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Chapter 67: Mixed Cocktails

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

At night, the news from the press conference was sent out.

Not only did it talk about Shen Fu’s sexual orientation and his relationship with Lin ShuYi, as well as the Shen family’s attitudes towards it, it also detailed unequivocally how Lin ShuYi had a war of words with the fake reporter and had even successfully won.

In the cameras, Lin ShuYi smiled calmly and easily, without the slightest bit of anger at being insulted. He bore himself well, and the fake reporter appeared as if he had harbored evil intentions from the very beginning and had clearly come for an ulterior motive.

Intentionally or not, the rest of the report also remained partial to Lin ShuYi, because the entire time he hadn’t spoken a single word. He only spoke up and retorted when he was being insulted, winning favor unanimously in everyone else’s eyes. Adding on his handsome features, his favorable impression shot up even more.

Besides Lin ShuYi, the picture also had Shen Fu, who blackened because Lin ShuYi had been insulted, as well as older brother Shen Yan’s cool face, who rarely revealed an image not in line with his public figure. Mama Shen, who clearly looked endearingly stunned after Lin ShuYi won, was in it too along with Grandfather and Papa Shen, who were looking at each other in dismay.

Netizens’ messages kept crying, [This family killed me with cuteness.]

[Too bad both of them are taken, I can only shout: older brother Shen marry me!]

[Mama Shen is both beautiful and adorable, she looks just like a sister alongside second young master and older bro Shen!]

For a while, there was all sorts of commentary underneath the article, but it had nothing to do with the topic “Unmasking the Shen Family’s Second Young Master’s Sexual Orientation” anymore, since everyone knew that Lin ShuYi was together with the Shen family.

For the first time ever, Shen Yan – who only ever read finance journals – saw this gossip report, before he let out a warm smile in the study.

Shen Fu, on the other hand, was openly replaying the video in the room, replaying his wife’s impressive feat over and over again, repeating those same sentences again and again.

Lin ShuYi, who was taking a shower in the bathroom, got annoyed hearing it. “Just how many times do you plan on listening to that?” And more importantly, couldn’t Shen Fu return to his own room to listen to it?

Under tacit agreement among the Shen family, Shen Fu’s comfortable big bed and gaming room had already been given to Lin ShuYi to serve as his private room. Shen Fu became an outsider who had to ask permission just to enter.

Shen Fu’s eyes examined Lin ShuYi’s body twice. He wished he could have see-through vision, so that he could scan him without barriers. Unfortunately, he didn’t. Lin ShuYi’s pajamas remained wrapped around him securely and solidly.

He had no choice but to obediently move his gaze back to the television. “It’s the last time. You can watch with me.”

Lin ShuYi’s entire body expressed his refusal. He had already been half-forced into watching it many times today with Mama Shen. If he continued to watch, he would probably throw up. He resolutely refused to watch it one more time, so that he would not become the first person in history to throw up after watching themselves.

Lin ShuYi went to the minifridge and took out two low-alcohol cocktails, which had very beautiful colors but were actually no different from fruit juice. He handed the blue one to Shen Fu.

“XiQin Restaurant will be open in a few days.”

Only then did Shen Fu turn off the TV. He accepted the cocktail that Lin ShuYi was handing him before he looked at him. “My parents both know that you’re opening XiQin Restaurant. When it opens, do you want them to cheer you on?”

Shen Fu’s so-called “cheering on” was, of course, through the use of the Shen clan’s name. If the Shen clan took the lead, there would be even more people who would follow the trend, and there wouldn’t be any need to worry about the flow of customers into XiQin Restaurant.

Lin ShuYi didn’t even think before he rejected that idea. “You can tell Uncle and Auntie to come themselves. We’ll go welcome them.”

Shen Fu glanced at Lin ShuYi admirably. He knew that he had already understood his intention.

This was actually an idea that Mama Shen had brought up. By now, Mama Shen already treated Lin ShuYi completely as if he was part of her family, so naturally she considered everything in relation to him. But Grandfather Shen didn’t actually approve of this idea.

After all, XiQin Restaurant was still relatively unknown at this point. If it expanded its prestige through the Shen clan’s name, obviously they wouldn’t need to worry about the customer flow for a while, but that would also mark XiQin Restaurant as part of the Shen clan’s. This was a restaurant that Lin ShuYi had painstakingly created, so presumably he wouldn’t want it to have the Shen clan’s label. Furthermore, if these people came because of the Shen reputation, no matter how well Lin ShuYi did, those people wouldn’t remember it.

Lin ShuYi simply understood it immediately, and he refused.

Shen Fu spoke again. “Then pick a time so my family can meet with Grandpa Yang.”

Even though Old Man Yang wasn’t really related by blood to Lin ShuYi, they were much closer to each other than real grandfather and grandson. There wasn’t anything weird with treating him as Lin ShuYi’s only relative.

Of course, Lin ShuYi also nodded. He had seen how well the Shen family treated him, and it warmed his heart. But he didn’t have anything that he could reciprocate with. He could only treat this person in front of him a bit better, and then even better.

As Shen Fu spoke, Lin ShuYi stopped responding, so he turned his head, confused. He saw Lin ShuYi looking at him with his dark eyes, the corners of his mouth still suffused with the gentlest smile.

Holy shit, was he trying to straight-up seduce him? Shen Fu decisively took the bait and scooted over, covering Lin ShuYi’s lips, kissing him till he was unwilling to part.

Lin ShuYi felt like it was getting harder and harder for him to resist the pheromones that Shen Fu secreted when he felt aroused. When Shen Fu’s hand snuck inside his clothing, he played along, not saying a single word, because he himself was almost being drowned by this kind of unfamiliar passion.

As Shen Fu closed his eyes, deeply kissing Lin ShuYi’s thin lips, he gently caressed all over his body, wantonly and igniting flames. He could feel that Lin ShuYi’s body was already scalding hot, and he was clearly aroused.

Shen Fu thought guiltily: he probably wouldn’t be able to wait until Lin ShuYi was twenty.

Then he pulled Lin ShuYi close, taking advantage of the position to press him down against the couch.

Just when the raging fire was about to get out of hand, Shen Fu’s cell phone suddenly rang. In the room, which was so quiet that there was only the sound of their breathing, it sounded especially ear-piercing.

Shen Fu turned a deaf ear, but the phone persisted doggedly, not showing any signs of stopping at all. If it weren’t for the phone being too far, he definitely would’ve smashed it to pieces!

Unfortunately, the phone was too far away, and Lin ShuYi had already woken up from his momentary impulse. He opened his eyes, desire that still hadn’t retreated visible in his gaze. He said hoarsely, “The phone.”

Of course Shen Fu knew about the phone, but who the fuck was calling at this time?!

Shen Fu pressed the hard, swollen part of his lower body against him, and he said, feeling wronged, “Can we just ignore it?”

Only now that his rationality had completely returned did Lin ShuYi’s ears flush red. He fixed his disordered clothing and pushed Shen Fu off. “You should probably go and answer the phone first.”

Then he hastily ran into the bathroom, slamming the door shut with a bang.

Shen Fu nearly grinded his teeth to pieces.

Just one more step, just one more step before he could’ve completely eaten the person that he yearned for day and night! Who the fuck was calling at this kind of moment?!

He strode over with large steps, still in his messy clothing. He didn’t even look at the phone before he picked it up and threw it.

The phone tumbled onto the soft carpet before it stopped, clearly unharmed, as it continued to sing.

Shen Fu: …

He was really about to fuck this entire world over.

In the end, even Shen Fu, who was cursing the entire world, had no choice but to pick the phone up, because the phone acted as if it would continue to ring if he didn’t pick it up. In any case, he wouldn’t be able to do it with Lin ShuYi, so someone had to take the blame. Thinking like this, Shen Fu suppressed his ire and picked up the phone.

Chen Fang’s name jumped ceaselessly on the screen. Shen Fu, like an evil spirit who had been starved for a very long time, smiled slowly.

As soon as the call went through, Chen Fang exclaimed loudly with delight from the other end, “I saw the news! Really, congrats, congrats, ah~”

Shen Fu, who had a stomach full of anger, smiled maliciously. Unfortunately, Chen Fang didn’t notice at all, and he continued, “Your family is pretty powerful, huh. You can’t tell, but your tricks are pretty dark.”

Shen Fu still didn’t speak.

Chen Fang spoke again. “It seems like Grandfather and Uncle Shen are both pretty satisfied with him, huh? He’s really a powerful one, he settled your entire family in just two or three blows.”

After speaking for a long time without a response from the other end, Chen Fang finally felt like something wasn’t right. A chill breeze swept up his spine, and he considered it for a moment before he carefully said, “What are you doing right now? Why didn’t you answer for such a long time?”

Shen Fu finally laughed coldly. “What do you think?”

Chen Fang let out a strange yell before he hung up the phone immediately. Oh no, oh no, now he was in for it. Was there anything more terrifying than someone who didn’t have his desires satisfied? What’s more, if Shen Fu was like this, it meant that it was probably his first time with his little sweetheart too.

Chen Fang howled in grief and covered his face. He was truly too good at picking the right time. Now he did it: Shen Fu would remember how he screwed him over this time for the rest of his life.

After hanging up, Shen Fu tossed the phone to the side before walking over to the bathroom door. As he listened to the sound of the water rushing, he undid his pants. Accompanying the sound of the breathing from inside, he relieved his pressure.

He had lived for twenty years without depending on his right hand; now that he had someone he liked, he frequently depended on his right hand all the time. How could he keep living like this?!

Lin ShuYi holed up inside the bathroom, his entire body weak. This kind of thing had happened before too, but it seemed like it had never been as intense as this time. After all, he really didn’t know how to do it.

Lin ShuYi, who had similarly lived for twenty-plus years but had never even rubbed himself off before, felt bitter. The more incapable he was of getting himself off, the more uncomfortable he felt and the more he wanted to get himself off. Lin ShuYi kept thinking about Shen Fu’s hands, which ignited him everywhere they touched. When his hand bumped against a certain part, he shuddered, and he finally found a way.

The eighteen-year-old Lin ShuYi ultimately gave his first time to his right hand.

Shen Fu: … this baby’s heart feels bitter.

At night, the three of them slept in different beds, but they tossed around, finding it difficult to fall asleep. Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi for obvious reasons; both of their dreamscapes were a huge “CENSORED”. As for Chen Fang, he couldn’t even sleep. It was better if he thought of a way to win back his favor.

Chen Fang flipped over quite a few times on his bed, like a pancake being flipped. Finally, his eyes shot open and he flipped off the bed before he searched through his phone for a while, making a call.

“Chen-bro? It’s so late…”

“Cut the nonsense. Do you still have that thing that you were going to show me last time?”

“The thing? What thing?”

Chen Fang’s face was red, and he felt embarrassed. “That thing that the boy was holding that time that I kicked away! The one that I didn’t look at!”

The other side suddenly realized what he was talking about. “Oh, I get it, but I thought you didn’t like him?!!”

Chen Fang howled, “I never said I liked him! Just go find that thing and give it to me, don’t talk too much.”

The other side immediately agreed. “Okay, I’ll send it over tomorrow.”

There were thousands of people who wanted to curry favor with Chen Fang. There were always some people who wanted to send him something that would stand out from the masses. So one day, there was a boy who was secretly sent to his bed at night, who also played that kind of thing on his TV. Even though he was quite drunk that time, he had still thrown out the boy in a roaring rage, along with that item. He never expected there to be a day when he would have to ask the other person to get it back for him.

Chen Fang: Brother, I can only help you up to this point. I only hope that you won’t hold a grudge after the deed is done.

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