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Chapter 50: Filet Mignon

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Without surprise, Shen Fu got Mother Shen’s phone call. Even though it was obviously instructed by grandpa, he didn’t expose them. Mother Shen kept hinting at him to bring her son-in-law back home to show them. They were really curious about the person who got old master Shen’s approval on the first try.

However, Shen Fu didn’t express the same interest.

Since he already got old master Shen’s approval, he wanted to wait till his relationship with Lin ShuYi was confirmed before bringing him to his parents. After all, it was only respectful for both his parents and Lin ShuYi. Not only that, if the cat got out of the bag, with the whole Shen family there, it would be harder to put it back again.

Thus, Shen Fu came clean with his mother, “He’s not fully prepared yet. If grandpa didn’t come find us, I didn’t plan on him seeing grandpa so soon. The meeting with you guys shouldn’t be done so hastily. I brought him here just to tour the city, let’s leave the meeting for another day.”

Mother Shen thought about it and agreed, then after she told them to have fun, she hung up.

Pleased, Shen Fu turned around, only to be greeted with the unabashedly mocking expression from Chen Fang.

“Don’t be here feeling so pleased with yourself, they don’t even know anything yet. Whether or not you guys can even get together is still up in the air, or did you think a relationship was guaranteed?” Chen Fang chuckled mockingly. He hadn’t forgotten about how this man, who after getting a wife, completely sold out their friendship and used him to pretend to be innocent around Lin ShuYi.

Shen Fu half closed his eyes and said leisurely, “At least better than you who still hasn’t found anyone.”

Chen Fang : …I have no fucks to say.

Shen Fu jingled the car keys in his hand and from his peripheral vision, he saw Lin ShuYi walk down the stairs. Waving his hand at Lin ShuYi, he said to Chen Fang, “Let’s go out tonight.”

They probably wouldn’t be staying for much longer. Lin ShuYi was on the phone with old man Yang today and from the sounds of it, the Xi Qin Restaurant was about done. He wanted them to go back and see it. Lin ShuYi, also, in a roundabout way, expressed his opinion that he could go back himself and leave Shen Fu here to chase after…Chen Fang.

Other than the first sentence, everything else just went straight out the other ear for Shen Fu. He decided that he was going to clear all the misunderstandings soon, after all, if it went on any longer, Chen Fang wouldn’t be the only one suffering.

Chen Fang glanced over, “Your treat?”

Shen Fu’s lips curled and was generous for once, “My treat.” Chen Fang snorted, so he had some conscious left, but then he heard Shen Fu say, “Think of it as me comforting you.”

Chen Fang finally couldn’t take it anymore and before Lin ShuYi could walk over, left. I’ll be damned if I listen to you for another second!!

Seeing that Chen Fang walk away fuming, Lin ShuYi whispered to Shen Fu, “What happened?” How come you didn’t please him but made him angry instead?

Shen Fu’s lips curled up and he shouted at Chen Fang’s back, “You Jian, you sure you don’t want to go?”

Even though Chen Fang’s feet were already out the door, he turned around and asked, narrowing his eyes, “You Jian? You sure?!”

Shen Fu nodded, he was happy today.

So, Chen Fang who had just swore he wasn’t going to talk to Shen Fu anymore, immediately nodded his head, “I’ll go!”

If it was You Jian, of course he’s going to go.

Lin ShuYi asked with a face of confusion, “You Jian? You Jian what?”

Lin ShuYi’s confused head tilt just made Shen Fu really want to pet him, but clearly now was not the time. So, he held it in and answered him, “You Jian is a well known resort hotel in H city. The full name is…You Jian Hotel.”

You Jian’s full name was You Jian Hotel…… (Basically the full name translates to ‘there’s a hotel’)

The English name was 1……

Okay, it didn’t sound impressive at all.

So, as they say, there was no true difference between the common and the refined, so thus common, overused names were actually the names of some of the best luxury resort hotels in the city. When it was first heard in the high-class society, it was a laughing stock, until they realized that this common-ass named hotel wasn’t something that everyone could go in to.

Shen Fu didn’t know who opened it, he only knew that it was probably someone powerful in H City. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to make such a laughably named hotel into a signature of the city.

From those around Shen Fu’s age, he was the only one who was allowed in, and that was because of his grandpa. Thus, one could understand why Chen Fang would instantly agree upon hearing the name. After all, if he could go all out at You Jian, he would be able to make all his money back.

Hearing Shen Fu’s explanation, Lin ShuYi’s eyes lit up. He didn’t think it was a laughable name, he just suddenly realized how nice Shen Fu was to Chen Fang. Although he wanted to go as well, since it was an invite for Chen Fang, he probably shouldn’t tag along.

Once Chen Fang left, Shen Fu told him, “You come as well.”

Lin ShuYi didn’t take it seriously, “I’ll just stay here. It’s a good chance, so cease it tightly!” Otherwise, he would become a third wheel, how scary.

Shen Fu sighed weakly, “You should come, I have something to say to you tonight.”

If he doesn’t get it clear with Lin ShuYi now, he would played himself to death.

Now Lin ShuYi was even more confused, why was everyone acting funny today? Why did everyone have something to say to him?!

At night, Chen Fang drove off first by himself. One reason was that he didn’t want to see Shen Fu’s disgustingly happy face. Another reason was that once he realized what Lin ShuYi’s was thinking, he couldn’t stand that cupid like gaze of his. Even if he didn’t mind Shen Fu being gay, it didn’t mean he could tolerate being thought of as well and especially with his best friend…the moment Chen Fang thought of that image his whole body felt unwell.

Although Lin ShuYi was confused as to why Shen Fu didn’t go with Chen Fang, but since he hadn’t confessed yet, not making any unnecessary moves seemed understandable. Also, since Shen Fu had invited him, he didn’t need to consider if he was being the third wheel or whatnot and got in his car.

You Jian Hotel was in the outskirts of the city. If one were to just talk about food, they were almost identical to Jia Lan Hotel, and that was the hotel Lin ShuYi visited on his first trip to H City. But the difference was that Jia Lan was a normal hotel whereas You Jian was a resort, for vacation purposes, thus there wasn’t much overlap between the two and why they could share equal status.

Even though it was the outskirts, it wasn’t just a bit better than Lin ShuYi’s outskirts. Just in terms of prosperity, it was just a bit worse than downtown, understandable given that it was a coastal economic center, it really lived up to its hype.

You Jian took up a vast amount of land in the outskirts, not only did it have a massive horse racing track, but also a hot spring, and a golf course. Every single entertainment facility was high-class, just the cost alone shunned many by the door.

It took a while to get to You Jian from downtown as well, probably half the time it took to arrive from S City to H City.

During the whole trip, calming music was being played and the perfect temperature made Lin ShuYi very sleepy. Like most road trips, by the time they arrived, he was still sleeping.

Shen Fu spoiled him and let him sleep for another ten minutes until he naturally woke up. With a smile, he brought him out of the car. Outside waiting was a server. Shen Fu first unwrinkled Lin ShuYi’s clothes before passing the keys off to the server, then they went into the lobby together.

“Greetings, please show me your reservation.” The front desk woman smiled at them, even her formulated smile softened a bit. It had to be known that those who came here were either rich or famous. They were handsome as hell, also young, so clearly single! Not only that, there was two! Clearly, it was her lucky day!

Shen Fu took out his phone and scanned the barcode on one the machines. After that, the front desk immediately bowed and said, “Room 106 is prepared and ready for you to use, the other guest is in room 105 right next door. I hope you have a nice stay.”

Lin ShuYi stood in front of the front desk still not fully awake. Shen Fu already took a few steps before backtracking and pulling his hand with a smile, “Let’s go, what are you blanking out for?”

It was only once they got on the elevator when Lin ShuYi regained his senses and said, “It’s super expensive here isn’t it?!”

Shen Fu paused for a moment before chuckling, “Yep, pretty expensive, probably four times that of Xi Qin Restaurant.”

Lin ShuYi’s eyes widened, “Before or after renovations? For a day?”

Shen Fu’s smile widened, “After, one day.”

Lin ShuYi turned around and started pressing the opening button on the elevator, “What are you doing? Throwing away money?!”

The point is, he could’ve just invited Chen Fang! Why invite him as well?!

Shen Fu pulled his hands away and said, “Didn’t I say I needed to talk to you?”

Lin ShuYi turned around, took a deep breath in and tried not to have a disappointed tone, “What can you not say at home? Also, what do you need to tell me? One day is four Xi Qin restaurants!!!” So much money!!

So he was trying to save him some money, Shen Fu smiled and said, “Don’t worry, today’s an exception.”

Lin ShuYi palmed his forehead. So he really was happy having gotten old master Shen’s approval.

“Whatever, it’s your money. If you’re not aching about it, why should I? Let’s go, Chen Fang’s waiting for you.”

You Jian hotel was massive but unexpectedly there weren’t a lot of hotel rooms. That was because every floor only had two, every room was a luxury suite.

Thus, 105 and 106 weren’t exactly adjacent but opposite to each other.

Thus, when Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi got out of the elevator, they were seen by Chen Fang, who was out for some reason. They were also greeted by a weird gaze of his, making Lin ShuYi oddly self-conscious.

Chen Fang looked at Shen Fu, “I’m hungry.”

As Shen Fu was unlocking the door, he said, “Order food, do I really need to tell you that?”

Chen Fang nodded satisfied and then walked into his own room.

Over here Shen Fu’s door opened as well and he walked in first leaving Lin ShuYi outside wondering, what’s happening?

Shen Fu turned around and pulled him close, “What are you standing still for? Come in.”

Lin ShuYi just felt that something was off, why was there only two rooms? How do you split that amongst three people, not only that, if it’s two in one room, then it shouldn’t be him and Shen Fu, right?!!!


“Two fillet mignon sets, one medium, one rare delivered to room 106.” Shen Fu hung up then turned to Lin ShuYi, asking, “What did you say?”

Lin ShuYi stared at him wide eyed for a moment and said, “I forgot.”

Shen Fu smiled, taking no mind to it, “Just eat a bit now, after we go play around, I’ll treat you to something good.”

Treat me? Lin ShuYi still felt as if something was off.

But once he was inside, his mind could no longer question what was what because of the room. It was completely occupied by the room itself. He had never seen a room so extravagant before, yes to the point of being wasteful.

From the see through window panes, he could a few person long swimming pool on someone’s balcony.

Yes, on a balcony there was a massive swimming pool…

Standing here, Lin ShuYi felt that even Da Yan’s palace stood inferior. Just what kind of knowledge and intellect did these people have? His understanding of the world kept getting renewed each passing day.

Shen Fu would like to say, the money was well spent if he could see his ‘wife’ with such a cute look on his face. It was just too bad the timing wasn’t right, or else he could be doing that in the swimming pool.




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