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Chapter 24: Childish Games and Let’s go Together

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Seeing as Qiu ZiYan was also invited to the dinner party hosted by the Ren Rui Group, Tang XiaoYu asked him around 5pm if needed to head back to the company to prepare.

“What is there to prepare?” Qiu ZiYan couldn’t help but chuckle.

“…clothes and makeup?” Tang XiaoYu wasn’t familiar with the celebrity lifestyle so he could only guess from his limited experience.

“No need. It’s not a formal event so we can just go.” Tang XiaoYu sat on the sofa watching TV then casually asked, “What did you eat for dinner?”

“When you were taking your afternoon nap, Mai Ke already had someone sent over the ingredients.” Tang XiaoYu took out some fresh ingredients from the fridge and continued, “The instructions are on it, I’ll make it for you.”

“Still meals from my personal trainer?” The moment he heard, Qiu’s appetite was gone. “What about you?” He asked.

“Fry up the rice from yesterday night.” Tang XiaoYu answered.

“I’ll switch with you.” Qiu ZiYan said with a tone firm as steel! Very bossy, super assertive!

“Ok, but don’t tell Mai Ke.” Tang XiaoYu pulled out a bowl of leftover rice, “He’s super scary when he starts his rambling.”

“No problem.” Qiu ZiYan raised his right hand in seriousness, “I promise.”

In the kitchen was a pink apron with yellow flowers, something that came along the kitchenwares. Tang XiaoYu casually took it and put it on, then put the oil in the pot.

Standing beside the kitchen door, Qiu ZiYan had the sudden urge to endorse this brand of kitchenware for free.

What a great gift!

“Do you want to eat Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Kimchi Fried Rice, or Beef Fried Rice?” Tang XiaoYu asked, turning his head around.

“All of them.” Qiu ZiYan replied straightforwardly. Very, very, greedy!

Tang XiaoYu pulled out a plate and carefully split the leftover rice into three portions.

“Wait, you didn’t take that seriously did you?” Qiu ZiYan was amused with what he was doing, “I was joking, just make one of them.”

“Don’t worry,” Tang XiaoYu put the beat up egg into the pot, “it’s all very quick, shouldn’t’ take more than thirty minutes.”

When the silky smooth egg met the hot oil, it instantly congealed, producing a wonderful aroma. Qiu ZiYan suddenly felt as if the kitchen came to life.

“Help me cut a shallot.” Tang XiaoYu asked as he was frying the egg.

Qiu ZiYan pulled out garlic and started peeling it.

“Wrong!” Tang XiaoYu was speechless, “The fat one!”

“Aren’t those Chinese chives?” Qiu ZiYan asked, puzzled.

Tang XiaoYu could only turn off the heat and go cut it himself.

“Looks pretty similar.” Qiu ZiYan went over to observe carefully.

“Don’t come too close, it’ll burn your eyes!” Tang XiaoYu warned.

“Why would it burn my eyes?” And just as he finished his sentence, the tears instantly fell like a waterfall! Very, very, tragic!

Thus, a second later, Qiu ZiYan was chased out of the kitchen with the accusation of ‘you just go watch tv, I’ll tell you when the food’s ready’.

So…being chased out cause he was useless…

The doorbell rang and when the door opened up, it was his manager, Mai Ke.

“The stuff?” Qiu ZiYan instantly reached out his hand.

Mai Ke was not pleased by his phrasing, “Can you have a little more tact?” Don’t make so obvious that I’m just a ‘tool’! My glass heart’s easily broken, okay?!

“Nope.” Qiu ZiYan held the door with one hand, “Give me the stuff.”

So cruel! Mai Ke felt invisible streams of tears pouring out and obediently handed a bag over.

“Today is a nice day, so I won’t keep you for dinner.” Qiu ZiYan patted him on the shoulder, “Bye.”

“……” Before the manager could say anything, the door was slammed close!

Mai Ke started choking up. In his grief and anger, he called up his aunt. His cousin was so cruel and cold that he wanted to quit! And, what does the day being like have anything to do with eating dinner? I’m not a machine whose solar powered! It so cruel! Words cannot describe how cruel he was!

“Food’s ready.” Tang XiaoYu called out from the kitchen.

“Coming.” Qiu ZiYan placed the paper bag onto the sofa and went to the kitchen’s dining area.

In the white, rectangular, porcelain plate was rainbow colored Yang Zhou Fried Rice. The green beans and the corn kernels were round and full. The kimchi fried rice was a beautiful red; emitting a sour yet pleasant aroma, and a little bit of garlic for taste. The beef fried rice was accompanied by curry, so every grain was golden like an art piece.

“Are you a professional?” Qiu ZiYan asked, shocked.

“……No.” Tang XiaoYu pulled out a pocket recipe book from his apron and continued, “I just followed this.”

Qiu ZiYan gave him a big thumbs up.

“Was someone knocking on the door before?” Tang XiaoYu asked as he was washing his hands.

“It was Mai Ke.” Qiu ZiYan pulled out a chair, “He got someone to go to your apartment and brought all your belongings.”

Tang XiaoYu’s hands stopped for a moment.

“I didn’t see anything.” Seeing that he was nervous, Qiu ZiYan quickly added, “It’s in the paper bag in the living room. It’s still sealed.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Tang XiaoYu looked at him and continued, “…Thank you.” He didn’t mean much when he said it, but he took it to heart.

“No problem.” Qiu ZiYan said as he handed him his chopsticks, “After we eat, lets go to Ren Rui together.”

“I’m coming as well?” Tang XiaoYu was surprised, “Mai Ke said I couldn’t drive so he was having someone else pick you up.”

“I’m not asking you to drive,” Qiu ZiYan explained, “it’s boring to stay at home along, come with me to the party.”

“Me?” Tang XiaoYu was clearly resisting.

But, Qiu ZiYan was determined. He even pulled out a brand new suit from the closet after they finished eating.

So this was schemed beforehand? Tang XiaoYu looked at him speechlessly.

“I asked Mai Ke to order one for you before.” Qiu ZiYan was very upfront about it, “Sometimes you’ll need to attend a formal gathering, we can’t have the reporters see you in a t-shirt and jeans.”

“…do I really have to go?” Tang XiaoYu still wanted to runaway. Rather than going to a random dinner party, he would much rather stay at home, reading a book or watching television.

“Than how about we play Rock Paper Scissors.” Qiu ZiYan said.

Tang XiaoYu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What is this childish behavior?

“It’s your only chance of getting out of it.” Mr.Qiu lured and coaxed him in.

“Then I’ll try it once.” Tang XiaoYu answered.

“No problem,” Qiu’s lips curled up, “I’ll go with scissors.”

“…” Tang XiaoYu made eye contact with him. His eyes expressed his gloom.

To say something like that first was so unfair! It’s so confusing regardless if he believed it or not!

“I’ll go 1-2-3.” Qiu ZiYan raised his elbows high, “one, two, three.”

Tang XiaoYu went for rock.

Mr.Qiu really did go with scissors.

Such integrity!

Just as Tang XiaoYu left out a sigh of relief, he heard Qiu ZiYan say, “Go get changed or we’re going to be late.”

“But I just won.” Tang XiaoYu complained.

“Thus, you listen to me.” Qiu ZiYan bend down to lock gaze with him as he continued with an innocent expression, “There needs to be some compensation for the loser, right?”

Then what’s the point of this game?! Tang XiaoYu was speechless, even though it was just him being shameless, he couldn’t come up with an objection. In the end, the anger just made him laugh.

That’s how it should be, Qiu ZiYan thought as he rubbed Tang XiaoYu’s nose. He was just a little kid, why wear an ice cold expression all day?

Unable to win against him, Tang XiaoYu could only go and change his clothes. The design was simple but fitting. It was crisp but pretty. Qiu ZiYan felt his eyes light up, “Mai Ke have good taste.”

Tang XiaoYu tugged his suit, he was feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Qiu ZiYan came over with a light coloured tie and carefully tied it around Tang XiaoYu’s neck. Then he nudged him in front of the mirror, “Looks good.”

“…yah.” Tang XiaoYu didn’t know how he should respond to that.

Qiu ZiYan just smiled and did a simple styling of his hair, then brought him downstairs.

“Is there anything I need to pay attention to?” Tang XiaoYu was feeling a bit nervous as he sat inside the car.

“Nothing,” Qiu ZiYan said, “just stay close to me.”

“Are you really not going to consider becoming a celebrity?” Mai Ke asked from the shotgun seat. His eyes glistened in anticipation!

“Nope.” Tang XiaoYu was still as ruthless as ever.

Mr. Mai felt very hurt.

Although it was just an internal thank you party, Ren Rui didn’t skimp on the details. Even the parking lot had a section off for VIP parking.

Just as Qiu ZiYan brought Tang XiaoYu off the car, he saw Ouyang Long standing not that faraway.

“You’re too kind. To think Director Ouyang would welcome us personally.” Mai Ke was completely moved and went up to give him a hug.

Actually…I really wasn’t welcoming you guys! Mr.Director smiled calmly and helped them open the elevator door, “Take the elevator up to the seventeenth floor. The receptionist will escort everyone in.” Pure small talk!

Just as Qiu’s party of three got into the elevator, a beautiful white race car pulled up. Ouyang Long’s eyes brightened, this was the person he was waiting for okay?!

“I’m I handsome?” Su Nuo asked Dai An in the car.

“Very!” Mr.Manager said with confidence, a tone firm as steel, “You couldn’t be more manly if you tried!”

The professional mode Su was very pleased. Just as he opened the door and was half out, with a swoosh, he was back in.

“What’s wrong?” His manager asked him, confused.

Ouyang Long on the other hand was completely frozen in place and felt extremely hurt…Why did he back off the moment he saw him?!

“Is my hair messy?” Su Nuo pulled out a pocket mirror and started looking from all angles.

“Of course not!” Dai An once again broke through the limit of his praising, “And even if it was messy, it will have an unruly manliness!”

Su Xiao Nuo once again confirmed his handsomeness and then officially got out of the car!

Ouyang Long was still standing there unmoving because he was still struggling! Even if he doesn’t come running with happiness, he shouldn’t shrink back upon seeing him!

“Ah, you’re too kind, I didn’t think Director Ouyang would pick us up personally.” The moment Dai An saw him, he came for an enthusiastic hug!

This seemed similar? Mr. Director felt black lines forming above his head. Are all managers like this?!

“I was going back to grab something.” Su Nuo took the initiative and explained. He just felt a bit guilty.

Actually it was because he was afraid of his hair being blown into a mess by the wind or if his collar got oil stains. He definitely couldn’t tell him that he ate a box of takoyaki in the car!

Being the “Flower of Kaolin” was super tiring!

(T/N meaning someone’s high up and could only be looked upon but not touched. Someone that’s bigger than life in terms of beauty)

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June 7, 2019 10:06 am

…. Ifstg, all the gongs in this novel have no limits to their shamelessness! And out of all the shous, Tang XiaoYu seems to be the most housewife-ish. NuoNuo is hopeless and that other artistic youth… Well, leave him be. Who knows what kind of artistic cooking he’ll be able to do!

Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

June 7, 2019 10:24 am

The side cp I love the most is Tang XiaoYu and Qiu ZiYan cause I they are very cute together and the interaction is more genuine than the artistic youth one…

June 7, 2019 1:21 pm

I wonder if Nuo will recognize the guy he saved

Thank you 🙏

June 7, 2019 3:54 pm

Thank you for the update and your hard work .

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Thanks for the chapter! 💕

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Thank everyone at the team that is working on this story. It’s a lot of fun to read. Actually I find the characters charming even if they are all over the top with personality. The only thing I can wish for is a better seperation between the three stories. I can see how the author wants to show it chonolgicaly, but the ping ponging is making my head ache. I usually do better with this type of story, but maybe I’m just getting old. 😛

June 8, 2019 7:01 am

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(Director, you should eat too—if you get my drift *wink WINK wink WINK wink WINK*)

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The image I have of the 2nd CP are KO and Hao Mei from Love 020. Then I have Li Tian for Mr. Director. Alas, I have a random anime character image popping up for Su Nuo.. 😔
My imagination needs to work harder. 🤔

Yes I bite
January 25, 2022 1:45 am

Tang XiaoYu, very spouse material ah 😍 Don’t mind the other shous, they’re chaotic af. Keep up the good work!

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