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Chapter 92: Cola Chicken Wings

Translated by Kollumceti Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The doctor that doubled as a nanny was a middle-aged woman whose surname was Chen. She asked Lin ShuYi to call her Aunt Chen and was around forty years old. She was not fat and was neat and tidy. There were also no excessive fragrances on her body and she looked gentle and friendly. There were no faults to be picked no matter if it was her manners or other areas. One look and it was easy to tell that she was a person that children liked.

Such a person should be qualified to take care of children, but these were not the key points. The point was that while she was a nanny, her pediatric experience was also relatively rich. It was not easy to find such a person within the country, so Shen Fu had spent much effort hiring. In addition, her salary was much higher than that of ordinary nannies as they were not assured with an ordinary nanny looking after Tao Tao due to his special condition.

After looking at Tao Tao’s medical file carefully, Aunt Chen nodded her head to show her understanding and then decided to take over the job.

Tao Tao and Xiao Yu’s room was also carefully looked over by Aunt Chen. Besides the simple wooden bed and wardrobe, the rest of the things had not been purchased. Shen Fu wrote down many items that need to be added under Aunt Chen’s guidance.

Old Master Shen and the rest sat outside and chatted while playing with Tao Tao. Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi followed Aunt Chen and put the children’s room into order once again.

Then, Lin ShuYi was finally assured and went to the XiQin Restaurant after Aunt Chen effortlessly coaxed Tao Tao to sleep. Shen Fu did not join him as he still had to arrange accommodations for Old Master Shen and the rest. After all, this was the first time they were staying here and nothing was ready.

It was already past the breakfast rush hour so there were few customers in the restaurant since the lunch rush hour had not yet arrived. Tang Shuang had been so busy he almost fainted. He finally had a little leisure time and sat down to chat with two girls.

He had already received the news that Lin ShuYi was coming back soon and had also heard that Lin ShuYi had adopted two little boys. Just as he was gossiping with the girls, he saw them winking at him and then looking behind him with identical expressions, “Boss, you’re back!”

Tang Shuang looked back and was itching to throw himself at Lin ShuYi, “Boss, you’re finally back!”

One must know that he was so busy in the shop alone that he nearly died. There were still many dishes that he could not cook, and he also could not let the customers order them. They would definitely have smashed the shop up if not for the fact that many of the customers were acquaintances.

Lin ShuYi pulled the man down from his body, “En, I’m back. Was the restaurant busy?”

“Busy, I’m busy to death!” Tang Shuang wailed.

Lin ShuYi looked at him earnestly, “I will allocate more time to teach you later.”

Tang Shuang suddenly froze. He suddenly felt a bad premonition when he finally reacted, “Why are you teaching me? I’ve already learnt enough.” Although he never had such a boss who would selflessly teach him like this before, he was already very careful in cooking now for fear of accidentally ruining his boss’s reputation. Furthermore, it was very tiring, this painful and happy feeling was really too tiring.

“Are you going to stop managing the restaurant, Brother Xiao Yi?”

Lin ShuYi pursed his lips and did not speak. Although he would certainly manage the restaurant, his future focus may be more on his two sons so naturally he would need to teach Tang Shuang more.

The two girls understood almost immediately and screamed, “Oh! Boss, is it because of those two children you adopted?”

Lin ShuYi had expected that they might already know, so he nodded frankly.

The girls screamed louder, “Why didn’t you bring them here for us to see? Little steamed buns ah? They must definitely be super cute!”

They were quite cute, Lin ShuYi silently added on in his heart. Then he said, “The younger one fell asleep and would not leave his brother. So I simply did not bring them along.”

The two girls felt was a great pity, but they all knew where Lin ShuYi’s home was. It was just that they had never been there before. Normally they would not go to his house, but they were extremely curious about Lin ShuYi’s adopted little steamed buns and asked, “Boss, will it be convenient for us to see the little steamed buns after work?”

Lin ShuYi thought of that huge group of family in his home. Though it was a little inconvenient, neither of the girls had ever been to his house. Lin ShuYi did not stop them since it was also for the sake of seeing Xiao Yu and Tao Tao Tao. “Well, we can go to my house later.”

The two girls jumped up, “Great!”

“Do I have a share? Do I have a share?” Tang Shuang stood up straight and magnified his sense of existence. Although he was not too interested in the little steamed buns, he was curious once he thought that it was his Boss’s child. He also wanted to see if they were more clever and lovable than his family’s bear child.

Lin ShuYi laughed, “Everyone has a share. Let’s go together, but it may be a little crowded in my home.” Both girls and Tang Shuang looked up at him.him. “Shen Fu’s family is all here. They’re getting ready to stay here for a few days.”

The two girls gasped.

“Is Bro Shen’s brother here too?”

Shen Yan? Lin ShuYi nodded.

The girls jumped up again, “Great! Boss, you need to let me go to your house to play, please!”

Tang Shuang: ….

As soon as Big Brother Shen came, the attractiveness level of this boy who was fairly good-looking became zero.

Lin ShuYi washed his hands and prepared to cook after getting a report on the situation in the restaurant. It was already past lunch time, but fortunately they did not eat breakfast very early so it was just nice for them to have lunch now.

As there was no stove to cook on in the house, he simply cooked in the restaurant, before calling everyone to come over to eat after all, it made no difference.

Lin ShuYi had to cook more dishes since he had a large family now. But as he was rushing for time now, he did not prepare any time-consuming dishes. He just stir-fried a couple of dishes and stewed a pot of Winter Melon and Pork Ribs soup. He heard the continuous chatter of the two girls outside when it was almost ready, so Lin ShuYi knew that they had arrived.

Sure enough, a huge crowd had majestically arrived when he went out for a look.

Shen Fu was walking ahead with Tao Tao in his arms. Big Brother Shen followed him while holding Xiao Yu’s hand. Old Master Shen and the rest had long been left behind. This parade of being dragged down by having a family to feed drew the attention of everyone.

This family, their attractiveness index was really too high. Lin ShuYi walked to Shen Fu after saying hello to Big Brother Shen. “Is Tao Tao awake?”

Lin ShuYi went over to talk to Tao Tao. Tao Tao saw him and held up his hands, “Huggy~”

“En, he slept for a long time on the road today. He woke up soon after you left, then he played with Xiao Yu for a while. Somehow he started saying Daddy. I carried him for a while and then he started calling Daddy again. I guess he missed you. You just happened to call us for dinner, so we all came together.”

Lin ShuYi took Tao Tao into his arms and kissed him on the face. He did not expect Tao Tao to become this sticky towards him so fast. Then he went to Xiao Yu who was looking all around and patted his head, “Are you hungry?”

Xiao Yu nodded, “A little.”

Lin ShuYi smiled, “Go ask Great-Grandpa to have dinner now. The dishes are ready.”

Xiao Yu joyfully went back to call them.

The whole family sat together at a big table full of home-cooked dishes. Although they were home-cooked dishes, the dishes still looked exquisite. Xiao Yu took a deep sniff and felt that it was extremely fragrant. This was the first time that Daddy cooked for him. It just smelled so good once he thought this way.

Lin ShuYi picked up the nearest Cola Chicken Wings and put it into Xiao Yu’s bowl, “This is not spicy, you try it.”

It was difficult to cater for all tastes for this family as some preferred sweet and others preferred spicy. However, the good thing was that Lin ShuYi had made both sweet and spicy dishes, so everyone could choose their favorite dishes as much as they liked.

Xiao Yu tasted a mouthful and his eyes narrowed, “It’s delicious! Daddy’s food is really delicious.”

Mother Shen, who was sitting near him, pretended to suffer from injustice, “The child is still closer to Daddy. I baked a cake yesterday but YuYu didn’t say that my cake was delicious.”

Xiao Yu quickly shook his head, “Grandma’s cake is also very delicious!”

Only then did Mother Shen laugh, “You’re really Grandma’s good grandson.”

The mood in the private room was joyous and harmonious. The two girls stood outside and leaned against the door together while whispering, “Boss’s two little steamed buns are so cute! The big one is clever and handsome while the small one is just too adorable!”

The other girl nodded like she was pounding garlic, “This family’s genes are too good, even their adopted children are so beautiful. It’s just too much in defiance of the natural order.”

“Big Brother Shen is so handsome.”

“My eyes are about to be pregnant.”

Tang Shuang:

Even though he knew it was the latest Internet slang, Tang Shuang still wanted to say go let me see if your eyes can get pregnant! Your legs go soft and you can’t walk just by seeing a handsome man? Go see a doctor!

Then he muttered with growing resentment as he walked, he did not look ugly ah.

The rest went home first while Lin ShuYi was busy in the restaurant till evening after dinner. Tao Tao held Lin ShuYi’s neck in his arms, reluctant to part. Finally, Xiao Yu had to step forward before Tao Tao obediently returned home with Shen Fu.

It was eight o’clock in the evening when the restaurant closed. The girls who had planned to go to Lin ShuYi’s house decided not to because it was already ate and they had seen the two small steamed buns . Thus, they decided to visit him another day.

Tang Shuang had planned to happily experience the latest video game console that Shen Fu mention, but he was dragged away by two girls under various pretexts.

Lin ShuYi laughed and turned around before he saw Shen Fu approaching him. At last, he understood why in the world the two girls kept winking at Tang Shuang.

“Why are you here? What about about Xiao Yu and the rest?”

Shen Fu was amused, “Xiao Yu is playing with Tao Tao, Grandpa and Grandpa Yang are playing chess, Mom and Aunt are talking about parenting, and my brother is working in the study. What else do you want to know?”

Lin ShuYi rolled his eyes, but he also laughed. What a big family!

“Come on, I specially came to pick you up. Xiao Yu said that this is his Daddies private time.”

It would have been better if he had not mentioned this. As Lin ShuYi glared at him coldly when he talked about this, “What did you say to Xiao Yu? He’s still so young.”

Shen Fu put his arm around his shoulder and he resolutely explained as they walked back, “Seven years old is the time when a child has already started to form their own subjective world (主观世界). I will not intentionally tell him anything, but I also will not hide anything from him. He must know why he has two fathers and no mother and he should also know what is going on between us. This is his right.”

Lin ShuYi felt that what Shen Fu said was right, but he still thought it was too early.

Shen Fu understood and kissed his hair tips (发梢) as he smiled, “Don’t worry. Xiao Yu understands more than you think. That child is very intelligent. His EQ is so high that it’s frightening.”

He recalled that when Lin ShuYi was asleep in the car, Xiao Yu took the chance the seriously tell him that he would not kiss Daddy Lin during the time Daddy Lin belonged to Daddy Shen. Shen Fu felt that maybe they did not need to deliberately tell Xiao Yu this.

Maybe Xiao Yu understood much more than they thought.

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