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Chapter 74 part 2

Steamed egg was actually a very simple dish to make. However, if you wanted it soft and smooth, then you had to be perfect on the amount of water you added and how high you turned the heat up. Otherwise, it would end up being too soft or too tough, which would negatively affect the experience.

For example, one portion of egg would need two portions of water, after mixing, you could improve the texture if you filtered out the egg whites that refused to mix. You had to put a layer of cling film over it when you steamed it to avoid the precipitation from the pot lid from dripping into the egg and ruining its texture. Steaming for eight minutes and letting it sit, covered, for two was the best way of finishing it up.

After the egg started steaming, Lin ShuYi began to wrap the wontons. The fillings were prepared the night before. He had mixed spring onion into it as well as ginger to get rid of the sharp rawness of the taste, oyster sauce and salt to flavor it, and half an egg white to make the meat more tender and juicy. Lin ShuYi took the wonton wrapping and twisted his hands, somehow managing to create a pretty syce shape. The wrapping was thin, the filling was full, it looked round and filling.

When the oil was only a seven tenth of the way hot, the wontons could be added. When the bottom started to crisp, some water was sprinkled, and the pan was covered to sit for a while. Upon taking the lid off, the bottom was already a crispy gold color. Finally, he sprinkled some chopped spring onion and sesame seeds. By the time the steamed egg was ready, the wontons were done too, and they could be served together with a small dish of vinegar. The entire process didn’t take Lin ShuYi more than twenty minutes.

Tang Shuang, seeing Lin ShuYi’s handiwork for the first time, was wide eyed in amazement. He couldn’t help thinking, as expected of the boss! Though he wasn’t sure where this thought came from.

When he served the steamed egg and wontons, the two young ladies were chatting, but they immediately fell silent when they saw Tang Shuang coming, gazes fixed on the food.

Two rather large covered cups held two differently flavored steamed eggs. The salty steamed egg was more yellow, a smattering of small, tender salangidae over the surface. A spoon of light soya sauce had been added. The salangidae were delectably savory, the steamed egg smooth and delicate. With the added flavor from the soya sauce, it was absolutely delicious.

Meanwhile, the sweet coconut milk steamed egg was whiter, with small pieces of succulent translucent coconut flesh. The tender steamed egg had absorbed the sweet fragrance of the coconut milk, and with the coconut flesh, the milky aroma wafted from the dish. The sweet kind was equally as tasty.

The two polished off the steamed egg with vigor before turning their gazes onto the fried wontons. With spring onion and sesame seeds sprinkled over, the fried wontons were a crispy gold at the bottom, but tender at the top. A dash of vinegar balanced out the heavy meaty filling, filling their mouths with the delectable aroma.

Soon enough, the fried wontons were all gone. The two wiped their mouths, very satisfied with their meal, before managing to spare the mind to give an opinion.

As expected, it wasn’t just pretty pictures. The finished products were even better than they looked on paper. They didn’t just look good though, they were absolutely delicious! Everyone really did have an eye for delicious food, managing to find this treasure. And the boss and employees were all so cute!

After the two finished, Shen Fu came late with two cups of lemon sugar water. However, it was good, since lemon water shouldn’t be drank on an empty stomach. It was better after having eaten.

Shen Fu actually knew what these two young ladies were here for, but he didn’t want to expose them. Afterall, they were the reopened Xiqin Restaurant’s first customers. Plus, the two young ladies were very respectful, just silently looking and not pushing the matter. It also gave Shen Fu satisfaction at successfully showing off their love.

Seeing Shen Fu come over to serve them lemon water, the two young ladies were delighted. They decided that they would definitely come whenever they were nearby, and next time, they’d bring more people and try everything on the cold dish and braised meat sections.

The two young ladies didn’t solely come to see them. It was because they had set their travels earlier than planned and changed their route. After eating at Xiqin Restaurant and getting to see the cute guys, they were satisfied and prepared to go and visit other places, promising to themselves that they would come here again before they left the city.

After the two young ladies left, their neighbors arrived to celebrate their reopening. With this, Lin ShuYi decided to set their opening time half an hour early and set off the fireworks that their hometown had sent over. He planned to treat them to dinner.

Yet with the fireworks set off, it was like a signal for everyone to come. Shen Fu had expected some influence from the weibo post that went viral, but not such a huge influence.

From nine onwards, their flow of customers didn’t stop. By ten, they were completely full. The reason they knew that these people were here because of the weibo post was because they were mostly young women, and many of them tried to chat with Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi. They didn’t overstep their boundaries, but the suggestive smiles were obvious.

There were also some older people, who were just here for the food. They mostly ordered the dishes that were harder to make. It took longer, but the flavors were all the more stunning. They were willing to wait the extra time. After all, the more delicious, the longer the wait.

Lin ShuYi instantly because too busy to do anything else.

Old Man Yang and Tang Shuang were both helping him out in the kitchen while Shen Fu, later joined by Xiao Wan, took care of serving. Xiao Wan’s grandmother, meanwhile, took the job of dishwasher. Lin ShuYi really hadn’t expected so many people.

Though this meant more revenue, if this continued, he’d have to hire more people to help.

In reality, though quite a few were here because of the rumors and cute guys, more of them were here for the food. Otherwise, if it was just to see cute guys, there wouldn’t be such an interest. After all, in Tian Chao, foodies were an even more powerful group than fujoshis. Foodies were many across all ages and nationalities.

Thus, XiQin restaurant unsurprisingly gained everyone’s good ratings and love. No matter the dishes or the environment, it was perfect. Especially for those who had gotten used to the fast food of cities, a place like this where they could carefully, slowly taste the most original, most authentic delicacies was a wonderful luxury.

XiQin Restaurant once again went viral on weibo. This time, however, it didn’t rely on the rumors between the cute boss and friend, but the delicious food and unmatchable taste.

#best food best place Xiqin Restaurant# became a hot tag.

Of course, this all came later.

More importantly, while Lin ShuYi was rushing around, busy out of his mind, Old Master Shen and company arrived.

Shen Fu’s mother immediately waved down Shen Fu after getting out of the car. “Where’s Xiao Yi?”

Shen Fu: …

Shen Fu’s older brother then asked, “Have you finished preparing the welcoming party?”

Shen Fu: …

We’re already busy out of our minds, could you not add to that? Seriously, if you don’t cause any more trouble, then we’ll still be a family.

Clearly, they didn’t really care much about what Shen Fu thought and were more concerned for Lin ShuYi. Hearing how busy Lin ShuYi was in the kitchen, Shen Fu’s mother’s heart ached and was about to rush into the kitchen to help, uncaring of the extremely expensive Chanel-style clothing set she had on.

Really now, what if her son-in-law overworked himself?!

However, Shen Fu’s father held her back, a little speechless as he looked at her. “At least change. Do you really think what you’re wearing is suited for the kitchen?”

Shen Fu’s mother agreed and asked Shen Fu for the keys to go and change.

Shen Fu’s father surrendered to his all-powerful wife.

Old Master Shen walked inside with his cane, a bit surprised at the sheer amount of people. “You’re this busy?”

Shen Fu nodded. If they weren’t so busy, the Lin ShuYi wouldn’t be so harried.

Shen Yan suddenly looked around, gazing at Shen Fu. “Is there anything I can help with?”

Shen Fu felt his heart jump in shock at his brother’s smiling, gentle words. Are you kidding? The only things that Shen Yan had ever held in his hands were books and files. He had never even touched cooking utensils. This gentleman stayed away from the kitchen and wouldn’t touch a pot on pain of death. This question made Shen Fu think the other was going crazy or something.

In reality, it was just that brocon Shen Yan couldn’t bare to see the two so harried.

Lin ShuYi startled at seeing Shen Fu’s mother, and hurriedly assured her they were fine. Yet Shen Fu’s mother gave Tang Shuang a heads up and took out a spare Chinese cleaver and chopping board from the cupboard, helping Tang Shuang with prep work.

Lin ShuYi didn’t say anything more, heart feeling warm. It was only after the hustle and bustle died down a bit that Lin ShuYi found out it wasn’t just Shen Fu’s mother, but everyone had come to help.

For example, Shen Yan’s precious, beautiful hands which only ever touched fountain pens and keyboards, were carrying plates with Shen Fu. (Shen Fu, grumbling: my hands are beautiful, too! In the past I also only ever touched fountain pens and keyboards!)

Shen Fu’s father took on the responsibility of preparing and pouring fresh lemon sugar water for everyone. As for Old Master Shen, he was sitting at the counter, helping Lin ShuYi manage bills. Everyone took on a role and none of them treated themselves as guests.

Seeing this, Lin ShuYi wanted to say something, but didn’t know what to say. On the other hand, from the moment Tang Shuang saw Shen Yan, he was in a state that could only be described as “holy fuck”.

Holy fuck!! The Shen Conglomerate’s president!! Shen-ge’s older brother!! And then he saw Shen Fu’s father. Holy fuck!! The Shen Conglomerate’s chairman!! Shen-ge’s father!! And then he saw Shen Fu’s grandfather. Holy fuck!! The Shen Conglomerate’s previous boss!! Shen-ge’s grandfather!!

In the end, he looked despairingly at Shen Fu. This was the yawning gap that existed between people. When you didn’t compare, you didn’t care, but as soon as you did, you could never go back. Why was life so mean?

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