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Chapter 13: Full of Cliches and Fighting and Exchanging Blows

Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After clicking on the link, Su Nuo realized that the story not only completely inherited the last one’s fierce style, but also had a growing trend!

It turned out that after Su NuoNuo got pregnant, he did not successfully give birth to the baby! Because Wangye really liked him very much, every time he saw him, he wanted to strip him and push him down, doing ahem in the morning and ahem at night. He wished he could use all the hours of the day to ahem! So Su NuoNuo’s lines were left with the words “En… How comfortable!” “Ah ah ah, it hurts!” “I still want it…” “I don’t want it anymore…” these few sentences.

Su Nuo pouted, the story had not enough plot and was just using sex to make itself seem sufficient. The author really had no taste!

As the days passed, Su NuoNuo’s stomach became bigger and bigger, but Wangye’s interest in him only increased and did not decrease. It could be seen that it was true love from this! Even when Su NuoNuo was nine months pregnant, and had a big stomach, he had accompanied Wangye to be naked on the rooftop and doing ahem aggressively. There were snowflakes that were floating about next to them, delicate moans continuously sounding with red cheeks. It was really very touching.

Su Nuo spit out blood, thinking in his heart. No wonder he could not manage to give birth. The child was probably frozen!

But the truth proved that model Su was still too immature!

Although Su NuoNuo was extremely delicate and would be blown away by the wind, but the strange thing was that no matter how he was ahem, or what kind of play they did, or how he was schemed against and harmed by the other concubines, the dragon seed in his body was extremely strong. It healthily grew until it was close to the date for delivery! Wangye was full of happiness, and had gathered all the famous doctors in the world. They kept watch day and night near the dragon bed, preparing to deliver the young master!

“Wangye, I suddenly want to eat a snow lotus,” Su NuoNuo lay on the bed, delicate and attractive causing people to want to dote on him.

When the imperial doctors around him saw that, they all shook their heads and uttered poetry in praise. What an unrivalled beauty!

“Nuo’er, I love you,” Ouyang Wangye grabbed Su NuoNuo’s hands, his eyes full of hot tears!

Su Nuo was so shocked by the term ‘Nuo’er’, that his whole back became numb, and why did the Wangye suddenly have teary eyes? In the previous scene he was still laughing crazily, shouting loudly ‘I’m going to have a son’!

“Wangye, this concubine prepared a snow lotus for Concubine Su!” A concubine wearing gold and silver, having her eyebrows drawn and all made up suddenly squeezed in front. She held in her two hands a bowl of dessert that had purple fumes coming out from it.

Su Nuo suddenly felt a bit speechless. How could there be such a dumb evil second female lead?! In the previous chapters, she had kept trying to scheme to make Su NuoNuo eat safflower and smell musk. Now she was suddenly running over to give nourishing food. How could she succeed?

When Ouyang Wangye saw that, he was extremely happy. He instantly took a step forward to help her out, saying with deep feelings, “As expected, beloved concubine is benevolent and kind. You know how to correct your old mistakes. This Wangye did not judge you wrongly!” After saying that, he fed Su NuoNuo that bowl of bad food that was fuming with purple smoke.

Su Nuo felt that he no longer had the energy to continue reading.

“Wangye! Ah!” As expected, after the time taken for half a column of incense to burn, Su NuoNuo started to bleed crazily, and had a miscarriage.

“No!!!!!!” When Ouyang Wangye saw that, instantly, his tears fell like rain. He hugged him and yelled angrily, his voice rising up to the nine heavens.

“I think I can’t continue to live with Wangye in the future anymore. If you think about me in the future, go and look at the snow in winter, the flowers in spring, the butterflies in summer, the leaves in autumn.” Su NuoNuo’s face was white and his breaths were delicate and fleeting. His white and slender fingers gently touched his handsome face that looked like it had been chiseled with a knife and a hammer. “In my life, the thing I regretted the least was meeting Wangye. I couldn’t stop the endless lovesickness, blood and tears, thrown red beans, endless spring willows and spring flowers opened over the painted building.”

This line… Su Nuo really felt his balls ache for him.

Seeing the small person that he loved die in his arms, Ouyang Wangye’s heart was incomparably upset and angry. So, under his great anger, he changed into a nine clawed gold dragon.

The fuck. It was really a gold dragon! Su Nuo choked on the apple he was eating. Was this a fantasy novel?!

The gold dragon used its front claws to hug Su NuoNuo, and rushed towards the sky to break through the layer of clouds, and the sky instantly started to shower rain everywhere! When the Jade Emperor saw that, he was very touched, and so he ordered to break their usual example and let their souls travel through a thousand years, to be reborn as the Marketing Director of the Renrui Group, OuYang JinLong, and the world famous supermodel Su NuoNuo! At the same time, they were given the unbeatable gold finger and portable space.

The prologue was over just like that. The author expressed that a new legend was about to begin. Please continue to look forward to it.

The fuck is look forward to it? Su Nuo was barely breathing. It was not just his balls that were painful, it was practically his balls being shattered!

So in order to calm down, he resolutely looked through Qiu ZiYan’s personal home page. But it was disappointing that the abs man had not updated! As a public figure, it was really unprofessional and not dedicated at all! Su Nuo was very, very dissatisfied and had to go to the old photos and make noise.

[I’m Your Bald and Evil Nemesis]: Oh oh, this blogger actually did not update. It must be that his PS (photoshop) has expired! _(:з」∠)_

“I’m back,” Ouyang Long opened the room of the guest bedroom.

Fuck fuck! Su Nuo instantly closed the webpage. Although his foodie side had been exposed, his sly side must be properly hidden!

“I was in a rush, so I randomly took something from a specialty shop,” Ouyang Long passed him the bag, “It should be enough for you to wear.”

“Thank you so much,” Su Nuo was a bit embarrassed, and so actively invited, “Why don’t I treat you to a meal tonight?”

The corner of Ouyang Long’s lips curved upwards, readily consenting, “Alright.”

The next filming location was a remote suburban park, so after Su Nuo changed his clothes, they set out early so that the rest of the staff would not have to wait long.

As expected, I’m so dedicated to my job! Su Nuo sat on the front passenger seat, and praised himself in his heart! Not at all the same level as that abs man!

“Ahchoo!” Qiu ZiYan was thought about by that evildoer till he sneezed.

Tang XiaoYu helped him open the car door.

“Thank you,” Qiu ZiYan casually asked, “Have you eaten breakfast?”

“En,” Tang XiaoYu sat on the driver’s seat and started the car.

Qiu ZiYan was sitting at the back, and could see his side profile. The outline was soft and clean, but he looked a bit indifferent.

Totally different from Uncle Tang… when thinking about that old man that was plump and liked to smile, Qiu ZiYan really could not manage to link them together. Before this, Uncle Tang had just said that his nephew did not like to speak. Now that he looked at him, how was it just not liking to speak? In fact, he rarely even had facial expressions. Even though he just turned twenty, he looked more weathered than himself. Qiu ZiYan shook his head and smiled with a helpless expression. He had been used to talking and laughing with Uncle Tang on the road for a long time now, but after suddenly changing to this little iceberg, he felt unaccustomed to it.

“Let’s eat lunch together in the afternoon.” After the car reached the company, Qiu ZiYan unbuckled his seat belt. “The resting room for the drivers is currently being renovated, you can read a bit in my office.”

“… Can I take leave for three hours?” Tang XiaoYu asked him, “To go out to buy some things. If you need the car, you can call me anytime.”

“There’s no problem,” Qiu ZiYan was not too strict about these sorts of things. “I have an appointment with a gym trainer, I should not need to use a car temporarily.”

“Thank you,” After having interacted for two days, the little iceberg was finally willing to smile.

“You’re welcome,” Because he had always treated Uncle Tang as a family member, Qiu ZiYan was also very generous with him.

The gym was in the company, the exclusive gym trainer was also ready. After all, not every model was like evil Su, naturally gifted to not gain weight no matter what he ate! Most of them, like Qiu ZiYan, needed not only to pay attention to diet, but also to persevere in exercising.

The set time of four hours passed very fast, and after Qiu ZiYan finished bathing, he gave Tang XiaoYu a call.

“Hello,” the other party picked up the phone very quickly.

“Where are you?” Qiu ZiYan looked at the time. “Come back quickly within half an hour, I have an event at three in the afternoon.”

“You’re his friend?” the other party asked.

“You aren’t XiaoYu?” Qiu ZiYan was confused.

“Oh my god, hurry to the third hospital,” the other party was so emotional he was almost crying. “He was knocked out by the roadside by someone, and I just happened to see him, so I sent him to the hospital.”

“Hospital?” Qiu ZiYan was shocked.

“Remember to bring 3000 yuan!” The other party instructed hurriedly, “I helped him pay for the check-in fees!”

“Thank you, I’ll come over instantly,” Qiu ZiYan hung up the phone, pulling the manager to run towards the hospital.

“A fight?” When the manager heard it, he was extremely unhappy. “How can Uncle Tang introduce a thug to us?”

“He’s still a child, don’t think too much about it,” Qiu ZiYang comforted him, “Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding.”

“If this was found out by the entertainment reporters, I don’t know what they’ll write!” The manager was still nagging, starting to regret agreeing to let him take over for Uncle Tang! After all, Qiu ZiYan’s image had always been very sunny and bright, and his driver getting into a fight and going to the hospital, no matter what, that did not sound good.

Qiu ZiYan drove the car all the way to the hospital, and stopped in the parking lot. “Go up to take a look, I’ll wait here for you.” He was a celebrity, and it would be very troublesome if he got recognized.

“Alright,” The manager opened the car door.

“Don’t blame him for anything anymore,” Qiu ZiYan instructed. “Even if he did make a mistake, wait till he is healed before you talk about it.”

“I know,” the manager nodded, and followed the address in the phone to find the third floor of the hospital ward.

“You’re finally here,” the hot-blooded man who had helped out hurriedly jumped towards him. “Quickly return my 3000 yuan!”

The manager did not know whether to laugh or cry, and took out an envelope from his bag. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome,” the hot-blooded man obviously let out a breath of relief. Actually, he was quite scared after the whole situation just now. Scared that the other party’s family members would cheat him or refuse to pay, but now that he was looking at it, as expected, there is real good in the world still!

“Then I’ll go first,” the hot-blooded man gave him the hospital receipt and some documents. “You are his younger brother right? Don’t worry too much. The doctors said that it is just a few minor brain shocks and soft tissue contusions, as long as he rests, it will be fine.”

Minor brain shocks and soft tissue contusions… that did not seem to be considered light injuries! The manager felt very helpless.

In the hospital room, Tang XiaoYu was still sleeping, a needle in his hand, the corner of his mouth swollen, his long eyelashes trembling slightly.

The manager looked at him at the bedside, feeling complicated. Actually, the first day this child reported to work, he was stunned by his looks. With these kind of looks, it was very suitable to be packaged as an idol, he would definitely be famous! He did not think that as soon as he mentioned it, he would be rejected. Tang XiaoYu did not give him face at all!

“It’s one thing to not be willing to be a celebrity, why does he have to fight?” The manager’s head hurt, and he gave Qiu ZiYan a call in the corridor. “He’s alright, should we tell Uncle Tang?”

“Not now,” Qiu ZiYan stopped him. “Are there any outsiders in the hospital room? I’ll go up to take a look at him.”

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