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Chapter 18: Do you have enough hair?

The hotel that Bena took them to was very close to the Oasis Harbor, almost a few steps away. It was also supposed to take into account the convenience of tourists.

The rooms were only for one person.

Lota Beta 11 had very few visitors, so there was no need to worry about the hotel overcrowding. In Lota Beta 11’s most depressing profession of the year, working at the hotel ranked first. This was because Lota Beta 11 was not likely to have a single visitor here for years on end.

Auguste took Hai’an to his room to put his luggage away so he could take a nap.

Most of the luggage was actually all kinds of daily necessities that Auguste prepared for Hai’an. Then Auguste opened the projector, sat on the sofa with Hai’an in his arms, knocked on the protective cover, and opened a small circular opening in the cover.

Hai’an:??? What is this about?

Auguste approached Hai’an with the remote control, pointed to a button on it and said, “This is the remote control.” Then he pointed to the projection. “Press this to change the channel and see which one you would like to watch.”

His owner was so considerate!

Hai’an could not help shaking as he looked at Auguste. Auguste was not wearing his helmet and his short black hair was a little messy after taking it off. He looked at Hai’an very carefully, as if he were not facing a potted plant that could not speak, but a close friend who knew him very well.

Hai’an’s heart suddenly surged with some unknown emotions. He stretched out a vine from the hole and clicked on the remote control button that Auguste held steadily in his hand.

Immediate conversion erupted from the projection screen. Displayed were two insects that were not quite the same in size, but both were huge in size.

“You’re breaking up with me for that bitch?! You don’t love me just because I don’t have wings?!”

Hai’an was frightened by the sad cry of a bug coming through the translator.

The other insect said ruthlessly, “You don’t even have wings. What qualifications do you have to say that you love me? You can’t give me the happiness I want.”

“No! My heart hurts!”



Hai’an chooses to switch channels…

The projection showed Lota Beta 11, a group of insects were entangled with each other in a circular field similar to a gladiatorial arena. At first glance, Hai’an thought they were mating with each other.

“Cyprus give him something! Bite him!”

“Come on Manatee! Whether you win or lose, we will always love you!!!!”

The sound from the translator became more noisy as the insects around shouted and tore their out hearts and lungs for their idols.



Try another channel…

A feathered leg of a bug appeared, and the camera also featured other densely ciliated feet of the bug.

“Carol hair shampoo, make your foot hair more sexy, what are you waiting for?”

Hai’an: The extraterrestrial programs are quite curious. He finally knew why no one liked to travel to Lota Beta 11. Who could watch such entertainment programs?

Hai’an did not desperately want to change the channel and Carl suddenly appeared. He opened the door of Auguste’s room and shouted, “Auguste! Tanamo’s back, let’s go get zirconium. Let’s drop in and visit him. This is Lydney’s first time on Lota Beta 11 so I want to show him around. You can also take JianJian with you.”

Auguste was used to Carl’s behavior of opening his door anytime and anywhere. This time, he didn’t lock the door, because they couldn’t explain why he had kicked the door of the hotel room. Auguste didn’t want to go out and wanted to let Carl get the zirconium, but he changed his mind when he heard the latter part of Carl’s sentence.

Well, it’s time to open your eyes to the world.

The conscientious Miss Bena acted as a tour guide. Tourists included four members of the Vagrant crew: Auguste, Hai’an, Carl, Lydney. They were sitting in a very large suspension car, which was divided into two rows of seats facing each other. On one side was the Vagrant crew, and on the other side was the indigenous star owner of Lota Beta 11, Tanamo and his secretary, Bena.

Boss Tanamo was a bug head taller than Bena and he was also covered with bright green colors. Lydney was a little uncomfortable as this was his first trip to an outer planet.

When Tanamo saw Lydney’s nervous look, he burst out laughing. “Don’t be nervous. This is the first time you’ve been to Lota Beta 11. I didn’t see you when Carl and they came last time.”

Through the translator, Hai’an finally knew the gender of Boss Tanamo. After all, Miss Bena and Boss Tanamo had the same insect body. At most, they looked slightly different, but this did not mean that he could distinguish their gender.

“Is this a plant?” Boss Tanamo also noticed Hai’an, who was held by Auguste.

Lota Beta 11 had neither water nor plants, and Tanamo was curious about this creature that he had only seen on the Star Channel.

Hai’an was led by Auguste and floated around the bus. When Auguste heard Tanamo’s words, he dragged Hai’an down with the thin chain and held him in his arms.

“It’s a variety of shaking grass. He’s called JianJian.” Auguste put a finger in front of Hai’an and said softly. Hai’an knowingly entangled his finger with a vine.

“They’re amazing, but they’re too delicate.”

Water was expensive on Lota Beta 11 because they didn’t need water. The water on Lota Beta 11 was transported in by the interstellar express. Since they were not welcomed by the alliance, there were only a few routes to this place. The cost of one express shipment was very high. This was why Tanamo felt that it was too expensive to keep a potted plant. I mean, they needed water to grow.

Boss Tanamo picked up a cup of Auguste’s tea and sucked on it. “Well, is this water? It’s different from what I’ve tasted before.”

“It’s tea,” Lydney said, holding a cup and fanning the fragrance with his hand. “But it’s also soaked in water. I heard it’s a drink from ancient Earth.”

Because Lydney was now working on the Vagrant, he could finally drink such drinks. Before, he only saw the introduction of tea in textbooks.

“Ah, yeah, yeah, I remember, it’s expensive, right?” Boss Tanamo held a cup and looked left and right at it. Plants in the star system were very expensive. The prices of fruit, vegetables and other kinds of food were high, let alone something like tea.

Tanamo remembered that Lydney had just drank his tea while fanning it towards himself so he followed suit with a hand fan. Of course, the insect foot could not make much wind. “What’s the point of doing this?”

“To smell the tea. This action is one of the steps of ancient human tea tasting, which I saw in a documentary.” Lydney said quickly.

Tanamo seemed to realize that his insect hands could not get wind. He sighed, “Well, you aliens can have it.”

Lydney: “…”

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July 4, 2019 2:23 am

Lol, an alien bug calling the others aliens. And the scene an a plant was changing TV channels was hilarious. If anyone that didn’t know how inteligent Hai’an (aka JianJian) is entered the room, that person would thought that there is something seriously wrong with Auguste. For a moment there I thought that Auguste is trying to check how inteligent his little plant is but maybe I’m overthinking.

Thak you for the chapter!

Olive Joyce
Olive Joyce
July 9, 2019 6:40 pm

hahaha Jian Jian and ML are so cute together..

July 11, 2019 7:20 am

Bug soap operas. 🕷 💜 🐜 😂
Thank you

July 26, 2019 5:41 pm

Now he can see the TV properly, hahaha.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 14, 2019 8:29 pm

ok the tv scene is hilarious

February 27, 2020 9:54 am

The channel changing part was too funny 🤣

April 3, 2020 7:01 pm

When aliens treats you as the aliens… 😂😂

September 21, 2021 5:32 am

I like the “Well you aliens can have it”! We’re all aliens to the other life form 👽🦗👾👦
Thank you for translating.

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