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Chapter 96: Shepherd’s Purse Mashed Potato

Translated by Kollumceti Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Fortunately, they really did not lose that red packet. Lin ShuYi said that it was with him and he did not look nor did he know what was inside when Shen Fu turned back and asked. When he heard Shen Fu say that there was a bank card inside, ‘your family spoils the children’ was clearly written on Lin ShuYi’s face.

Shen Fu: “…” You’re blaming me for the old man being eager to pamper his great-grandson?

In fact, Lin ShuYi did not really mean that the old man spoiled the children. Although many red packets were given to them, they also knew that these were all things that the two children could use only in the future. However, Old Master Shen was probably the only who would give the New Year’s pocket money in the form of a bank card.

Chen Fang found that he had become the extraneous one when he got into the car. Shen Fu was driving, Big Brother Shen was sitting in the front passenger seat, and Lin ShuYi was wedged between two children’s safety seats.

Big Brother Shen opened the door on his side and got out, “I’ll drive my car. You can go with them.”

Chen Fang did not hesitate to sit inside and he even shouted, “Thanks Bro Yan.”

After that, he turned to Shen Fu, “Why do I feel that your brother isn’t too happy today?”

Shen Fu looked outside. Shen Yan was driving his Range Rover out.


Unlike Shen Fu, Big Brother Shen did not like this kind of barbarous off-road vehicle at all even as a means of transportation. Big Brother Shen liked a sports car with a more showy and luxurious appearance, so this was the first time he drove the Range Rover out.

… How unhappy did he have to be? Big Brother Shen pulled up next to Shen Fu’s car. He rolled down the window and raised an eyebrow, “Why are we not leaving?”

Shen Fu nimbly started the car, “We’re going now.”

Then he rolled up the window and said in his heart: It’s better to hide my tail in these two days. In fact, if Shen Fu was asked who he feared the most in the Shen Family, it was probably not Old Master Shen or Father Shen, but Big Brother Shen instead. Even if he would die, he would not dare to rush up to find out what made Big Brother Shen so unhappy today.

Fortunately, Big Brother Shen was never the kind of person who also made others suffer a calamity when he was unhappy. Besides Shen Fu who could tell that something was wrong, he did not look the slightest bit unhappy at all when they arrived at Old man Yang’s house. He brought the things to pay a New Year call into the house and and laughed with everyone as he paid his New Year’s greetings.

Shen Fu thought about it and decided that it was better to wait a little later to ask what was going on.

Old man Yang had prepared a table full of food, but because they had eaten too much greasy things in the past two days while giving their New Year’s greetings, they were obviously not in high spirits. Old man Yang gave Xiao Wan’s Grandma a meaningful glance. Xiao Wan’s Grandma smiled and went to the kitchen to carry a dish out.

“Knowing that you guys certainly wouldn’t like to eat a lavish meal, let me show you the wild vegetables I cooked today.” Xiao Wan’s Grandma came out with several plates.

Soft and tender Chinese Toon with scrambled eggs, crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside fish with Chinese Toon, tofu mixed with Chinese Toon, and fresh and tender wonton with tofu and Chinese Toon filling. Shen Fu and the rest felt their appetites growing upon looking at these. They had rarely eaten wild vegetable dishes, but they appeared very delicious.

In actual fact, Lin ShuYi usually ate these and he liked to eat them too. He could recognize most of them, but even he could not recognize the last dish that Xiao Wan’s Grandma brought out.

Glossy and green vegetables was mixed with garlic paste and bright red pepper. With one look, it was an extremely appetizing side dish. However, few people present knew of this dish. Even when Lin ShuYi looked at it several times, but he just felt it was familiar but could not recognize it.

“Grandpa Yang, what’s this dish?” Chen Fang opened his mouth first. The dishes on the tabled looked rather attractive, yet he could not even recognize a single one.

Everyone had taken a seat. Old man Yang kept everyone on tenterhooks and did not say it directly, instead he let everyone have a taste first. “Try it and see if you can taste what it is.”

In fact, it was really hard to identify by taste. It tasted fresh and tender, and even with the garlic paste and chili, that fresh and tender taste could not be hidden. Yet there was no special and identifiable taste. It tasted a little more refreshing than ordinary vegetables, but they could not identify what kind of wild vegetables it was at all.

For Old man Yang, it was only natural that they could not guess it as were many kinds of edible wild vegetables.

Old man Yang revealed it when he saw that everyone liked it very much, “It’s not an uncommon wild vegetable. It’s just a dandelion. You city kids really have no luck in getting something nice to eat.”

“Dandelion?!!” Chen Fang stared with wide eyes. Even if he was living in the city and had limited knowledge and scanty information, he still knew what a dandelion was. Wasn’t that just used for blowing? It could also be eaten? Apparently not only could it be eaten, it was also very delicious. He reached out to grab a pair of chopsticks while he harbored doubts.

This sort of side dish that whet one’s appetite after a lavish meal was absolutely welcome.

Lin ShuYi finally knew where his sense of inexplicable familiarity came from. He had often seen dandelion leaves, but he never knew that they could be eaten. There are dandelions blooming behind Old man Yang’s house every summer and they had probably sprouted already.

Spring came really early in the southern part of this country. In addition to the wild vegetable feast for adults, Old man Yang also specially made something that Tao Tao, this small steamed bun, could eat. The dish was Shepherd’s Purse Mashed Potato.

The fresh and tender Shepherd’s Purse leaves were boiled in water and minced. With the addition of potatoes that had been steamed and crushed into mashed potatoes, and soup stock, it was awfully delectable.

Tao Tao was not a child that was picky with food. The mashed potatoes tasted really good, so when Lin ShuYi fed him, he swiftly and happily ate a big bowl of potatoes.

Xiao Yu also could not really handle spicy food so Old man Yang also made him a bowl of mashed potatoes. After eating that, he ate more than a dozen wontons that had generous fillings and thin wrappers. Xiao Yu ate so much that his stomach became rounded.

It was also the first time Shen Fu and Big Brother Shen had eaten this kind of wild vegetable feast. It tasted both fresh and delicious. Old man Yang said that there were still some freshly-picked wild vegetables at home, so he could give them some to bring back before they left.

After dinner, they chatted aimlessly together till evening. Chen Fang did not have the intention to go back at all, and this was especially so for Big Brother Shen.

Shen Fu still wanted to ask what was going on with Big Brother Shen, so he dragged everyone home together. Aunt Chen had not come back from her vacation, thus the heating in the house had not been switched on for a long time and the room was not very warm.

Tao Tao was a little sleepy and kept rubbing his eyes. Lin ShuYi decided that he would not bathe him today, so as to avoid catching a cold. Thus, he carried Tao Tao up the stairs with Xiao Yu following behind him.

Seeing that the two brothers looked like they had something to talk about, Chen Fang used the excuse that he wanted to play games and went upstairs too.

In fact, if not for Father Chen and Mother Chen being so naggy, he would not have come here to join in the fun. The current Shen Fu was a model husband, who loved his wife and children. He really missed his life of indulging in feasts and pleasure-seeking.

The brothers sat opposite each other, assuming a pose like they were having a long talk with their knees pressed close together.

In actual fact, it was Shen Fu who wanted to ask Big Brother Shen. Yet, Big Brother Shen was staring at the television from the very beginning. He seemed to be watching television, but in reality, his mind was wandering. Because his mind had been drifting for a long time, it was only after a long while later did he turn his head and look at Shen Fu, “What are you still doing here?”

Shen Fu was itching to know what it was that could distract Big Brother Shen so badly, or… who it was? “Bro, do you have something on your mind?”

Big Brother Shen was stunned and he laughed, “Was it obvious?”

Shen Fu rolled his eyes skywards, “You even drove the Range Rover which you disliked to death, what do you think?”

Big Brother Shen: “…”

Was it very obvious that he did not like the Range Rover since the beginning?

Shen Fu fell silent with Big Brother Shen not saying anything. After a while, Shen Fu heard Big Brother Shen say, “Is it possible for a man that liked women in the past to fall for a man?”

A mouthful of old blood was stuck in Shen Fu’s throat, causing him to kneel immediately. “Bro, don’t scare me. You like men?”

When did this happen?!! Why didn’t he know?!!

Big Brother Shen rolled his eyes calmly and gracefully, “I’m not talking about me.”

Shen Fu looked at Big Brother Shen’s expression. Although it was a little strange, he did not seem to be lying. This finally reassured him. It was not that he could not accept it if Big Brother Shen loved men since he was a homosexual himself. He would not do things like the pot calling the kettle black. What’s more, this person was his own brother. He just could not imagine, what kind of man this brother who was like the demonic, unconventional and wild Chairman type would like.

A coquettish effeminate man? Big Brother Shen’s taste was not so peculiar.

An elite man with facial paralysis? That’s enough! He himself was a facial paralysis veteran.

These were all from the position that Big Brother Shen was the gong. Shen Fu’s brain could not stop churning once he started. Then he suddenly thought that if it was a man taller and stronger than Big Brother Shen pressing him down… Fuck, the picture was too beautiful for him to dare to see.

Big Brother Shen did not know that Shen Fu’s brain had broken through the sky as he continued staring at him, and was still confused.

“There are people who are innately gay, and there are also those that were formed. Were you confessed to by someone?” Shen Fu could not help giving some guidance.

Big Brother Shen turned away, “I’m just asking, it’s nothing.”

Shen Fu stood up, “Bro, the focus is not on their gender, but whether you like them or not. Our parents probably wouldn’t mind.”

The key point was that he had already blazed a way through all manner of obstacles and stepped on a bloody path, okay!! Even till now, thinking of Old Master Shen’s vigorous beating still caused him distress. Although it directly contributed to his meeting with Lin ShuYi, he still had lingering fears.

Big Brother Shen also stood up, “En, I know. Have an early rest.”

Big Brother Shen was not a person who needed to be guided by others. As long as he had accepted the situation, what others said or did not say was not important.

The brothers exchanged a glance in tacit understanding and went upstairs to rest.

Lin ShuYi had already coaxed both children to sleep and was lying in bed playing with his phone. Shen Fu unconsciously raised the corner of his mouth and quietly walked to the bedside. Then he pounced over and bundled Lin ShuYi together with the quilt in his arms.

Lin ShuYi jumped in surprise, then he glared at Shen Fu, “Quickly go wash up and go to bed.”

Shen Fu kissed him on his bright and clean forehead, “I’m going soon. Just let me hold you for a moment.” He suddenly felt that he was so lucky that he and Lin ShuYi progressed so smoothly.

Lin ShuYi was silent and motionless, leaving Shen Fu to embrace him until he was satisfied. The scene was filled with tenderness and warmth.

Shen Fu suddenly raised his head, “Let’s do it.”

Lin ShuYi: “…Scram.”

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