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Chapter 61: Large-Cut Lascute Noodle Soup

Translated by Karcessel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Lin ShuYi turned back to look at Shen Fu, only for both of them to suddenly realise they had forgotten one important thing. Today was November 10th, so there were only ten days left until the XiQin restaurant’s grand reopening. In other words, they only had ten days to go find the Shen family, somehow secure their blessing, and return. Lin ShuYi kept his face calm, but on the inside his mind was racing, wondering if they could even pull this off.

However, without waiting for the two of them to go find him, Grandfather Shen showed up..

In middle of the night, Grandfather Shen came pounding on Lin ShuYi’s front door loud enough to leave the neighbors wondering if something was being demolished next door.

Shen Fu was asleep on the couch, despite how desperatedly he wanted to sleep in Lin ShuYi’s bed. He knew that, not to mention doors, there weren’t even any windows of opportunity cracked opened for him. Rather than expressing any of the reluctance to part that most new couples had, Lin ShuYi rather resolutely shut Shen Fu out of his room.

Although Shen Fu didn’t have plans to do anything with Lin ShuYi right now, being locked out like this still left him feeling a bit pent up.

On the other side of the door, Lin ShuYi didn’t intend to be so unwelcoming either, rather… he just needed to do some more research. He wanted to know exactly how he was supposed to proceed in this situation.

As a result, both Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi were sleeping restlessly, tossing and turning, when they were both rudely awakened by the sound of ‘demolition.’

Shen Fu was the first to recover, his face falling quickly.

Then Lin ShuYi came out through the bedroom door, sleepily asking, “Why didn’t you open the door? Who is it?”

Shen Fu replied, “My grandfather.”

Other than Grandfather Shen, there really wasn’t anyone who would come knocking so loudly in middle of the night. On top of that, this thunderous knocking wasn’t just a result of the current situation, it was actually a calling card of Grandfather Shen.

Lin ShuYi snapped instantly awake.

Getting off the couch, Shen Fu took Lin ShuYi’s hand, and said resolutely, “Don’t worry, I will solve this.”

To be honest, Lin ShuYi wasn’t actually worried that Grandfather Shen would give him much of a hard time. If Grandfather Shen wanted to make things difficult for him, then the first time they met, he wouldn’t have said such understanding words. It was just that with how pressing things were right now, Grandfather Shen would no doubt want Shen Fu to give up. Yet, having been around Shen Fu for a while now, Lin ShuYi understood that if Shen Fu was someone who could give up, he wouldn’t have ended up beaten so badly the second time they met.

What’s more, Lin ShuYi didn’t want Shen Fu to give in to Grandfather Shen. Only having faced the possibility of losing Shen Fu, did Lin ShuYi realise he’d long since gotten used to having Shen Fu by his side; gotten used to Shen Fu’s light hearted teasing, gotten used to Shen Fu getting into messes with him and getting out together, always shameless and brazen. Thinking about it, Lin ShuYi probably had long since had feelings for Shen Fu, only he just didn’t realise it at the time. This also explained why since long ago, his heart always felt uncomfortable whenever he thought about Shen Fu leaving.

Lin ShuYi never really understood what it mean to like someone, but if he couldn’t bear to part with Shen Fu, and wanted to Shen Fu to always stay by his side, then this must be what liking someone felt like.

So he didn’t want Shen Fu to give in at all. He was happy knowing that Shen Fu liked him, and even happier thinking about all that time Shen Fu spent pinning for him when he didn’t even understand his own feelings, yet Shen Fu never left him.

Facing Grandfather Shen shouldn’t be Shen Fu’s burden alone to bear.

Lin ShuYi squeezed Shen Fu’s hand, and turned his gaze towards the still thundering door. “Let’s go together.”

If Grandfather Shen knew that on the other side of the front door Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu were united and unbreakable, then he would probably be so angry he’d already have kicked the door down.

All kinds of thoughts ran through Shen Fu’s head, all kinds of words to convince or calm Grandfather Shen, but among all of them there was only one central conviction: he would never leave Lin ShuYi. It didn’t matter what Grandfather Shen said or did, on this one matter, he absolutely would not compromise.

With the chest full of things to say, Shen Fu opened the front door, but he didn’t manage to say a single sentence before Grandfather Shen stormed angrily in and raised his cane to start whacking Shen Fu.

Lin ShuYi was shocked still for a moment, but then quickly put himself between Shen Fu and Grandfather Shen to block Shen Fu. However, as soon as Grandfather Shen saw Lin ShuYi, he stopped. Truthfully, all that charging at Shen Fu and waving his cane around was just for show, he didn’t actually intend to hit Shen Fu with it.

Grandfather Shen was just full of hot air with nowhere to vent, but when he realised that made Lin ShuYi think that he was really going to do something to Shen Fu, he became even more frustrated. “You little bastard, you’re just not satisfied if you don’t anger me to death, huh?!” Grandfather Shen pointed one finger straight at Shen Fu, red in the face.

When Grandfather Shen had charged at Shen Fu straight in the door, Shen Fu didn’t actually try to hide or duck at all. Although he didn’t understand why he grandfather’s cane never landed on him, he wouldn’t hide even if his grandfather really did beat him. If hitting him some would calm his grandfather down a bit, then Shen Fu didn’t mind at all, because he knew that he was the cause of all of his grandfather’s anger. In the end, he didn’t hate his grandfather, and knew that his grandfather still cared deeply for him.

Shen Fu shared a look with Lin ShuYi, and then promptly kneeled down.

They say that men have gold beneath their knees*, but there are some things far more precious than gold.

T/N: Means that men shouldn’t kneel because gold is soft and would be damaged.

Lin ShuYi knew what Shen Fu wanted to say, so he followed Shen Fu’s lead, and kneeled down as well. Then, in front of Grandfather Shen’s eyes, he took Shen Fu’s hand and squeezed tightly.

Grandfather Shen opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by Shen Fu who raised his head, eyes steady, any hint of an attitude gone without a trace. “Grandpa. I know that ever since I was a child, you’ve always cared about me the most.”

Shen Fu was pulling at Grandfather Shen’s heartstrings, playing the feelings card, and Grandfather Shen knew this. He pressed his lips tight, because despite knowing this, his heart was still moved by Shen Fu’s words. If Shen Fu understood this, then why did he still constantly anger him! Grandfather Shen had wanted to say quite a few words, but now he remained silent. He wanted to hear what Shen Fu had to say, and more importantly, he wanted to know just how deeply Shen Fu cared about this boy kneeling beside him.

Lowering his head back down, Shen Fu looked down at Lin ShuYi’s hand in his. He knew that everything Grandfather Shen did was for his own good, that Grandfather Shen didn’t want him to get hurt and feared him walking down this path of no return. Grandfather Shen didn’t want him to have a future of criticisms and rumors, without a child or grandchild by his side in his old age. In all of Shen Fu’s years, he had done so many things that made Grandfather Shen’s head hurt, yet Grandfather Shen didn’t hit him even once. Only this one time, he knew he had made Grandfather Shen truly, fearfully angry. Angry that he refused to follow convention, but even angrier that he was walking down this difficult path without even looking back.

“But there’s one thing you said yourself.” Shen Fu continued, “If there is something that must be done no matter the cost, then don’t hesitate, because regretting such a choice would feel a hundred times worse than making it. Grandpa. There is nothing I must do no matter the cost, but there is someone I must love no matter the price. Grandpa, I’m sorry.”

These words Shen Fu said, were said such that Grandfather Shen, who had been hardened by half a lifetime spent fighting tooth and nail in the business world, could even feel his heart being moved.

But did he really seem like someone who would punish a happy couple?! Sure, he beat Shen Fu pretty harshly that one time, but he ended up regretting it to this day! And also, Shen Fu kneeling was fine, but why did he have to drag Lin ShuYi down with him?! If Grandfather Shen was really here for something Shen Fu did wrong, then it was still just Shen Fu himself and him alone that was in the wrong! Lin ShuYi was clearly just a victim in this situation, yet Shen Fu had the audacity to make him kneel too?!

Grandfather Shen’s heart was so soft it was practically melting, but he still kept a face of steel. “You, get up. Go outside.”

Clearing up this kind of misunderstanding was for Shen Fu alone, and even that was bad enough. If Lin ShuYi heard, he’d think their entire family was full of idiots. The two people kneeling on the ground glanced up only to find that Grandfather Shen had been talking about Lin ShuYi.

Stunned for a moment, Lin ShuYi didn’t reply immediately. He had expected that Grandfather Shen wouldn’t want to bother with him much, but he didn’t expect that Grandfather Shen wouldn’t even want to speak to him. After a moment, he shook his head, and said, “Grandfather Shen, I won’t leave. I know you’re angry, but Shen Fu has done nothing wrong by having feelings for me, and neither am I wrong for having feelings for him.”

Grandfather Shen wanted to cover his face with his hands. Really, did he really seem like someone who would break apart a happy couple? Already a man of this many years, and he was going have to lose face in front of his grandson? This couldn’t be good. He couldn’t even wait for Lin ShuYi to leave before launching into clearing up this embarrassing misunderstanding?

Looking at the burning determination in the eyes of the two kids kneeling in front of him, Grandfather Shen let out a deep sigh. It really seemed that he had to expose all his mistakes here, lest anyone think he was the unreasonable kind of family that didn’t understand the younger generation’s feelings or spited happy couples.

“Shen Fu, no matter what objections you might have, this wedding must be settled.”

Suddenly Shen Fu jerked stiff, looking up at Grandfather Shen with eyes full of disappointment and heartbreak. Lin ShuYi’s eyes also opened wide, a face full of disbelief.

Grandfather Shen suddenly felt that maybe clearing up the misunderstanding like this wasn’t so bad after all.


Face white, Shen Fu had know that this matter wouldn’t have been simple, but Grandfather Shen saying something like this? So resolutely and decisively, basically asking him to pick between the two, his family or Lin ShuYi? He didn’t want to choose at all.

Seeing his own grandson finally facing some harsh reality after half a lifetime of facing the harshness of reality himself, Grandfather Shen actually felt pretty delighted. Repressing the urge to burst out laughing, he continued, “I thought about it, and felt that it was a bit hasty. It would be better to give you some time to prepare first.”

Shen Fu held Lin ShuYi’s hand tight. There wouldn’t be anything to prepare, other than if Lin ShuYi suddenly swore off marriage altogether.

“But first, we’ll be calling a press conference, so the others aren’t left guessing in the dark.”

Both Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi’s face turned dark, only Grandfather Shen’s was radiant with contentedness.

“Let me count. There’s ten days left, so the press conference will be in three days.” Grandfather Shen talked to himself, and no one else spoke. No one else had the heart to speak.

Grandfather Shen planned to himself for a while, and neither Shen Fu or Lin ShuYi bothered listening to him. Turning back around, Grandfather Shen saw Lin ShuYi biting his lower lip, looking like he was struggling to keep silent, and felt that maybe his teasing of Shen Fu had gone a little too far. He didn’t want to accidentally drag his grandson’s future wife into this mess as well.

With all hints of playfulness gone, Grandfather Shen reminded Shen Fu again, “Remember, in three days! Bring him along as well.”

The two of Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi still did not speak.

Grandfather Shen was growing a bit puzzled now. Why was there no reaction at all? This didn’t feel quite right.

Actually, Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi had thought that when Grandfather Shen said to bring Lin ShuYi along too, he meant that the intention was to out Shen Fu to the entire family as homosexual, and what could be more persuasive than bring along evidence of the fact? Neither of the two intended to give up just yet, but they did feel their hearts growing colder as if under a blanket of ash. Lin ShuYi was thinking, even if Shen Fu didn’t give up on them, if he didn’t receive his family’s blessing, he would never been truly happy for the rest of his life.

Grandfather Shen had no idea that the two kids’ thoughts had already strayed a thousand miles away. Looking back after receiving no response, he said, “Shen Fu, did you hear me?!”

Shen Fu blinked, and grit his teeth. He knew that everything he grandfather did, he did for Shen Fu’s own good, but this situation was difficult for him to bear. He didn’t want to talk back to Grandfather Shen, but he couldn’t help himself and refuted, “Why bring him too? For him to be made a laughing stock of by everyone else?”

Of the Shen family, the family was big but the business was bigger, so naturally no one dared say anything that would jeopardize the family. But Lin ShuYi was a different matter. Even if the entire family thought privately to themselves that Shen Fu was probably gay, they would never say it out loud. Rather, they’d say Lin ShuYi was the promiscuous one trying to sleep his way into the Shen family and gang up together to kick him out. Or perhaps the things they’d say would be even worse. How could Shen Fu allow Lin ShuYi to face this kind of torment?

Once Grandfather Shen heard Shen Fu’s words, he immediately knew that he had been misunderstood again, and grew so angry he really wanted to knock Shen Fu on top of his head with his cane.

Voice raising several degrees, Grandfather Shen shouted, “I’m telling you you can marry him! What kind of ears are you listening with?! You can get married! You have my blessing! What are you not satisfied with?! What do you think the press conference is for?! So you can tell everyone you’re getting married and you’re homosexual! Are you happy with this, you little brat?!”

It took Shen Fu a long while to react, and even when he did, he was still dumbstruck.

Lin ShuYi’s brain was even slower by half a beat, and after he managed to recover, he leaned over and asked Shen Fu in a low voice, “Why does what your grandfather say and what you thought he said seem to be completely different?”

Of course Shen Fu realised that! It was why for the first time in history, he felt like a complete goddamned idiot!

Suddenly standing up, Shen Fu grabbed his grandfather and pulled him into a big hug, shakily saying by his ear, “Grandpa, I love you.”

Having never been shown this kind of tender affection by his grandson, Grandfather Shen harshly pushed him away, although overjoyed in his heart. He tapped the end of his cane against Shen Fu’s head and ranted, “And here I thought this brain of yours was pretty smart, so how come it stops working at the most critical moments?! I already approved of the two of you last time, do I seem like some kind of dishonest scoundrel who would go back on my words?!”

Still a bit muddled from excitement, Shen Fu beamed as he received Grandfather Shen’s halfhearted scolding, and repeated, “No, no, grandpa’s words are the most trustworthy.”

Grandfather Shen snorted and then, catching a glance of Lin ShuYi, hollered again, “Why haven’t you helped him up yet?! What are you spacing out for?!”

Lin ShuYi’s head was still spinning from this rapid turn of fortune, and still held a bit of disbelief as Shen Fu helped him up.

When Grandfather Shen came knocking on Lin ShuYi’s front door, his manager and chauffeur had been left waiting outside in the car, and now finally they were invited in for some tea. Seeing Grandfather Shen’s eyes bright and a smile on his face, the manager leaned over and said quietly by Shen Fu’s ear, “Young master, after your grandfather called you this morning, he hadn’t eaten much all day. He came rushing over here as soon as he found your address. Is there anything in the kitchen? Please let the old master have something to eat, I’m concerned about his blood sugar.”

Hearing this, Lin ShuYi immediately stood up and headed towards the kitchen. “I’ll go make some lascute noodles and soup for grandpa.”

Grandfather Shen’s ears perked up as soon as he heard mention of food, and he turned to look at Lin ShuYi. “Xiao Yi, you know how to cook?”

Having been called either a ‘little brat’ or a ‘little bastard’ his entire life, and upon hearing his grandfather so affectionately referring to Lin ShuYi as ‘Xiao Yi,’ Shen Fu knew that his grandfather must really like Lin ShuYi. And he would bet that his grandfather will like Lin ShuYi infinitely more once he found out Lin ShuYi could cook.

As Shen Fu predicted, after Lin ShuYi nodded his head, Grandfather Shen’s face broke into a satisfied grin. “He knows how to cook, how wonderful!”

One bowl of large-cut lascute noodle soup later, Grandfather Shen was completely bought by Lin ShuYi.

“What did you put into this? The soup is delicious!” Grandfather Shen had never particularly cared about rare or exceptional foods, but it really had been many years since he’d had such a good bowl of noodle soup. He gave this granddaughter-in-law full marks!


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