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Chapter 46: Sunny Side up Fried Eggs

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Hearing Shen Fu say that, Chen Fang laughed, “Why aren’t you the least bit worried?”

Shen Fu tilted his head up to look at the floor above. Once Lin ShuYi walked up the stairs and went into his room, he continued, “What is there to be worried about?”

Chen Fang then went, “Tsk, tsk. Even though my place’s secretive, at best you can live here for a few days, after that, old master Shen will probably be here. What are you going to do then?”

Shen Fu half closed his eyes leisurely, “I had planned to bring him over. Why would I be afraid of the old man arriving?”

Chen Fang was stunned by what he said, “But you guys aren’t even dating yet?”

Shen Fu straightened himself up, “So what? I don’t have to tell him. I can pursue him slowly, but in terms of attitude, I’ll have to let the old man know first.”

Chen Fang felt out of the loop with his line of thinking.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he liked men, he wouldn’t have gotten a beating from old master Shen, now he wasn’t going to hid that but actually confront him upright? Did he get dumb from the beating?

“I know your position and I know you’re serious, but the old man’s different. Aren’t you afraid that you’d trigger him and beat you both?”

Shen Fu half closed his eyes, “The old man isn’t like that. If I say the one I liked was you, he might beat you up, but if it’s Lin ShuYi…my old man isn’t that aggressive.”

Right, like the one who got thrown out after a beating a few months ago wasn’t you, Chen Fang thought as he rolled his eyes.

However, Shen Fu suddenly smiled deviously and stood up, wanting to lean on Chen Fang’s shoulder. “How about I just tell him I like you. We’ve known each other for forever, at most you’d get a beating but he’s not really going to do anything to you. Then you can take the chance to break up with me. Once that happens, I’ll be able to bring him back without a problem. At that point, the old man would have nothing to say…”

Hearing this, Chen Fang got goose bumps all over and pushed Shen Fu off. Rubbing his hands in disgust, he said, “Shut up, I was an idiot to worry about you.” Just as he was talking about something serious, he starts mocking him. As he said that, he turned around and went up the stairs.

Behind him, Shen Fu was laughing, “Don’t go, I think it’s a brilliant idea.”

By then, Chen Fang was nowhere in sight.

Only then did Shen Fu stop laughing and continued seriously, “Even if you’re willing, I’m not.” He was going full force trying to pursue Lin ShuYi. His family wasn’t even an obstacle in his eyes. He wasn’t going to ruin his image in Lin ShuYi’s eyes over something so trivial. That was all a joke and no one took it seriously.

After drinking so much juice, Lin ShuYi felt the sour aftertaste. He was about get a cup of water when he saw Shen Fu wrapping his hands around Chen Fang’s shoulder. The two were talking happily about something and in such a compromising position too. Chen Fang wasn’t avoiding it either.

Something clicked in his brain, he felt like he discovered a grave secret of Shen Fu’s.

So the one he liked was…his childhood friend!

No wonder he got beat up by his grandpa, even ‘rabbits don’t eat near the nest’ (don’t harm your neighbours, don’t do bad deeds near your nest)! Lin ShuYi took another look and saw Chen Fang shaking Shen Fu’s hand away, then say something with furrowed brows. Shen Fu was still smiling, but Lin ShuYi felt sad for him. Tsk tsk, looks like an unrequited love. So sad.

Then Chen Fang turned around, preparing to head upstairs. Even though it was unintentional on his part, Lin ShuYi still felt like he should back off. After all, he heard something he shouldn’t have.

Lin ShuYi was thinking that when he retreated back into his room.

After Chen Fang was gone for a while, Shen Fu went upstairs too, but he wasn’t in a hurry to sleep, rather he knocked on Lin ShuYi’s door. “Couldn’t have fallen asleep right?”

Lin ShuYi made a sound, indicating that he hadn’t fallen asleep yet. Then he thought maybe Shen Fu came for comfort after what happened with Chen Fang. Now he really couldn’t sleep and he sat up, pushing through his sleepiness. “Come in, I’m not asleep.”

Shen Fu opened the door and went in.

Lin ShuYi looked at Shen Fu’s expression and felt hat maybe he wasn’t here for comfort. “You…don’t be sad.”

Shen Fu widened his eyes, confused.

Lin ShuYi thought about it and felt that he should tell Shen Fu everything he saw. After all, he did see it, pretending to not have seems hard. “Umm… You know what I said before? Good luck.”

Shen Fu felt as if had missed an episode cause why else are they talking in two dimensions. “What are you saying?”

Lin ShuYi was sitting on the bed and seeing Shen Fu come in, he even patted him on the shoulder. “I saw everything. I feel like you guys are a great match…” Lin ShuYi hadn’t fallen in love before, so he didn’t know how he should say it, but Shen Fu was his only friend here and he didn’t care about the fact that he was gay. So comforting him was the obvious thing to do.

Shen Fu narrowed his eyes. He felt like he understood the essence of what he was trying to say.

Then Lin ShuYi continued, “Even though he’s your friend, and your grandpa disapproves, things like love can’t be changed or forced. So good luck.”

Shen Fu slowly came to an understanding, then his eyes widened and finally he burst into laughter. “…Are you saying I like Chen Fang?”

Lin ShuYi, on the other hand, saw this as him liking and not getting Chen Fang’s love to the point he was going mad.

Shen Fu laughed for a long time before stopping. He was just about to explain to Lin ShuYi that it wasn’t the case, but thought for a moment and thought of a better idea. His smile faded as he said, “How did you know?”

He said it as if he really liked Chen Fang.

Seeing that he finally wasn’t smiling, Lin ShuYi continued, “When I got out earlier I saw, but he doesn’t seem to know how much you like him.”

Shen Fu took another step forward and sat beside Lin ShuYi on the bed. His maniacal smile was completely gone, instead it was replaced with a ‘I just confessed but it didn’t turn out well and I’m sad’ face. He said with a deep voice, “Then, how should I let him know I like him?”

Lin ShuYi was stumped. Both in this life and the previous one, he never understood what love was. There was no way he could answer him, but he figured Shen Fu was in need of comfort so he thought about it harder.

“Actually, letting him know you like him is not important. What’s more important is for him to like you back.”

Lin ShuYi’s serious attitude pleased Shen Fu and so he got even closer, breathing on his cheek. He said almost seductively, “Then how should I get him to like me?”

Now this Lin ShuYi really had no idea, so he stopped trying to give him ideas and instead looked at him with a ‘I don’t know, don’t ask me’ expression.

Shen Fu almost couldn’t hold it in and laughed. His eyes were dark to the point it was scary. When he finally kept his expression in tack, he replied by Lin ShuYi’s ear, “I understand, but thank you anyways.”

Lin ShuYi felt that he didn’t deserve this thanks, as he hadn’t done anything, so he waved his hand. “It’s nothing. You are the one who has to work hard.”

Shen Fu smiled and said, “I’ll work hard.” Then, he rubbed Lin ShuYi’s head and went out.

Before Lin ShuYi fell asleep, he thought to himself, it seemed like being liked by Shen Fu wasn’t such a bad thing.

Once Shen Fu went out the door, he couldn’t control his lips from curling upwards. Cheering him on with such a serious face, how can he be any cuter? Of course he was going to work hard!

Shen Fu got a good night’s rest and woke up extra early the next morning. He took a shower, was fully refreshed and went down to see Aunty Zhou making breakfast.

“Young master Shen, you’re early. Why don’t you sleep in a bit more?”

“It was enough,” and filled with good dreams too. “Chen Fang’s still not awake yet?”

Aunty Zhou shook her head, “Young master’s used to staying up late and waking up late. It’ll probably be an hour before he’s awake.”

Shen Fu nodded and looked around before asking again, “What about Lin ShuYi? He’s not up either?”

“No, not yet.”

That confused him. Normally Lin ShuYi would wake up before him, no matter what, Lin ShuYi had never woken up after him. Today was off to a weird start.

Then Shen Fu walked upstairs dragging his slippers. He knocked on Lin ShuYi’s door for a bit before someone answered. Not to his surprise, Lin ShuYi was still asleep, with hazy eyes. The moment he saw him though, it seemed to clear up immediately. His gaze darted around, not meeting Shen Fu’s eyes.

“Did you not get a good night’s rest?”

Lin ShuYi continued to look around, “No, it was good.”

Seeing his slightly pale face, Shen Fu felt that that wasn’t the case. “Then do you want to go back to sleep?”

Lin ShuYi shook his head, “No, it’s fine, I’ll just wash up.”

“Aunty Zhou made breakfast, so come down to eat.”

Lin ShuYi nodded and the moment Shen Fu left, he closed the door.

The reason why he was acting so weird was all because of a dream. He didn’t know if it was because of the conversation he had with him or what, but he dreamt of Shen Fu! And it was a dream where he proposed with a flower in hand…

So you really dream what you were thinking, but shouldn’t he have dreamt of Shen Fu and Chen Fang? Not only that, there was even flowers…he really watched too many dramas, Lin ShuYi thought as he roasted himself with a blank expression. The only phrase floating in his head was ‘WTF’.

That was why Lin ShuYi couldn’t look at Shen Fu’s face this morning. Not only did he dream of Shen Fu proposing to him, he also shamelessly didn’t reject him. Even now, he could clearly picture the gentle expression on Shen Fu’s face when he proposed, which caused him to immediately wake up in shock. Then, after much tossing and turning, he still couldn’t get back to sleep…

By the looks of things, helping others wasn’t an easy thing to do, so he should really stay out of Shen Fu’s business next time. Lin ShuYi thought to himself secretly.

When he slowly got ready, Chen Fang also woke up.

Carrying a messy bedhead and a drowsy expression, he walked past Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi. With his eyes closed, he took a soft drink from the shelf and started to feel a little more awake. When he saw them both looking at him, he asked confusedly, “What?”

Following their gaze down, he saw that he was so drowsy to the point he didn’t even realize his robe’s belt got loose. A massive patch of snow white skin showed through with his collar bones. Chen Fang quickly grabbed it tightly together and a string of swear words came out his mouth.

Lin ShuYi didn’t even get to see anything before his eyes got covered by Shen Fu. Shen Fu gnawed at his teeth telling him to hurry up and go back to his room. When Chen Fang went back swearing, he finally put his hands down, only to see Lin ShuYi’s ‘I get you’ expression. His face said ‘don’t explain, I understand’.

Shen Fu: ……

If he said he just didn’t want Lin ShuYi to see another man’s body, would anyone believe him?

Finally, when Aunty Zhou finished breakfast and carried out three sunny side up eggs, she came out to see three people with vastly different expressions. All of them were quite odd.

Aunty Zhou: ???

Shen Fu: ……

Chen Fang: ??

Lin ShuYi: !!


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LSY you are simply too adorable and SF is going to gobble you up.

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Idiot just dug a grave for himself. Instead of clearing up the misunderstanding he deliberately misled it some more.

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Ah, Shen Fu….it’s a good thing Lin ShuYi is the way he is or else this would be really painful to witness.

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Great post! Thankyou for the chapter!

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Shen Fu, you ask for love advise from a teenage virgin? This guy is clueless! Now you three are all confused and messed up. Good chapter..

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