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Chapter 60: Sauteed Chicken with Chili Peppers

Translated by Kollumceti Exiled Rebels Scanlations

They loitered at Old man Yang’s house for a long time after dinner. The moon was already high in the sky when they were ready to go back.

Lin ShuYi was a little sleepy. However, Xiao Wan seemed to be particularly close to Shen Fu today. The two did not sit with everyone, instead they were sitting and talking at one side. Although most of the time it was Xiao Wan talking, Shen Fu also appeared to be enjoying himself with his mouth crooking up occasionally. Moreover, he did not know what they were talking about because they immediately kept quiet and would not say anything as soon as he walked over.

Even when they were about to leave, Xiao Wan pulled Shen Fu aside to say a few words after saying bye to Lin ShuYi. Shen Fu seemed to be in a very good mood and laughing heartily as he rubbed Xiao Wan’s head.

Lin ShuYi had a profound feeling of abandonment and an annoyance that was hard to put into words. It was to the extent that that when he went out, he left without waiting for Shen Fu.

“Bye-bye, Brother Xiao Fu~”

“Bye bye, Xiao Wan~” Shen Fu exchanged farewells with Xiao Wan and when he turned around…. Lin ShuYi had walked very far away. Shen Fu wondered why Lin ShuYi did not wait for him.

As he thought about this, he caught up with great strides and pulled Lin ShuYi to a stop. He took off the scarf around his neck, wrapping it around Lin ShuYi’s neck, and even wrapped up his chin and face, leaving only two round and soft eyes that were staring at him in perplexity.

Shen Fu laughed, “What are you looking at me for? Aren’t you cold?”

Lin ShuYi’s mouth was blocked by a scarf and his voice was a little muffled, “Isn’t this my scarf? Where’s yours? Aren’t you bundling up?”

Shen Fu wanted to put his hands in his pockets, but his heart itched upon seeing Lin ShuYi’s hands inside the large pockets of his down jacket, “I’m not using a scarf, but… let me warm my hands.” So he put his hands into Lin ShuYi’s pocket and held Lin ShuYi’s hand in his palm.

Lin ShuYi: “…”

Don’t you have your own pocket? You should just freeze outside. But even as he thought this way, he did not reject Shen Fu’s actions because Shen Fu’s hand was really a little icy.

However, this did not mean that Lin ShuYi was in a good mood and did not know why his anger grew the more he thought about it. He was not angry at Xiao Wan, instead he just wanted to take his anger out on Shen Fu for some unknown reason. So although he allowed Shen Fu to hold his hand, he still did not really want to talk to him.

Shen Fu, “You’ve become even better at eating spicy food now. Grandpa’s hot pot was so spicy, yet you didn’t dislike it at all.”

Lin ShuYi, “…En.”

Shen Fu, “Since you like spicy food now, let’s go eat Sauteed Chicken with Chili Peppers next time. It’s crisp, fragrant and spicy.”

Lin ShuYi: “…Don’t want.”

Shen Fu: “…”

He had long knew that there was something wrong with Lin ShuYi and he was angry, but he did not understand for a quite a while what Lin ShuYi was angry about. Even baiting him with food was not working, it was obvious that he was really angry.

Shen Fu thought about it. Then he stopped walking.

Lin ShuYi was pulled back by Shen Fu and he wobbled before coming to a stop. He immediately turned around and glared at him.

This time, Shen Fu was certain that not only was Lin ShuYi angry, he was also angry with him. He smiled and stood there facing Lin ShuYi, as they looked each other directly in the eyes, “Are you angry? Angry with me?”

Lin Weiyi plainly turned his head away and stopped looking at him. “No.”

He really should not be angry with Shen Fu because Shen Fu did not do anything to make him angry. He felt that his anger was probably related to Shen Fu and Xiao Wan’s talking together. Yet, he also felt that Shen Fu was free to happily talk to anyone he wanted and he had no reason or position to be angry at him.

As a result, Lin ShuYi was even more angry when he thought this way.

Shen Fu mused about whether there was anything that provoked this person tonight. However, he could not think of a single thing because he was just discussing with Xiao Wan all night about how to capture Lin ShuYi. Where would he have the time to make him angry?

Shen Fu’s had a flash of inspiration as he thought about it. Was Lin ShuYi jealous because he had been talking continuously with Xiao Wan and did not talk to him? When this crossed his mind, Shen Fu was grinning so widely that the corners of his mouth nearly reached the sky. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was the only possibility.

Had Lin ShuYi begun to like him? Unexpectedly, he could feel jealous? Why did he feel like disregarding his image to heartily laugh a few times?

He leaned towards Lin ShuYi’s face a little more and said in a low, husky voice, “Was it because I didn’t pay attention to you all night and just talked to Xiao Wan?”

Lin ShuYi was boiling with rage at the teasing and laughter in Shen Fu’s tone. Shen Fu even had to have hit the mark by a fluke. Lin ShuYi was so angry that he threw off Shen Fu’s hand and turned to walk off. “You’re crazy, I’m not jealous!”

It was only after the words had come out of his mouth that he discovered it was just like saying ‘three hundred silver taels were not hidden here’. He was about to die of anger from his reduced IQ. Thus, he simply stood in place and waited for Shen Fu to continue making fun of him. That’s right, he found that he seemed to like Shen Fu a little. So what of it? Not like he would die by acknowledging it.

Shen Fu did not make fun of him and embraced Lin ShuYi from behind. Lin ShuYi’s back was to his chest as he rested his chin on Lin ShuYi’s shoulder, cajoling him in a gentle, honeyed tone that was sugary enough to kill, “I’m glad you’re jealous because of me, and I’m also glad you’re willing to like me.”

Lin ShuYi, who had always been insusceptible to words of love, blushed. Fortunately, it could not be seen since his face was wrapped with a scarf. But the fast pounding of his heart told him that this time, it wasn’t because he didn’t hate Shen Fu that he did not reject Shen Fu’s approach, but because he liked him, so he indulged in his proximity.

His not-hate and the likes that accumulated bit by bit towards Shen Fu had finally turned into a love that made him feel jealous because Shen Fu spoke to other people, even if that ‘other’ person was like a sister to the both of them.

Lin ShuYi never got tangled with things that he should not tangle with. When he did not understand or see clearly, he thought Shen Fu was a brother. However, he would not feel upset and embarrassed when he finally understood and saw what was going on, because liking a person was never a shameful thing. He just fell in love with Shen Fu. What did it matter?

Shen Fu liked him too. They could be together.

With that in mind, Lin ShuYi replied, “En, I’m glad you liked me before too.”

The pleasant atmosphere was filled with the strong flavor of love, when Shen Fu suddenly remembered one thing and opened his mouth. “Grandpa asked me to marry someone else.”

Lin ShuYi: “…”

Then he narrowed his eyes a little as a dangerous glint flashed through them. After pestering him for months, he said he liked him and wanted to pursue him. When he just figured it out and was about to agree, this man said he wanted to marry someone else?!

Lin ShuYi took a deep breath and restrained the impulse to throttle the man to death as turned his head and slowly spat each word out. “Go. And. Die!”

Shen Fu broke out in laughter. After knowing that Lin ShuYi liked him, Lin ShuYi was really so cute even when he was furious that Shen Fu’s heart trembled. But if he didn’t begin explain it clearly, the first bloody and terrifying murder case in history about a man who had been killed by his lover after he had just confessed would probably occur.

“Listen to me, I never wanted to marry anyone.” After a pause, he found that what he said was not quite right so he corrected himself, “No, I think now, there are many countries abroad where homosexuals can register their marriage and we can also settle down there if you like.” Realizing that he had gone quite off topic, Shen Fu said again, “So I want to make it clear to Grandpa that I will only marry one person, but it’ll not be the one he wants.”

After that, he looked at Lin ShuYi with a crooked eyebrow. It went without saying who that ‘one person’ was. However, Grandpa Shen would probably have a heart attack if he heard Shen Fu’s words.

Lin ShuYi listened selectively to the first sentence, then snorted and ignored the second sentence, and finally took the third sentence as the main point. “You’re saying that Grandpa Shen asked you to marry? With whom?”

Didn’t he already say that there was no objection? Why would he want Shen Fu to marry someone else? Although at that time he did not know that Grandpa Shen’s words were for him, Grandpa Shen should have made his stand clear. Why did he go back on his words?

Shen Fu took out his mobile phone and felt that he had to personally explain some things to Lin ShuYi. “This is the Weibo that Xiao Wan sent. I don’t know who took this picture. Then it became like this in the end.”

Lin ShuYi quickly glanced thorough the whole Weibo. He took a look at the popular comments below and read the relevant posts. Then he began to feel a bad premonition.

Why were there so many exotic flowers and porn breaking-the-sky brain holes ah! Even as one of the persons involved, he could not bear to look directly at it. Then there were those things like ‘Mr. Seven Times A Night’ and ‘fuck till he cries’. Lin ShuYi, who had never read ‘The Golden Lotus’ in Da Yan nor did he read pornographic books in Tian Chao, wanted to express: He did not understand a single word, but his ears still turned red.

“When, when did this happen?”

Shen Fu also saw the top posts of the latest developments. Although these were incomparable in response to the anti-pornography campaign, once he thought of all those people fantasizing about him and Lin ShuYi, he felt like his possessions were being coveted on one hand and became shamefully hard on the other.

Closing the web page in a hurry, Shen Fu dared not look at Lin ShuYi. “It’s probably been going on for a few days.”

The point was, these posts weren’t there before, right? A few other headlines had already been posted. How come there were more and more posts coming out?

“So Grandpa called me this morning and said he wanted me come back and get married.” Shen Fu felt he couldn’t get hard anymore upon thinking of this.
“Before he said it was okay. But now everyone who works with the Shen Clan knows I’m gay. This probably made it a little hard for Grandpa to accept, so he wanted me to go back and get married.”

Shen Fu gave a long sigh and fell onto Lin ShuYi’s body again as he mournfully lamented, “I’ve never thought about marrying someone else. What do I do now?” Though he was asking ‘what to do’, his tone made it appear like he had an idea after all.

Lin ShuYi was seriously distressed for a while and felt that there must be a proper way to deal with this matter.

The thought of Shen Fu marrying another woman made him feel as if his prehistoric power was about to run wild, just like what he had heard from the television.

However, he also knew that it was extremely difficult for two men to be together in Tian Chao. The road ahead would be more difficult especially now that their relationship was known to all. Regardless of whether there were not many negative comments on the Internet, the malicious comments mixed between ‘so cute’ and ‘a perfect match’ would also leave them in an extremely difficult situation. What’s more, Shen Fu’s family did not want for their matter to be made public.

Shen Fu did not conform to the pressure to marry another person. Instead, his action of telling told Lin ShuYi about it fully showed that his decision was not wrong. He may not have made the wrong choice to like this person, Shen Fu.

Lin ShuYi thought for a moment before raised his head and loosened his shoulders, “Let’s go and see Grandpa Shen.”

Shen Fu narrowed his eyes, “At this time?”

Lin ShuYi nodded, “At this time.”

Lin ShuYi really wanted to meet his parents with him!! Shen Fu was so happy to have his wish fulfilled that he almost wanted to bounce. Yet, he was still pretending not to be so, “Grandpa will be angry.”

“Are you afraid of Grandpa being angry?”

Shen Fu’s eyes twinkled as he spouted sweet words, “I’m afraid, but I’m even more afraid of losing you.”

Lin ShuYi, who was hit by the increasingly cloying words of endearment, uneasily turned his head away. He had just realized that he liked Shen Fu and was going to see his parents now, it was really very stressful ah!


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Lin Weiyi plainly turned his head away and stopped looking at him. “No.”

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Shiela Torricer
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