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Chapter 27: JianJian is drinking your milk.

Colin thought of the fact that Hai’an had just flown over with the little ship. Wasn’t his IQ too high?

Was this really a mutated potted plant?


Auguste was looking at the latest developments about Freeport when Colin called him. He looked up and Colin pointed at Hai’an next to him. “JianJian is drinking your milk.”

Carl had just eaten all his fried eggs and was drinking his milk. He couldn’t resist spraying all the milk out. Jamie, sitting opposite him, was sprayed all over his face because he had been in a daze and been distracted.


Colin’s brother was also shocked by Colin’s sudden remark. He slapped Colin’s head and said, “How dare you talk?”

As Colin jolted him, Auguste turned to look at his cup and found that the glass full of milk was now half empty, while Hai’an’s vines, which were pulled near him, were soaked in milk.

The eyes around a table all gathered on Hai’an. He slowly pulled out the second half of the vine soaked in milk and wiped the milk stains on the tablecloth.

Hai’an: I’d like to take another sip. I blame myself for drinking too forgetfully for a while.

Auguste looked down at Hai’an, and Hai’an looked at Auguste.

Then Hai’an stretched out the vine, wrapped it around Auguste’s little thumb and rubbed against it.

Let me take another sip.

Auguste took the remaining half cup of milk and put it in front of Hai’an.

Hai’an swore he saw Auguste smile with his teeth!

It was too embarrassing.

But he still drank it.

Auguste looked at Hai’an’s tiny body as he drank the large glass of milk and thought that when he watered Hai’an, he couldn’t absorb that much.

“I remember that JianJian seems to have absorbed zirconium, right? These days JianJian has been growing fast and seems to be smarter.” Lydney thought about Lota Beta 11.

Carl listened in and added, “Yeah, zirconium can make species evolve.”

Auguste didn’t think that the zirconium had made Hai’an smarter, it just made Hai’an grow faster. But he decided to let Hai’an absorb a few more Zirconium elements in order to grow faster.

The ship was not far from the mineral belt, and they could see the outer layer of the meteorites not far from the window. There were many small ships flying in and out of the meteorite belt, all carrying batches of ore.

As the Vagrant was too big to fly into the miner belt and had to wait outside, one person was needed to stay and guard the ship. It was also convenient to help them escape if they really did end up in a fight at the black market.

Soon, the ship stopped near the Miner Belt and three small spacecrafts left the hull. At Carl’s request, they were separated as such: he and Lydney, the Colin Brothers, then Auguste and Jamie.

They came to find Cessie.

Cessie was the second largest businessman in the interstellar world, and, as the largest black-market businessman, he was most famous for being a collector in the galaxy.

The pirates who robbed Tanamo’s public merchant ship more than a hundred years ago, took hostages. The Emperor’s regiment was nearby, but the Emperor was reluctant to rescue the businessmen.

Because it cost too much.

Those pirates were not ordinary pirates as they had the Imperial rebels behind them. The life of the Imperial rebels also required expenditure, and those wanted by the Empire were destined to have difficulty in obtaining money for survival. They could only cooperate with pirates and rob merchant ships of their cargo.

The rebels insisted on not killing people, but they chose to cooperate with pirates as if they were conspiring with tigers.

Pirates, despite the rebels persistent pleas, still killed at will.

The rebel leader was named Patrick Fernando, the son of Count Fernando. His family was once a great aristocrat of the Empire and ruled the legions. At that time, the Imperial Regiment was not scattered between 214 legions but was controlled by the Fernando family. However, in order to consolidate the rule of the Empire, the King killed the Count Fernando on the charge of a treasonous crime involving other galactic empires.

Count Fernando’s son, with the help of his housekeeper’s daughter, fled the Empire and formed a rebel army with his own guards against the rule of the empire. He had always advocated the establishment of a federation without a king.

The new name of the rebels was the Freedom Alliance.

Jamie and his wife, Cedar, were also businessmen. They were on the robbed public merchant ship and it was supposed to be their last transaction. They wanted to finish that business and then go back to their hometown and live quietly. But both of them were taken hostage by the pirates, and Jamie was just an ordinary man, with no ability to resist at all.

In the chaos, Cedar was hit by a grenade and her whole body was blown to pieces, while Jamie was right beside her. Soaked in her flesh and blood, he watched Cedar be trampled by the chaotic crowd, leaving nothing but mere fragments of her blood.

Later, Auguste left the legion with Carl, Dean and the Colin brothers. He drove his private fighter plane and saved most of the people on the merchant ship. As the robbery became more and more serious, the people criticized the Emperor for being too cold-blooded, and some people in the Empire began to split up. Since then, the Empire had split into more than 200 legions, big and small.

The rebels also apologized publicly to the families of the casualties in the incident, and finally cleaned up the pirates themselves.

But because of Cedar’s death, Jamie was so stimulated that he awakened the blood of a foreign beast.

In order to repay Auguste’s kindness, he joined Auguste’s team and became a sharp edge within Auguste’s crew. Earlier, Auguste asked Cessie to help him find an exotic animal egg, an Ayulon egg.

In the process of searching for Ayulon eggs, they unexpectedly learned that there was a kind of plant called moonlight, which could revive a dead person. Jamie asked Cessie to help him find the seeds of this plant to revive his dead wife.

Jamie had been waiting for this day for more than a hundred years. After Cedar’s death, despair tormented him constantly

Hai’an had been put into the little ship by Auguste, but still was held in Auguste’s arms. He felt there was no danger currently, but when there was danger, he could let Hai’an go and he could run away by himself.

Jamie kept lowering his head and stroking the ring on his left ring finger. It was engraved with a string of characters, which was Cedar’s name.

“Do you think I have a chance to see her again?” Jamie spoke in a low voice, as if he were muttering to himself, but he was talking to Auguste.

When Auguste heard this, he poured him a glass of water. “There’s still a long time to live. There’s always a chance to see her again.”

“That’s right.” Jamie took his glass and drank it, then used his hands to cover his eyes before he laughed. “You’ve been waiting for hundreds of years, and I’ve been waiting for more than a hundred years. I’m in a better situation than you are.”

Auguste patted him on the shoulder and did not continue to speak.

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July 8, 2019 11:56 am

Thank so much for this chapter😘😘😘

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Cat Knight
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“Jian jian is drinking your milk” sounds different if you read this chapter after reading sm*t 😅

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July 8, 2019 7:04 pm

Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

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July 26, 2019 9:11 pm

Poor Jaime, I hope he can bring his wife back to life.

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