driver had to step on the gas and follow it.

All the way, the driver talked to Shen Fu enthusiastically. Lin ShuYi could not understand him and looked out of the window. Tao Tao sat on his right, put out his chubby little hands and asked his brother to teach him to count his fingers. He repeated after Xiao Yu word after word like a parrot, Xiao Yu would laugh at it occasionally.

Lin ShuYi was looking at the scenery outside the window. Before he came here, he had already done some research about this foreign country in advance. Compared to his country, this country had totally different styles and characteristics. The tall palm trees on both sides of the street, the small American buildings with pointed roofs and beautiful skylights. They gave him a totally different feeling. He couldn’t feel anything before when he saw it through TV, but now when he had arrived he finally saw how big the place was and there were many things he hadn’t seen before.

Suddenly there was a burst of cheerful laughter from the driver’s seat. Lin ShuYi turned around and found that both the driver and Shen Fu were looking at him in the rearview mirror. Shen Fu’s was smiling and his eyes were warm.

The driver said something quickly, Shen Fu nodded and laughed again.

At this point, Lin ShuYi immediately understood that what they must have talked something about him.

He looked at Shen Fu with doubt, and Shen Fu looked at him and explained, “He said you look good and said that we are well matched.” Before Lin ShuYi spoke, Shen Fu added, “I said I also think we are well matched.”

Lin ShuYi: …

“I also said that we are going to get married under God’s observation. He said that he wished us happiness.”

Lin ShuYi was touched. Recently, he always felt like this was a dream and it gave him an unrealistic feeling that he couldn’t grasp firmly.

Shen Fu smirked, looked at Lin ShuYi’s adam apple behind the thin shirt and said, “We really have a ‘happy’ life, don’t you think?”

Ra: he was using 性福 which is a pun for sex. Idk how to pun it. (Addis: Innuendo aka in your endo. Lol ignore me. XD) Rara: lololololol)

Lin ShuYi did not notice the strong feeling hidden under Shen Fu’s eyes at all and just nodded his head, and did not see the smile on Shen Fu’s face became deeper in an instant. The car swayed slightly and began to slow down. Lin ShuYi looked out and seemed to be driving into a residential area before asking a question he should have asked earlier, “Where are we going?”

Shen Fu paused a little before saying, “My uncle Alan’s private property, our house is too far away from here. We might have to wait two days before we can move there.”

The car entered the garage and stopped. The driver got out and then gallantly opened the door for them. Shen Fu helped Xiao Yu and Taotao out of the car. The garage was brightly lit. The others also got out of their cars and walked towards them.

Mama Shen came to hold Xiao Yu’s hand and asked, “Yuyu, are you hungry?”

They hadn’t eaten anything for more than five hours since breakfast was served at seven o’clock on the plane.

When Xiao Yu nodded, Alan said with a smile, “Lunch is ready. Let’s go.”

Outside the garage was bright, with several tall palm trees standing straight in front of the villa door. The houses were very wide and far apart. In addition to the vast green grassland, there was an extraordinarily noticeable swimming pool in the distance. The pointed roof was covered with orange tiles, with ivory white walls, that is, the atmosphere was magnificent and exquisitely beautiful.

Lin ShuYi finally knew where the inspiration of the villa came from. It was not surprising that Shen Fu liked the simple and beautiful architectural style. The interior decoration also upheld the same simple style. The main tone of black, white and grey made the interior look neat and bright. Their luggage had been sent to their respective rooms first. Shen Fu took Lin ShuYi and went to their room without the help of Uncle Alan.

“We will stay at uncle Alan’s for the time being. I’ll show you the house I chose for you two days later. I promise you’ll like it very much.” Shen Fu closed the door and hug Lin ShuYi’s waist from behind, put his chin on his shoulder, and then took him to the window in this position. “The view from here is very beautiful. I specifically chose this room because of it.”

Lin ShuYi looked outside and thought this was a really beautiful city. As the largest city on the west coast of the United States and the second largest city in the country after New York, the prosperity of Los Angeles naturally went without saying. What he saw from this place wasn’t urban setting but green grassland and towering palm trees with different styles. The overall architectures were slightly different but with the same pointed roofs and swimming pools.

Lin ShuYi couldn’t understand why people would call this second most populous city in the United States. In fact, Lin ShuYi forgot that he was in a famous rich area in Los Angeles, capitalism at its finest.

Tao Tao and Xiao Yu went to their room prepared by Uncle Alan. Tao Tao soon loved the new toys and refused to let them go. He and XiaoYu flocked together and played with the new toys. Lin ShuYi then took the two kids to the big bathtub to wash away the exhaustion.

Taotao was very happy with the bubbles on his head. He liked bathing best, especially the bubbles. But the most essential thing was his duckling. He was a child who was easily bored with old toys, except his duck toy. This was brought from the welfare home. Its color had faded quite a lot, but he must have brought it with him to the bath. Without it, he wouldn’t obediently take his bath. XIao Yu said he bought it for him when he was half a year old. He didn’t think Taotao liked it so much.

The two brothers had so much fun playing in the water that half an hour passed by and Lin ShuYi had to separate them. He dried TaoTao and wrapped him in a bath towel before picking him up. Xiao Yu got out with a bath towel around him. Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi wiped their hair with towels. After drying their hair and changing their clothes, the family of four went downstairs to eat lunch with everyone.

The cook in Uncle Alan’s home was American and he was not very good at making Chinese dishes. So their meal was a purely western meal. Fresh and juicy steak, crisp and refreshing salad, full-bodied wine and, of course, the apple pie Taotao had longed for. The taste of apple pie was so authentic that even Mama Shen praised it. Taotao was allowed to eat a large piece after drinking milk and he danced happily.

In the evening, everyone went their separate ways. Old master Shen accompanied Old Man Yang and Xiao Wan’s Grandma to play chess in their room. After all, they had never been abroad. Although they were curious about the outside, they still had some restrictions on their language. Aunt Shen cherished the time of her reunion with Alan and spent every minute with him. Even though they hadn’t been apart for long, but they knew what it felt like to separate and one day felt like a year.

Brother Shen and Jiang Cheng had no idea where to go. Brother Shen knew the United States very well, and Jiang Cheng had been abroad for a long time. The two people simply didn’t care, so they went to play with them.

Xiao Wan wasn’t good with English, so she went out with Mama Shen.

Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi didn’t go anywhere. After sending the two little guys to sleep, they closed the door tightly and stayed in the room all night.

What happened inside their bedroom was not disclosed to outsiders.

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lol, our imaginations more than make up for what the author has not said about what went on behind that bedroom door.

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Right saying thank you is very fluent 😂
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Somehow I feel that there’s a big difference between asking “do you want to get married overseas?” and asking “do you want to travel to a country where you don’t speak the language and stay there long enough to get a green card, so that China will legally recognise us as a couple?” 😑

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And we all know what happened behind the bedroom door…
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幸福 and 性福 are both “xìngfú”, so no wonder Lin ShuYi didn’t notice that Shen Fu was punning his word by changing happy life to happy sex life 🤣

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