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Chapter 28: Hide Quickly and Body Wash Advertisements

Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Are you willing to give me a chance?” Mr. Director was extremely gentle.

He was willing, but the other man was just being lovey dovey with someone else during the day! Now that it was night he just suddenly rolled onto his bed! This didn’t make sense! Su Nuo’s heart was extremely conflicted and his sense of reason disappeared.

“I’ll treat you well.” Ouyang Long’s words were cliché but did their job well.

After a long time, Su Nuo asked quietly, “Do you really like me?”

“En,” Ouyang Long held him tightly.

“Do you only like me?” Su Nuo asked discreetly because he didn’t want to seem like a jealous wife!

“En,” Ouyang Long kissed his neck.

Even though the slightly ticklish feeling felt good, he should stop him since he still hadn’t asked all of his questions! Su Nuo was complaining with his fists clenched on the inside and used a bit of strength in pushing the other man away. “When did you start liking me?” Please don’t say three hours ago! If it’s because he was just rejected by Tang XiaoYu and he’s finding a replacement or whatnot… If it was like that, he’d definitely have to give him a beating! Even if he couldn’t beat him in terms of fighting, he could torture the other man with his eyes!

“Since the day that we met in the beef noodle place?” Ouyang Long lifted up his hand and brought it to the corner of his mouth, placing a soft kiss on it.

“That early?!” Su Nuo looked at him with doubt-filled eyes. Lies.

“Really.” Ouyang Long said next. “Believe me.”

If I believe you just because you tell me to, how much face will I have left?! Su Nuo ranted.

Why was this so hard… Ouyang Long sighed. “What do I need to do for you to believe me?”

Eh eh what a horribly sappy sentence! Su Nuo thought in his heart immediately, almost saying out loud stuff like, ‘if you want to prove your love for me, go to the north sky mountains and pick a snow lotus for me!’ or something like ‘I’m missing a deep sea night pearl’ but luckily, he managed to hold it in! ZhongLi FengBai was going to be his downfall one day!

“Give me a chance, okay?” Ouyang Long seemed so sincere that Su Nuo couldn’t meet his eyes directly.

“…” Su Nuo’s heart was so conflicted that it was embarrassing!

“If you don’t refuse, I’ll take it as a yes.” Ouyang Long had the aura of an idol show’s main character, domineering and handsome!

“Let me thi… mn.” Su Nuo couldn’t even finish his sentence when his mouth was suddenly blocked!

So forcibly kissing or whatever was effective!

This is cheating! Su Nuo was in furious denial; just because he had more strength, did that mean he didn’t have to listen to him talk, despicable!

But he couldn’t do anything about it either, because he couldn’t push him away! Not only could he not push him away but his reluctance only seemed to fire the other man up! Because of this, he just gave up on himself and stopped pushing, starting to moan as the other man entwined him in a French kiss. He could comfort himself that he was completely being forced! He definitely didn’t want to kiss!

He was definitely lying to himself!

On this sort of sappy summer night, even the air was filled with the fragrance of roses!

As a pure Highland flower, Su Nuo had never been kissed so passionately before, so his head spun a bit. He had no idea what he was supposed to do! And he had even given his silent permission to Mr. Director to stay at his house!

He wasn’t upholding his image at all!

Because of the difference in their builds, of course pajamas couldn’t be borrowed, so after he had washed up, Ouyang Long sat on the bed, his upper body naked, as he rubbed his hair with a towel.

Su Nuo was curled up next to him and reached a finger out to poke an ab.

He could feel a twinge of envy, jealousy and hate.

What an idiot… Ouyang Long had a hopeless look in his eyes.

It was only after he had had his share of touching that he realized that he was missing something called decency! So he turned his body around and burrowed into the blankets, his ears scarlet at the tips and his face beginning to heat up!

Ouyang Long was gentle as he lay down on the other side and pulled the blankets over himself. “Goodnight.”

Su Nuo froze for a moment; he really, really didn’t want to sleep! But at the same time he didn’t dare to move, it felt as though each second that passed was an entire year!

Love was really something that pulled at people’s heartstrings! Su Nuo felt it beyond measure!

“Hurry up and sleep,” Ouyang Long held his hand. “You’re not allowed to move around.”

“I’m already asleep!” Su Nuo said sarcastically.

Ouyang Long chuckled and held him even tighter than before.

This caused the sentence ‘love is suffocating’ to pop up in Su Nuo’s head, he wasn’t losing face for the artistic world at all!

It was only when the sky was faintly lit that Su Nuo had decided he didn’t care about anything else and slept. Ouyang Long lay next to him, pinching his cheeks and kissing his lips, doing it as naturally as can be!

Su Nuo’s four limbs were spread out as he snored, he was completely unaware that even his butt had been carefully admired!

It really was very evil!

At ten something in the morning the next day, Su Nuo finally got up and stretched lazily, rubbing his eyes as he sat on the bed.

“Good morning,” Ouyang Long kissed his forehead.

Su Nuo picked up his framed glasses before meeting eyes with the other man for quite a few seconds before suddenly speaking passionately, “Hurry up and put some clothes on!” Was he crazy? Walking around his house early in the morning with bare shoulders! His well-shaped pecs and whatnot was so annoying!

“En.” Mr Director said as he pulled the other man into his arms. “Let me hug you first.”

“You can hug me after you put on some clothes!” Su Nuo protested.

Ouyang Long couldn’t control his laughing and rested his chin on top of the other man’s head.

Even the air felt gentle and romantic, so of course something like eyes meeting would happen! Last night they had already made out, but that was under a dim light! Now it was as bright as could be in the middle of the day!

Ouyang Long gentle lifted his chin and began to gently get closer. Su Nuo felt a bit nervous, so he closed his eyes shakily! Everything was happening perfectly in accordance to an idol show, just as their lips were about to meet, the sound of a car horn suddenly spoiled the mood before the slam of a car door buried it!

“Aaaah! It’s Dai An!” Su Nuo jumped up, before flying to the wardrobe and opening the door, saying seriously, “You need to hide, quickly!”

What was this feeling of hiding a cheating husband’s girlfriend?! Ouyang Long didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “Why do I need to hide?

“Because you don’t have a shirt!” Su Nuo said hurriedly, looking as though something big had happened! Even though that sort of stuff did happen, but it could’ve been with clothes on! If he had bare shoulders then it would look like they did that last night! If they were seen he’s never get the label of guilty off!

“But your wardrobe is really full.” Ouyang Long could feel a headache coming.

Just as the footsteps seemed to come closer and closer, Su Nuo decisively pushed Mr. Director into the bathroom. “You’re not allowed to come out!”

Ouyang Long didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Nuonuo, are you awake?” Dai An knocked on the door.

“… Not yet!” Su Nuo locked the bathroom door before jumping into his bed and pulling the blankets over himself.

“Has your bad stomach gotten better?” Dai An opened the door.

“Not at all.” Su Nuo was frail and sickly beyond measure.

“Oh my god, then why didn’t you call me last night!” Dai An helped him up. “Quick, we’ll go to the hospital.”

“En.” Su Nuo was definitely a genius in the acting department, he put on his clothes weakly. “I’ll go wash my face.”

“Go.” Dai An helped him to fold his blankets.

Su Nuo moved to the bathroom before opening the door and slipping inside at the speed of light before locking the door!

Ouyang Long was sitting on the toilet as he read magazines.

“In a moment I’m going to go with Dai An to the hospital, you can find a chance to get away!” Su Nuo was extremely serious, mouthing the words and using hands to make himself clear.

Ouyang Long leaned over to give him a kiss.

Be a bit more serious! Su Nuo said, unsatisfied as he brushed his teeth.

Ouyang Long stood behind him, reached his arm out to encircle him.

The duo’s height in the mirror was a perfect match, you could tell immediately that they were a match made in heaven!

Su Nuo shamelessly complimented, they really looked perfect together!

“Nuonuo, are you done?” Dai An asked from outside the door.

“Almost.” Su Nuo rinsed his mouth.

“Why did you lock the door?” Mr. Dai was impatient.

“… Because I’m scared the lock will rust!” Su Nuo’s reason couldn’t be more far-fetched.

Ouyang Long’s stomach hurt from him trying to keep his laugh in.

Once Dai An went downstairs to make breakfast Su Nuo spoke seriously, “You have to make sure that you come out once Dai An and I have left!”

“Do you want to eat together tonight?” Ouyang Long invited.

“I need to film an advertisement in the afternoon, it may drag on until very late.” Su Nuo said.

“What advertisement?” Ouyang Long asked.

“Body wash,” Su Nuo replied.

Body wash meant showering, and showering meant… No clothes?!

“Nuonuo!” Dai An called from downstairs.

“I need to leave now.” Su Nuo stepped forward and gave Ouyang Long a hug, especially tight!

But Mr. Director didn’t show much of a reaction to the act because he was still thinking about the body wash ad! Once he started, he couldn’t stop for half an hour!

When mature and intelligent men got jealous, it really was scary!

“That’s right, I just bought new body wash and face wash.” Dai An suddenly remembered this once they were halfway through breakfast and took the items out from his bag. “I’ll go put them in your bathroom.”

“No!” Su Nuo’s soul almost left his body as he heard the words and he dived forwards with bread in his mouth. “Just put it down and I’ll do it myself!”

“Why?” Dai An was in shock, why did he have such a big reaction!

“How can I always trouble you.” Su Nuo was extremely fake as he snatched over the brown paper bag and held it tightly in his arms, afraid that Mr. Dai would go upstairs.

Dai An was even more shocked when he heard those words, changing personalities overnight and whatnot was extremely hard to accept!

“Drink some soy bean milk.” Su Nuo had on a blinding smile as he passed the other man a cup.

Dai An didn’t even know what sort of expression he was supposed to put on in response!

“Thank you for bringing me breakfast.” The mood seemed awkward, so Su Nuo tried to start a conversation with nothing to talk about.

This wasn’t right at all! Dai An felt a sense of dread, putting his chopsticks down with a loud sound!

“What is it?” Su Nuo asked, surprised.

“Do you want to fire me?” Dai An felt dizzy!

Of course not! Su Nuo was bewildered. “Why would I want to fire you?”

“You really don’t?” Dai An was suspicious. “Then why are you being nice to me out of nowhere!”

Su Nuo was even more confused at this, so he couldn’t even be nice to him?

What the hell?

Keeping in mind that Ouyang Long was still in the bathroom, Su Nuo ate breakfast extremely quickly, dragging his manager out to the car in the shortest amount of time possible before sending a message to Ouyang Long, keeping him updated!

Half a minute later, a reply was sent back to him —– Where are you filming in the afternoon? I’ll go watch you.

Is that really necessary!? Su Nuo’s face scrunched up; if they’re too obvious, what would they do if the media caught onto something!? He wasn’t mentally ready to be open to the public about their relationship yet! ‘The famous model Su’s romance revealed, director boyfriend is extremely handsome’ —this sort of title was too blunt, he’d definitely need a long time to prepare his heart and mind for it!

So he rejected the offer —– I’ll just go with Dai An.

Mr Director asked —– Why?

Su Nuo gave an extremely fake reply —– You must be tired from work, you should rest.

It was so considerate that one couldn’t look at it directly! He almost moved himself to tears!

But Mr Director was insistent —– I’m off today.

So Su Nuo could only give in —— Xi La Hotel room 1323.

He really was extremely domineering!

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