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Chapter 83: Stewed Mixed Veggies and Pork Ribs

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A few days later, Old Man Yang invited everyone over for a meal and simply explained what was going on with him and Xiao Wan’s grandma. After everyone’s surprise settled, they all felt that this was also how it should be; after all, both of them had been young when their partners had passed away. Even though their personalities were completely different, they very rarely had any disagreements when they were together. Regardless of whether it was because they truly liked each other or they just wanted someone to spend the rest of their lives with, everyone was glad to see it happen. However, from Old Man Yang’s attitude towards Xiao Wan’s grandma, it most likely wasn’t as simple as just partnering up to spend the rest of their days together.

After that, Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu helped tidy up Old Man Yang’s things, moving him into Xiao Wan’s home.

As for Old Man Yang and Xiao Wan’s grandma, Xiao Wan’s parents didn’t have any objections to it whatsoever. Both husband and wife remembered very well how Xiao Wan’s grandma raised Xiao Wan’s father all on her own with great difficulty, and they were both always outside busy with work as well, so when Xiao Wan went to school, only her grandma was left at home alone. Now, there was one more person to take care of her, so they felt much more at ease. What’s more, this wasn’t some stranger. It was clear that they regarded Old Man Yang, who had lived next to them for many years, much better than some random person they didn’t know anything about.

Just when Old Man Yang and Xiao Wan’s grandma’s business had settled down, Xiao Wan mysteriously changed to calling him grandpa, which made Old Man Yang beam with cheerfulness. Xiao Wan’s parents were just in their mid-thirties to forties and they couldn’t say the same, so they continued to call him Uncle Yang. Before, they had always been respectful to him, but now they were even more dear to him like he was family. Old Man Yang was finally able to experience the happiness that he had never been able to experience with his own blood-and-flesh grandson and son with Lin ShuYi, Xiao Wan, and her parents instead.

At night, Xiao Wan and the rest still asked them to stay for another meal. They prepared some typical stir-fried dishes and stewed a large pot of mixed veggies and pork ribs, simmering a jar of wine as they sat around the table and started to drink.

It was Xiao Wan grandma’s homemade red bayberry wine, and it wasn’t very strong, so Old Man Yang didn’t stop Lin ShuYi from drinking it. Shen Fu also knew that Lin ShuYi was no lightweight, so he allowed Lin ShuYi to drink mouthful after mouthful of this fine fruit wine like it was juice.

As Xiao Wan ate, she looked at Lin ShuYi. “Brother Xiao Yi, does it taste good?” Though the alcohol wasn’t very strong, that was in respect to the adults, who often drank. It seemed like Xiao Wan had never been allowed to drink before, so if she drank it, she would still get drunk. Xiao Wan had never drunk before, but she felt like the flavor was sweet and quite captivating.

Lin ShuYi swirled his cup. “Like juice.”

Xiao Wan’s grandma had never allowed Xiao Wan to taste the red bayberry wine that she had brewed for so many years, and since nobody drank it before she never thought about it, so it was whatever. But now, Lin ShuYi clearly wasn’t that much older than her, and he kept drinking it as if it were fruit juice, which immediately made Xiao Wan crave it. Taking advantage of when Xiao Wan’s grandma wasn’t paying attention, she poured a cup for herself. The warm red bayberry wine flowed down to her stomach, the fruity fragrance permeating throughout her. It didn’t taste very strongly of wine, but it tasted quite similar to fruit beer.

Sure enough, telling her she would get drunk was just a trick, right? Thinking this, Xiao Wan drank the whole cup as she chatted and laughed with Lin ShuYi.

By the time Xiao Wan’s grandma finished cooking and came to the table to eat, she discovered that Xiao Wan’s condition wasn’t right. Her face was bright red as she held the cup, laughing foolishly.

Lin ShuYi sat next to her, perplexed. “She only drank two cups of fruit wine.”

Shen Fu couldn’t help but face-palm. Did he think everyone was as much of a heavyweight as him?

It wasn’t early anymore after they finished dinner, so the two of them hurried home. Now that Old Man Yang had moved out, Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu still stayed in Old Man Yang’s home. The rooms at home were still dispersing gas, but they would probably be able to move in soon.

Lin ShuYi made a beeline straight for the bathroom as soon as he entered the room, ready to take a shower and go to bed.

When he walked in, he discovered Shen Fu had also followed him. He reached out and propped up a hand against Shen Fu’s chest, glaring at him, asking, “Why are you coming in?”

“Let’s wash together.” Shen Fu smirked before tugging Lin ShuYi into his embrace. Hot breaths floated out next to his ear from thin lips, and the sweet fragrance from the fruit wine was heavy and strong, slightly intoxicating.

Lin ShuYi’s ears were a bit red. He knew what Shen Fu wanted to do. Since they stayed right next to Old Man Yang after coming back, they lived in separate rooms, not daring to be rash. Now that Old Man Yang had moved into Xiao Wan grandma’s place, this place was basically all theirs.

Seeing Lin ShuYi stay silent, Shen Fu’s fingers slowly crawled inside his clothing, feeling like fire. As he passionately caressed him, he kissed Lin ShuYi’s slightly reddened ears.

“We still have to open shop tomorrow.” His rationality said that, but his body didn’t reject Shen Fu’s desire at all.

A bite of the apple makes one yearn for more. That seemed to be something that men were born knowing. One time was just enough for Lin ShuYi to experience the pleasure of it.

“Then, just once.” The suppressed and husky voice laughed deeply next to his ear, before he pressed Lin ShuYi backwards into the bathtub.

The next day, Lin ShuYi climbed up dizzily from the bed, his rear still faintly aching and swollen. He felt like Shen Fu actually had another problem of not keeping to his word; now he knew that what those people said on the web forum was true. It was true that it was pleasurable, it was true that it hurt, and it was also true that there were many, many positions!

The moment Lin ShuYi moved, Shen Fu woke up, tugging the person who had just woken up back at once, covering them in blankets and flipping over to press him down underneath him.

“Let’s not open today.”

The tussle affected his sore waist, and Lin ShuYi grimaced. As Shen Fu smiled, he helped him gently massage his waist. “You’re already like this, how can you open the shop?”

If eyes could shoot small flying daggers, Shen Fu would have long since been nailed naked to the wall. Lin ShuYi’s narrowed eyes emitted bitter cold light. “Whose fault is that?”

Shen Fu smiled shamelessly. “It’s mine, it’s mine. Don’t go, I’ll buy some breakfast for you and notify them that you won’t be opening today along the way.”

This time, Lin ShuYi didn’t try to stop him, because his body really did ache so much that he didn’t even have the strength to lift a spoon.

The best part about being one’s own boss was doing whatever one wanted! Especially a boss like Shen Fu, who was wealthy and did whatever he wanted! All their employees were overjoyed since they had another day of rest for no reason at all. They would even still get paid, and the two girls wanted to jump up and praise His Majesty Shen Bro.

Only Lin ShuYi flipped over uncomfortably on the bed and thought, Things can’t continue like this. It looked like he had to teach Tang Shuang more as soon as possible so he could finish his apprenticeship quickly.

Shen Fu’s excuse was that Lin ShuYi was sick and didn’t feel well. As a result, everyone wanted to come and visit the sick, but they were rebuffed firmly by Shen Fu. The two girls glanced at each other, and they understood, chuckling perversely.

Tang Shuang didn’t understand and he scooted closer. “Why are you guys laughing?”

The girls shared a look before they looked Tang Shuang up and down. Finally they said to him, “Considering the fact that you’re still a pure little virgin, we advise you not to ask anything else. If you know too much, it’s easy to get bent, that’s not good~”

After speaking, they shared another look and laughed loudly.

Tang Shuang couldn’t help but realize, and his wheat-colored face reddened like a cooked lobster. He was teased so much that he slunk away immediately.

After he found this out, Tang Shuang couldn’t look directly at Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu for quite a few days, as if his eyes were going to burn if he looked too long. Lin ShuYi had no choice but to temporarily give up on his plans to cultivate him into a great chef. Thus, from that point on, he completely prohibited Shen Fu from coming closer, even locking the door when he slept.

Actually, Shen Fu didn’t know that he could do this kind of thing less intensely but more frequently. Eating less was still better than not eating at all, after all. Now that he had eaten his fill all at once, he had nothing to eat after this.

Tears streamed down Shen Fu’s cheeks because he hadn’t been able to resist for the time being and had eaten too much, leading to him now not being able to eat again for a long, long time.

Almost a month later, Shen Fu found an installation company to come and measure the formaldehyde index of the new house. In the end, they had used the most expensive, reliable, and environmentally friendly materials. Adding on how they had been ventilating it for a month now, the formaldehyde level was already at a point where they could move in, as the person who came to measure it said as well. If there was any pregnant women or children, it was recommended to ventilate it for another two months, since children and pregnant women were sensitive to these kinds of things. However, since they were both two full-grown men, it wouldn’t be an issue to move in immediately.

But Shen Fu wasn’t in a hurry to move in instantly. Instead, he first moved in the furniture that they had picked out together previously before he put air purifying devices in every room, preparing to wait another half a month before moving in.

After the furniture was moved in, there was instantly an aura of the comforts of home. Shen Fu laid, thinking, on the lofted bed that he had meticulously set up but hadn’t let Lin ShuYi come see. Once they could move into the house, the first thing he was going to do was to press Lin ShuYi down on this bed and ruthlessly do it once. The skylight definitely had to be open, and Lin ShuYi would definitely moan quietly underneath him, both embarrassed and excited.

As he thought about it, he got hard.

However, before Shen Fu could move in the new house and push Lin ShuYi down here and there, Aunt Shen returned, contrary to everyone’s expectations.

At two A.M., when everyone was peacefully dreaming.

Since Aunt Shen had said before that she would probably return in about a month, everyone had been eagerly awaiting her phone call. But about ten days before the expected date, Aunt Shen secretly gave Shen Fu a call, hiding it from everyone else. “Quickly, come and get me! I’m already at H City’s airport!”

At first, Shen Fu had been dazed and confused, but when he heard that, he immediately woke up.

This was just how his unreliable aunt liked to do things!!

Shen Fu grinded his teeth as he crawled up from bed, and he called the Shen home as he dressed, causing havoc in the Shen family at two in the morning. Sure enough, this was his aunt!!

Lin ShuYi was also woken up by such loud activity. When he heard that Shen Fu’s aunt had returned, he immediately wanted to get up and dress too, but he was stopped by Shen Fu.

“Don’t bother with her, she’s at H City’s airport right now. It wouldn’t be faster even if I flew over there right now. I already told my grandpa, they’ll go get her. Go back to sleep. When it’s daytime, we’ll go over.”

Only then did Lin ShuYi muddled-headedly lie back down and sleep again.

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