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Chapter 62: Longjing Prawns

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After eating, Old Master Shen went into Lin ShuYi’s bedroom with Shen Fu. The two had a long, mumbled discussion. When they came out, Shen Fu wore an expression of evident joy.

Lin ShuYi didn’t want to pry, but for one, this clearly had something to do with him and secondly, Shen Fu just looked too triumphant. If Lin ShuYi didn’t ask about it, it would be a shame considering how smug Shen Fu looked.

But Old Master Shen said he was leaving so Lin ShuYi had to swallow back his curiosity and send the other off first. Lin ShuYi’s place was really too small. There was only one bedroom and the bed there was pitifully small as well.

So it was impossible for Old Master Shen to stay here with them. Old Man Yang had space, but considering what Old Man Yang was to Lin ShuYi, he didn’t think it was a good idea to go and visit with how unprepared he was right now. This feeling solidified when he found out from Shen Fu that Old Man Yang still didn’t know of Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi’s relationship, and he wanted nothing more than to twist Shen Fu’s ear. He decided that he’d go and pay Old Man Yang a visit when he was prepared next time.

Thus the two watched as Old Master Shen got into the car. The engine had already started when the window rolled down. Old Master Shen waved Shen Fu over.

Old Master Shen glanced over at Lin ShuYi, looking like he wanted to say something.

Shen Fu was basking in his happiness, so he didn’t care much for Old Man Shen’s strange expression, asking, “Is there anything else you need, grandpa?”

Old Master Shen thought for a moment and felt that this couldn’t go unsaid, so… “That bed’s too small, is it really comfortable for… sleeping?”

Shen Fu, unable to process what he had just heard: …

It wasn’t until the car sped off with a whoosh that Shen Fu’s brain rebooted.

The bed was too small? Old Master Shen thought he had been sleeping on Lin ShuYi’s bed with him? Comfortable for… sleeping…?

Shen Fu covered his face with this hand, unable to accept how his grandfather’s mind had fallen into the gutter.

In reality, you couldn’t really blame Old Master Shen, after all, who would think that the Young Master Shen would give up on his large, soft bed at home for a sofa and enjoy it?

But it wasn’t that Shen Fu enjoyed sleeping there, it was just that he hadn’t succeeded in worming his way into the bed.

Lin ShuYi didn’t know what Old Man Shen had said, but the weird expression on Shen Fu had him curious. That, coupled with what Old Master Shen had said to Shen Fu, Lin ShuYi felt that he needed to have a good talk with Shen Fu.

Shen Fu walked up to Lin ShuYi and wrapped an arm around his shoulders out of habit.

Lin ShuYi didn’t mind, heading inside with the arm around his shoulders before asking, “What did Grandpa Shen say to make you so happy?”

Shen Fu grinned. “Hm? Is it that obvious?”

Lin ShuYi rolled his eyes. Obvious was an understatement. His smile practically stretched from one ear to the other.

Shen Fu chuckled, stretching a hand out and pinching Lin ShuYi’s cheek. His cheek felt nice to pinch, so Shen Fu didn’t let go and continued pinching, replying without actually answering the question. “In the future, don’t call him Grandpa Shen, just Grandpa.”

Lin ShuYi paused in surprise, and then began to feel rather awkward.

When he had decided to go and see Old Master Shen with Shen Fu, he hadn’t felt at all awkward, but back then, the biggest problem they were facing hadn’t been about each other, but dealing with Old Master Shen instead. However, Old Master Shen was good with it now and Lin ShuYi began feeling awkward facing Shen Fu.

Lin ShuYi pushed away the hand playing with his cheek. “I’m going to bed if you aren’t going to tell me.”

Then Shen Fu grabbed him in his arms and pushed him down onto the sofa.

Lin ShuYi’s momentarily panicked expression amused him and Shen Fu’s chest vibrated with his chuckles as he said, “Alright alright, I’ll tell you.”

Lin ShuYi wanted to reply, if you want to tell me, then just tell me. Why do we have to be in this position?

However, Shen Fu clearly enjoyed this position. He kept Lin ShuYi in this position, playing with Lin ShuYi’s somewhat long hair as he said absentmindedly, “Everything Grandpa said is true. He said he’ll call for a press conference to announce that I’m gay and support us getting married.”

Lin ShuYi had heard these words from Old Master Shen before, but it sounded very different coming from Shen Fu this time.


Didn’t he only just accept Shen Fu’s confession of love today?

Thus Lin ShuYi stopped the hand that kept touching his face and pushed Shen Fu. “Get up first, I have something to say to you.”

Don’t think that he didn’t know what Shen Fu was planning. Though he had never felt desire for anyone before, he still knew about that fundamental physiological reaction that men had. What was up with that hard thing poking him!?

Shen Fu didn’t move, his dark eyes gazing at Lin ShuYi with clear desire.

He swore that he hadn’t intended to do anything at first, but… he hadn’t expected what effect being this close would have on him. He didn’t realize that he would get hard just from pure, simple hugging, fully clothed, too.

Shen Fu felt that not having experience was a terrible thing.

The palm resting against his heated, Lin ShuYi felt that letting this continue wasn’t the best idea. Though he wouldn’t mind being intimate with Shen Fu, but not now, because he didn’t even know how this worked!

Thus, Lin ShuYi gazed into Shen Fu’s eyes and said in a raspy voice, “I need the bathroom.”

Shen Fu: …

People had three desperate needs, he had no choice but to endure.

So he got up and helped Lin ShuYi up.

Lin ShuYi backed away a little after getting up and asked, “You said that Grandpa Shen agreed to let us marry right?”

Shen Fu didn’t know what he wanted to say, so he nodded.

Lin ShuYi backed up further until he was by the door. “But, I still want to tell you… Who the hell agreed to marry you?!!”

Then he turned and went into his room, slamming the door and locking it in one smooth motion.

Shen Fu, standing outside with his little tent, withered.

Lin ShuYi’s somewhat amused voice came from inside the room. “I only just agreed to go out with you today, and now you already want to get married?”

Shen Fu: …

He should’ve known. Confirming a relationship too quickly wasn’t a good thing! However, wasn’t it a little too cruel to lock him out here with his little tent like that?

Shen Fu went to bed in low spirits after taking an hour-long shower. To be honest, he had to admit that Lin ShuYi was right. Marriage wasn’t something you could rush into. They still had much to do.

First of all, they’d have to come clean to Old Man Yang about their relationship. If Old Man Yang couldn’t accept it, then the one who would be most hurt would be Lin ShuYi.

So they had to start planning for the long-term. However, the press conference was going to be held the day after tomorrow, giving then only two days, so they had to ask for help from Xiao Wan.

Xiao Wan was the only one who knew about their relationship. After hearing what had happened, she stared at Shen Fu, dumbstruck. “What on earth did you do?!? It’s literally only been one night!!”

How did they manage to deal with this so fast and get to the point where they were making it public?!

Shen Fu smiled. “Actually, I should thank you for this.”

Though he knew that Lin ShuYi held affection for him and wasn’t against being with him, it was only thanks to Xiao Wan that the other realized those feelings. If it wasn’t for Xiao Wan, they wouldn’t have broken through to this level so fast.

Though she didn’t really understand what had changed, as an ultimate wingwoman, Xiao Wan was delighted by the news. Though it hadn’t been long since she found out about their relationship and come to accept it, Shen Fu’s attitude made her feel like this wasn’t anything to freak out over. Gender and age really didn’t matter when it was true love; she felt like she could believe in it again.

She had a vague understanding of Shen Fu’s family background and knew how difficult it was for homosexuals in Tian Chao. If he was willing to make everything public for Lin ShuYi’s sake, then what else could anyone say?

Xiao Wan swore to herself that she would help convince everyone to accept them, thus began the preparations for the banquet known as “coming out of the closet”.

Lin ShuYi called Old Man Yang to invite him and Xiao Wan to dinner. He had told Xiao Wan the location already and had Xiao Wan bring everyone.

Old Man Yang was a bit confused. He could understand Lin ShuYi inviting him to dinner, but why have Xiao Wan bring him over?

Then he realized it wasn’t just him, but also Xiao Wan’s grandmother and parents. Everyone seemed rather confused as to what was happening.

Xiao Wan was the only one who knew what was happening, but she kept it to herself. No matter what they said, she refused to tell them anything.

This was about Xiao Yi-gege and Shen Fu’s entire future together. She couldn’t ruin it for them by saying anything she shouldn’t. She just hoped that they wouldn’t be to angry or make it difficult for the two.

Originally, Lin ShuYi had planned to host this dinner right in XiQin Restaurant, but Shen Fu felt that since it would be Lin ShuYi cooking, it wouldn’t be formal enough. In addition, if they were outside, then on the off chance that Old Man Yang and the others couldn’t accept it, they wouldn’t do or say anything extreme to not lose face. Though Old Man Yang had always been good to Lin ShuYi, It was very different when something like this happened with someone you were close to as opposed to a stranger. What courage would it take to admit that the child you brought up was gay? It wasn’t that he was expecting for Old Man Yang to be hateful, but the closer you are to someone, the more their words would hurt. He didn’t want anything like that to happen to Lin ShuYi.

When Old Man Yang and the others arrived at the hotel restaurant, Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu were already there. The two were sat together, speaking, but hurriedly stood when they saw that everyone had arrived.

Old Man Yang was a little confused. His instincts told him that Lin ShuYi was about to reveal something big. If you looked closely, you’d realize that the two were wearing matching styles, but of different colors. They both had v-neck sweaters on, but one was grey and the other was light blue.

Old Man Yang sat next to Lin ShuYi, looking between the two. “Xiao Yi, do you have something you want to tell your grandpa?”

Xiao Wan’s grandmother and parents were all looking at them as well. Xiao Wan’s grandmother was just as confused, while Xiao Wan’s parents seemed to have some idea of what this was about.

Lin ShuYi smiled. “Yes, I do have something to tell you, grandpa, but let’s eat first. We’ve already ordered.” If he said it now, Old Man Yang might end up not eating any of it.

Shen Fu waved in the waiters, who brought in dish after dish and set them on the table.

It was all very rich dishes, prawns, fish, beef, tendon, a table of all sorts of Chinese dishes, flavorful and colorful.

Seeing that Lin ShuYi had no intentions of saying anything yet, Old Man Yang started to eat, still confused. After eating and drinking their fill, Xiao Wan’s parents already knew what they were going to announce, because all throughout this meal, Shen Fu never stopped catering to Lin ShuYi, getting him the food he wanted, smiling gently all the while.

They weren’t that old, so how would they not see it. Even Xiao Wan’s grandmother had noticed something was off. As excepted, when everyone had finished eating, Lin ShuYi grasped Shen Fu’s fingertips and stood.

He faced everyone.

“Me and Shen Fu are together.” He dropped a massive bomb the moment he spoke, shocking Old Man Yang and Xiao Wan’s grandmother into a stupor.

Though Xiao Wan’s grandmother had noticed something was off, she didn’t except for Lin ShuYi too say it so straightforwardly.

Old Man Yang was stunned for a moment before he frowned. He didn’t erupt like Lin ShuYi and the others had imagined, just set down his chopsticks. “Xiao Yi, you’re serious about this?”

Lin ShuYi was a bit nervous, but he still nodded resolutely.

Old Man Yang sighed. “Someone already told me a few days ago, actually. Back then I didn’t believe it, after all, what evidence could that photo give? You and Shen Fu were always close, so a photo couldn’t prove anything. I didn’t expect that this was real.”

Lin ShuYi stayed silent, focused. He knew that Old Man Yang was about to give his opinion on the matter.

“Xiao Fu is a good kid, but you have to be aware of how hard the path you’ve chosen will be to walk. Ever since what happened with Xiao Xiao, I’ve thought of you as my own grandchild, Xiao Yi. I know you respect me, and I know that since you’ve decided to tell us, then you must’ve made a decision, but in reality, I don’t approve. You’re both still young, who knows how much hate people will give you if this goes public? Xiao Yi, I don’t want you to live like that.”

Lin ShuYi felt cold inside.

Shen Fu tightly held onto Lin ShuYi’s hand under the table, knowing that he needed courage to face the disapproval from the person he respected the most.

Old Man Yang glanced at them and then continued, “But then I thought to myself, life is short. If we live solely for others, then there’s no point to it anymore. If you don’t mind, then let others say whatever they want.”

Lin ShuYi whipped his head up and then, like Shen Fu, hugged Old Man Yang tightly. He was terrified that Old Man Yang wouldn’t be able to accept it. Terrified that the other would never want to see him again.

That was when Xiao Wan’s grandmother finally recovered and blinked, “So you’re together now?”

Xiao Wan, feeling defeated by her grandmother’s extremely slow reaction, wrapped an arm around her grandmother’s shoulders. “Yeah, does grandmother not like Xiao Yi-gege anymore?”

Xiao Wan’s grandmother gave her a shocked look. “Of course not. But aren’t they both men? They’re together, just like that?”

Everyone: …




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