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Chapter 84: Jinshan Yinzhen Tea

Translated by Kollumceti Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The next morning, he got a call from Aunt Shen, “I’ve already reached home and had a good nap. Where are you guys? Quickly come and pay your respects! Remember to bring your green onion little beauty. I, your aunt, will be waiting.”

Shen Fu’s eyes darkened and he just wanted to curse people. However, the one on the other end of the phone was his own aunt. He could only swallow his belly full of resentment again, before turning his head to ask Lin ShuYi to get up.

Lin ShuYi could not fall asleep for a long time after being woken up at two o’clock in the morning. He had been sleeping very soundly and was woken by Shen Fu. Lin ShuYi opened his eyes dazedly, with ‘I’m still very, very sleepy’ written on his face. Shen Fu felt his heart ache upon seeing this and let him go back to sleep again, intending to organize everything before waking him up again.

First, he called Tang Shuang and asked him to help open the store. Recently, Tang Shuang had made rapid progress. Although he had not learned many dishes, it was still possible to temporarily hold the fort. He also called Old man Yang and asked him to give Tang Shuang a hand. Then he started to prepare to go to H City. He had finally discovered that they were running from one side to the other for this and that matter more frequently than anything else. He definitely had to get this house ready and get them all to live here.

New Year’s Day was in half a month’s time. It seemed that he had to get it done before the New Year, no matter what. Otherwise, he had a hunch that they would be running from one side to the other even more frequently.

When everything was arranged, Shen Fu went back to the room and woke Lin ShuYi up. Lin ShuYi was mostly awake this time. He remembered that Aunt Shen had come back yesterday as soon as he heard that they were going to H City. So he immediately got up and dressed, while thinking: His restaurant had opened only a few months ago, yet he was temporarily closing it every two or three days. If this continued, they would really have to close down sooner or later.

But it was really a big deal that Aunt Shen came back this time. After all, it was the first time that Lin ShuYi and Aunt Shen were meeting. Yet, before two people got into the car, Aunt Shen’s call came again. “That, there’s no need to come. We’re going to visit you with the whole family and take a look at the warm nest you’ve just made at the same time.”

Aunt Shen could hear Shen Fu gnashing his teeth from far away and laughed so much till she was trembling, “Then, how about we don’t go over anymore. You guys come over?”

Shen Fu’s face was all black.

He hung up the phone with a ‘click’.

Lin ShuYi was putting on his seat belt. Looking at Shen Fu’s expression, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“We don’t have to go, they’re on their way here.”

This created a deep first impression of this Aunt who was already in her thirties yet still so bizarre for Lin ShuYi. The two men parked the car and then turned back to open the shop.

Tang Shuang was preparing to open the restaurant while his eyes were heavy with sleep. He was extremely happy upon seeing the two of them come back, “Bro Shen? You’re not going?”

Shen Fu nodded with a black face.

Tang Shuang jumped in joy and turned to go back, “It’s still early. I’ll go back and catch up on my sleep.”

Then his collar was grabbed by Shen Fu who hauled him back.

Most of the preparation work in the morning was done by Lin ShuYi. After all, Tang Shuang had just started to learn and Lin ShuYi did not feel assured to leave everything to him. However, today was an exception. Shen Fu saw that Lin ShuYi was still somewhat exhausted as he yawned. So he shamelessly ordered Tang Shuang, “You didn’t forget what has been taught to you before, right? He didn’t sleep well last night. You do it today.”

Tang Shuang looked like there was no hope in life, Bro Shen, this treatment is too different. It was a big matter if Brother Xiao Yi did not sleep well. However, he was called up by them early in the morning and did not sleep well at all, was this not a big matter too?

His eyes that were full of accusation had not even reached Shen Fu when they were selectively ignored by him. Instead, it was Lin ShuYi who felt it was against his conscience, “I’ll do it myself.”

Tang Shuang looked at him like he was the Saviour.

Lin ShuYi eyed Tang Shuang before he said, “What if he doesn’t do it properly and ruins our reputation?”

Tang Shuang coughed up blood and went to prove his ability with a ‘my life is hopeless’ expression.

Lin ShuYi was chased to take a nap by Shen Fu. Lin ShuYi did not want to look listless since he still had to entertain Aunt Shen in the afternoon, so he went to sleep. Shen Fu took some time to look at the house. It so happened that the house was about to be done. Since they all came down this time, he might as well let them stay here.

Before long, the Shen Family arrived at about 9 o’clock. There were three cars lined in a row. They drove into ChaoYang Street like ghosts entering a village. Everyone around the XiQin Restaurant knew that this was the Shen Family at first glance. Old Master Shen, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, would greet the people he knew that passed by from time to time.

Aunt Shen sat in back and looked at Master Shen’s friendly smile, “Oh? Old man, you look like you’re getting on really well with people.”

She totally did not resemble a daughter who had came back after a long absence and saw her father.

Mother Shen was very close to this little sister-in-law whom she had not seen for a long time. They sat close together just like blood-related sisters, talking and laughing, “Don’t look at how much Dad opposed them at first. In fact, he really likes that child Xiao Yi now. Every now and then, he would want to run over here. How is it possible for him to be unfamiliar with them?”

The car has already arrived at the entrance of the restaurant. One of the girls immediately spotted these cars from the corner of her eye. The cars did not look very impressive but were actually quite expensive. The three newcomers had never seen the Shen Family before, and the girl was puzzled for a moment. However, there were many customers who specially came down to this restaurant based off its reputation and these people also drove good cars. So despite her doubts, the girl did not think much about it, assuming that they were customers coming to the restaurant.

Thus, she rushed up to welcome them.

“Welcome to XiQui Restaurant, please come in.” The girl smiled sweetly. Normally she did not behave so demurely, but her manners in front of the customers were worthy of praise.

Aunt Shen was the first to open the door and get out of the car, “Little lass, are you the waitress here?”

The girl nodded her head and stared at the short-haired beauty in front of her, who’s looked between the age of a woman and a young girl. Just as she was privately lamented about how beautiful the guests were today, the rest of the people in the car came out one after another.

The girl was completely stunned and her mouth was nearly dropping open.

The senior was full of energy, dignified and amiable. The middle-aged man was dressed in neat and straight attire, yet he had the steadfastness and handsomeness of a mature man. The beautiful married woman nestled next to him was young and beautiful. All looked dignified and respectable.

A fair-haired and blue-eyed handsome foreign man walked up to the short-haired beauty who first spoke to her. He held the waist of the short-haired beauty in a loving and affectionate manner.

The most important thing was that the two handsome men who suddenly came out of the last car were equally matched with their handsome Bro Shen. One of them even looked quite similar to Bro Shen?

The girl’s jaw dropped as she dazedly stared at the group.

This was a whole family right? Look at others, how blessed was this brood that was full of handsome men and beautiful women?

Aunt Shen laughed till her sides nearly split upon seeing the girl staring blankly at Shen Yan with starry eyes. She totally did not have the demeanor of an elder at all.

“Little lass, where’s your boss?”

Only then did the girl suddenly react. She blushed and pointed inside, “The boss is inside, please come in.”

She was secretly annoyed with her smitten self as she led the way. Bro Shen and her boss were already so handsome. She had seen such handsome men so many times, yet she still did not have the slightest resistance. It’s a failure ah, a failure!

The group of people parked their cars and followed the girl through the entrance.

Aunt Shen looked around while walking and appraised, “I like the decoration style. It’s really rare to see such traditional Chinese styles in foreign countries. Who designed it? They have good taste.”

Master Shen gave a proud harumph as he kept his listeners in suspense.

The girl walked them up to the private room on the second floor, settled them down and served first-rate Yinzhen tea to them, before pulling the other girl who had been staring at the group in rapture down the stairs.

“Is this a whole family? The guys are so handsome!”

“Didn’t you see that the women are so beautiful too? This is called genes, you understand?”

“Did they specially come here to eat?”

“They’re here to look for the boss. But I don’t know what relation the boss has with them.”

Then they both went to give Lin ShuYi a call.

Neither Lin ShuYi nor Shen Fu had expected them to come so early. One had just got up and was intending to wash his face and rinse his mouth, the other was still at the new house and had yet to return. Once they heard that the Shen Family were already at the store, they hurried over like the dogs of war were nipping at their heels.

Shen Fu gritted his teeth. So when Aunt Shen said that they had just left, they were already halfway here? Were they specially here to catch them unaware? It was really something like what Aunt Shen would do!

Lin ShuYi was faster than Shen Fu. After all, Old man Yang’s place was closer to the restaurant. As soon as he got to the courtyard, he was embraced by someone who suddenly dashed out. Lin ShuYi did not manage to clearly see who it was, and pushed them away in shock.

Then he saw a woman with short hair laughing heartily, “Oh, you’re quite conservative! You won’t even let me hug you for a while?”

Lin ShuYi stared blankly at Aunt Shen who was acting like a hooligan as she pinched his face and touched his hands. He suddenly had a bad premonition.

The late-to-arrive Shen Fu was seething in anger as he gnashed his teeth, “Aunt, have you touched enough?”

Aunt Shen smiled brightly and turned around. She did not care about Shen Fu’s pitch black face as she spread her arms in a gesture of a big hug, pulling Shen Fu who was walking over into her embrace, “Come, come, come. Long time no see, nephew.”

Shen Fu patted Aunt Shen’s slender shoulder perfunctorily with a black face as he thought in his heart, you still know that I’m your nephew, then why are you still holding onto your nephew’s wife and not letting go?

After a hug, Aunt Shen straightened up and answered Shen Fu’s question, “How can you say this. My actions were just a courtesy, okay? It’s just a greeting hug, I haven’t even done the greeting kiss.”

Shen Fu looked at the black-faced handsome foreign man behind Aunt Shen and smiled with a raised eyebrow, “All right, you can kiss him.”

Aunt Shen was fooled, “Hey? You think I don’t dare? Xiao Yi, come, let Aunt give you a kiss.”

Once she turned her head, she saw the handsome foreign man standing in front of Lin ShuYi and looking at her with a smile that was yet not a smile. Fluent Chinese flowed from his lips, “Who are you kissing?”

Aunt Shen wilted in an instant. She stepped forward and pulled on the man’s arm in a fawning manner, “They’re just children, I’m just teasing them.”

Alan turned to greet Shen Fu with a smile, “Xiao Fu.”

Shen Fu took Lin ShuYi’s hand and went up to introduce them, “This woman, who has no sense of decency, is my aunt. Though she may look as tender as a girl in her twenties, in fact, she’s over thirty years old.” Aunt Shen made threatening gestures as she rolled her eyes. She was prevented from moving by the man carefully embracing her. Shen Fu laughed at seeing her being overcome. Then he introduced the person next to her, “This is my uncle, Alan.”

Lin ShuYi looked at this Aunt and Uncle, who were not much older than Shen Fu. Then he bowed and greeted them obediently and lovably, “Aunt, Uncle.”

Aunt Shen broke into laughter, “Where did you learn such old-fashioned etiquette from? It’s practically a match with the old man.”

The “old man” at the back coughed heavily and Aunt Shen immediately fell silent.

“Why are you all standing outside to talk instead of going in and sitting down?” Old Master Shen spoke with great dignity and everyone hurried inside. Lin ShuYi asked Shen Fu to get a seat for everyone. He was planning to personally cook as a welcome for Aunt Shen.

Two girls in the shop saw the entire acknowledging-a-relationship show screening in the courtyard, and both of them were totally blinded.

Aunt? Uncle? Grandpa? This roomful of handsome men and beautiful women were all Bro Shen’s relatives?!! And they’re even his blood-related parents?!! What the fuck!! No wonder he’s so handsome. This gene pool is really too good!!

Tang Shuang, who had become inured to the unusual, tapped the girls on their shoulders, “These love-stuck sisters, go and serve tea.”

Did he look so stupid when he first met this group people? But do girls also read the finance and economics section? The Shen Family was usually quite low-key, weren’t they?

Tang Shuang, who did not know that the girls were completely looking at the attractiveness index, shed some tears.

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