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Chapter 15: Entangled Photographs and Wonderful Discoveries

Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanslations

As a model, taking pictures is a small case for Su Nuo, but… he really did not want to cooperate with Qiu ZiYan at all. What’s more, his upper body would be naked! Bare upper body! Bare upper body! The most annoying thing is to be a flasher or something like that! Taking the chance whenever there was one to boast about your abs was also hateful! If you liked to boast so much, why don’t you just have four words on your face: ‘I have abdominal muscles’! After that, add a bracket to say ‘not six, but eight’! This is in line with your big chest and mindless temperament!

“I am not jealous of him at all!” Su Nuo gritted his teeth, pinching his manager very hard.

“Of course, we are not jealous. Only primitives don’t wear their shirts,” the manager moved his hand away, eyes full of hot tears.

“Nuo Nuo, you can get into position already,” the assistant cameraman called him.

“Ye, I beg you to be calm.” His manager tried his best to calm him down, scared that due to his anger, he would jump onto the other and scratch his abs.

Of course I’ll be calm! I’m a professional! Su Nuo took in a deep breath, and walked over, coldly elegant.

“Happy to be working with you,” Qiu ZiYan smiled at him.

What are you smiling for? I’m not happy at all! Su Nuo balled his hands up in a fist and yelled angrily in his heart, and after that, his ears were hot for some reason.

“OK, ZiYan, hug Nuo Nuo from the back,” the photographer adjusted the focus.

“Cough cough,” Qiu ZiYan had yet to say anything when Su Nuo was already choking, na-na-nani?

“Like this?” Qiu ZiYan hugged him gently from the back.

Ah ah ah ah ah! Su Nuo instantly stared at the big eyes, his brain going blank like thunder had struck his head, and his whole body went Sparta!

“Very good, Nuo Nuo, make your expression eviller,” the photographer was very satisfied.

Evil your whole family! His back was firmly in the other man’s arms, and he could even feel his body temperature and chest muscles through his shirt! Su Nuo was almost sweating, his whole body felt like it was getting electrocuted, and his neck was stiff! Too, too terrifying! The spirit behind his back was not that good, alright!

“Nuo Nuo, what happened to you?” The photographer raised his head, a bit confused.

“So sorry, he’s been a bit under the weather lately,” the manager hurriedly saved the situation. “He might need to rest for a few minutes.”

Take a break before they even started shooting? Although the photographer was a little unhappy, the other side was a famous person, and Qiu ZiYan also expressed his understanding, and so had to agree.

“Ye, are you alright?” His manager brought him to sit in a corner, extremely worried.

Su Nuo’s back was numb.

It was concerning work, and the manager did his best to convince Su Nuo, “It’s no big deal. You can think of him as a… Ottoman.”

It was even more terrifying being hugged by Ottoman alright!  Su Nuo trembled.

“Why are you so… him ah?” The manager had originally wanted to say scared of him, but thankfully he stopped himself in time. This was a pet peeve of Su Nuo’s, he definitely could not poke at it!

“I don’t know either,” Su Nuo wanted to cry but did not have any tears. Since he started out in the industry, don’t even mention a man, he had no trouble at all even when he had to pose intimately with a big-breasted sister. Why is it that once the other party changed to Qiu ZiYan, it became so unnatural?!

Wait a second! Towards other people, he did not have any problem. He only had such a different feeling towards Qiu ZiYan. Why did this line give off such a strong feeling of a young girl’s thoughts… Just now, when he was hugged by the other man, his heart had started to beat rapidly, and his face became red… The fuck! Could it be that I have a crush on him?!

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! This is the kind of assumption with heavenly thunder! Su Nuo’s fingertips became cold instantly! His vision became dark and he almost fainted!

“Nuo Nuo, what happened?” The manager saw his pale face and also became scared.

Ah ah ah, too scary! Su Nuo hugged Dai An quickly.

“Ye, don’t scare me!” His manager hurriedly helped to pat his back. “Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Su Nuo yelled loudly in his heart, this is definitely not real!

“Are you alright?” Qiu ZiYan was very kind hearted, and specially brought a cup of water over.

“… Thank you,” Su Nuo took the cup of water, and his eyes were looking around, avoiding and dodging, looking like he had just done something bad!

“Rest for a while more, it’s alright for me to wait,” Qiu ZiYan smiled and then turned to communicate with the cameraman.

“I- I- I’m not doing this anymore,” Shen Nuo pulled on Dai An, in a daze.

“Alright, alright. We won’t do this. We won’t do this,” He had never seen him like that before, and his manager was also very shocked. “Let’s go back to rest.”

“En!” Su Nuo nodded, his heart beating like crazy.

“What happened?” Ouyang Long originally wanted to enter to see the photoshoot, but he did not think that it had yet to start. After looking for a very long time, only then did he see Su Nuo in the corner.

“Nuo Nuo is not feeling well, and needs to go back home first,” the manager helped to answer for him.

“You aren’t feeling well?” Ouyang Long squatted in front of him. “Why is your face so red? Do you have a fever?”

“… Probably,” Su Nuo’s hand was ice cold.

Dai An went to ask for leave from the in-charge, and Ouyang Long sat by Su Nuo’s side, using his hand to check his forehead’s temperature. “It’s not hot, ah.”  

“En,” Su Nuo was still immersed in his shock and could not come out of it. Ten thousand alpacas were running about in his heart! Ten thousand!

“Do you have something you are concerned about in your heart?” Ouyang Long’s voice was very gentle.

Ah, how do you know that I have something on my mind? Is it so obvious that I have a secret love? It’s not a secret love. I clearly hate him! Looking up at Qiu ZiYan, who was talking and laughing in the distance, Su Nuo felt inexplicably wronged!

Following his gaze, Ouyang Long had some unclear emotions that flitted through the bottom of his eyes.

“I’ll go back first,” Su Nuo wanted to calm down by himself.

“Let’s go to dinner together,” Ouyang Long invited. “I’ll take you to the Meadow.”

“Where is that?” Su Nuo was distracted.

“A very fun place,” Ouyang Long helped him tidy his collar. “You look like your mood is not good. It’ll be better to go out and play for a bit.”


“Then it’s decided,” Ouyang Long took out his phone. “I’ll have my secretary book us seats.”

“I want to go back to sleep,” Su Nuo did not have the mood to go to that whatever meadow.

Director Ouyang totally ignored his objections, and did his own thing and made a call and booked the place.

“Let’s go, Nuo Nuo. Let’s go home,” his manager walked over.

“I’ll have dinner with Mr. Su first,” Ouyang Long hurried to speak first.

“Dinner?” The manager looked at Su Nuo in confusion. “You don’t want to go back to rest?”

“… It doesn’t matter,” Su Nuo’s heart was still in a mess, and totally did not have the energy to bother with these two people.

“You really want to go out?” the manager was still very concerned.

“En, I’ll go back myself later,” Su Nuo took a look at Ouyang Long, and felt that it was also quite good to have someone to accompany him to eat.

“… Alright, then if you need anything, give me a call,” The manager was helpless and let him go.

When the three of them walked out, the evildoer hesitated and turned his head back once, looking towards the set. Ouyang Long moved a step, his expression unchanging and just happened to block his vision. After changing their clothes, Ouyang Long and Su Nuo went to the parking lot together.

“Let me treat you,” Su Nuo sat on the front passenger seat. “I still owe you a meal.”

“Leave it for next time,” Ouyang Long helped him buckle his seatbelt. “Do you want to listen to some music?”

Su Nuo shook his head, very lacking in energy. Ouyang Long sighed in his heart, and drove the car out of the parking garage.

Su Nuo was staring out of the window in a daze, his head was full of Qiu ZiYan.

As soon as I go online, I go to his personal home page, I pay attention to his schedule all the time. I right-click to save every photo of him, and brush by his status update again and again… It’s not being disgusted or jealous at all!

Su Nuo’s nose scrunched up. He was really a totally idiot!

Ouyang Long saw his expression from the corner of his eyes, and reached out to press the play button on the CD player.

“Under the bridge in front of the gate, swimming past is a group of ducks…” The cute voice of a child sounded, and Su Nuo was stunned.

He returned to his senses, “What is this?”

“A children’s song.” Ouyang Long’s lips curved up, “It’s very suitable for a child like you.”

“How am I like a child?” Su Nuo was troubled.

No, you aren’t like a kid, you are a kid. Ouyang Long smiled and shook his head. Only children in kindergarten would like something in their hearts, and then desperately say that they hated it. Only children in kindergarten would be so stupid that they couldn’t even clear their Internet history after surfing the internet. That day, after Su Nuo left, when Ouyang Long opened the computer to go on the Internet, he had somehow automatically logged into Su Nuo’s account.

Director Ouyang admitted that he was indeed lacking in poise. He didn’t think about logging out at all, and instead stared at the name [I’m your bald and evil nemesis]. Then he looked at the profile picture and laughed for half a day before he entered the posting record decisively.

One post and two posts… More than two hundred records, without exception, all were replies to Qiu ZiYan. There were only two kinds of content: One was insulting his body; two was crazy praising Su Nuo. The words were full of ‘Go and look at Su Nuo’s personal homepage, his photos are very nice’, or something like a child who got one hundred points for a test and was fully expecting the praise of adults. In the personal diary of the website, he had dumbly duplicated all the states about Qiu ZiYan, and even noted with pleasure behind some of them ‘He actually deleted this content. Fortunately, I took a screenshot of it hahahahaha.’ ‘This restaurant is not delicious at all. It’s foolish for him to recommend it. Next time I must find a chance to show him the real delicious roast fish!’ It looked both idiotic and cute.

A secret crush… Ouyang Long rubbed his lower jaw, and directly used his connections to get a copy of Su Nuo’s schedule, and had shockingly found out that he just happened to have something he was working together with Qiu ZiYan on. So, Mr. Director took careful note of the time and location and appeared to be in the studio on time. Before this, he did not know Su Nuo’s sexual orientation, so he didn’t do much. Now that it was like this, taking advantage of this dummy’s secret crush not having become out in the open yet, he shall grab the man first.

“What do you like to do when your mood is no good?” Ouyang Long asked as he drove the car.

“Eat food,” Su Nuo was still in a state of confusion, and was lazy to hide it anymore.

“Besides eating, you can also chat with others,” Ouyang Long lowered his car window. “Going out to enjoy is also not bad.”

“… Have you ever had a secret crush on someone?” Su Nuo hesitated, and still asked it. Then he quickly tried to cover up, but the more he tried, the more obvious it seemed as he said seriously, “I feel that Dai An recently doesn’t seem very right!”

The manager was meant to be used as a scapegoat alright!

Ouyang Long almost laughed when he heard it, however, thankfully he managed to control it. “Secret crush? I’ve never had one before.”

“Why?” Su Nuo did not understand.

“If you truly like someone, why won’t you try to make them accept you?” Ouyang Long looked at him once. “If you don’t even have the courage to tell the other person, it only shows two things.”

“What two things?” Su Nuo continued to ask curiously.

“The first is that they do not really like the person. The second is that they are clear in the heart that it is not possible, and can only be sad in their hearts,” Ouyang Long said, “What kind… do you think your manager is?”

I don’t know either! Su Nuo was very troubled in his heart.

“Think of some happy things,” Ouyang Long drove the car towards the highway. “Or close your eyes and rest for a while. There is still a fifteen minute drive.”

“Where are we going?” Su Nuo finally remembered to ask that question.

“I’m bringing you to sell you away,” Ouyang Long said smoothly.

“… Remember to pick a well-off person,” Su Nuo leaned back on the chair listlessly.

Of course, they must be well-off, Ouyang Long laughed.

Otherwise, eating so much in one meal, who could afford to keep him?


The author has something to say: The CP is Ouyang Long and Su Nuo; Qiu ZiYan and Tang XiaoYu. It’s so obvious! Why do many girls still ask?? Ah ah ah lying down flat…

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
October 16, 2022 1:17 am

poor author-san.. you just need to clear that up so precisely 🤣🤣🤣

November 10, 2022 5:33 am

Its Ziyan and XiaoYu .. but is Ziyan has a feeling for Su Nuo?

February 1, 2023 6:02 pm

Actually this novel is very good. I enjoyed the story until I read the author’s note. OMG my CP can’t be real 😭😭
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Congrats to the readers whose CP is real. I can only cry over my CP 😭😭

February 1, 2023 6:06 pm

For the author and translator, thank you for your hard work 🤗🤗
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